October 13, 2015

Dear Division 16

Well, we are sure getting close to the election now! The more days pass, the more we see people starting to speak out about the election, including even our local celebrities.

The David Suzuki Foundation has undertaken a cross-country “If you were Prime Minister” tour, talking to Canadians about their country and their communities. His question to Canadians is to consider what each person would do if they were Prime Minister.  (You can watch a short video about the tour here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4k8EkUaS4qM)

Raffi, among other Canadians has videotaped a response to the question. Please watch his video and then develop your own list of ideals.


For your assignment tonight, please make Your own “If I were Prime Minister” list that includes at least 4 and hopefully more changes you would make for Canada. Think about the many roles that the Federal government plays in our day-to-day lives and the lives of others in similar and different communities across the country. Think of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the values you have been considering as you plan to cast your ballot this Friday.

I am always so inspired by your thoughtfulness and passion, Div 16. I can’t wait to hear more about how you plan to change the world!



    If I were Prime Minister
    #1 I would put the 10 or 15 dollar daycare program together.
    #2 I will make marijuana legal.
    #3 I would bring back all the veterans offices.
    #4 I would bring back the once a month amount of money for the veterans.
    #5 I would make sure that there is more public transit so it is easier for people to get around.

  2. vid30 g@m3r

    If I was Prime Minister, I would immediately work on the economy because I think that is the biggest issue in Canada. Pretty much everybody would want to start on the economy. My 2nd one would be to let in more refugees in Canada because they are human beings too and I think that we should open our doors and be more accommodating. My 3rd one is to create more shelters for people without homes because in the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, it says that everyone should be treated equally and the very least we can do is let people have a home. My final one is to decrease marijuana dispensaries around Canada. Jo Jo Quimpo said that there are more dispensaries in Vancouver than Starbucks and I would like to work on that.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    If i were Prime minister

    I would make marijuana very, very strictly illegal.
    I would support the syrian refugees and let in 10,000 every year and make international asylum more easy to access to but reinforce more stricter borders and international border s.
    I would make canadas economy stronger by taxing the carbon-wasting companies very strongly and use that money to fund scientists and other researching companies so we can make other types of energy.
    I would withdraw out of canadas involvement with isis.
    Make municipal governments have more power in order to do more things like housing and handling prostiution and human traffiking IN our country.

    • dickensdiv16

      This is an interesting list, Crazychicken lover, you’ve been paying a lot of attention to the platforms of many different parties and put together a very thoughtful list!

  4. crazymemeslol123

    When I become prime minister I would like to help Canada with the oil problem because oil it’s taking over our country and I would like to stop it and use cars that don’t need oil at all it uses water or sun energy but then the people who were working in the oil company would have no job if they have no job means they have no money no money means they can’t live and no living means death. I would like to help woman with the equilty right not because some people say that woman can’t do anything right but those people are wrong lots of young woman don’t even have jobs in the old days I mean come on that’s very mean men use to do everything when it was the old days.i would donate to the young children that don’t have family’s because I feel really bad that they don’t have a. Father or a mother that’s very sad when you come to think of it my family used to be pretty poor but when I was born everything in my life changed because my dad wasn’t there for 2 years so I think everyone should feel like they have a family it feels very good.🇨🇦

    • dickensdiv16

      crazymemeslol123, you did a nice job of connecting issues that are important at the federal level with the issues that are important in our own families.Everything is so connected!

  5. dancing porcupine

    If I were prime minister I would…
    Give aboriginal peoples rights to their land because right now I think that it is not fair that they don’t have the rights that they should be aloud to have because that is their traditional territory.
    Let more immigrants come to Canada because I don’t think that it is fair that some people get to come to Canada but others don’t so I would let everyone come.
    Make Canada a greener country by not allowing any pipelines to come through Canada because I don’t think that the pipelines are necessary for having good oil sources and I think that there could be a much greener way to do that that would still be just as effective.
    Make sure that there are enough jobs for every Canadian to be able to work because I think it is important that everyone has the opportunity to make enough money for themselves and their families.
    Give everyone the healthcare that they need because if some people get healthcare and others don’t then that is just not fair especially if the person who isn’t getting it needs it for the same reason that someone who does get healthcare does.
    Make more public transportation so that it is easy to get around because especially in Vancouver there aren’t very many buses and things like that.

    • dickensdiv16

      Amazing, dancing porcupine. I like the amount of detail you’ve put into this response. It’s clear you’ve thought through many aspects of life that are important to the day-to-day lives of Canadians.

  6. smeagaleater10

    If I were Prime minister I would…….
    1# I would make marijauna illegal except for people who is needing marijauna for medical reasons.
    2# I would make a 5 to 10 dollar daycare program so people can save their income.
    3# I would fund public transportation so people can get around easier.
    4# I would accept more refugees to make Canada a friendlier place.

  7. Amethyst

    If I were prime minister…
    I would make really good health care
    I would make the environment cleaner
    I would make houses more affordable for everyone
    I would give aboriginal people the right to live here
    I would make transportation easier
    I would make marijuana legal but not have a lot of stores
    I would have better child care
    I would let everyone have the right to speak other languages other than English
    I would try to make the ocean cleaner for the animals
    I would try to make the public safe for everyone

    • dickensdiv16

      Amethyst, you’ve made a really comprehensive list here and you’ve thought of so many aspects under the Federal government’s mandate. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and care with the topic.

  8. PG Dinosaur

    if i was prime minister

    #1 i would make 15 dollar daycare

    #2 i would listen more to kids because they are are future

    #3 i would stop fossil fuels and use more green gases

    #4 i would make a day that you where not aloud to use your car

    #5 i would help the homeless more

  9. super cheese cake

    If I were the prime minister,
    first I would reduce the drug use, so that no one can be hurt by them, including themselves, and I would reduce other related problems.
    Second I will raise the budget for the poor kids to go to the schools and play sports like what Tom Mulcair said.
    Third I would create a place for the homeless people to live or rest so they could have the chance to accomplish their dreams and maybe they could help the society.
    Forth I would really like to help the Syrian refugees or maybe accept more refugees to Canada.
    Fifth I want to decrease the fossil oil using because it is really bad for earth and I want to increase the use of electric car for the good of the Earth.

    • dickensdiv16

      super cheese cake, you have made a really strong list of changes here. I’m pleased to see how much of the learning we’ve done in class and our readings is reflected in your response!

  10. TechNerd

    If I were Prime Minister I would make sure that my Federal Government will not be like the Conservatives and take away peoples rights and directly violate the charter. I will increase jobs and make sure that every Canadian is able to apply and work in Canada and earn a good living for their family’s. I will ensure that the current housing problem is taken care of in Canada and make sure people who live in Canada are able to afford houses all over Canada. I will make sure that Syrian Refugee’s are allowed into Canada to live here and ensure their family’s with Safety and Warm Community’s. I would keep Marijuana illegal but legal for those who use it as medicine and need it so young people and people who do not need it do not get addicted to it and become addicts.

  11. den10@sea43

    If I where prime minister I would…
    1. give money to medical clinics.
    2. redouse taxes on small business.
    3. tax fossil fuels and other things that make climate change
    4. do less with international trade to stop big carbon footprint.
    5. make extra curricular activities inside and outside of school more accessible to everyone
    6. invest in education and the school boards around the world.
    7. more public libraries
    8. more safe and well paying jobs to support families
    9. more better daycare
    10. safe environment for kids and adults
    11. discrimination would be illegal

    and my party name would be BPC (Better Part of Canada)

  12. The Bean

    Well, if I were the PM of Canada,
    #1 I would give the Aboriginal peoples back some of the lands they lived in before governments took it away. I’d also put lots of effort into the truth and reconciliation process, help families affected by residential schools, and help families and individual citizens reconnect with their bands and groups.
    #2 I would support the defence of agricultural land and try to reduce the amour of development of farm lands.
    #3 I would make Canada open up to refugees again like it was in the 1950’s during the Hungary crisis. I would also make it easier for immigrants and refugees to become citizens of Canada without all the discrimination because of race and colour.
    #4 I would invest more money and time into the research to find alternatives to oils and fossil fuels. I wouldn’t necessarily be against ALL pipelines but I would give the people of Canada more of a say in wether they happen or not.
    #5 I would work hard to protect all our lakes, rivers and oceans in Canada because they are a huge part of our environment and our country’s identity.
    #6 I would definitely provide more aid for counties in need around the world as long as it’s done in as non-violent a manner as possible. I especially want to help countries with high poverty rates and with little medical help available.
    #7 I would provide more healthcare and welfare benefits for seniors, single parents, families and kids.
    #8 I think I would legalize marijuana, I used do disagree with this but then when I found out more about it I discovered some very important facts. If it were legal it would reduce gang violence from illegal trade. The government could tax the sales and use the profit to help with drug addiction issues. If people bought the marijuana regulated in stores instead of the street they can do age checks for buyers and it won’t be laced with chemicals to get you addicted.

    • dickensdiv16

      Bean, this is some really deep thinking. You’ve not only considered a wide breadth of the responsibilities of the Federal government, but also the follow up actions that your changes would require. Thank you for bringing your considerable knowledge to this assignment! This is excellent.

  13. Purple Pickle

    If I were to become prime minister I would:
    #1 Change the lowest income rate to 15 dollars an hour.
    #2 Reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt Canada.
    #3 Give out more support and rights to LGBTQ people.
    #4 Support and donate to hospitals and medical centres to find cures to harmful and deadly diseases.
    #5 Create drug counselling centres to help people who are addicted to drugs.

  14. Arctic owl

    If I were prime minister I would ,
    1# I would get rid of fossil oil because it is horrible to Canada and the Earth .
    2# I would stop Canadians from using to much power and have them use solar or wind power or whatever else we can use .
    3# I would shut down unsafe Marijuana stores and leave safe marijuana stores only for those who need it .
    4# I would make Canada more Eco friendly and make more parks and lots more trees everywhere .

  15. Shadow145

    If I become the prime minister 1. I would lower the taxes. 2. make different kinds of drugs iilegal and used for heath reason only. 3. pay for heath care because people might be poor and cant pay for it 4. I would make a charity that would help raise money for the poor and homeless. and 5. I would help with the climate change and global warming.

  16. Joaquin

    If I were prime minister I would…

    #1) I would cut down on the use of fossil fuels by 40% by the year 2024.
    #2) I would invest in a Universal Childcare Plan for BC to make childcare affordable at $12 a day.
    #3) I would invest in mental heath resources with a focus on Veterans who suffer from PTSD.
    #4) I would make transportation safer and free for kids to use to ensure they have a way to travel to/from school.

  17. iron lanturn

    If i were prime minister I would …

    #1 make child care 15$ per day.
    #2 make more green cars [like teslas!].
    #3 spend lots more money on transit.
    #4 let more refuges come to Canada.
    #5 get more green energy sources.
    #6 make a online safe voting program.

  18. xaxo6 04

    If I was prime minister I would,
    #1 I would stop hydro fracking as a replacement I would export marijuana.
    #2 I would involve the federal government in infrastructure.
    #3 I would improve the conditions for those living in the downtown east side.
    #4 I would raise the minimum wage.

    • The Bean

      Do you think the finical boost from the export of marijuana would be enough to compensate for the loss of hydro-fracking?

      • xaxo6 04

        Maybe but I wouldn’t stop all of the hydro fracking or if I did I would replace raw log exports and make the furniture in Canada instead of exporting it to other countries so it could be made there. Thanks for the question Bean.

  19. Ginger

    If I were Prime Minister I would make sure that there were many more aboriginal leaders to help make decisions on every law passed. I would create a daycare program for people earning minimum wage for $8 a day, plus $2 for every meal that they couldn’t provide. I would make sure that all schools were required to have at least 45 minutes of French (or English) a day so that everyone in Canada would be bilingual. I would have discussions with aboriginal leaders about the hunting of marine mammals and show them what dire consequences it would have on the world if the animals were extinct. I would create more national historic sites, and make them free, so that more people could learn about Canada’s heritage.

  20. baconguy

    – I would spend 7 million or so dollars on infrastructure
    – Spend 5 or 6 million dollars on healthcare
    – Make marijuana only legal if the user has a doctors prescription or is using the drug in an area where people are making sure the drug users are not overdosing
    – Spend 2 million dollars on the military
    – Invest in research for big diseases such as Cancer and Parkinson’s

  21. Rouge

    #1 If I were prime minister I would spend 8 million dollars on building more homeless shelters and more woman’s shelters in places like the downtown east side all over Canada.
    #2 I would also charge all oil fracking business’s two hundred dollars for every two liters of oil or fossil fuels they produce to rapidly deplete the use and digging for oils.
    #3 I also would allow more refugees to come into Canada from all over the world no matter what race or religion they come from.
    #4 I would make it a law that the Aboriginals have complete control over all their ancestors land and crop.
    #5 I would also raise the minimum wage to seventeen dollars an hour so everyone can support themselves and their family living off that paycheck.
    #6 I would make it a law that Marijuana stores could only be open if they have a license and only if they weren’t in a school neighborhood or community.
    #7 I also agree with Ginger that all the schools should be bilingual and that everyone will be able to speak French and English.
    #8 I would also invest more money in building sky trains and bus’s all over Canada to make transportation easier and affordable for everyone.
    #9 I would also ban all products with palm oil from Canada. Because it is cutting down rain forests and making orangutans extremely endangered because their habitats are being destroyed.
    #10 Finally I would eliminate the Fair Elections Act from Canada because I think that it discriminates lots of Canadians and frankly it isn’t very fair to everyone.

  22. THEMANGO404

    If I were prime minister I would…..
    #1 Have $5-10 a day daycare.
    #2 Legalize marijuana but tax it heavily and have strict policies on if you should get it and why.
    #3 Put a a heavy tax on high carbon producing companies
    #4 Put a lot of effort into building wind turbines and producing geothermal energy.
    #5 Ban Handguns
    #6 Stop the Alberta tar sands and create new jobs for the people that worked their
    #7 Create tons of new jobs
    #8 Have more affordable housing
    #9 Much more support for seniors, special needs and poor people.
    #10 Develop the northern parts of Canada to support the worlds growing population.
    #11 Abolish the senate

    • The Bean

      I like your ideas about alternate energy sources. If Northern Canada were to be developed what sort of say would the Aboriginal peoples have?

  23. Laurie lee

    Really interesting ideas, everyone! I can see that you have so many insights into federal politics. My wish for you is that you stay informed forever about issues affecting Canada and that you continue to care deeply for our country. Maybe Canada should lower the voting age…….

  24. The Baconator

    If I were Prime Minister . . . . .
    I would make sure that everyone that is 18 or over was able to vote. I would help the elderly by putting polling stations close to public or important buildings so that everyone could vote with easy access. I would also improve health care so that everyone could recover from an injury or illness quickly and safely. I would try to stop the housing crisis and I would help families get good shelter to live under and get the money that they need to live. Finally, I would improve child care so that families could drop off their kids and know that they would be safe. That is what I would do if I were Prime Minister.

  25. the DUDE

    If I were Prime Minister…
    I would make this country a bit more eco-friendly by doing stuff like eliminating the use of fossil fuels.
    I would also try to take drugs off the streets and into medicinal cannabis- type places.
    I would also hire more police officers to crack down on crime.
    I would make elementary schools a lot more accessible so that every child in Canada can go to school.
    I would also make health and hospital care for cheaper.
    I would put a lot of money into building houses for the homeless
    I would also spend more money on care for the elderly.
    I would make affordable daycare for little children across Canada
    I think we should spend less money bombing and attacking other countries and using the metal and stuff to make more houses and hospitals, hat would be better spending than spending money on “destroying the terrorists” as Stephen Harper says.

  26. Koshka2

    If I were Prime minister I would…
    Have a childcare for children that can afford it
    Having no drugs unless it is for the body?
    Making sure that maybe 16 + can now vote!
    Having houses for the Homess.
    If I do become Prime minister I shall do all of these thing and more!

  27. Panda Tush

    If I were Prime minister, I would:
    I would make more public transit so elders,people without cars and students would be able to get around more and easier.
    I would make 10-15 dollar child care so people can afford it.
    I would make marijuana illegal except for medical needs.
    And lastly, I would want to do something about the homelessness because I think its a really big problem and I haven’t heard much from the party leaders, saying they want to do something about it.

  28. balloongirl123

    If I where prime minister I would make 10 to 15 dollars child care or daycare so people and afford. I would make marijuana illegal.

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