October 15, 2015

Dear Division 16,

Wow, it’s the night before the Student Vote 2015! It’s our last chance to learn about the parties in order to responsibly cast an informed ballot on Friday.

Check out this amazing resource about party platforms.


When you’ve spent some time on the website and looked at the platforms of the different parties, please answer TWO of the following questions:

  1. What Federal Government issue have you become more knowledgeable or passionate about through this unit of study?  Do you feel that this learning or passion will inspire you to take action in your community?  Why or why not?
  2. Which issue that we studied helped you connect with a member of your community or your family?  How?
  3. Do you feel like this study has started a long term change in your participation in elections, engagement with politics and news or discussions with your family?  Explain why or why not

Division 16, I’m so very proud of the hard work you’ve put into this project.  Thank you for your excellent attention and focus as well as your enthusiasm!  What a treat it is to work with you all.

I look forward to your responses.



  1. Amethyst

    1. I have become really knowledgeable and passionate about, child care, health care and the environment though all this learning and meeting two candidates. I think that it will because well the environment I can help clean the environment, healthcare I could donate some money to a hospital and child care well it would have to have something to also kind of do with hospitals.

    3. I do think that this can start a long term change because I will have experience with voting and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also now I know so much about politics. Now I will actually know what my family is talking about when voting day is soon because I will have voted but only in the student vote.

  2. den10@sea43

    #1 I have became passionate about the healthcare in Canada because this is some thing that everyone need and all the different parties have had different options and solutions on this topic.
    #2 me and my family talk a lot about economy and its problems because me and my family is very interested in that kind of stuff and now I am too.

    me and my family has been talking about politics a lot now that I have done student vote witch is awesome because there are lots of people in my family that work for the government like my dad who woks in the federal government and my granddad worked for the city hall. with student vote and how the election is coming up and I am now I am able to join them in there conversations and know what they are saying and talking about witch I have never done and it feels great

  3. iron lanturn

    #1 I’ve become more nologebull about the environment I learned that most
    partys want to reduce carbon thats released.now I feel like joining the green team
    and or try to getting solar powered house.
    #2 I talked to my family about equality rights. we like the issue of not being equal so we talked
    about it.

  4. Crazychicken lover

    1# I have become really passionate about healthcare, syrian refugees and enviroment. I think it will inspire me to donate
    some money to unicef for the starving families of syrian children and take from my hard earned allowance so i can help children with no food, support, or help. I will help the enviroment by donating the my containers to the depot so it can help the world. I can help families who need daycare and healthcare by (when i get older of course) electing a party that benefits health care.

    2# me and my dad argue alot about the economy and the party that should lead canada. Now that i am quite interested in politics
    me and my family argue and discuss major topics like the niqab, the economy growth and many more things it also makes me turn on my tv to the politics channel and i think it has changed alot for me because of student vote.


    #1 I have definitely became more knowledgeable about the 10 or 15 dollar daycare program from this long wonderful study. It will definitely give me the confidence to go out and help my community in future projects in and outside of school.
    #2 The issue that really helped me connect with a family member was the 10 or 15 dollar daycare program. It gave a look on what my family member had to say about things.

  6. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I know more about democracy and Monarchy because I learned more about voting and other government officials I think it gives me more knowledge about how I should vote on the day when I’m 18 and yes because I feel that it will help a lot in my future of how I vote in differently than the original version. #3 yes it changed me now I’m interested in voting,elections,politics,govements and party’s but I think my dad is not interested in politics because he was here when he was 18 but he didn’t vote because he didn’t understand and yes it should give me a lot of information about politics because I learnt a lot all thanks to our beloved teacher J***.

  7. super cheese cake

    #1 Yes after these studies I know
    1. I didn’t know that Syrian refugees is related to Canada before, but now I know that those parties want to accept thousand of refugees to help them.
    2. I didn’t know that the Prime Minister care about the drug using but now I now that many parties want to add more professionals for helping drug using people. I don’t think I can do anything now but when I grow up I think I might volunteer or do something to lower the drug using.
    #3 The student vote really influence me because I came from another country so at the beginning I didn’t really know about the vote right here in Canada, what I know about is what’s in my origin but now after student vote I’m kind of interested. And at the beginning I decided to vote for Stephen Harper but after I studied about all the parties I decide to vote for Tom Mulcair because I think that his ideas are realistic .

  8. The Bean

    #1 Well it’s my third and last year of student vote at Dickens and before I started back in grade 4 I new almost nothing about Canada’s democratic system. Before I started I new a lot of these issues existed but I had no idea of the degree that they affected people in the country. I think there is two big issues for me which are the economy and the environment. In most places those two are entirely different things. But now that I now how an economy works and all the different parts of it as well as the environment and ecosystem, I understand how in Canada those two are so much more interconnected then I realized.
    #2 before I learned about all the federal issues I just kind of went with whatever my parents said but know that I understand them I realize that I don’t agree with them on everything. More recently I realized that my Dad and I disagree on the parties positions on taxes and parts of the economy. We also have varied opinions of what issues are more important or less in the election.
    #3 For sure, I think learning more about our government really helps me make my own decisions about what believe in and what I think is important. I gained the experience of voting and that will help me be ready for the responsibility of casting a real ballet when the time comes. This has been a really awesome unit and I can’t wait for tomorrow, thanks Jody.

  9. smeagaleater10

    1# I have become more passionate about healthcare because I learned that healthcare is one of my most important value. Healthcare is important to me because it is part of a good life. I think that everybody should have a good life so I think that everyone should have access to healthcare. No, I will not take action because I need to learn more about the topic.
    2# I think that I connected the most with my Mom talking about party platforms. Together we reviewed the party platforms from the blog homework to decide which platform suited us the best.

  10. xaxo6 04

    #1 I have become more passionate about housing because it affects everyone around me and is interesting to learn how parties will make Canada more affordable. The learning of this issue will make me take up action in polling stations when I am older. Why? Because: it is our future as much as it is our present we won’t be able to live in a very expensive city if the prices for houses are way up.
    #2 Studying the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms helped me connect with my mum because we would talk about equality at dinner.

  11. the DUDE

    1) This project helped me communicate about politics with my friends – even at judo – about who they would vote for. This is a good thing because, when you’re a kid and you talk about world issues, it really makes you feel like a grown-up – which is great. That’s makes kids see how important it is to vote.
    2) I became more knowledgeable about the whole business about the Niqab.I talked about it with my Dad and my Mom and we mostly agree that not allowing it to be worn is a little bit racist. It made me think a lot of racism in Canada. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want to wear – but maybe we need to see people’s faces on drivers’ licences.

  12. Rouge

    #1 I think that I have become really passionate about the topic of the economy. Before I didn’t really know or care about how much money the minimum wage was or how many jobs there were for new graduates, until this year. I think that it’s really important for everyone to make enough money to support themselves and their family, and I think that everyone should be able to have this lifestyle financially. This learning has inspired me to take action and protest at a local restaurant or place that isn’t paying the employees enough money, or I will write a letter to the government asking them to increase the minimum wage.
    #3 I think that this experience of Student Vote has definitely helped me understand issues in Canada and see them differently on how to solve them after learning what the party leader’s plans to solve them are. This learning has also given me great excitement and anticipation to vote when I am older. Now at home when I am having dinner with my family we talk and debate a lot more about government related issues and federal articles on CBC. Now that I have done the Student Vote three times I am sure that when I am older I will be ready to make an important, informed and actually real vote.

  13. THEMANGO404

    #2 I connect the Conservative parties idea to have good health care for senior citizens because my grandpa had a bad knee but he got good affordable health care and he got a bionic knee.
    #3 Even though my parents haven’t received their Canadian -American duel citizenship they have been talking to me about politics and who they would vote for municipally, provincially and federally if they could.

  14. Joaquin

    I think that I already feel that connected to my family members, but when we discussed affordable housing and childcare it made me feel like, “Hey, those are important issues for my family”. With housing it is so expensive to buy a house now and even to rent a place, we used to live a few blocks away from school then our house was sold and we had to move. We have been trying for 5 years to move back into the area but the rents are too high- even though both of parents have really good jobs and work full time. When my mom had my 2nd oldest sister, she couldn’t find a daycare that was affordable and up to her standards- so she opened her own In-Home Daycare. She had it for 3 years until I was just about born, now my mom works in childcare as an Early Childhood Educator and she talks to us a lot about how expensive it it families to use childcare and be able to work. For these reasons those two issues are really important to me, they made me aware of what party was focusing on these issues.

    Yes i think it has started a long term change on my perspective about politics because of all the research we have done and the 2 politicians who came in to talk to us. Every morning we listen to the CBC on the radio driving into school and we talk a lot about what is happening in the news, but I think being able to talk about the election in the class with my classmates and take part in the student vote made learning about the election more effective.

  15. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 i have become very knowledgeable and very passionate about Environment ,healthcare and child care all the different kinds of research and meeting two candidates really helped me understand more . I think it will because for the environment i can help by keeping it clean and i can help health care and child care by donating money to different groups of people to help different things .
    #2 i connect to the New Democratic parties ideas that Canada post should keep doing door to door service because my nana and grandpa are getting old and it will get harder and harder for them to get the newspaper.

  16. baconguy

    #1. An issue that has become more important to me is employment. It is important to me because over the unit of study (the student vote) I found out that there is much more unemployment in Canada than I thought. I don’t feel like I have to be taking action in my community because nearly every political party in Canada is doing something about it.
    #3. Yes, I do think that now I am much more interested in politics. It seemed before the student vote I didn’t understand anything except the name Steven Harper. Since I now know what an impact I will have when I’m 18, I will definitely vote.

  17. The Baconator

    I have started studying health care and child care and it has changed me because I have learned that it is important to help people with an illness or an injury because the also want to be able to do things like other people. If you help other people get better then you get hurt or ill, chances are they will help you.
    Yes I think that know I will start participating more in debates. I feel that in this process of voting you learn so much and sometimes you find something that touches you and you start wanting to learn more. Suddenly you find yourself leaning more about EVERYTHING then before you know it you are voting.

  18. Ginger

    I have become very interested in healthcare over the course of the Student Vote process. Before Student Vote I wasn’t very aware of it, but now I think that it is a very important service that everyone should have access to. I hope that someday I will be able to help people in my community feel better and stay safe and healthy, by working or volunteering at a hospital. This year’s Student Vote has really inspired me to be more active in my community and my environment. For example, I accompanied my parents to the advance voting polls so that when I turn 18 I can be familiar with how to vote. I hope that when I am legal voting age, I will still care about encouraging friends and family to be knowledgeable and informed about upcoming elections, and of course, I am going to participate in all elections in 2021 and thereafter!

  19. Sr.Fruitcake

    #2 I think that I connected the Environment with my family. My mom is an Environmentalist and I knew what she did but not much about how she did it and I think that this election has actually helped me understand it better. I think that It has really told me what sort of things my Mom is in support of and what the different parties are in support of and there for align my opinions between the two of them. I found out the different ways the parties plan on reducing the green house gas emissions or whether they want to do that.
    #3 I feel like this will change my perspective over the long term, and I think that many of the students participating in the student vote will be more likely to vote in the future. I feel that CIVIX’s goal to have a higher voter turnout among young people will probably be achieved. For me, my parents were all ready pretty involved in politics so I think I would have thought about it this way anyway but student vote has interested me in ways I think will really help over the years. I plan to be active in elections and other political issues when I grow up and I think that it is partly do to student vote.

  20. Shadow145

    #1 I have become very knowledgeable and passionate about heath care because its important for people to get heath care some people might not have enough money to get heath care because they maybe poor so I think we should raise a donation for people with cannot afford for heath care

    #2 I think I connect to the conservatives because they would lower taxes and budgets and having better heath care.

  21. Theawesomest

    1. I have gotten very passionate about the environment after this project because I think that Canada is kind of known for having nice trees and forests and I think that it is important that that is true. i think that this will effect what I do in my community because I know that it is possible for me to do something about it.
    3. I dont think that this has made a long term in my participation in elections because I was already going to vote when I am old enough.

  22. TechNerd

    #1 I feel that I have become more knowledgeable about taxes, I have really understood Justin Trudeau’s plan to cut down on taxes for the middle class and then getting the upper class to pay a bit more which will balance the taxes out and there will be no shortage of money either with this plan. #3 I feel that this study has made a big effect in my life and I am very interested in politics more than ever. I always have conversations with my family about politics and its quite interesting. I will definetly keep being really engaged in study’s like this.

  23. balloongirl123

    1 The British system of goverment has for many years been one of the most centralised in Europe. Many more matter are decided at the national level of regional goverment has been established.

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