October 22, 2015

Dear Division 16,

Here we are, in the days following a very surprising and exciting Federal election.  We have a new Prime Minister, a new majority government and an opportunity for change, given the change in Canadian voting patterns. This will be our last blog assignment for our Student Vote project.

(for an interesting map that shows the difference between vote results 2011 – 2015, look here: http://edmontonjournal.com/news/politics/federal-election-2011-vs-2015-national-map )

Cassandra Effe, a Vancouver woman, wrote a “Dear Justin Trudeau” letter with her top 10 wishes for the new government.   You can read her letter here:


This letter has received some attention, and the CBC has been posting other “Dear Prime Minister” letters or wishes on their website and on the radio.  Please read and listen here:


For your assignment tonight, please write your own “Dear Prime Minister” letter.  It can be brief or long, depending on how much you have to say, but my expectation is that it be at least a paragraph long.  It may take the form of a list, but it must use full sentences.

Please remember our guiding reminder for when we had candidates visit our school: Be respectful, but ask hard questions.

Consider how a letter to the new Prime Minister of Canada is different from the letters we wrote to candidates.  Think about this as a chance to express your hopes and share your most important wishes for Canada.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Amythest

    Dear Justin Trudeau.
    I would like there to be better health care for everyone and for it to be affordable. Affordable child care so that every parent can afford their child to go to a day care. I would also really like the environment to be clean and respected so like there shouldn’t be a whole bunch of garbage lying around. That’s all the main things that I really wanted to say.


    “Dear Prime Minister”I hope that you can fix some of the bad things that Harper has done. Please do the following things for me.
    #1 bring the 10 or 15 dollar daycare program into play.
    #2 Make marijuana legal for everyone not just the people who need it most.
    #3 Change the fair elections act so that everyone can vote. Currently not everyone can vote even if it is a right.
    #4 Bring back the veterans offices so that the veterans (who made this place safer) have a place to go to.
    #5 Put back the the once a month lump sum for the veterans instead of the 2,000 dollars that they get now.
    #6 Have great time being our new and improved Prime Minister.

  3. den10@sea43

    dear M.R Trudeau.
    I am happy that you won but these are some things I would like you to do
    please make health care accessible to everyone. I would like it if you taxed gasses that will hurt the environment. Also could you talk about lowering the legal age to vote. Can you also limit the amount of pipelines there are in Canada because accidents can happen but we still need oil, or you could try to find other resources to use.
    And that it most of my opinion.

  4. Rouge

    Dear Prime Minister. This is my list of hopes for a better Canada under your power.
    #1 Take action on reducing the use of fossil fuels, it is critical that you start soon.
    #2 Get rid of the Fair Elections Act so everyone can vote and the charter of rights and freedoms will be of use.
    #3 Boost our economy, and raise the minimum wage to at least 15 dollars.
    #4 Support affordable childcare and enforce rules around that subject.
    #5 Build more safe injection sites to reduce the amount of overdoses.
    #6 Create laws about prohibiting oil tankers in our important and once beautiful waters.
    #7 Make sure that the Aboriginals have complete control over their land and crop.
    #8 Support getting whales out of captivity and make an effort to do so.
    #9 Do not use Bill-c-51.
    #10 Make our country a better, greener and happier place and do not count on my vote when I am 18.

  5. super cheese cake

    Dear Prime Minister
    I would be pleased if you did the following things for Canada
    First, can you please make the environment cleaner to let us have a better place to live .
    Second, can you raise the minimum wage up to 15 dollars a day, to reward those hard working people.
    Third can you make a better health care plan for every one so that we could live more happier. Because many people who can’t find family doctor and they will have to wait for a long time to see the doctor. A good government should take good care of its people.

  6. Crazychicken lover

    Dear Justin trudeau,
    It would be nice if you are about to listen to what i have to say.
    Fund scientists so that they can research more ways to use other energys instead of fossil fuels.
    Raise the minium wage to 30 dollars a hour so theyre will be more people liking you.
    Give more rights to da first nations people.

  7. crazymemeslol123

    Dear Justin Trudeau I would like you to lower the use of fossil fuels because it’s hurting the environment.you should think about the limited resources that we have left for Canada we are almost running out of trees and animals I think you should make a place where the animals should live because there are way too many slaughterhouses in canada and more childen are staying at home alone so you should make more daycare. good luck for being government.

  8. The Baconator

    Dear Mr. TRUDEAU
    Canadians have made you PRIME MINISTER for a reason, we want a change. Please listen to my ideas.
    • I would like to have CHILD CARE more affordable so that parents can drop of their kids andknow that they are in good hands
    • I would also like it if you would try to find a solution for HOUSING
    • Finally, may you improve HEALTH CARE
    Thank You

  9. Joaquin

    Dear prime minister Justin Trudeau.
    I would be most pleased if you stared to:

    #1 reducing the use of fossil fuels immediately.
    # 2 make child care affordable and accessible for all.
    #3 make the minimum wage 15 dollars.
    #4 make the wealthy pay more taxes.

    In the 4 years that you are in power you should at least be able to accomplish these much needed changes for a better future for Canadians.

  10. TechNerd

    Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

    First off Congratulations on Prime Minister I knew you and your party could do it and best of luck on your next 3-5 years as Prime Minister, I really supported you and really liked your idea’s and plans and I knew you would be the best for Canada. Now I have some questions for you. #1 Will you stop the Enbridge Pipeline and listen to Canadians?
    #2 Will you really cut down on taxes for the Middle Class?
    #3 What are your biggest goals for your 4-5 Years as Prime Minister?
    #4 What would you like to change?

    Thank you Prime minister and I hope you can answer these.

  11. iron lanturn

    dear Justin trudeau I hope you
    do these things

    #1 reduce usage of fossil fuels.
    #2 spend lots of money on healthcare.
    #3 cut down taxes for the middle class.
    #4 spend lots of money on education.
    #5 have $15 a day daycare.
    #6 spend lots pf money on infrastructure.

  12. Panda Tush

    Dear Prime Minister Trudeau. I congratulate you on winning the federal election this year! But here are somethings I wish you would take a closer look at. I wish there would be better health care because I feel health care is one of the most important problems I think we could do better in. I would also like it if homelessness stopped because I think its really bad that a lot of people are homeless and someone should do something about it. Lastly, the environment is something important too. I would wish that you would take more care with the environment.

    thank you prime minister Trudeau, i wish you the best on making Canada a better place.

  13. smeagaleater10

    Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
    Now that you have been elected I put my faith in you to do.
    #1 To minimize the use of fossil fuel.
    #2 To make minimun wage 15 dollars per hour or more.
    #3 To stop the usage of marjiuana except the people who need it for medical reasons.
    #4 To fund edecation so that canada can have a stronger tomorrow.
    #5 To treat the enviorment and infrastructure equally.

    These are the things that are the most important to me I hope you make Canada a better place for everyone.

  14. baconguy

    Dear Justin Trudaeu, this is a list of things I want you to do…
    #1. Please please please keep your promises
    #2. Don’t wait a really long time to go do your stuff
    #3. If people don’t like the outcome of Canada, then do something about it
    #4. Stop dropping bombs in Iraq
    #5. Make sure that the wealthy people know that they are not the middle class

    Thanks For Reading!😊

  15. Shadow145

    Dear Justin Trudeau
    here is a list that I would want you to do
    #1 Make homes for the homeless
    #2 reduce fossil fuel
    #3 improve child care and heath care
    #4 Make any kind of drugs illegal and can only be used for heath reasons
    This will improve a lot of things.

  16. THE MANGO404

    Dear Justin Trudeau,
    Congratulations! You’re the prime minister. I hope you have some great ideas to make Canada a better place. I hope your party is taking action to strengthen the environment and the economy. Here are some things I would like for you to do as leader of Canada:
    #1 I would like you to make sure there is a tax on carbon in order to reduce emissions of CO2.
    #2 I feel strongly that you should make equal rights for men, women and LGBTQ people in every law.
    #3 I really want you to take more refugees from Syria than Canada allowed from Southeast Asia in 1979+ (50,000)
    #4 I greatly believe that First Nations’ voices should be heard and really taken into account so their important decisions about their land can be heard.
    I still want to know:
    What alternatives do you see to oil, considering there’s only 38 more years of it?
    Do you agree there should be a pipeline going across Canada, east to west?
    Will you allow and support women who wear the niqab during citizenship ceremonies?
    I think you have the opportunity to become an amazing prime minister of an awesome country.
    THE MANGO404

  17. Sr.Fruitcake

    Dear, Prime Minister Trudeau,
    I would very much appreciate if you made an effort to do the following things for Canada.
    #1 Firstly I think you should adopt the NDP’s idea for affordable childcare for $15 a day.
    #2 I think that you should also make it so that all Canadians have better healthcare.
    #3 I would like it if you had more consideration to the First Nations people’s right and would be respectful and not continue to run pipelines through their territories without their permission or consent.
    #4 I think the country’s scientist’s and researchers should have more funding and support from the federal government I think that we should also be more open to amends that seem worthy of consideration from younger people who provide a different view on the current political issues.
    #5I would really appreciate a more steady government and would ask that you consider what you are about to say before you make promises you cannot keep like Stephen Harper has done in the past.

    With hope you listen, Jr.Fruitcake

  18. Ginger

    Dear Justin Trudeau,
    Congratulations on your new position as Prime Minister! I am looking forward to all the exciting new changes you and your party will bring to Canada in the next four years. These are a few of my hopes and wishes I hope you will consider in the years ahead.
    I hope that you develop a more affordable childcare system, so that more single and divorced parents can support their families
    I hope you will ensure that all people, rich or poor, have access to good, safe healthcare.
    I hope you change the Fair Elections Act so that everyone can be represented in the next Canadian election.
    Canada’s northern lands and people are very important to this country and it is crucial that this land is looked after and kept in its natural state.
    I hope that a law will be put in place that will ensure that all oil tankers will be inspected for leaks before entering Canadian waters to protect all marine wildlife and biodiversity .
    I hope you will support safe drug injection sites so there is less chance of overdosing and more people can get help for their addictions.
    I hope you will help new immigrants and refugees feel more welcome and wanted in our Canadian society.

    Thank you for considering these suggestions. I wish you luck in all your endeavours.

    Sincerely, Ginger💕

  19. Theawesomest

    Dear Justin Trudeau,
    Congratulations on becoming prime minister, I hope that you will be able to do the following things to help to make Canada a better place.

    Give affordable healthcare to anyone who needs it.
    Make childcare more affordable($15 a day)
    Try to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
    Fund scientists so that they can come up with an alternative to fossil fuels.
    Make sure that there is tax on carbon to reduce emmisions of carbon dioxide.

    I look forward to the next few years that you are prime minister because I think that you will make great decisions for Canadians.
    Dancing Porcupine

  20. balloongirl123

    Dear prime minister Justin Trudeau great job on becoming prime minister I hope you follow the things and help Canada.Try to reduce the use to fossil fuels and make childcare more less money so parents can afford it how about like 10 or 15 dollars and give people who need health care.

  21. Purple Pickle

    Dear prime minister Trudeau,I would like it if you considered my personal expectations of creating a better country.
    Can you PLEASE cut back the emissions of fossil fuels in Canada because fossil fuels aren’t really helping anybody it’s just killing our environment.Support science please, we can accomplish (almost) anything with science but with Stephen Harper as a prime minister for all this time science in Canada hasn’t really done much lately because he didn’t support it.

    sincerely,Purple Pickle

  22. Soccerboy123ABC

    dear prime minister Trudeau
    as our new prime minister i would like you to change these things.
    #1 reduce the amount if fossil fuels.
    #2 improve child care so that every parent has a place to put there kid whole they are at work.
    #3 I really want you to put a tax on the gasses that harm the environment.,
    #4 let in more Syrian refugees so that Canada has a better name on the intake of refugees.
    i hope you listen sincerely, Soccerboy123ABC

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