October 29, 2015

Dear Division 16,

I really appreciate all of your contributions and the discussion at the Pridespeak we had in class on Tuesday of this week.

For your homework tonight, please answer the following question in full sentences and try to include as much of the information from the presentation as possible:

What are some things each student can do to create a safe space in our classroom and school for everybody?

In your answer, consider the “isms” that were discussed and think about including more than one.  To challenge yourself, think about ways of acting as well as ways of thinking.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amethyst

    First of all don’t be mean or judge other people. Actually judging and being mean could be bullying because bully’s are just really judging and being mean to the person they’re bullying. Don’t judge other people in a mean way like their drawing or paintings or there clothes or what kind of things that they like to do and most important what they look like. Don’t be mean as in well judging is part of it but well being physical and telling them some thing that could be mean. But in our class and school like I said don’t judge or be mean and especially don’t bully anyone no one deserves to be bullied because school should be somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable.

      • dickensdiv16

        These are all good points, Amethyst, I agree that schools should be safe, comfortable places. Avoiding judgment and recognizing the beliefs behind those judgments can make a really big difference!

    • Lucas

      Great points Amethyst! When we judge others we assume that their lives are just like ours, which is never true! We all live pretty different lives. I really like that you pointed out that schools should be a place to feel safe and comfortable 🙂

  2. den10@sea43

    I think one way of doing this is having my pridespeak conversions and to learn how bad it is to discriminate LGBTQ and others because it was hard for them to and they are brave to make this dissuasion so discrimination will only make it harder. Also maybe try to support them in every way possible and if you see buying then try to stand up for them and tell an adult. Another thing is make sure that you are calling them the right names and other stuff like that. Also make sines around you school like I have noticed that on every door it says “This is a safe place for LGBTQ people” or this is a safe place for all different coloured people so I think that that is great but if you where to make a sine don’t mention anyones names because that would probable not be great because they might not be ready to say anything yet. Also what I like about this school is there is mix culture and skin colour so there is less racism witch I think helps a lot so maybe racism would be a lot better if there was mixed skin colour in almost every school.

    • dickensdiv16

      den10@sea43, you’ve made an excellent point here – having the signs in the doorways is an important thing to do, but those signs only matter if we all commit to upholding the values represented on the signs – by creating the kind of space we are proud to invite others into. I also agree that in our school and our community are made stronger by their diversity! Great work weaving the important parts of the presentation into your response!

    • Lucas

      den10@sea43, you definitely made some awesome points here! When bullying happens a really powerful way to make it stop is to show others that we are not okay with it and that we will speak out. This can mean telling your friends that calling someone a certain name or excluding them is not cool, or it could mean telling an adult (or both!) just as you said! I also really love your point about LGBTQ safe space signs and signs about racism in your school. When we see those signs we assume that the people in those spaces have had a conversation about those things and are allies, like we spoke about during the PrideSpeak. Being an ally is an action word, so when we put up those signs it also means doing the work— an example being calling people by their preferred name, as you mentioned! Great response 🙂


    Every class can have a person who pro-trolls around the class in recess and lunch when class is open and makes sure no one is being bulled or feeling left out and can go tell them to stop if they can’t tell them to stop and if they are being excluded go and be nice to them and be a friend and help them feel included. You also can have a group of people who each week have interesting group discussions about who your are inside is most important and it doesn’t matter what people say you are perfect the way you are. They would have group discussion to talk about all the things that LGBTQ people need to feel safe as well as anyone who is being bullied for there size like weight, height and age or there gender and clothes that they wear. Also to feel confident and safe as well as to have people to talk to.

    • dickensdiv16

      DLTMGYD I love love love the idea of a weekly discussion group. How amazing that would be. Let’s talk about making this happen. I agree that would help everyone feel safe and confident.

    • Lucas

      What an awesome idea for a group, DLTMGYD! That sounds like a space where people could come to feel safe and also talk about bullying, discrimination and identity in a judgement-free space! I love it!

  4. Crazychicken lover

    If i were a new student, then i would try to be nice and try to make a conversation and i wouldnt judge or be mean to everybody
    and try to be active in activities.Also i wouldnt tease or joke yet. I think that like what Amythest said, we should not judge people by what they wear or theyre appearence.I think that sexism is one of the worst isms to be named because it literally happens everyday without you noticing and it is so common. It s the same as classism like just because you have a better job doesnt mean that you have to judge other people who have lower class jobs. In some places , sometimes people think that your job reflects your character and i think that is crazy. So i think that classism and sexism are very common among the human race.

    • dickensdiv16

      Crazychicken lover, you’ve done a great job in your response. We all need to make a commitment to not judging others based on any of their characteristics or who they are. I agree that sexism and classism are common but that is something we can change with our actions.

    • Lucas

      I really like how you pointed at how common some of the “isms” are in terms of the words we use and how we think about people and their worth. When things are common we just assume they’re normal and so we don’t question them, and that’s really dangerous! It’s powerful that you can name those “isms” and point them out when they come up in the words we hear and the lessons that are taught to us, just like you stated here! Great response, Crazychicken lover!

  5. Rouge

    I think that to make everyone feel safe and comfortable in our school everyone has to have be open and thoughtful to others. You have to be open to others opinions, feelings, and beliefs to make them feel safe sharing and expressing their ideas and selves. I agree with den10@sea43 that we should put up lots of signs saying “this is a bully free zone” and “this is an LGBTQ friendly place” and other thoughtful, inclusive signs to make students feel happy and accepted for who they are. Also never tease someone for their: race, size, age, or religion just because you can, it is hurtful and really just plain mean. A lot of the time people don’t have a lot of control over what they look like or what colour their skin is, so don’t tease or bully them about it. An “ism” I want to focus on is sizeism. I have never seen someone be bullied at our school because of their size, but I still think that we should spread awareness to other places that aren’t so open to everyone as we are. It is never ok to tease someone because of their weight or height, because it hurts them a lot more on the inside then they show on the outside. Just always keep in mind to accept everyone no matter what they look like or what their beliefs are. Also never silently judge people behind their backs or say hurtful things to them because it hurts them and makes you a bully.

    • dickensdiv16

      Excellent points, Rouge, and very thoughtful. You’re right that we not only need to be mindful of our actions but also of our thoughts. I think it’s always good to have reminders and I agree that strong communities ought to help others learn. That’s what’s so great about Pridespeaks!

    • Lucas

      I really liked how you focused on openness and unconditional acceptance, Rouge. Like sizeism at your school, discrimination is sometimes hard to see (especially if we aren’t the target of it!) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work to fight against it! What an in-depth response, Rouge!

  6. xaxo6 04

    I think we can avoid back biting and otherwise causing offence. Also when someone tells you that they are
    LGBT you don’t go around spreading the word because they may not be ready for that. Also as the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover.” It doesn’t matter what they look like they still need to be treated with respect.

    • Lucas

      It’s an awesome saying (and a classic one!)! As you said, xaxo6 04, spreading information about another person is never a kind thing to do. And when someone’s LGBT, though you may know that your school is a safe place for LGBT people, it is still up to that person as to who they want to come out to and when they want to come out to them. What an awesome response!

  7. super cheese cake

    I think the best way is not to be mean or bully other people because of their clothing, looking or their habit. They might be ugly but they have no choice. The other thing is to call them their right name and not calling their nickname. If I were a new student I would be pleased if someone treat me like his friend. On the contrary if there were a new classmate coming to our school, I would be nice to him(her) and not try to bully him(her) just because he’s(she’s) new or because his(her) size. I think our class is doing pretty good, so what we have to do now is to keep the class like this.

    • dickensdiv16

      Super cheese cake, I think your point about nicknames is an important one. Sometimes nicknames can be hurtful, even if they weren’t meant to be. It’s always good to check in with people.

    • Lucas

      Great points, super cheese cake! When you were talking about putting yourself in a new student’s shoes and thinking about what you would or would not like to happen… doing that is called empathy. Empathy is super important! It allows us to treat others the way we might want to be treated if we were in their situation 🙂 Your class is super awesome by the sounds of it, I know that if you’re using skills like empathy, compassion and calling out/talking out the “isms” then it will definitely stay this way 🙂

  8. THEMANGO404

    The pride speak was really good. I think that one of the things that we could do to make our community safer is to make sure that no LGBTQ people are being bullied and everyone accepts LGBTQ people for who they are and what they want to be. If for every birthday I got action figures and Lego I would pretty disappointed because mabye I wanted something else. One of the the things that you can do to make it so people are not judged by what they recieve is to give the person money for what they really want. There are a lot of isms. You should not bully someone because they are small, that’s sizeism you have to follow the isms to protect the safety of LGBTQ people.

    • Lucas

      Great points, THEMANGO404! It’s so important that people are given the opportunity and freedom to choose who they are, just like with your toy example! It would definitely be really crumby to only get toys that other people thought you should have. It’s so important to ask people what they want and give them the ability to choose without judgement 🙂 Awesome response!! I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop 🙂

  9. xaxo6 04

    I will focuse on racism because we all have different shades of skin and how else would we ever be able to live in unity. I think we could put up anti-racism signs and discouraging the practice of racism by making it very clear its not kind and teach them about how white people were very racist to the natives and to African Americans.

    • Lucas

      I think this is a really great idea, xaxo6 04! It’s so important that we talk about the realities of racism today and in history.

  10. smeagaleater10

    Students should not judge each other based on their race, size, class, abilities and their gender. I think if a student is not being included or being bullied based on their “isms”, the offenders should be counselled to help them be more friendly. Once the offenders are more friendly, the students who were affected should feel more welcomed at the school. In general, students should show respect and friendliness to each other.

    • dickensdiv16

      I think we each have the tools to help one another learn about and appreciate difference, smeagaleater10 and it would be great if we could each support one another in this learning.

    • Lucas

      This is a really good point, smeagaleater10! We need to be helping people who are bullied, but as you mentioned it’s also important to help bullies understand the hurt they are causing. You gave me an “a-ha!” moment with this response! 🙂

  11. Arctic owl

    Students should not be mean or rude even if you don’t like someone in your class . Also when someone new comes in to your class you should be friendly and show respect and it does not matter there race or gender . Most important don’t bully LGBQT and don’t bully any one no mater size or race . If you notice someone who is left out and has no friends let them be part of your group . Its not who they are on the outside its who they are on the inside .

    • Lucas

      Awesome response, Arctic owl 🙂 And you mentioned a small action, like including someone that you notice might be left out, and how that can have a BIG impact! I also really liked that you mentioned that we really need to get to know a person’s insides to really know anything about them!

  12. crazymemeslol123

    Students should not judge one of each another for just being different even if they are a different race you don’t have to be one of those racists that say your black or something worse that’s just being a racisms people you can change any student that are maybe gay or lesbian but you can help them buy saying anything nice instead of saying anything that will hurt their feelings and emotions then you might get suspended you don’t want that to happen ever so if you were gay or lesbian you would feel the same thing so in Charles dickens we don’t bully anybody in our very awesome school so this might be a lesson for all those bullies for being mean to other people I just hope you don’t hurt anyone else.

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s always good to have a positive attitude towards other people and difference, crazymemeslol123. Understanding that people’s feelings and emotions are sensitive and that we need to be thoughtful is important!

  13. The Baconator

    The pride speak really teaches you a lot and it could affect how you think of yourself or other people in a good way. I loved how the pride speak is driven by people that have felt the experience of changing their life completely so that they can help pick up L.G.B.T children and let them live a good and happy life.

  14. TechNerd

    I think to make everyone feel comfortable, happy and safe, we should all put an effort into it, What I mean by that is that everyone puts a part into making people feel that they are safe in our community. What we could do is we can not judge them by their looks and what they look like otherwise known as we should not bully them. It’s everyones right to feel comfortable and safe and we should not prevent that from happening. We can make them feel like they are safe in our community and that no one will harm them here.

  15. Ginger

    One of the main things we can do to make our classroom a safe place is to never judge people based on things that might make them different. This is a really crucial thing that everyone should avoid doing so that no one feels “weird” or discriminated against. It is also very important that we don’t make jokes, even if they don’t seem mean or rude to you, they might to other people, and I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I was not supportive of their situation. If we suspect that someone may fit under any categories of -isms we need to make sure that we make them proud that they are, for example, from a different country, or lesbian. We need to make sure that there isn’t a single person who makes fun of the “different kid”. If everyone talked more about all these differences, like LGBTQ, and other people with unique qualities, they might feel more included in our society. I think that Pridespeak was a very good way to get everyone in our class more open to new ideas about differences and how me might treat people differently.

    • dickensdiv16

      You raise a good point, Ginger, sometimes things like jokes can actually be very serious. It’s always good to think about what the effects of our words are, and if someone points out an issue with our words that we listen and think about our behaviour in the future. Inclusion is important and I hope opening our minds to new ideas through discussions like the Pridespeak really do make a difference.

  16. Joaquin

    I think to make everyone feel safe at school the rules and consequences need to be serious and quick. If someone is feeling unsafe, scared to be at school and bullied because of another person at school- then the school needs to take immediate action to stop this. I know from personal experience that the process is very slow when someone is being bullied, the victim is left feeling unsafe, scared and not listened to. If we say that we are a safe place then we actually have to act to make it a safe place for everyone.

    Personally, I try to be friends with everyone at first- to get to know them. Usually we become friends but on the odd occasion we don’t.

    • dickensdiv16

      Joaquin, thank you for raising this issue here. What steps do you think the school could take to ensure that this process happens more quickly? Sometimes it does take time to consider an issue fully, how can we create safe spaces while steps are taken to resolve problems?

  17. Shadow145

    I think that to make everyone feel safe in school I think that you don’t judge people by what they do things differently and on how they look so they wont feel bad or weird about themselves. Make them feel included on projects that they do with other people and other type of things. Don’t bully them that would make them unsafe.

    • dickensdiv16

      Reaching out to different people in our class work is an important part of inclusion in our community. Some of the most successful projects I’ve seen are when people bring different ideas together in new ways!

  18. Theawesomest

    I think that something you can do to make the classroom a safe environment is just to not care what other people like or do because then they wont feel like your judging them. Something else that you could do is if you see someone getting bullied try to stop it by telling someone or standing up to the bully and telling them yourself that that isnt right and that they should stop.

    • dickensdiv16

      Standing up for fairness and safety of all students is an important job for all teachers and students in a school community. I hope that this pridespeak and this discussion helps give people the tools to do this more effectively!

  19. Purple Pickle

    I think somethings we can do to make our (or any school) school a safe learning environment would be to think about your actions a little more and to think how you would feel is somebody was bullying you or putting you down and to just basically respect everybody around you no matter what shape size skin colour or sex you are.

  20. iron lanturn

    I think that to make a class room safer you should…
    make sure that you’ve talked about LGBTQ to the class.
    not discriminate against people who are LGBTQ.
    have posters saying ‘be who you think you are’.
    tell all your friends they’re not allowed to tease any one about how they’re LGBTQ.
    same with you.
    accept your classmates no matter who they are.

  21. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think we could make a safe space for everybody in our classroom and school by acknowledging that LGBT people our also a part of our community. Making sure that they feel excepted by being excepting to all would help out, I don’t think it is good to be extra nice to someone who is openly LGBT and I think that if in general we were kinder to all it would be more inclusive and the equality in our community would become better. I wonder what would help those people who are LGBT in their own words? Overall Dickens is a very accepting community and I think in Division 16 especially we are very inclusive. I think that if we just try to be nicer people all round then it would be much easier for LGBT people to feel comfortable and to come out. That would happen if they were in a more supportive community.

  22. The Bean

    I think that our school community is and has always been a really supportive one, but there are always some things that can be improved. Our school classrooms have signs on them that say “this is an LGBTQ safe zone, I’ve always thought this almost tells anyone who is LGBT that they wouldn’t be welcome otherwise because they are different. May something more general would help like “Everybody’s welcome, no matter who you are”. I think that would send a more welcoming and broad message and wouldn’t make anyone feel singled out.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, The Bean, do you think that welcoming LGBT people in particular singles them out in a way that creates the opposite effect? I think there are also signs that talk about racism on each of our doors too. Let’s talk about making some new posters as a class. I would 100% support this.

  23. vide0 g@m3r

    I think that to make a classroom safer, you should have a serious talk with students about what not to say as a insult.
    I recently heard a anonymous person call someone gay. The person who got called that cried and ran out of the room.
    To make people feel better, you should say: “There is nothing wrong being LGBT because as long as you are happy about it, that is enough.”

  24. balloongirl123

    I think that the pride speak was really interesting and amazing to here they talked about there life and what people wear and what girls and boys play with and working as something but that is really good that they talked about don’t judge people and also do not bully people on what they are wearing.

  25. Soccerboy123ABC

    i think to make the class room a safer and better place is to welcome everyone it doesn’t matter there color,race,gender or what there beliefs are they are as equal as anyone else is . You can like or wear anything you want without having the feeling of being discriminated or being judged by anyone.also by making new people feel like they are part of something and included.

  26. Bacon guy

    For our school, we don’t have to do very much because we don’t really have problems like abuse and racism. But for other schools I think that to prevent stuff like that they should have people watching over students at lunch and recess like we do with the supervision aids.

  27. the DUDE

    A way to make sure that everybody feels safe in our classroom and school is just to respect one another. You don’t have to like everyone, hang out with them or be their friend, but you do need to respect them. Remember that everyone is a human being with feelings, thoughts, and opinions just like you. Even if we don’t agree with a person, they are still entitled to their opinion. I notice that at most schools, trying to stop calling people “gay” or whatever – having people come in and educate us – it isn’t really working. People are obviously still ridiculed. I don’t know what the answer to this problem is, but I know we haven’t found the answer yet.

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