October 5, 2015

Dear Division 16,

The closer we get to the election, the more we need to be considering the platforms of the parties and determining how we wish to cast our vote on October 16.

One of the tools available to help people make a decision is the Vote Compass, which is found on the CBC website. It is also being used to survey voters about their values and beliefs.

You can find it here:


There are a number of questions, some of which you will certainly be familiar with, and some that you may be uncertain about. You will be asked to agree or disagree with some statements and to say whether you think Canada should do more or less of a certain thing. If you are not sure, or haven’t considered an issue, you can click on the “don’t know” button to the right of the choices.  You may want to complete Vote Compass with a parent or a sibling if you think you’ll need help with the questions.

At the end of the questions, Vote Compass will ask you a number of questions about the party leaders and your riding. Then it will give you some information about which party your beliefs align most closely with.  There will be some charts and graphs representing your point of view as well as that of the parties.

As of Saturday afternoon, nearly 1 million people had completed the Vote Compass.

After you have completed the questionnaire and read your results, please use your post to comment on the experience.  Make sure you include at least two of the following

  1. Did your results feel right? Why or why not?
  2. Did you think the questions were fairly worded?  Give examples
  3. Did the vote compass help you make a decision for election day? If so, how?
  4. What information surprised you on the results page?  Explain.

I look forward to your responses!




    #1 My results feel right because they fit me as a person and I think if they were to be any other results they would have felt wrong to me as a person.
    #4 The most surprising result was that I agree the same amount with the NDP and the Green party and that’s only 70%. I thought that I would agree more with the NDP instead of being the exact same.

  2. den10@sea43

    #1 I think that my results felt right because I did it on what I actually thought not random and what I found it vary nice to know what party I will be voting for now. #2 I felt that they where vary well worded but I found that some of the questions where based on one party leader like they where asking about childcare a lot or other things that the parties strongly agree with.

  3. Rouge

    #3 I think that I learned more about what matters to me in this election without being influenced by what party I want to support and without being biased to certain things. Vote Compass defiantly helped me make my decision on who to vote for based on my results and really showed me what parties I agree with on important topics. I know that I will make an informed vote on October 16th now that I have done Vote Compass.
    #2 I think that most of the questions were fair but some of the questions could have gone into more detail and explained in depth more about what the question means. Like “How supportive should Canada be of Israel” I thought that the question was a bit broad and it could have been explained better on why this is an issue and things like that. Also “How much power should unions have” was a question I didn’t fully understand, I think that the question should have explained what that power would be and how much unions currently have.
    #4 I was a little surprised about some of my answers. The second party that I most agreed with was a bit different then I thought of in my head. I was also surprised about my answers to the questions about Quebec, I got vastly different answers then all the parties and so I think I may have not fully understood the questions. Other then that I was fairly pleased with my results.

  4. xaxo6 04

    #1 My results are correct in my opinion because they were a ways away from Stehpen Harper’s Conservatives and much closer to the NDP and the Green Party. Both the NDP and the Green Party agree with giving more rights to First Nations and to unions, also they both are planning to lower greenhouse gas emissions and make factory’s pay for a polluting limit so they can’t send pollution into the atmosphere. All of those feel important to me and I hope one or the other gets elected so they can make a difference on those issues.#2 Yes the vote compass helped me finalise my rough draft of who I was going to vote for because the system made it clear of which parties I disagreed with and which parties I agreed with.

  5. iron lanturn

    some of the questions surprised me beeches there was a lot that where about drugs and chemicals. I’m surprised that it asks you so many personal questions like [when are you born]. and what was cool was it wasn’t a short survey so that whats cool.
    1 All my results felt really right I think I spent a good long time to answer the questions.
    3 I think the vote compass was pretty helpful with trying to make my decision on who I’m going to vote for because then I can see what the parties wanted and didn’t want.

  6. PandaTush

    1. I think that the vote compass is a great way on helping you decide or just a fun thing to do. My results really surprised me. It was not what I expected. You learn something new everyday! I guess there’s more to something you never thought about.

    3. I think that the vote compass really helped me see who I want to vote for. It lets me see something I never saw in my perspective. I think I have a clear idea on what I want to do on student vote day.

    • dickensdiv16

      I agree with you, panda tush, that our understanding of party platforms can always be increased with more information, especially when provided in different formats!

  7. crazymemeslol123

    #1 i will go with what I chose I think my chose was great because I felt like I was doing a test of some sort that includes votes and answers but there were some very tough quietions needed some hard thinking but I got though. # 3 yes it helped me a lot because when I’m 18 I will have all of my questions answered to me so I won’t have to think that hard when I’m voting for the party that I want to vote will what I’m really mean is that it would make it easier for me when I’m voting so that website vote compass helped me a lot thank you J***.

  8. PG Dinosaur

    I felt that my results were right because I knew beforehand that I wanted to vote NDP and I got NDP. I think that the questions were pretty fairly worded. I wish they did more preference questions like “What do you think of Harper” because then you’d really get your opinion on who you want to vote for, not just the party. I think this because in your riding you might like a certain politician, but his party leader might not be your favourite. The Quebec question, “Should Quebec be considered a nation” seemed fair to me.

  9. Amethyst

    1. My results weren’t what I thought that they would be like, but I think that there good. The party that I’m planning on voting for we got the same answer for a lot of the questions. I wasn’t expecting some of the party’s to have some of the answers that they had. I am happy with my results because I thought that they were all really what I think about the questions.

    4. What surprised me for my results was how close it all was. I was expecting it to be at least a little bit further apart because when I was doing the scale I thought that they were all really far apart.

  10. Crazychicken lover

    Alot of information surprised me like about aboriginal affairs and like how diffrent each parties stance is on. I think that the vote compass is a great way to make you get ready for voting and i thought that it was very fun. I also think that my results were mostly right but i think that my answers were a bit close to the green party and the liberal party but i think it related the most to the NDP and i thought i would vote for conservative but now because of the vote compass i am starting to think more about switching my decisions because the conservative’s plan didn’t match my decision. I think that this program gave me lots of insight and vision about my future decision.

  11. Theawesomest

    1. My results were not what I expected but they did feel right. The party that I was planning on voting for had some of the same results as I did but there was a different party that had more of the same so I think that I will do more research on that party because I might decide that I want to vote for them.
    2. The vote compass did help me make a decision because of the graphs. It made me realize that all parties have things that I agree with and things that I don’t.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great approach! (Did you change your name back to last year’s, or just forget?) I love how you are looking at the vote compass as an invitation to look further into the platforms!

  12. super cheese cake

    #2 I think the questions are fairly worded, because the questions were pretty easy and those little kids like us can easily understand those question.
    #4 I’m pretty shocked when I saw the results because I mostly agree with the liberal party and the second was the conservative. Many people said Justin Trudeau wasn’t ready or he’s too young. but what I realise is that Justin Trudeau’s viewpoints make me think that he isn’t that young and immature. Actually many of his opinions are similar with mine.

  13. baconguy

    #1. The vote compass results made a lot of sense to me because I ended and saw that the party I was most likely to vote for was one of the parties I had been thinking about voting for. Also, the party that came second was the other party I had been thinking about.
    #3. I think that the vote compass helped me make my decision because it showed me what parties I agreed with more and which parties I didn’t agree with very much. It also showed me a little bit of their platform and what their going to do.

  14. vid30 g@m3r

    1# The result that the compass gave to me made sense because before I did the test, I thought of what my result would be, and it came true!
    2# I think that the questions were related to a lot of issues in Canada like: “Do you agree that the budget has to balance?” That one was related to the economy and it is one of the main problems right now. Same with “Do you think longer prison sentences would stop crime?”

  15. THEMANGO404

    #1 My results were that I liked Greens #1 Liberal #2 NDP #3 Conservative #4 I did not agree with that because I like NDP #1.
    #2 I thought that the questions were very fairly worded and I could understand them well.
    #3 The election compass did not help me make my decision, because I agree with the NDP and it told me that I liked the Liberals,
    though I disagree with some of the Ideas Trudeau has.
    #4 What surprised me is that vote compass asked me to rate the party leaders.

  16. the DUDE

    I think the results felt pretty right this time, it is just that I am pretty much going to vote NDP, but they said I would be Green. Other than that, it was really fun. The vote compass showed me perspectives on all the parties. It asked question about legalizing guns in Canada, for instance. Because I got a Green result, I guess I should learn something more about Green. The quiz was really fun and you could really be yourself with it because you really got to make your own decisions.

  17. Arctic owl

    3# I think that the voting compass did help me a little because now I know what each party cares about . 4# what surprised me the most was how much I agreed with the party’s the one i agreed with the most was Liberal’s then the Conservative then NDP then Green party.

  18. smeagaleater10

    #1 Yes, I think that my results felt aligned with my vision of who I think I should vote for. However, I was surprised that I ended up closer to the Liberals than the NDP.
    #3 Yes, it helped me. If for some bizzare reason I couldn’t vote for the NDP I would vote for the Liberals. Before I used Vote Compass, I thought that I was more Conservative than Liberal but after, I realized my values and beliefs aligned more with the Liberals.

  19. The Bean

    #1 I felt pretty happy about my general results. But my number 1 party was not the party I actually thought I liked (although it was only 2% off). I wasn’t surprised that every party scored high except the Conservatives, but I did score higher with the Liberals then I’d expected. #2 I thought the questions were pretty good although it seems to be targeted more at actual voters then maybe us student voters because there was lots of adult only issues in the survey. #3 Not really. I’m considering the Liberals, NDP and the green but it really told me I just aline with all of them. The tool on the side that allowed you to look at the specific issues was helpful though because I can just pick the important ones and decide from there.

  20. TechNerd

    #1 They were Interesting questions but I filled out all of the Questions truthfully and voted on what I thought would happen/ What would be the best. I feel that these Answers should be given to the Leaders of the Party’s. It will help them know what Canadian Citizens think, Regardless of if they can vote or not everyone should be able to have a say and let the Leaders know what we think as a large Community all across Canada. #4 Yes It helped me a lot and I have done a lot of research on these Leaders, I just voted the Leaders from 1-10 about what I thought about them and at the end.. I found out my favorite Leader is Justin Trudeau. I have looked at my results and put them together, Now I have a better sense of who I like and who I am more likely to vote.

    • The Bean

      Interesting idea about the party leaders seeing the results. Do you think it would result in the parties altering their platforms?

  21. Sr.Fruitcake

    #1 I thought my results felt pretty right, it put the Parties in pretty much the order I would have. I’m was aligned with what I thought I would be aligned with, but in different ways than I thought I would be. I think that it may help me on voting day when I look back on that test it will help.
    #4 I was more aligned with the Conservatives than I thought I would be, I was within ten % of half and half agreeing I was surprised because I dislike a lot of what the conservatives have to say

  22. Joaquin

    The vote compass did help me decide on who would be the best party to vote for. The questions are all important topics that voters should be able to have a voice about.

    What surprised me about the results was that The Green Party came up as my second choice for who I should vote for. I don’t know very much about them and seeing them as my second choice was a shocker!

      • Soccerboy123ABC

        1# my results felt right to me because the data should exactly who i am going to vote for if i did n”t do the vote compass it also i think fits me as a person.
        4#What surprised me was that if i did n”t do the vote compass these were my results the liberals were my 3 choice with 56%,Green 2 choice with 60%and the New Democratic Party 1 choice with 73% my choice may change before vote day.

  23. Ginger

    I really enjoyed the survey with Vote Compass. I think that the questions they asked were straightforward, easy to understand and very relevant to the 2015 federal election. I think that the Vote Compass was a very good way for me to express what qualities I think are important for the next leader of Canada have, and having premade answers made it even easier to understand and answer. Although the results were different than what I expected, I was not surprised, and I agreed with the results because the results were very close between two parties. There was only one question that I did not understand – it was “Canada’s budget should be balanced no matter what”. I did some research and found out that, in order for a budget to be balanced, the government should spend only as much money as it earns in taxes and other income, each year. I think that Vote Compass was a very effective way to learn which parties have similar beliefs and values to me.

  24. Purple Pickle

    #1 I thought my results felt right because they were what i mostly had in mind and what I thought about myself and also some of my results were a bit different than I expected but once I thought about them they started to make sense. #3 the Vote compass did help me make a decision because before I was in a tie for green and NDP but now I’m thinking of voting NDP.

  25. The Baconator

    Here are my results from the survey.
    How much I agree with the parties. LIBERALS 58% NDP 55% GREEN 52% CONSERVATIVES 45%
    What I rated the leaders. TOM MULCAIR 85% STEPHEN HARPER 65% JUSTIN TRUDEAU 50% ELIZABETH MAY 40%
    #3 I don’t think that the survey changed my mind. I still think that I like the NDP. I was surprised that I agreed with the other party’s but not enough to change my mind.
    #4 I was so surprised when I saw my results because when I went into the survey I thought that I would get the highest percentages for Tom Mulcair but I got Justin Trudeau. I thought I would get Tom Mulcair because I love how he wants to run the country. I love his promises and his platform. I don’t really agree with the other party’s.

  26. Shadow145

    #1. I felt that my results were right some of them were some hard questions to answer. I liked doing the vote compass its fun and easy to do. #3. I did make my choice when I got my results from the vote compass I did I think I would vote for Stephen Harper i liked all of his promises and his platform.

  27. Koshka2

    1# I felt good when the came I knew who to vote for, I knew who was the closest me. Who would want to vote for some Random party??!?!?!! If you feel like “Whatever I don’t care who I vote for” Don’t be like that! You should take the vote compass and know who to vote for.
    2# I was happy that what I got form the vote compass result I knew who to vote for in “Student Vote” .
    I have made my decision to vote for…

  28. balloongirl123

    1 My result felt wonderful because I voted for the person i believed. They where really interesting results because from last year it was way more different from this years result and it was really fun.

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