September 28, 2015

Dear Division 16,

For today’s assignment, please read this article about Estonian Forest Megaphones.

Interesting, isn’t it?

In your post, please answer two (or more) of the following three questions:

  1. Do you have a particular way of enjoying and being in nature? Please describe it and share how you notice the flora and fauna around you and how this experience affects you.
  2. If you were to undertake a similar project here that could help visitors focus on an aspect of the West Coast natural world, where would it be and what would it help focus?  For this question, you’ll need to specify a place, a plant or animal and a structure that would help visitors appreciate the nature in that place. (For example, I love the smell of the Ponderosa Pine trees in the Okanagan where I camp each summer.  I might plant and cultivate these trees into an archway so that walking through it would allow visitors to experience the strong scent in a short period of time.)
  3. What do you think about art that is made from natural materials and is placed in a natural environment?  How do you feel about the fact that this art will be reabsorbed into the forest due to natural decomposition?

Please remember to proofread your work before posting.  Check to ensure that you have answered the question.  Try to bring original ideas to the discussion.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Koshka2

    I love Nature!!!! My auntie showed we that nature is so beautiful to me being in nature is like as if you have friends all abound it is like if your a loner (A bit like me) the plants and animals are always my friends. This effect me in a way where Sun ,Plants they are everywhere when I am not taking to my friends are anyone else, in my mind I make up voices and make it like as if they are always here are me and as if they are saying nice things to me!!!!
    I don’t like if the natural if it is use like up there in the link, it is HURTING the environment trees are living things like US PEOPLE! The more trees that are here the more they make fresh air we get, if there is not a lot of trees there is going to be noooooo fresh air are everyone like die and no one wants to die. WHATEVER IS A LIVING THING LET IT LIVE LIKE US!!!!!!!!
    (Still only cut down a few tree a day for the houses that are here now! Don’t cut all of them at once)

    • dickensdiv16

      Koshka2, I’m glad you have such a strong relationship with nature. It’s true that having nature around you can really make a difference to people. In your second question, are you responding to the trees being used for the megaphones? I wonder how many trees you think are too many?

  2. Amythest

    3. I think that doing art with natural materials I think that you can be more creative because you can use all sorts of things. Sometimes it is a little sad when it decomposes because when you have done something that you’re really proud of and worked really hard on it just slowly disappears.

    1. I don’t really have a particular way of enjoying nature but I really like to be in nature because it is beautiful and I love the smell of all the trees. I listen for animals and look all around for pretty flowers and trees. All the flora and fauna affects me because if all the flowers, trees and everything else weren’t there it wouldn’t really have that nice smell. The fauna affects me because they all have a sound which is really nice to hear. Also if they weren’t there, there wouldn’t be all the birds chirping and all the sounds that animals make.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, Amythest, I like your point about how the art can be lost, but I think when it is part of the design, the creators may actually look forward to that stage of the artwork. I do kind of like the idea that art changes over time and becomes part of the landscape – we are lucky to have the ability to photograph and archive our work.

  3. PG Dinosaur

    One of the things that I love about nature is going off trail and just to wander around till I find something interesting. I remember finding giant mushrooms while wandering in the woods. I find that when you’re on the trail a lot of the plants around you have been trampled, or kicked down. When you go off the trail, there are places that no one has ever gone, untouched by humans. This makes it way more enjoyable because it makes it something new that no one has ever seen. I think that art made from natural materials placed in a natural environment is a really good way of attracting tourists and locals to come wander the woods to find these art installations. It’s really cool that the art will decompose, because in the future a kid might be able to go off trail and find the half rotten wooden megaphone, and it’s not bad for the environment.

    • dickensdiv16

      I love the story about the giant mushrooms! When you are off-trail, do you take care to preserve the environment for others to enjoy? I also like the idea of decomposing artwork, and my imagination is creating some pretty cool images of what those megaphones will look like in 100 years!

  4. xaxo6 04

    #1 I really enjoy just sitting down when I am doing a hike, I will try to listen to everything going on in the forest around me. It kind of creates a panorama of sound. #3 I think that placing public art in the forest is a great way for people to get out side and enjoy the pieces of art around them. Also when the public art decomposes it has no negative affect on the environment. Maybe if the art could act as part of a walk kind of like a swarm that we do in East Vancouver.

    • dickensdiv16

      I do love your choice of words – “a panorama of sound”. You’ve really clearly drawn a picture with your words for the reader. I think I know that feeling! I’m curious about the concept of the East Vancouver swarm… can you tell me more about that? It sounds like human art, which sounds very cool.

  5. vid30 g@m3r

    1# My way of enjoying nature is when we go camping, I would take a blanket, lie down on the forest floor, and listen to the sounds of nature. And it’s relaxing to get away from the loud noises of the city and the constant “ping” of text messages.

    2# My way of making people enjoy the wilderness more would be to make a whole bunch of tunnels made out of glass connecting from tree to tree (pine trees). I would do this it Tofino, because when I went there, it was hard to explore because of the obstacles in the way (logs, fallen trees, etc.) And I would also make the roof of the tunnels made out of steel mesh so you can still smell nature, and the tunnels would be more exciting. It would be open to anyone.

    • dickensdiv16

      vid30 g@m3r, I know (and love) the feeling of being out camping and away from the noises of the city. It’s such an amazing break from the world! I think your idea of the glass tunnels is amazing. I think it would do a really great job of helping people to move around in the wilderness and also to protect the delicate forest floor from the effects of human traffic!

  6. TechNerd

    #3 I feel that it is an awesome project! I like that it is natural and does not hurt the environment while in the process of making it, as the wood that has been used for making it has been used from tree’s in the forest, and no pollution from materials and machines making this is affecting the environment around it. I really like that this weird but cool Structure is not a bad thing for the environment as it requires and was made with no pollution just simple plywood Sheets. This kind of Structure will not hurt the environment but It will help people enjoy the environment and forest around us. #1 I really enjoy being in nature on my weekends it really is fun, sometimes I just sit outside or around bushes/trees and admire everything around us, and maybe do something like drawing or homework while I am sitting outside. Whenever I need some quietness I just go outside and sit under a huge tree in-front of my house..

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s really nice to have the chance to read or find some alone time in nature. I try to do this as much as I can too! I also think it’s pretty awesome that the artwork is made from wood, and trees in a slightly different form were brought back to the forest. And I agree that it’s weird but cool as well 🙂

  7. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I love nature because you can hear birds singing and no sounds of cars and construction areas like jack hammers and cranes they are so noisy I’d like the idea of the flora and fauna because we get to picture the animal that we wanted to paint and be all crafty and creative about the animals and the flowers.
    #3 I think it’s great that people express their imagination to the max level like a giant wooden microphone that’s out of this world I would love to hear the forest near our city but it would cause more noise and the city is already very noisy

    • dickensdiv16

      Yes, the sounds of the city can be quite noisy! I like how nature and creativity are connected for you! I agree, this project is “imagination to the max”, and I think your comment that the creation of this art would generate noise in the city is true, but I wonder if it’s worth it!

  8. Arctic owl

    #1 I love nature because it smells so fresh and nice in the city it smell kind of like gas and not so nice i love the idea of flora and fauna because you get to paint whatever animal you want and make a nice flower or vine or bush or tree back round

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re right, Arctic owl, there are very different smells in the city than in the country. I think it’s neat that you’re linking our art project to the experience of being in nature!

  9. dancing porcupine

    1. I don’t have a particular way that I enjoy nature,I like all aspects of it. The way the flora and fauna affects me is how interested I am in that place. I like seeing animals that I have never seen before and flora that is colourful and bright because that catches my attention.
    3. I think that art that is natural is beautiful, especially if it is in nature because then it makes you appreciate the art and the materials that people used to make it because it looks like it belongs. I think that it is unfortunate that this art will decompose but it also makes you realize that this is something that you should appreciate while it is here.

    • dickensdiv16

      dancing porcupine, I really like the point you’ve made in your second response where you show that when we put art and nature together, it helps us increase our appreciation of both! I guess there are no guarantees that any art will last forever, and I agree that we should appreciate it while it lasts.

  10. Crazychicken lover

    I enjoy being around nature because i once went into a forest and strayed far from thea path because i was so caught up with the stillnes of nature. I heard so many incredible sounds and things. That was when i was in vancouver island. But the real thing why I love nature is because i love how many sounds they’re are and trying to guess what they are.

  11. Rouge

    #1 I love camping in the woods and getting up early in the morning and listening to the birds chirp and tree branches crunch and snap. I love looking at dew drops on skunk cabbage and feeling quiet, listening to everything around me without people talking and the constant buzz of the city. I always feel calm and peaceful in these moments and I wish they could last forever. I also love going on hikes in forests and inhaling deep the smell of cedar and rain that has recently fallen.
    #2 I would build shelters or houses made out of glass on Salt Spring Islands forests so visitors can enjoy viewing and learning about mountain lions and other wild animals in their natural environment. Visitors would be safe in the shelters from the mountain lions and other animals and they would still be able to get the full experience of viewing a live mountain lion while maintaining safety.

    • dickensdiv16

      Rouge, your first paragraph qualifies as beautiful poetry. I love how descriptive you are in your writing and how carefully you choose your words. I think the idea of a glass shelter that would not interfere with our viewing of the natural world, but would keep us safe. I think that for some people, the risk of wild animals may discourage them from fully embracing the wilderness, and your idea may help!

  12. den10@sea43

    #1 I love being with nature because I grew up around it because my dad LOVES nature he has been to a little bit less then 30 different countries hiking trailing camping etc. so me and my dad like it the way it is and we don’t need to change it. #2 I love photos and site seeing so I would get a pair hight tech cameras so you can take a photo then submit it to us then we would pick the best one and put it on are website

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s great to have a partner in your love for nature – someone who inspires you and accompanies you in your nature adventures! I think your idea of collecting and sharing nature photographs is a good one!

  13. Shadow145

    #1 I like being around nature because I love listening to the sounds of birds, the winds blowing through the trees, the smell of fresh air and the nice flowers and trees I see it makes me feel relaxed and peaceful.

  14. the DUDE

    I have one thing to say: Wow! That is awesome! The basic idea is really hard to come up with. I think it will really affect the community around it and the culture that goes on. The fact that it will decompose after a while is good because then you won’t have to clean up the materials. The way I enjoy being in nature is me and my dad and my sister go out to the forest near the beach and go on the walks where there are the big wooden trails. This way I can connect with my family and nature. Being in nature affects me because it gives me time to think and daydream.

  15. smeagaleater10

    1# What I particularly enjoy about being in out in nature is that there are no sounds of the city. When there are sounds of the city I sometimnes feel stressed. The flora and fauna also help me relax. My family and I go to Lynn canyon very often and thats where i’ve had most of my encounters with nature. When i’m in nature I get relieved of my stresses becuse i’m so relaxed.

    3#I think that art made from nature should go back to nature, I highly suport the gigantic wooden megaphones because it absorbs the aready beautiful sounds of nature and makes it even more beautiful. Over time it will decompose but that is the way of nature. But yet even when it is decomposing it will still be beautiful!

    • dickensdiv16

      Lynn canyon is a beautiful place for sure! There are many great things about the city, but sometimes the noise can be too much for all of us. I agree that the decomposition of the megaphones will also be beautiful. I kind of imagined animals making their homes in them as they become covered in moss…


    #1 I enjoy it by going to Organ Coast with my family and dogs. It really effects me because it makes me happy and my dogs happy as well as my family so it makes the entire time more enjoyable. The way that I notice the fauna is when I go on walks with my dogs and I see how happy they are to be in the nature and that gives me joy as well as seeing them chase the birds when we get to the beach or looking out over the long tall grass to see a bald eagle siting on a perch. For the flora I see it by walking out to the beach and seeing the long tall grass as well as seeing the tall trees in the backyard or the bushes with the gorgeous looking flowers (all in Organ Coast).
    #3 I think that it is great to put art out in the nature and to have it there freely for people who would play music and sleep there as a cool kind of adventurer thing that people can do with no charge or not be yelled at for being there so thats the great thing about. It also brings the sounds of the nature to people to hear. The sad part is that those amazing things won’t last forever but if it were to be in a museum they would. Then they would not really have a purpose but to look cool and interesting it would also be cool that your art turned in to the dirt your standing on (if you go back to the exact same spot).

    • dickensdiv16

      There is really something amazing that happens when city dogs get to run in the wilderness. It’s almost like we get to see their real selves in those moments. I haven’t spent much time on the Oregon coast, but I really do like how you’ve painted a picture with your words. I’m glad you mentioned the possibility of playing music in the megaphones. I thought that was an interesting use of the megaphones for sure. I wonder how long it will take for those megaphones to decompose, and whether the artists will return years later to check on that progress!

  17. super cheese cake

    #1 I really enjoyed being in nature . There are fresh air that you can breath in and just relax, listening to the birds singing or the wind blowing the trees . The nature can cheer me up sometimes when I’m upset.
    #3 I thought this idea was cool . If we replace it with concrete, it’ll change its appearance forever and will affect natural cycle.

  18. baconguy

    #1. I like the peaceful sounds and feelings of nature because it takes away stress and makes me feel calm. All the animals are always so nice and the trees all seem so tall and sturdy but peaceful and patient at the same time.😑
    #3. I think that art in natural places are very artistic and really add to the place that there in. It is a good idea not only because they look good but also because they serve multiple purposes such as shelter or an amazing structure. In addition to the other stuff it is also good because it is made of natural resources and is more environmentally friendly than other materials. I think that it is kind of sad that the megaphones have to decompose but nothing lasts forever.

    • dickensdiv16

      baconguy, I love the imagery in your first answer. Mature trees always feel sturdy and patient to me too. I think you’ve made a good point here with the multiple uses of these megaphones, and the fact that they are made from natural resources. I kind of just enjoy knowing that they are out there, hanging out in the woods right now.

  19. iron lanturn

    #3 It’s great that people have natural materials in
    natural places because that way non-natural materials
    will disrupt nature.
    #1 Sometimes I really enjoy nature because it’s good for many things.
    1 trees give us air and you can climb them.
    2 Plus, you can collect branches and leafs from them .
    I notice tons of plants and animals usually they’re bland but sometimes
    there so cool so I want to pet /keep them. That pretty much makes my day!

    • dickensdiv16

      iron lanturn, I agree that artificial materials can really seem out of place in nature. It would be great if even our cities were made from natural materials, don’t you think? Nice list!

  20. ginger

    1. I really like to spend time in nature because it’s a way to get away from the troubles and worries that you might have in your home or the city. One of my favourite ways to enjoy nature is to walk through it. Whether it’s a long walk on the beach or an energetic hike through the forest, I can always get a nice, calming feeling when I am away from the city. When you are walking you can stop and look at the beautiful sun set or stoop down to sniff the wildflowers and you don’t need to get off your bike or take off your rollerblades. One of my favourite hikes is “Dog Mountain” on Mt. Seymour; it’s easy and has an amazing view at the end.
    3. I don’t think that I would ever make something like the megaphones because I think that nature should be left as it was before human civilization impacted it. We have so little nature left and I think it would be a shame to impact what is still there by changing it for human wants, instead of wildlife needs. I know that the wood in the megaphones will eventually decompose, but if I were to go to the Estonian forest I would enjoy it more if the megaphones were not there.

    • dickensdiv16

      ginger, your description of your enjoyment of nature really brought a smile to my face. I love how you’ve combined the natural surroundings with human-powered activity! I appreciate your point of view about humans not disrupting nature in any way. Thank you for expressing a different point of view here – every time we do, it makes our discussion stronger!

  21. Purple Pickle

    #3 I think environmental art is awesome because it’s not polluting anything and if nobody bothers to see it anymore you don’t have to go through the hassle of de assembling it then throwing it away you just have to let it sit there and it will eventually rot away. #1 I enjoy nature by going on hikes with my dog and my dad I see the flora by looking at the forest around me and we also like to come up with our own trail so we like to go on cut down trees to get places sometimes i see the fauna by listening to the birds and by watching the deers and by looking out for bears you hear birds chirp a lot in the forest because their are lots of trees to make there nests, I’ve only seen a deer once or twice in the forest because their mostly hiding from us.

    • dickensdiv16

      Purple Pickle, there’s something about having a dog that gets you out in the natural world more often. It’s true that there are some kinds of nature (fauna) than others in this neck of the woods, but they are all amazing and should have their habitat respected.

  22. THEMANGO404

    #1: I connect to nature because I go camping a lot and it is fun to wake up in the morning and hear the wonderful sounds of nature. I also like to go on hikes with my friend, and run ahead with them and “trailblaze”. I another thing I like to do is spot deer at my grandparents house in central Oregon.
    #2: I would make a loop trail in northern B.C. and the loop trail would have tree houses made of cedar so people could go up onto the tree platform and loo at things like birds or other animals from a different perspective. They could also climb on the trees and have the ability to feel lots of serenity, peacefulness and quiet.
    #3: I think that is is good that the megaphones are made of natural thing is good because it would decompose back into the enviroment and if it was a plastic megaphone it wouldn’t work as well in addition to being bad for the enviroment. I think having wooden megaphones would be artwork showing that nature alway gets everything in the end

    • dickensdiv16

      THEMANGO404 I do like your idea of combining shelter made from natural materials with hiking. I love your closing statement. True, and beautiful. I wonder if that was one of the statements the artists considered when they constructed the megaphones.

  23. Soccerboy123ABC

    1# Every year my family goes up to Haliburton Ontario to spend at least a week with our cousins in their cabin. Almost every year there’s a thunder and lightning storm. I love to stand outside while the hard wind and rain blows against you it’s so enjoyable being out there.
    2# I would build a clear plexiglass bridge across the Fraser Canyon (that is the area East of Hope on Hwy #1, then North on Hwy #12). I would put it about 30 minutes beyond the tourist attraction Hell’s Gate which is a tram over a narrow stretch of the Fraser River. There are a number of cool tunnels on that road, which hugs the cliff, and beyond Hell’s Gate you have a beautiful, expansive view of the mountains, sunset and rushing water.

  24. Sr.Fruitcake

    #1 When I am in the forest I appreciate nature in a way that some people dont think is quite as appreciative as some other things. I guess that when I am with my friends in the forest I can look at the flora and fauna and run at the same time. I think that the way that I appreciate nature is taking it fast and looking around as I run through what the world started with.
    #3 I fell great about the art made from what it goes into, the fact that it will decompose gradually is great and I think that people in a couple of years will really appreciate how much better for the environment it is. I am happy that the students thought of that idea. And I think that it is very clever to make such a multipurpose structure.

  25. Joaquin

    I like to go to the Lighthouse Park in North Vancouver with my family, there is a very special spot where my mom spread her dad’s ashes. Walking through the trails I love to tease my sisters about their fears of bears and cougars, but I also really like looking for cool walking sticks – and if they’re really awesome I take them home! We also like to go to Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver and walk the trails, sometimes we go with other friends and have a good time. Every year we try to go camping at least 1 so we can get away from the city, sleep under the stars and enjoy some family time away from our crazy busy lives. When I am out in nature I feel relaxed being away from the city- from the constant noise, I feel happy having all the open space to run and play. I like to take my binoculars and look for interesting birds, we have also seen owls, eagles, snakes, deer and we even saw a BEAR driving to Manning Park! That was AWESOME!

    I think that art made from natural materials that is placed in nature is good for the environment because it won’t harm the flora and fauna of that area. I also think that the natural materials are more peaceful and beautiful in a natural setting like out in nature, unlike plastic and or metal which don’t feel the same; they don’t really go with nature.These structures could also shelter animals when the weather is really bad like a storm or heavy rains. It’s really good that these natural materials will decompose and become absorbed into nature because then it won’t just stay there forever.

  26. balloongirl123

    1 I love nature because there is a lot of beautiful stuff to look at. nature has a nice feeling to because you can have fresh air and smell really nice stuff.

  27. Koshka2

    Well what i think is that how many megaphones are made in the wild if there are more then like 3 in one town or city that is okay, but if there are more then like (i don’t know :3) 10 i will be super mad becuase as i talk about nature is like humuns. I mean other people may like them like me only if there are not a lot a lot. :3

  28. PandaTush

    1. I love nature. Being around it makes me feel nice. The fresh breath of air you take in when you smell leaves and herbs, and the amazing and wonderful colors of plants and leaves passing through the seasons. I like to look around when I’m in a forest. I see tall trees and birds and bushes with green leaves just the perfect shade of green. Nature is where you can be reminded where the world first started.

    3. I think just having the opportunity to create something out of nature and it helps nature,the ideas are endless. It can really say something about yourself and help people really notice how great nature is. you may not know it, but nature has something for everyone.

  29. The Baconator

    #1 I like nature because I love feeling free. Nature has a relaxing feeling and when you are in nature you know you are safe. The way I enjoy nature is running around with my friends and being free in the wild. When I think of nature I think of my family’s cabin on Mayne Island. It has a beach we can run around on and is mostly trees and forest. I love it so much because we get to enjoy the smell of trees and the colours that surround us. When I see flora and fauna I feel amazed that these species were created and are living just like us.
    #3 I think that it was a great idea to make the mega phone out of wood so that it would eventually be absorbed into all the nature around it. Say it was made of concrete it would take away the interest in it and would change the whole concept of it. I think that over time animals would burrow through it, they would eat it and make nests on it. It would
    make it more interesting.

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