Assignment #1 – Week of February 2

Division 16,

Please read this fascinating and disturbing article.  Think about a current technology and how you would adapt it to address the problem of ocean floor garbage.

Please be creative and use your imagination!  My expectation is that you write a paragraph of at least 5 sentences.  Please read your work aloud to yourself or a family member before you post.  This will help you edit your work.


  1. Doctor pineapple

    I think that there are multiple ways that modern technology can help us solve these problems and it’s something we should be working on fast. In this planets oceans there are 5 major garbage build-ups across the globe, all of which are about the size of British Columbia. They’re called garbage islands and are generally at the centre of the major sea currents that cross the planet, usually garbage gets picked up by the flowing water and is eventually brought to the large piles. I think a way to deal with this would be to send out large ships and boats to collect chunks of the garbage and bring them back to land to be properly disposed of. But with the way technology is advancing the last few decades I think they should attempt to create some sort of deep-sea drones that can collect garbage of the ocean floors. They would operate some around these currents and stop a lot of the garbage before it gets to the islands and eventually get rid of the massive build ups altogether. I could see a lot of problems surfacing with this idea but it would be a good way to minimize the amount of garbage left in the ocean…

    • coolschoolscout

      The garbage islands are a concern, what about if a boat sinks while carrying waste? Maybe they could create currents that carry garbage to processors who dispose of it properly. It would save a lot of hassle.

    • dickensdiv16

      I’d like to see the collection devices on the ships. This could be interesting. I really like the idea of deep sea drones – I imagine something like an underwater Roomba…

      • Doctor pineapple

        Creating counter-currents does sound interesting but that would be difficult. It could also have an affect on sea life that rely on currents for travel, but that would be neat…

    • cheese curds

      Wow! That really freaks me out that plastic is being eaten by fish and that it travels up the food chain, and when we eat the fish, we eat the plastic. I think the solution for this would be to send little drones to clean up the ocean floor. We would put tracking devices on the drones, and once, years later, after all the garbage is collected, we would bring them back and send new ones out. If that doesn’t work, all the companies that are making bad plastic stuff should be forced to stop making things. Containers should be made of things that dissolve in water.

      • Doctor pineapple

        I agree, that the dissolving containers could be a neat solution. But what if you needed containers to hold liquid and the containers wouldn’t work with the material?

  2. Scarletcat

    The technology I am thinking of are filters like in fish tanks or special water pitchers. I think we could create giant versions of those and put them in various locations in oceans. It would take away garbage in the ocean and filter the water to make it cleaner and safer for marine life. However I think that there is two parts to fixing this, one is getting rid of the waste already in the ocean and two, to reduce waste in general like: wrappers, plastic bags, and Styrofoam. Otherwise our oceans will never be safe or clean. Like I was saying I think the second technology for the second step should be inventing new containers or wrapper substitutes that are recyclable, that way people won’t feel the need to throw things in the ocean if they can recycle it.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, Scarletcat – I really like the idea of the filters, as they may be less likely to create additional pollution. Were you thinking they would be placed in strategic locations on the ocean floor?

    • Subway2go

      What would this run on, if it ran on gas you might be keeping our ocean cleaner, but also polluting it at the same time. If it ran on something else this idea could really come into consideration…

  3. coolschoolscout

    I was thinking that they could install some sort of radar under the ocean that could sense garbage and then obliterate it using eco-friendly lasers that could be made in the future. Many innocent turtles mistake our garbage (plastic bags) for their prey of jellyfish. The bags get caught in their stomachs, thus blocking any other food or nutrition from getting to their belly. They then die from starvation because of us. Personally, I would like all of the plastic materials to make food packaging to be neglected, because some people just don’t know how to dispose of it safely, and boom, there goes a dead animal. People should use recyclable products for a lot more things! I hope some day, one generation can swim safely in a completely clean and blue ocean!

    • Cheeseman ABC 123

      i really like your idea about having the radar and the eco-friendly laser. it would be awesome to see it in real life!!!

    • dickensdiv16

      coolschoolscout, I like how you supported your ideas with information from the text, like mentioning the turtles eating plastic. I agree that there is a component of reducing and also necessary cleanup.

  4. who gets money

    Using current technology, I would clean the ocean floor by making a fleet of submarine cleaning ships. They would look like underwater garbage trucks, with large tanks for the garbage. These tanks would also help keep it floating, and would slowly release air to lower the submarines. On the front of the sub I would place a vacuum that had a filter on it, so that anything that wasn’t garbage would just be filtered to the end of the submarine and released back into the Ocean. The submarines would be remotely controlled, because drones are way more secure and safe than human piloted machines. They are also cheaper, so we could afford more submarines of better quality. We would use this method instead of trolling nets because it will not kill sea life. Submarines could also monitor endangered species and find new ones that are rare, in other words, they will collect data as well as clean up the ground. The live feed from the submarine could be shown to students, to make them want to not litter. Movies like Planet Earth could use the footage to teach people about how not to litter how new species are still being discovered every day.

    • dickensdiv16

      who gets money, I really like how you considered economic, environmental, safety and educational components in your response. I agree that a solution like the one you propose here has great research potential. I also really like the fact that you considered that any solution picking up garbage would need to think about how to separate out sea life and other natural structures from garbage. Really well done here, who gets money!

  5. Cheeseman ABC 123

    i think there are lots of ways that modern technology can help us reduce the amount of garbage that is on the sea bed. i think we should make these machines that go at the bottom of the sea and when it thinks there’s garbage it will turn on and suck it up once it sucks it up it will go into this pipe that is attached to it and the pipe will run all the way to a depot then it will get sorted into a category either plastic,glass,fishing gear,wood and garbage. i also think we should make this kind of material that will disintegrate after a short period of time so that the turtle or the animal that eats it won’t die witch is a good thing because it means that what it eats won’t get over populated and there will be more food for us and all the animals in that part of the ocean. that is just one of my two ideas my other one is that there should be these boats that go around the ocean and collect the garbage by having this sort of treadmill at the front of the boat so that if its about to run right over floating garbage the treadmill will pick it up because its always rotating.

    • coolschoolscout

      I pipe would be a great and smart way to do it, but what material would it be made of?
      I asking because if the pipe leaks or breaks, for one, it could spread trash around even more, and who would repair it?

    • dickensdiv16

      Cheeseman ABC123 I like your idea of an undersea recycling depot, and also the component that addresses a way to reduce the overall amount of garbage produced. I also like the image of the treadmill at the front of the boat to catch garbage before it sinks. It reminds me of those old fashioned paddlewheeler boats and makes me think about how we can re-use ideas from the past!

  6. The awesomest

    I think that people need to stop dumping garbage in the ocean. I thought that it was interesting to see how much of everything was polluting the ocean. I wonder if people purposely throw things in the ocean or if they put it somewhere else and then it gets brought to the ocean by the wind. I think that this article did a good job of describing this situation because I think that it is something that everyone needs to know about so it will stop. I hope that after reading this article people will stop polluting the oceans.

    • dickensdiv16

      The awesomest, I think that asking questions is a great way to address a problem, and you’ve asked an important one here. If the garbage is blowing into the ocean, we may need a completely different solution than if the garbage is being deposited in the ocean. What technology do you think we could adapt to address a wind-based garbage problem?

  7. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I think that people need to stop dumping garbage in the ocean. For me if, you were in a area were you water was pollution u would hate that right? I gigatool2_a_is_girl, thinks that there should be a job of checking near: lake’s, beaches, ponds and more.I feel like this is a blog homework because, it helps us to stop throwing stuff, telling people to stop. I do wonder if , we do pollution the water will the animals die down there? I do hope that they animals don’t die down in the deep sea of the ocean. I hope everone doing this blog homework can protect the the water of everywhere.

  8. Subway2go

    The technology I would use is an underwater drone with a sensor that can identify garbage on the ocean floor and also underwater plants. With it’s sensor it will scan the ocean floor and find garbage then pick it up with it’s robotic arms and store it in a compartment in it’s back. This machine would run on underwater plants that way it wouldn’t pollute the ocean. These drones could be sent from a boat or from land. Before I get too crazy about idea, first of all I think that people should stop dumping their garbage in the ocean anyways. If you are on a boat and don’t have garbage bag on it, this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to throw your gabrage into the ocean. Use your BRAIN, put in a plastic bag, your backpack or even in your pockets. Even if all people stop dumping their garbage into the ocean this sensor scanning, robitc armed, kelp eating drone is released into open ocean it may take years for these drones to clean up all of the garbage in the ocean. But the thought that keeps coming back to me is how will sea animals react to this type of technology and will they try and stop these drones…

    • dickensdiv16

      Yes, Subway2go, this problem has two parts. We do need to stop adding to the problem of undersea garbage, and we also need to clean up what is already there. My uncle took a boat across the Atlantic in 1965 and he told me that even then, he couldn’t believe the amount of garbage floating on the ocean. I like that your solution to the cleanup doesn’t contribute to pollution and that you are being thoughtful about the effect of introducing technology on the sea life. Do you think that there would be an effect if the kelp were eaten up by the drones?

      • Subway2go

        It depends on how fast they are working, then the more plants would have to eat per hour. Yet I was think that I could work at steady speed for and hour with only eating two plants. Remember that there is always plants growing in the ocean in most places.

  9. lightningboy123

    I think people should stop dumping garbage and put there garbage in bags trash cans if there are any. I think people should check the oceans if there are any garbage and put them in plastic bags or dump them in the garbage can because turtles will be eating plastic bags by mistake thinking it would be jellyfish there will be nets in corals and fish will die becuase of ghost fishing I think they should send some kind of robot or anything that can remove all of these and people should dump there trash in trash cans, bags, or anything that you can find to dump the trash

  10. cool sketcher

    I was thinking that we could have subs collect the garbage. then build a giant space garbage magnet with a radius of 3,10352748,82003,9374,106 light years or so then attract all the garbage in the radius to come to it. after that it will form a planet. we could also build a community on it. all the garbage in the ocean well… We could blast it off to the planet of garbage. So that’s my idea of what we should do with the ocean garbage in the future.

    • dickensdiv16

      Do you think garbage would compost in space? How would you collect the undersea garbage? This is a pretty creative solution, cool sketcher, and I love that you’ve thought about the garbage magnet becoming a planet for future human habitation.

  11. petrinied4000

    I know that there is still garbage that can be recycled on the ocean floor. I think that we can set up machines at each major garbage site to filter out all the recyclables and bury the rest. Everything recyclable will be pumped out of the ocean and brought onto the land by boat. Maybe in the far future we will even have an underwater pipeline but this is all supposed to be temporary. After we clean up we must be more careful about what we dump into the ocean. The only downside of this operation is that it will cost a whole lot of money and it requires multiple countrys to work together.

  12. balloongirl123

    people can not just throw there garbage that is just wrong what you do is just walk up to the garbage and throw it in the garbage.Some people are sometimes really lazy to throw there trash so suddenly they randomly throw it in the ocean people should not do that because you don’t want people to clean up for you.Why can’t those people just throw there own garbage.

  13. purple giraffe 47

    what if there were little machines that went around on the bottom of the ocean and picked up the garbage. If I could name it I would I would call it “Fred’ because you said to use our imagination and when I picture it in my mind it looks like someone who would have the name Fred. I think if we didn’t have so much garbage in the water that the amount of sea creatures would go up and maybe we’d even discover some new species ❤ ❤ 😉 😉 😉

  14. Ginger

    I think that all the crap on the ocean floor is a really big problem. It is really harmful to most animals and could have life changing effects on many other things. The current technology I would adapt would be the scuba suit and gear. The new gear would have metal detectors on the feet and enough food and water for days. It would have a long mechanical claw to pick up garbage, one small propeller so the diver doesn’t have to swim continually and a little signal button that would notify an animal rescue centre when there was an animal hurt or stuck in garbage. I believe that someone will come up with an idea that helps the environment for this situation, but the easy solution would be to just stop littering! I think that people try to think of big ideas but right now we need to think of a very small and easy one. To quote my wall project “Every individual doing even the smallest thing can make a positive change in the world”.

  15. Mario2

    I think that people need to be more wise and respectful of our Oceans and Rivers. They need to STOP throwing crap In the Ocean! Iam saying this because this can harm our Animals in the sea and can harm our Seafood Population from the Ocean. If this continues the Fish and Krabs… ETC.. Will be harmed/Killed from this problem and can effect how much seafood we have in the future to come! I think that the Canadian Federal Government Needs to step it up on this problem and Create a law and put it into position That you Cannot drop any Garbage/ Fishing Garbage ETC.. in the ocean and if you do then… DUN DUN DUN you get a VERY EXPENCIVE FINE so u learn your Lesson! for next time Thanks- Mario2 Stay Tuned for more Info

  16. PointyHedgehog11

    An option to get rid of the junk could be a vacuum-robot like thing that is remote controlled and is manned by people on oil rigs.
    That would give a second use to oil rigs. They would also filter out sand so they don’t destroy the sea bed . When they are done sucking garbage the would go up and cling on to the supports of the rig and workers would go down and collect the garbage from them.They could also be used to monitor the sea bed ecosystem and its species . I think this would be a multi-use approach to this problem .

  17. Aldwyn 2000

    I would send a note to the house of commons and tell them about this.Then I would experiment and see if all the waste and garbage comes from people dumping stuff in the water by setting up floating drones with cameras on them. Then set up a bunch of them on the coast of vancouver to see if any of it involves wind blowing the garbage in or animals carrying it in ect. Once I found out what was causing this to happen I would then set forth a law that would say that if you saw an animal bringing garbage in to the water or near the beach you would scare it away. If you saw a person doing so tell them that this is against the law and it is for a reason. lastly if you saw a person on a ship out in the ocean dumping coal, plastic bags, garbage bags ect. these are the technology’s I would use.


    I think that the garbge on the bottom of the sea floor is one of the worst things humans can do but there are many possibilities of fixing this problem. One of them is that people can go out to sea and use a net with cameras that work under water and see what they are picking up so they don’t get any fish caught in the net. My other solution is that they take a robotic arm attached to a vacuum with a under water camera attached to it so that you can control the arm . So you can see what you are grabbing. After you grab the garbge you put it in the vacuum.

  19. jr.fruitcecke

    I think you could you could probably make a net. That might sound almost impossible but if you covered some of the most garbage attracting areas with a ground eco friendly net that decompose over years spent under water. The fabric would be designed to only to decompose when under water. At weekly periods the net could be pulled up and the garbage could be properly disposed of. You could also keep track of how much ( or whether they are) the garbage rates had come down in one year of this strategy. I wonder whether there is a law against littering , I mean every one is told not to litter and most of us don’t but is there a law against it?
    If there is than we should make it so that there would be fine for those who violate the law. The Government could hire homeless people along the seawall and in the area of public beaches, give them a uniform and ask the to give a ticket to all those they saw litter. This would in crease the employment rate and do good for the community and environment.

  20. vid3o g@m3r

    My idea would be a fleet of mechanical sharks that devoured garbage, and inside their body there is a strong acid that dissolves garbage and the waste is exited as: clean water! But there would be a problem as how would the machines operate, and that would be on garbage again! So we would be cutting down on the local garbage dump and the ocean litter. Maybe they could have two settings: one for sucking up garbage, and another for filtering oil! I think that this sounds far out, but it may work!

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