Assignment #1 Week of April 13

Dear Division 16

Please read the article about last week’s oil spill in English Bay:

There are links in the article that give additional information about events related to the oil spill. Please read enough that you are able to answer all parts of the following question:

Do you feel that the Oil Spill cleanup has solved the problem?Β  Why or why not?Β  What steps do you think the City of Vancouver should take to protect Vancouver’s shoreline and the marine wildlife that live on our coast?

Try to think of what we can do as a society as well as as individuals.


  1. coolschoolscout

    I think that we are lucky in not having many oil spills in B.C., but I think that we should be a little more careful when we are close to shore and wildlife in boats. I think that the clean-up is going well, because they certainly were quick about it, and they did a very accurate job too. I think that we should take extreme caution when nearing areas where there is water life, and places where children play. Maybe we should create a new type of boat that has a guarantee that it won’t leak due to punctures, corrosion, or any other way that oil can leak. With this security, It would be much safer to transport oil or even be in a boat.

  2. Ginger

    I think that the oil spill has definitely not been solved. No one knows if any oil has sunk, gotten on to rocks and kelp, been buried under sand and pebbles, or stuck to animals, like fish, birds, or otters. There are many different ways that the city and individuals can help keep the waters around Vancouver oil free. Before any tankers or big boats come into the harbour there could be a city regulated inspection station that has someone check the boats for leaks or holes. As citizens, we could donate more money, or volunteer time, to the coast line clean-up process. The city could lobby the provincial and federal governments for money and resources to regulate ships in the harbour and provide funding for better disaster preparation. We were lucky that this spill was relatively small – we must learn how to prevent others in the future.

    • ST Carl

      Yes, it was fortunate that this was a relatively small oil spill, and yet it opened our eyes to how big an impact even a small spill can have on our environment. You have presented thoughtful ideas to prevent such occurrences in the future.

  3. balloongirl123

    I think that the clean up for the oil spill was quick, because no marine animals were hurt or distressed so they did a good job but that doesn’t prevent more oil spills from happening in the future. To prevent less oil spills we can design a new ship that will be more secure for transporting oil.

  4. The awesomest

    I dont think the clean up has solved a problem because it has not stopped all boats from spilling oil. I think that to protect the shoreline the city of Vancouver could be more strict about who they let near Vancouvers shoreline. An example would be that all boats must be checked to make sure that the oil containers were safe and secure and that they couldn’t spill any oil.

  5. reader

    no, because the wildlife that live in the ocean are still endanger because the black gooey oil has sunken to the bottom of the ocean and is stuck to the rocks. I think that the government should re-open the coast guard station at kits beach again so if something like this happens again then they can be on the scene to clean it up right away.

  6. vid3o g@m3r

    I think that we should have more people watching the area so you don’t crash into rocks or other things, but maybe there should be a crew that is always ready when ships carrying oil come in, because you never know when there may be a spill. We could make some sort of vacuum thing that attaches to the boat so if there is a spill, you could suck up the oil and filter through and expel the clean water. But it is quite hard to clean up if you spill it in the open sea, because it may blend in with the already garbage filled water and people may never notice it. So maybe we could consider a safety crew or a filter for the sea.

  7. cooperraine

    I disagree because it should be handled quicker. In order to do that I think we should get the Kitsilano coast guard station back. Even before this oil spill people were mad about no Kitsilano coast guard. Now i bet they are really mad…


  8. Subway2go

    I think that the Canada coast guard has taken pretty good care of the oil spill. The clean up is gong quite well in my opinion because there is only 6 litres left and it will just evaporate, especially because we got on top of it pretty quick. I think all boats should be very careful when they are near the shoreline and double check their tanks. Even if one boats starts leaking this affects many animals and the enviroment. I think that the city of Vancouver should have coast guards in boats surveying the boats around them and making sure that none of the boats are leaking. Maybe we need a municipal coast gaurd…

  9. PointyHedgehog11

    I don’t think the oil spill clean up solved the problem.
    In the 12 hours it took for the coast guard to be notified, many animals swam in the oil or ingested it.
    Over 30 birds have been found covered in oil and countless more animals will be affected.
    This is very bad, because when the birds clean there feathers they swallow the oil .
    I agree with the idea to re-open the Kitsolano coast guard station, but they should have a team specialized to clean up oil spills the moment there notified . There should also be a team who assists animals in distress .
    I think it is only fair if the company who built the ship pays the cost clean up the oil.
    If we are striving to be the greenest city in the world , we also have to be able to protect our waters.

  10. petrinied4000

    I think that there is still oil at the bottom of English bay and that at some point it could hurt the wildlife. Vancouver has not had many oil spills and that is good but we may not be as fast as we should in the cleaning up process. Despite the fact that oil spills happen very rarely in this town, I still think we need a team of people who are like firemen except they clean up oil spills. They must be ready at all times. A few animals were hurt in this spill but next time, there may be even more. That is why we need to clean up quick or, even better, not have any oil spills at all.

  11. Jr.fruitcake

    I think that they are doing a mediocre job, I think that they put their best into it but I think they are just trying to make us stay calm, how on earth could they know that, spread across English Bay there were only 6 liters left? I mean it is also a brand new ship and if that ship met all standards than they are either way too low or it was a sabotage. I think we should have a crew on all boats that checks that there are no leaks when a boat docks, perhaps that could be part of the crews duty. As a society I think that we should be able to help clean up, It matters a lot to a lot of us and I think we should be able help with what matters to us. I would be interested to see if they can tell what caused the leakage later down the road. This is the kind of thing that I think the pipeline will bring and I hope people think more about that now.

  12. lightningboy123

    I think that its a bad idea to leave the oil spill clean up still did not solve the problem because the oil spill might have just entered the water when they were finished so I think some of the wild life have might just entered the oil spill I think they should add some kind of wall to block the oil spill to getting into the water but it is still good that vancouver does not have a lot of oil spills

  13. Mario02

    I Think even if you clean up the Oil spill its does not really make to much of a difference because everything that was going to get damaged has already gotten hurt/damaged. For example the ducks are Oil colour now (Black) They could have died if there was more Oil and if it was more serious. Still the City of Vancouver responded pretty quick and helped out those wounded wild life. We cant really punish tankers if they did not intentionally Spill the oil. As records what happened was completely a accident and the tanker spilled oil by itself. If it was done intentionally I agree that there should be some consequences given to the owner/captain or who spilled the oil.

  14. cheese curds

    it hasnt solved the problem because after the oil spill there was already so much damage done to the protect the shoreline they should not let any oil come within 10 feet of the water. To protect the marine wildlife, people in power should not put any tankers or pipelines of oil anywhere near the ocean. If they do, the gunk will get in the water, spread, kill animals, and it will spread to other countries too.


    I think that the clean up did not solve the problem. Because when they were cleaning up they still had oil left so it didn’t really think the clean up helped that much because they still had oil left and should have gotten all of it in the time they had and that federal government should not have closed the coast guard so that we could know sooner instead of later. I think that they could have cleaned up faster and that they should have put up signs sooner so that people that have not heard about the the oil spill can know that they should not go there. They should also be more carful about what kind of ships that they let in so this dose not happen all the time.

  16. monster meatball

    I think that the clean up has solved some of the problem but if we had checked on the bay sooner then we wouldn’t have as big of a problem in the first place also we dont know how much it damaged marine life. I thnk that the city of vancouver should have a more eficient way of checking on our water instead of waiting to be called they have a plane that patrols every 30 minuetes so if there is a problem we know much quicker

  17. Aldwyn 2000

    I believe that the problem was not solved. Considering that the federal government does not even want to make sure that Vancouver has any protection against these things since we are smaller than Ottawa and we have tons of boats rolling through with a lot of oil. plus with all that protesting against Kinder Morgan we are not as popular as we used to be. But we are trying very hard even without the resources to protect the creatures living in the water on our coast.

  18. cool sketcher

    I think the spill has solved the problem because it”s made city workers and the city council more aware that stuff like this can happen and the best we can do is try to avoid and if it happens clean up as much as possible before it spreads. I think the city will try to save our beaches and wildlife as much as possible because we have elected a particularly green city council this year, and I think they will do as much as it takes to stop the deaths of vancouver wildlife and make sure that the citizens of vancouver will be able to swim or play in Vancouver’s beaches for a while to come.

  19. Cheeseman ABC123

    I think that the oil spill was cleaned up very fast and it wasn’t able to hurt any marine wild life and they did a really good job. I also think that because the oil spill happened the government and the council are more aware about oil spills. I still think that they need to design a boat that will be more protective and be very maneuverable and able to carry large amounts of oil.

  20. fireboltseer21345

    I think that the clean up is going pretty good but even if it’s mostly been cleaned up it’s probably still done some damage to the wildlife in the area most likely the ducks. I also think that since we don’t get oil spills super often that we have to be super careful with our environment. I also think that if an oil spill happens that the people need to be super serious about what they’re doing because the environment is a really important part of our lives. ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. Scarletcat

    I think that the oil spill clean up crew have cleaned up this particular oil spill. However in the future if there were to be that 12 hour delay but with a bigger spill or if the oil had come in contact with humans, plants, or animals that could be a critical and serious delay on clean up time. To ensure that no more oil spills should happen any time soon, I think that there should be laws like for oil ship specialists to check the ships before they dock here to ensure that they are safe and up to date on the machinery. Or also to make the ship captains aware of the animals and endangered marine life that they are putting their oil boats in and to be cautious of overnight docking stays at our marinas.

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