Assignment #1 – Week of April 13

Dear Division 16

Please read the article about last week’s oil spill in English Bay:

There are links in the article that give additional information about events related to the oil spill. Please read enough that you are able to answer all parts of the following question:

Do you feel that the Oil Spill cleanup has solved the problem?  Why or why not?  What steps do you think the City of Vancouver should take to protect Vancouver’s shoreline and the marine wildlife that live on our coast?

Try to think of what we can do as a society as well as as individuals.

One comment

  1. Scarletcat

    I think that the oil spill cleanup has cleaned up this particular oil spill, however there was a 12 hour delay with the cleanup. If there had been more oil or if it had washed up on the beach and come in contact with people or animals the 12 hour delay would have have been critical and harmful to ourselves and the environment. I think that in the future the oil spill clean up crew need to be more organized and on top of things so they can tend to the spill right away and not have a 12 hour delay. The city of Vancouver and all vessel ships should be more cautious when bringing oil into bodies of water with endangered animals or even any kind of marine life. I think there should be more laws like to check the oil vessel ships before they dock in Vancouver to make sure they meet the safety standards or a law like no overnight stays for oil ships at our docks.

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