Assignment #1 – Week of April 28

Dear Division 16,

You may have heard about the protest yesterday against removing the Mount Pleasant Skate Park due to noise complaints from neighbours.

Please read the article here:

Please answer one or more of the following questions and give reasons for your answers.

You will need a minimum of 3 sentences to support your position.

1. What purpose does a skate park serve in the City of Vancouver?  Do you think that skateparks are a good choice on the part of the Parks Board?

2. What other ideas can you think of that would be appealing to youth communities that would be suitable in a city like ours?

3. Do you think a protest like the one held yesterday is an effective way to make your voice heard as a resident of the city?  Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses!



  1. who gets money

    A protest is one of the best ways to get your voice heard as a resident of the city because if you just have an opinion and don’t do anything, nothing will happen. A protest brings people together and builds community, plus the group protesting help to build the city the way that the people want. The protest gets a group of people together who have the same objective: save the skate park. Hopefully the city will notice this and take it into account. The skate park serves its purpose as a communal meeting place for kids and teens. Skating uses energy and helps you get fit. This is a good choice by the Parks Board because it shapes a community both physically and mentally.

    • dickensdiv16

      Who gets money, I like how you described the purposes of a protest – to find common ground with people and have your opinion heard. It’s great to see our neighbours standing up for something that helps youth stay fit and find community!

  2. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that skate parks are important in this city. Many kids and adults use them and they learn some very neat tricks. I think that if we get rid of them, people who skateboard (and there are many people who skateboard) wouldn’t get any exercise and they might start vandalizing protest sings or other things like that. Also, many people may just use other things to do their tricks, for example, school property. If people don’t like the noise, we just have to make sure the skate parks aren’t near houses or use consensus.

    • dickensdiv16

      Petrinied4000 I like how you brought up decision-making processes, and the fact that skateboarding is an important part of our culture. Without designated skate parks that are built for that purpose, skaters may end up skating in places that are dangerous or cause damage

  3. Scarletcat

    #1. I think that skate parks create an active and safe environment for kids and adults of all ages. It brings people and communities together in a fun and teachable way. In Vancouver which is a big city its nice to have a place that you can go regularly with your friends, family or neighbours. For lots of people those places are skate parks. I think building skate parks are a good idea, but that particular skate park may not have been in a convenient place. I also think that when people move into the houses around that park they need to be aware of it and how there sometimes will be noise coming from it like all other parks. The park board also could be doing a better job of enforcing the rule about how the park closes at nine, because that’s when the complaints mostly happened, after hours.

    • dickensdiv16

      Scarletcat, I love the way you describe the skate park as being a small place for people to meet in a big city. Good point about the need to enforce the rules around usage, and I agree that this is the city’s responsibility. I remember when I taught at another school that the neighbours would sometimes complain about the sound of bouncing basketballs, so I agree that residents who live near parks ought to expect a certain amount of noise. Good points here!

  4. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think skate parks in urban areas are important because they are preventing skateboarders from skateboarding in places like school courtyards or on the street. It’s cutting down on injuries sustained skateboarding falls and is keeping down vandalism in public places. Many people enjoy skateboarding and do it often and I think people should be free to skate in places like this skate park.

    • lightningboy123

      # 3 I think this protest is good and our voice can be heard because we are able to come together and say what we think, we are able to be loud so people can hear what we think, and I think they should not destroy the skate park.

  5. lightningboy123

    I think this protest is good and our voice can be heard because we are able to come together and say what we think, we are able to be loud so people can hear what we think, and I think they should not destroy the skate park.

  6. coolsketcher

    a skate parks purpose in Vancouver is for all the hardcore teens. For hanging out and letting it all out. I think skate parks are a good choice of the parks board because the are hundreds or thousands of people that like to skate, scooter etc. It’s a good way of exercise and balancing out our urban environment. That’s my reasons of why skate parks should be in Vancouver

    • division16

      You’re right, coolsketcher, it is certainly a popular way to spend time in Vancouver. I agree with you that it is important to balance within a city. Great thinking!

  7. coolschoolscout

    #1, 2 and 3
    I think that an addition of a skate park is great, because kids need some place to go, and I think that a public skate park could lead towards new friendships, skills, and a place where kids can go in their free time. I think that the Park Board doesn’t understand that this new skate park could mean a lot to some people, and that more people could spend time outside instead of playing inside or on their devices. Another great addition would be a water park in the middle of the city because I think that some people spend too much time working or with not much time to themselves. Maybe there could be a way of transport using these water slides? I think that protests are a big part of a democratic community, because it shows that some people are willing to stand up for their choices and opinions. I think that a protest is a great way to show older and important people that some people have different ideas.

    • division16

      coolschoolscout, these are all excellent reasons to support a skate park in the city. I do like the idea of a waterpark in the city – right now we just have the small pools or splash pads in the city parks. I wonder, do you think that a waterpark could be a free activity like skating, or would that require more funding to maintain? Thanks for linking protesting to participating in democratic communities – such a community thrives on different ideas!

  8. Jr.fruitcake

    A skate park serves a huge purpose in the city of Vancouver, it is a place where anyone 5-30 years and farther. Its a diverse communal gathering space that pulls a lot of different people into a space. Also as a former skater I have made friends there. I think that the skate park should not be torn down. I really hope that it stays up and continues to serve a purpose in our community.

  9. vid3o g@m3r

    I think that the skate park should not be removed or many reasons. If it was removed, there wouldn’t be a lot of places to skate at in the city and people may start using dangerous places to practice(parking lots). Plus people usually put graffiti on the places they skate at, and we don’t want graffiti on the schools and playgrounds. I understand that there would be noise, but removing the park is a no-no. We could just say not to make so much noise:problem solved! 🙂

    • dickensdiv16

      I agree with you and others who have said this: without safe places to skate, I worry that skaters will just find other places to skate that may be less safe or that may cause damage. However, I think the city has tried a few approaches to address the noise and those have not yet been effective.

  10. Subway2go

    #1 I think that skate parks in Vancouver are quite important becuase many people love to use skate boards, scooters, etc and it is an important way for people to get exercise. Skate parks usually appeal to all ages, so familys come if their dad was teaching their son to skate board or many different things. This also means that kids after school can use them too. I have been to that skate park before and skated there and I have to say I agree with Ronan Doucette it is a good way to have fun and let loose. I hope that they keep the skate park and that the Parks Baord realizes how important this to a growing community.

  11. balloongirl123

    1 I think people should keep the skate park because other people would like to play around there.The skateboard is for everybody to go to it kind of important cause I see that lot’s of people love the skate park. well people love to skateboard those people probably really love skateboarding and scootering

  12. Ginger

    For people who skate board, the skate parks are like a sanctuary – a place where skaters can express their true feelings. To close down a skate park would be like taking away a playground from a 5 year old! Skate parks provide options for people of all ages to be physically active and to be involved in a community where they feel they belong. I would vote against the closing of the skate parks because it eliminates options for people to be active. I think another option for activities for people of all ages is for the City of Vancouver to bring back roller skate rinks. They could have some indoor and some outdoor, it would be a fun way for youth to hangout and be active.

  13. fireboltseer21345

    I think that the skate park should stay. Skate parks are available and used by a huge range of ages. People can go to skate parks when they’re feeling sad, happy, bored, confused any mood really. But if the Parks Board still removes the skate park I think that they could expand the playground so that more kids could play in it and have more fun, I live near Mt. Pleasant and my brother’s reaction ( he skates) when he heard about this was ” WHAT!!! really, they can’t do that!” I think that the Mt. Pleasant Skate Park should stay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    #1 I think that skate parks are good thing and they have a very big purpose because it’s a place wear people can go to at any age and they can go and scooter and skateboard. They will have regular’s come so that builds a bit of a community for all the people who go there. They are a great thing for the for parks board to have here and are super fun and lots of people can meet others and get to learn new tricks from other people.

  15. The awesomest

    #1 I think that skateparks are very important for skaters because if we didnt have skateparks there would be no where for them to do tricks. I think that it was a good idea to build a skate park in mount pleasant because that is a place where alot of people go and it is good to make new skater friends or even people that dont skate and are there for other reasons. I hope that they dont tear down the skatepark because it has made so many good memories for some people.

  16. reader

    #1 the purposes of skate parks are for people to go and skate and for them to do tricks and if there were none in the whole wide world then it would be very boring for skateboarders to be skating around in the same place and even if they went to a different neighborhood it would be the exact same thing as what they were doing in the neighborhood.
    I think it’s a good idea for skate parks to be apart of the Vancouver parks board because any skate park is in a small community and it’s easy to get around to them because the skater actually knows and has somewhere to go.

  17. Cheeseman ABC 123

    i think that a protest is a great way to get your voice heard because you can say what you think ,you can be as loud as you want and it attracts a lot of attention from people who live around it and by the School Board.

  18. Mario02

    1. I think that a skate park is very similar to a playground. Because age 3-10 kids probably enjoy the playground but after school and maybe during school older kids do not always want to play on the skateboard. It can also be their passion to skateboard It can be in their heart that they really like skateboarding it makes them feel good. You cannot take someones passion away you cannot just have your way because you think its too much noise and that the kids are not respecting you and your neighborhood. You can talk about it as a community not just take darastic action and say you want it torn down that would be cruel. I think a few years ago when these parks were made by the parks board they made a good action and mad something that the older kids can play with but if some small kids want to play on it too they can. Not just kids it can be older kids as well. We are a community who cares if older kids play on it? What matters if they respect the property and the space also respect the neighbors.

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