Assignment #1 – Week of April 7


Dear Division 16,

I’ve heard your feedback that you enjoy blog homework where you have the opportunity to be creative, to invent things, and to make connections to your life and the world around you.

This weekend’s homework is based on a project on the website for the UK newspaper The Guardian.  That project is called “Guardian Witness” and readers are invited to submit photos that reflect the theme for the month.  You can look at the examples from the website here:

As you can see, the Guardian assignment featured on the website was to take a picture that represents the idea of “Spring”.  Readers from all over the world send in their pictures, which create a beautiful gallery of photographs about the theme.  When you look through the photographs posted on the website, you get a real sense of how different people experience “Spring” and show it through images.  It also shows how differently “Spring” appears throughout different regions.

For your homework assignment this week (and you will have the whole week to respond this time), you need to take a picture that represents your idea of “Community“.   We have been thinking and writing about our neighbourhood and our connection to our community throughout the year.  Please take some time this week to think about the idea of “community”, to take a picture that shows your feelings and imagination on this topic. Please email the photograph to me ( and I will create a gallery on the class blog of all of your contributions.

You have until Sunday, April 12 to complete this assignment, but of course I would love to receive your submission earlier than that.

Enjoy!  Be creative!  Let your imagination guide you!


One comment

  1. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    What I think of community is a loving place a playing place for everyone to join. I like gardening a lot, my aunt and me been gardening for the Pass few year. I think that flower can be a community because they are alive like us and made air for us, it’s like as if the water we are giving them is a trade for air. Mosty everyone like flower even boys, the flower and make us love all kinds of flower. Flower bring us color if the color is gone the whole word would be sad for the rest of there life. Flower can us happy. (‘~’)

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