Assignment #1 Week of December 15

Good afternoon, Division 16

When making decisions, it’s sometimes helpful to make a list of “pros” and “cons” – things that are in favour of a position and things that are against.  For instance, when trying to decide whether you should take up a new sport, you might make a list like this:

Pros: fitness, learning new skills, cooperation with teammates, the chance to discover a passion

Cons: busy schedule, arranging transportation, costly equipment, possible injury

In the end, you will make a decision based on how important each of these factors are for you. If athletics, friendship and cooperation are very important to you, you will probably choose to play, but if you already have a busy schedule and are watching your pennies, you may choose not to.

Voters have to make these kinds of decisions all the time and in the Spring, BC voters will be asked to vote whether or not they agree to a small increase in tax in order to pay for improved transit in Vancouver as well as between Vancouver and towns like Surrey, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

Please read the article about the vote here:

For your post, please make a list of pros and cons for the increased tax and improved transit proposal.  Then make a decision whether you would support the plan.

In your post, please include your list of pros and cons as well as your decision.  Would you vote YES or NO on the transit referendum? Please make sure you explain your decision.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. doctor pineapple

    I agree with this tax hike because i think that if we upgrade transit throughout metro Vancouver that it will become more affordable especially for people with jobs in other parts of the city to get around.
    Pros: It will become easier and more affordable to get around metro Vancouver for people that would normally drive because it is a faster more eco friendly and less expensive way to go then driving. It would also make all the current lines that are running now less congested. If we (or more particularly our parents) put in the money for this line it would eventually come back to them. A lot of the gas and car maintenance expenses would be saved because you would,t have to use you car as much to get around. People that can’t afford personal transportation will have more ways to get around.
    Cons: All the people that don’t use transit regularly will be paying expenses for something they don’t even use but that’s just part of government and democracy. Also it will take a lot of time and space for the construction of the lines and could have large affect on people and communities that live around where the lines are going to be built. Lastly if the tax revenue is increased then all the people that want more taxes for things like homeless shelters or community projects will be forced to pay more for causes they may not believe in.
    So overall I think I would vote YES for the increase mainly because it will create accessible and affordable transportation in metro Vancouver…

    • dickensdiv16

      Doctor pineapple, you’ve raised a number of great points here including the job creation and potential savings for individuals who might choose transit over their cars if service improved. Can you think of other examples where taxpayers support programs they may not personally use?

    • doctor pineapple

      Maybe things such as construction of other largely used public projects such as bridges and community centres. Which are both very useful but also both have a lot of strong opposition. Also yes I would vote if I was legally able to although i don’t really pay taxes…

  2. Scarletcat

    Pros Cons
    -less traffic congestion -More money to pay on taxes
    -more enviorment friendly transit -paying extra money for something you may not regularly use
    -easier to get places using transit -financially harder for poorer families to pay even fifty dollars
    I would vote YES because I think that taking public transit is a lot better for the enviorment than separate cars, and I think that this transit upgrade will encourage people to take buses more. I personally use skytrains and buses frequently so it would help me a lot to have more of them.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good point! The environment is a compelling argument. Do you think people should pay for public services they don’t use? What about people without kids paying for public education?

  3. who gets money

    Increasing Tax for Transit Line, Pros and Cons.

    Pros: more people could get around easier, people who buy more would pay more and less traffic,

    Cons: construction for months and people would have to pay more money for what they buy.

    I would vote no to the tax increase because the cons are bigger problems than the pros. For example, construction for months on Broadway would make it very difficult for people to get around. Even more homeless people would be put onto the streets because everything would cost more, and some families wouldn’t be able to afford it.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting points, who gets money, you’ve thought a lot about folks who are more affected by financial costs, but do you think those same people would also benefit from increased transit?

  4. The awesomest

    Pros:It will add more bus routes to crowded areas.It will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists
    Cons:It would cost $125 per year.Tax increase would raise $250 million per year. It leads to new transportation that we dont need.
    I would vote no because I don’t think we need more transportation because we already have cars and buses and sky trains and I don’t think it is necessary

  5. coolschoolscout

    I feel like I agree and disagree with some of the parts in the tax hike because of the following:
    – Easier to get around the city and to travel safely
    – Lowers the amount of gasoline polluting the air if more people use transit
    – Less vehicle accidents and held up traffic
    – People who don’t have as much money can’t use transit
    – People have to pay for it if they don’t use transit
    – People finding ways to get on transit without paying fare
    It would benefit people in many ways and it could help with lessening car accidents so we need to be more energy efficient and use more transit!

    • dickensdiv16

      Coolschoolscout, can you say more about what you mean in your first point under “cons”? Im not sure I understand. I do like your point about the possibility of fewer accidents

  6. cheese curds

    the pros are it wold be better for the environment because more people would go on transit. The cons would be some people dont like to pay more taxes and people who dont use transit wold have to pay the tax and get angry which could cause trouble.

  7. PointyHedgehog11

    There are lots of pros and cons to the referendum ,but ill just name a few. some people who use transit a lot will be happy to make transit better,but some people, like my dad who bikes to work every day and doesn’t often use transit has to pay 5% on sales tax. then again a ,better transit is for the greater good of the city . I have been to many great city’s such as ,Paris,Rome,Oregon and Toronto and they all have sophisticated public transit lines. i also think the developers building by the sky train should pay more because thy are making tons of money and not putting it back into Vancouver. i would vote yes to the referendum because it is a good thing to invest in and it is better for the environment .

    • dickensdiv16

      You make some good points, PointyHedgeHog. Im curious about your last point about the responsibility of businesses, although I’d like to clarify that the tax increase would be 1/2% not a 5% increase

  8. Aldwyn 2000

    – wealthier people would pay more tax for the project than the less wealthy
    – people would use less gasoline
    – transit would be easier to use for families without cars
    – less car accidents
    – more electricity would be used
    – a lot of our money would be put toward a very costly project that could be less costly
    – we put the money towards the project and instead 10 years later they use it for a pipe line thing
    So I guess because I found more good things in the project that I vote YES.

    • dickensdiv16

      Really interesting points, Aldwyn2000 – you put a lot of thought into your pros and cons. I especially like how you point out how the tax increase would affect people differently according to their spending!

  9. petrinied4000

    I agree with this decision because There would be a faster less pollutant way of traveling. The only problem would be the tax increase. Some people are willing to pay it but other people don’t want to. They can’t make everyone happy. l think they made a good decision when they said that the poorer family’s could pay less but I don’t know how they would decide which family’s are poor enough.
    Pros – less polluting, less traffic, faster way of traveling, costs less to travel, people with more money pay more tax, less car accidents, less gasoline used.
    Cons – everyone has to pay tax even if they don’t want to, there would be less money for other important things. more electricity will be used up, there may be some unwanted construction.

  10. balloongirl123

    Pros- Its more environment friendly because using transit will have less pollution
    -No traffic which means transit is an faster way of travelling
    Cons- Taxes are higher.
    I would vote yes because its more environment friendly plus there will be less car accidents

  11. Subway2go

    I support the tax hike because the improvements will make it even safer for people to get to work and other places. Some of the pros would be 1 that there will be less traffic congestion in that way people will not have to pollute the air by driving. 2 More people will be able to be on time because of the more trains and buses. 3 People who don’t have cars can move around faster because there shall be more buses and trains.
    Some of the cons is 1 The taxes will be hiked even if you don’t use it. 2 Not everybody will get the same amount of service. 3 There might be more accident with more transit.

    • doctor pineapple

      I would personally think that an increase in transit would lower the amount of accidents because if there’s more transit then wouldn’t that mean less cars therefore less traffic?

  12. Cheeseman ABC123

    I do not support this tax hike because I think there are more Cons about it than Pros.
    -it is a quicker way of getting around.
    -less pollution.
    – less traffic.
    -it will be one of the cheapest ways of getting around.
    – most of the time they don’t go exactly where you need to go and what I mean by that is the time you spend waiting at red lights you would be there in a car already.
    -even if you don’t use it the taxes will still be hiked.
    -there would be less money for other things.
    -the construction might take a really long time.
    -we will be paying taxes for something that I don’t think we need.

  13. purple giraffe 47

    It’s hard for me to decide but I think yes cause there’s more pros than cons
    :)less pollution
    :)faster transportation
    🙂 less traffic
    :)less accidents
    :)with more lines they will go were you want to go
    :(long time before it will be aloud for people to use it
    :(more of our money would be put into it than other things
    :(even if you don’t use the new transit you’ll still have to pay for it to be built
    in the end I have 2 x more pros than cons, I say yes to the new transit ❤ 😉

  14. ginger

    I think that adding the 0.5% increase in provincial tax would be a good way to spend our money. Many people choose not to use public transit because the busses are too full or don’t go where they want to go. If the system was improved (like the train and tram systems in Europe) many more people would use transit which is better for the environment.
    *People will get more exercise if they have to walk to public transit stations.
    *More public transit creates less pollution and takes up less energy.
    *Fewer cares will be on the road and there will be less congestion.
    *The cost of improved transit is paid by everyone not just transit users.
    *People who don’t use transit still have to pay the tax
    *The tax increase might not be enough to pay for improved transit systems
    I would vote YES on the transit referendum because i think a great transit system will make Vancouver a better and healthier city.

  15. jr.fruitcacke

    Pros cons
    A small increase in taxes should not be to troubling in It will cost extra money and
    terms of money and a upgraded transit system is to some people spend much
    everyone’s benefit. less time on the transit
    It may make some people’s commuting routes easier system than others.
    And perhaps faster than getting stuck in traffic. It may not affect the
    Every day lives of
    People as we think it will.

    Over all I would vote for the transit upgrade.


    I think the 0.5% tax increase will be good for everyone because there are more pros then cons.

    -more exercise
    – les car accidents
    -Les pollution
    -a fast way to get around
    -les traffic
    – more taxes
    -les money for shcools
    So overall I would vote yes instead of no because I think it would be better to have more transit then les transit.

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