Assignment #1 Week of February 9

Dear Division 16,

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag as we know it.  In the 1960s, the Canadian government invited Canadians to send their suggestions for what the Canadian flag should look like.

Please read this article found at the link below.

If you had the chance to change the Canadian flag, what design would you choose?  Please use at least 3 full sentences to describe a flag you think would be appropriate for our country.  Think about colours, designs, background and foreground, images, possible use of animals, plants, shapes…

Please use one or more sentence to describe the meaning of the flag you’ve proposed.  Please make a connection to something you’ve learned about Canadian history through our study.

Have fun!


  1. HamsterLover

    If i could change the canadian flag i would make it more detailed.i would put all of what makes canada.the backround of the flag would be white,in the middle would be a red maple leaf,then i would take hockey sticks(canadas sport),A heart(to show we are kind to everyone),a happy person(to show everyone is happy),a heathy growing tree(to show we have a nice enviorment),a police man(to show that our country is safe) and a family(to show that we are altogether) andput themin a big circle around the maple leaf to show that all the things around the ample leaf makes up canada.

  2. coolschoolscout

    If I had a choice, I would try to fit in all of the Canadian landmarks, including the CN tower, the Rockies, etc. All of the animals on the Canadian coins, like the beaver, the caribou, and the loon would be included as well. I would also include a banner saying “We live in Canada, and Canada lives in us.” This would be a solemn moment, when the flag would be raised, because all of the meaning in the resources and history we have in our country, would be recognized, good and bad. If there is one thing that I have learned about Canadian history, that would be that many dedicated citizens, even those from other countries, have risked, sacrificed, and fought for the sake of our home.

  3. Scarletcat

    I think if I could change the Canadian flag I would put mountains in the background with a blue sky around it. In the middle of the flag I would put a First Nations canoe, and a beaver with bright red maple leaves blowing around it. I chose to put the canoe on it so people can recognize who the first people that lived in Canada were, and to know that now First Nations people are free and aren’t in residential schools anymore. I also chose to put a beaver and maple leaves on it because they are Canada’s national animal and tree.

  4. balloongirl123

    I think I could change the Canadian flag I would make it colourful and detail because I love colouring and I want to put mini Canadian flags around the flag and a big flag in the middle and the image I want to draw is trees leaves falling and bears and more I want to make it really nice and beautiful

  5. who gets money

    i think the Canadian flag should have more detail.
    like the background should look less smooth like paper, and more like a rough fabric. and we should have a beaver eat maple leaves. it would be more interesting and fun to look at to.

    the meaning of the flag would say were not perfect (the rough fabric). and that we are more fun (the beaver eating maple leaves)

    THANK YOU. . .

  6. Doctor pineapple

    If it was my decision on how the Canadian flag was designed I think there would be a couple changes. First of I would change the background to a nice navy blue colour maybe with some waves in it to represent all the lakes, bays and oceans we border. Then I would have 13 maple leafs all in a circle, they’re in a circle because that is an important symbol in many Aboriginal cultures and it represents lots of things that Canada stands for like inclusiveness, continuity and interconnectedness. The maple leafs represent connection to the land and cycles in nature, there is 13 so we have one to stand for each province or territory in our country…

  7. Subway2go

    If I had the chance to change the Canadian flag I would put mini maple leaves all around the border of the flag. In the middle I would have a moose standing on top of a mountain with a First Nations person on top of the moose. Below the mountain there would be a huge forest with many different colours including red,yellow and green. The moose fur colour would be dark brown. The First Nation person would be wearing their traditional clothing and the colour of his clothing would be light brown. The mountain peak colour would be a mix in between green and white. Then the mountain it self would be jagged and grey. I chose this design because I find it more complex and interesting than the regular Canadian flag. I also think that it represents more of our history than the regular flag.

  8. The awesomest

    If I could change the Canadian flag I would make it more colourful because I don’t think that our flag has enough colour. It would still have a maple leaf in the foreground but in the background there would be things that Canada is famous for like hockey and maple syrup. There would also be animals like beavers and loons.
    My flag represents how much we love our country and that we are proud of it. This reminds me of the white people that liked there country with only white people in it because they wanted there country to be what they thought was perfect but we are not as bad as them. We like our country just the way it is!😊

  9. NerdDurtle

    If I was the one that designed the Canadian flag I would add more detail.I think the colors are good,but in the middle there is only one maple leaf.I would change to a totem pole that had a polar bear on the bottom and the middle is a moose,then a husky and finally a beaver on the top.What I also think is that on top of the beaver is a maple leaf.

  10. PointyHedgeHog11

    My version of the Canadian would be a conifer in the center. Along the bottom there would be a line of blue representing the waterways and lakes of our country and a canoe representing the first Nations people. On either side of the flag there would be a mountain representing the Rocky Mountains and other mountains in our country. I think that we need to change from maple leaf to the conifer branch because the Mapleleaf doesn’t grow in all of Canada and conifers do. It’s also important that we include the first Nations people because they were the original peoples of the land and we took it from them.


    If I created the flag it would have more small details. The colours for my flag would be white,navy blue,red, light blue and brown. They would all be in little x’s except white that would be my background and in the little x’s there would be navy blue. In the middle of my flag there would be a brown beaver and the border would have little rain drops. The white in my flag represents snow, the red represents maple leafs, the light blue represent the rain, the navy blue represents the Ocean and the brown represents the beaver. What it means is that Canada has a lot colours and that everyone can be a part of our country and I think that it reflects on the fact that Canada has changed from what it used to be and that now it’s a place that lots of people can live in and feel safe in.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710 your image really makes me think of cross-stitch, which is a great reminder of how the handwork of many is what creates the fabric of our nation. I really love the different images you chose to feature!

  12. petrinied4000

    If I could redesign the Canadian flag it would be pretty similar to the normal one but I would make a few changes. lnstead of having both sides red I would have the left side blue to represent France and the right side brown to represent the First People. The middle would be red with a white maple leaf to show peace and Canada but under it there would be a Fleurs de Lys to represent French Canadians. On top of the leaf there would be a feather to show the First Nations.

  13. Ginger

    If I had the chance to change the Canadian flag I would like to show more aspects of Canada. In the centre of my flag there would be a circle of thirteen maple leaves (to represent the 13 provinces and territories). The maple leaves would be in an arrangement of natural colours, such as green, orange, red, brown and yellow. On the left and right sides of the flag there would be two sections of blue styled to look like the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the waves would be pointing north towards the Arctic. The multi coloured leaves represent the people in Canada with all different backgrounds and heritages. In past years many people have come to our country because of wars, famines or because it was unsafe for them to stay in their home country, our country had acted as a safe haven for many people. The waves point to the Arctic because it is a very big part of Canada and many First Nations and Aboriginal peoples still inhabit lots of the land. I think it is important that a flag represent as many aspects of the country as possible while still being simple and clear.

  14. purplegiraffe47

    I would put a maple leaf in the middle like before but it would be layered red, white, red next to that on both sides there would be totem poles and the flag would also have a border of red the colour of the background would be very light purple. I think that there should be totem poles because first nations are a huge part of Canada’s heritage like the residential schools
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉 😉 😉 😉

  15. Aldwyn 2000

    To make a connection to the west and east coast first nations wonderful fishing ways I would put a fish on the front as well as an eagle feather to represent the mountain and desert peoples who also used the eagle feathers in festivals and ceremonies. on the right I would paste the feather and put behind it wheat ready to be harvested to show that they did not always eat meat. On the left side I would paste the fish and some spraying sea water.In the it would look like a comparison sheet.

  16. cool sketcher

    I would change our flag to a pine tree in the middle with blue borders. ‘Cause I’m thinking about how canadians were racist back in the day and I find blue an anti racist colour. The other reason is because it signifies canada’s oceans. the reason for the pine tree is because canada is filled with them! Thats what I would change canada’s flag to.

  17. Jr.fruitcake

    I think If I was going to change the flag, I would take out the red borders because I don’t think red and white should be our country’s colours. I think that red fits because of the fall when the maple leaves that fall to the ground, however I do not agree with white. It is a fact that not all Cities in Canada have lots of snow. I do agree with red but the borders take up precious room where there is no obvious symbol of the first nations peoples that have shaped our land. So if I was to change the flag I would take out the borders of red bands and put in a border of traditionally drawn animals that represent our land. The background would be prints of all the animals on our coins because those animals have grown to represent us and they all deserve a place on our flag.

    • dickensdiv16

      Very cool. I like how you’ve critiqued our current flag as well as made suggestions for changes. I never thought of the white as reflecting snow before. Interesting how we each interpret symbols!

  18. Cheeseman ABC 123

    if i was going to change the Canadian flag it would have something that each province/territories represents like Saskatchewan is made up of farmland .i would weave one element from each of the flags and that would make some of the Canadian flag .they would all be spread around on the flag and it would have one color from each Province/Territories weaved in behind all the elements ,if two of the colors were the same then you would just go with 12 colors.

  19. reader

    if I changed the Canadian flag I would replace the maple leaf with the world and put people around it holding hands( to show that everybody belongs no matter who they are.) for a border around the flag I I would use a beaver to represent the furtrade. the whole flag shows that everyone should not be left out for who they are and what they look it shows that everyone belongs for just who they are.

  20. cheese curds

    my canadian flag would look like this: it would have a picture of a red tree and baside it would have a deer and have pepole holding hands

  21. lightningboy123

    it I would get to design a flag I would add it would have a bear in the middle and he flag color would be orange and yellow and would have a rabbit on the left and a bird on the right

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