Assignment #1 Week of January 12

Hi Division 16,

Please read this article,

then write a short paragraph describing how you will change the world.  Include what skills you would use to make an impact, and how you would get your message out.  What issues will you need the public to understand and what would you like the future world to look like?

Please make sure you review your work before you post, and check for punctuation and capitalization.  Ensure that there is enough information in your response for others to understand.




  1. Scarletcat

    I think that to change the world I would make jewelry with friends and the money from that would go to building schools in Africa and paying for medicine and making sure that people that are sick that cant afford doctors can be healthy as well as us. I would sell the jewelry at farmers markets and events like that . I think that to be able to do this project the public would have to understand how important education and basic health is for everyone and how everyone should have it, but right now in the world not everyone does. My future of what I think the world should look like in maybe 5 or 10 years is that everyone has at least some education and healthy bodies and lives. I also think that schools could have a program ,where they raise awareness and have fundraisers for it through my bussiness.

  2. coolschoolscout

    I think that I would run a running club throughout Vancouver to support less use of cars, and a quarter of my proceeds would go to trying to stop global warming and to re-close the ozone layer. I would be willing to do this because it would be great to stay fit for everybody and their would be no discrimination because anyone who would want to exercise or save the Earth is amazing in my book. Hopefully, my club would make a difference to everyone on the planet and that those in the future generations would know that I made a difference in the world. I might run across Canada like Terry Fox, but I would need to train a lot more to be able to run that far. I need to make the public understand that innocent animals are losing their habitats because of what we humans are doing. I think this would be a part time job, but it’s something I would love to do.

    • petrinied4000

      l really like your idea of helping the environment and at the same time helping people to stay fit. I think it is a great way to help earth and the community. If everyone had a fundraising goal like yours the world would be a very different place. But in a good way.

  3. Ginger

    The way I would change the world is to organize a group of friends together and weave cedar into head bands, bracelets, baskets, bowls, pots and lots more. I would sell these items to raise money to save the cetaceans (dolphins, whales, porpoises). The group of friends and I would do public speaking events and local campaigns to raise awareness for our cause. I would like people to understand that more and more cetaceans are dying due to boat propellors, fishing nets and pollution. I would like a world that has less pollution and more eco-friendly products that create less waste which decreases the risk of garbage getting in water and hurting marine life. I would like a world that requires a warning signal on the back of boats so marine life doesn’t get injured or die from propellors.

  4. balloongirl123

    I think that to change the world is to make is to make food and to build homes and schools for Africa kids families.I want to make expensive stuff so i can give them away to like Africa kids.

  5. petrinied4000

    There is two things l would do for the world. #1: l would create a company that sells school supplies at an affordable cost and are Eco friendly. For example a would make cardboard out of recycled paper, pencils out of compressed sawdust and projectors that take less energy. The other thing l would do is create a band and if my band sells enough records we will donate some of our money to charity

  6. Subway2go

    The way I would change the world would be by getting together a group of my friends and parents and make peices of clothing like t-shrits and pants and sell them locally. I would make peices of clothing to make money to save endangered species like the Amur leoperod and the Northern Sportive Lemur. The way I would make my products go local is by campaigning at public and private events. I would hope once I finish speaking at these events that people will have a better understanding what I am campaigning about and that they would want to help save the aninamals too. Another way I would get my product to sell is by selling to my friends and telling them to pass on why we are making these peices of clothing and if they would want any. The issues that I would need the public to understand is that animals are not being taken care of that well and that needs to change. I woulld like the future to be more animal friendly and that animal should be better taken care of. I would also like the future people to make sure all the animals around them should be relatively safe.

  7. PointyHedgehog11

    I would change the world through making beeswax candles for environmental awareness . Part of the profits would go to organizations like Greenpeace because they are a group that are well known and do a lot of work for the environment.
    The candles would have a quote or message about how we are the only ones who can save the environment on the tag . The candles would be different colours , each colour symbolizing a animal or ecosystem that needs help . It will also symbolize how important bees are to our everyday lives . I think it would send a strong message to people that just because were young doesn’t mean we can’t create change.

  8. The awesomest

    I would change the world by making things like paintings, jewelery and clothes. I would make commercials with the money I raised and then use other money from sales after the commercials to donate to build a school and to people in Africa who don’t have basic supplies and resources. I would need the public to understand that this is for a good cause and by donating they would be helping so many people. In the future I want to see equality in the world because I think that it is not fair if one country has everything they need and more and places like Africa and Haiti dont have enough to learn and live the best they can

  9. purplegiraffe47

    *^~*To make the world a better place*~^*
    I would to sell baked goods and drinks, the money would go to “Me To We” or people could pay with non perishable (canned) food which would be sent to the food bank. I think that first I’d start by doing it at our school and selling things things in the courtyard. my goal would be to raise $ 500 to make the world better. For me, a better world would look like better health care and a safe environment to live in, in 3rd world countries, and for a greener environment everywhere also to stop the abusive behavior against Women because, really in my opinion right now if I was an alien on another planet and I could think like Humans I would think “gosh those Humans on earth really are jerks” not all of us but think about how lucky we are to be Canadian and live in a safe place and to have a roof to live under and then think about how much we take for granted. There are people who eat rice for breakfast and dinner they don’t even have lunch and now that I’ve said that stuff doesn’t it make you want to help those people “Be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi ❤
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    I would change the world by making things like art and clothes. The way I would get my message out would be with commercials and books. I would also use telethons to raise money to make schools like the ones in Vancouver all over the world, so that all students can have a good and safe learning environment.

  11. cool sketcher

    The way I would change the world is I would make graphic novels with some of my friends and I would use some of the money to help doctors find a cure for cancer and ebola. the way I would get my word out would be on the back of each graphic novel saying “30% of the money goes to doctors trying to find a cure for ebola/cancer” and that’s how I would change the world.

  12. Doctor pineapple

    If I were to change the world I would like to gather a large group of people that would travel around the world to places in poverty like Africa and India, we would build things like public schools and housing for people and communities who can’t afford those types of things. We would also make sure that school and building supplies is donated because in a lot of places that’s almost as big of a problem as the actual buildings. We would have to have funding for all the equipment and supplies so there would probably be different fundraisers and charities we would have for all the expenses, but aside from that we would be a non-profit organization because if we’re down there to help them build thing’s they can’t afford then why would we charge them for it right? I think it would be a great way to help people in need, hopefully we would get more and more people to join and help build ,as well as people who would donate money for supplies because they know it’s going to a good cause…

  13. reader

    if I were going to change the world, I would start a campaign called” Earth Change Everyday.” or” ECE.” this campaign would help family’s in poverty. I would send monthly supplies of food and water to country’s that really need it and educational resources over to them as well, and here in Vancouver there is too much houses being built also so much pollution.

  14. jr.fruitcecke

    One way I would change the world is…
    As a pro soccer player (my dream job) a celebration some pros use is to write a message on their under armor ( a layer used for warmth under the jersey). I would use that celebration but my messages would be environmentally positive, or inspiring. For example ” 4 syllables Steven en-vi-ron-ment!
    I would also donate 20% of my weekly salary to organization I see fit.

  15. Cheeseman ABC123

    if I were going to change the world I would make wooden toys like boats , trains and other things for African kids and they would all have an idea on them on how you could change the world . I would also make learning supplies and send money over each month to a different family so everyone is equal .

  16. cheese curds

    the way i wold change the world is not to have all the jobs that that girl had but to really help people in situations like poverty and war and stuff like that i will help pepole quit smoking and doing drugs and i will restore justice and mercy for thare can be no justice without mercy

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