Assignment #1 Week of January 26

Think back to Cheiree’s lessons on note taking last week.  She gave some very good advice that we will be practicing further this week.

Part of getting comfortable with a text is reading it.  Cheiree suggests reading new text three times, then ask questions and look for key words, then retell it in your own words.

Please read the article found at this link.  Read it three times.

For your blog assignment today, post three original questions and key words from the article.  After that, please retell the article in your own words.



  1. Doctor pineapple

    Some of my questions around this article would be:
    – What’s to prevent the GMO mosquitoes from picking up other diseases and spreading them around?
    – How do they know that the chemicals will be strong enough to prevent reproduction?
    – Would this have a large effect on the population of mosquitoes and possibly endanger them?
    I think some key words in this article are: diseases would spread slower, decline in diseased mosquitoes, millions of mosquitoes would be released.
    Scientists in the U.S are debating the possibility of millions of GMO mosquitoes being released in the southern parts of North America, they would be engineered to prevent their partners from having offsprings which would slow the spread of insect-born disease. But they have also considered the fact that this could have a dramatic affect on the mosquito population and eventually result in extinction. A lot of people have signed a campaign to prevent the release as they think that the mosquitoes could be dangerous…

  2. who gets money

    #1. Do they plan to release the genetically modified mosquitoes in more than one place?
    #2. Are these mosquitoes bigger or smaller than normal ones?
    #3. How much does it cost to make these genetically modified mosquitoes?
    Key words: Genetically modified, mosquitoes, released.

    Scientists are using genetically modified mosquitoes as to stop the spread of some diseases. They are only modifying male mosquitoes to not produce babies when they mate. This would reduce the mosquito population. They are using mosquitoes as a type of drug to cure these diseases.

  3. coolschoolscout

    My 3 questions are:
    What will happen if the GMO mosquitoes don’t mate with the diseased ones?
    What if mosquitoes develop a resistance to the chemical and to other insect repellents?
    Are these chemicals guaranteed to work?
    My three key words are: If their proposal wins regulatory approval, essentially using mosquitoes as drug to cure disease
    and attempt to kill off insects.
    What concerns me is that if the chemical goes horribly wrong, we could end up with a lot of dead mosquitoes or new possible diseases. It could help with the two major diseases dengue and chikungunya but I don’t think that I am 100% behind this whole idea.
    In summary, Scientists in the Florida Keys are trying to test a brand new type of chemical to reduce the amount of people bitten and contracting the two deadly diseases. They haven’t got enough votes yet, but we will see what happens…

  4. Scarletcat

    My three questions are:
    Will the GMO mosquitoes effect the population of regular mosquitos?
    Have they done any expierements on the mosquitos that failed?
    Will the mosquitos spread across the US?
    Key words: GMO mosquitos, spread across Florida, cure dengue, chikungunya, 130,000 opposed
    Scientists may release GMO mosquitos in Florida. It would act as drug to cure diseases that mosquitos commonly carry such as : dengue and chikungunya. The number of mosquitos would die down and people would be at less of a risk to those diseases. However 130,000 people have signed a petition opposed to the release of the GMO mosquitos.

  5. The awesomest

    My questions are, What is british biotech firm oxitec?,why would they use mosquitoes instead of any other insect? And what are dengue and chikungunya? My key words are petition , genetically modified, and mosquitoes.
    Scientists are going to release genetically modified mosquitos to stop insects that would spread diseases like dengu and chikungunya. People are signing a petition from to say if they want scientists to release the mosquitoes.

  6. cool sketcher

    Here are my three questions:
    #1. Are they going to make female GMO mosquitos?
    #2. Will the chemicals of the GMO mosquitos effect humans?
    #3.How long will it take before Florida has only GMO mosquitos?

    Now for my key words: Genetically Modified, Mosquitos, Florida, Dengue, Chikungunya, Release, Attempt, Diseases, Scientists.

    In Florida scientists will attempt to release genetically modified mosquitos into the wild to prevent people from having the diseases Dengue and Chikungunya.

  7. NerdDurtle

    My questions are
    -Will the GMO mosquitoes effect the environment?
    -Why did they decide on these two diseases?
    -Why did 130,000 people opposed of not wanting to stop these diseases
    Key words:GMO mosquitoes,Florida Keys,disease,British biotech firm Oxitec,offspring,130,000
    Scientist could release GMO mosquitoes in Florida Keys. They would mate with the females to stop them from spreading the diseases. They were created by British biotech firm Oxitec to stop their mate from producing offspring.More than 130,000 people in Florida Keys did not want it to be released.

  8. jr.fruitcacke

    My questions are…
    What if the GMO mosquitoes don’t mate with the non GMO mosquitoes?
    Do the scientists know that the GMO mosquitoes can mate, since they are all male how do they know they are even capable of it?
    Will the GMO mosquitoes stay in The Florida Keys or will they spread throughout the USA?
    Key Words: Scientists, Florida Keys, GMO mosquitoes, diseases.
    Scientists may release millions of GMO mosquitoes onto the Florida Keys as an attempted cure for diseases like the Dengue and Chikungunya. The mosquitoes are GMO’d so that their mates will not reproduce. This would cause a decrease in the mosquito population, there for using the GMO mosquitoes as a kind of drug to cut of the diseases.

  9. Subway2go

    My 3 questions are:
    1 Will these GMO mosquitos wipe out all the other regular mosquitos ?
    2 If this project fails will the board allow them to try again with another version of GMO mosquito if dengue and Chikungunya get worse ?
    3 If one of these GMO mosquitos bite a human what would happen ?
    Key words: GMO, mosquitos, British biotech firm Oxitec, scientist, viral diseases, dengue and chikungunya, Flordia Keys
    In Flordia Keys scientists are hoping to release GMO mosquitos made by the Bristh biotech firm Oxitec. They are hoping to release these GMO mosquitos so when they mate with a female mosquito it won’t be able to reproduce. If this project passes the board and it succeeds in Florida, it will stop the likelihood of getting these two viral diseases: Dengue or Chikungunya.

  10. cheese curds

    Questions: Not quite sure what kind of affect this could have because spiders eat mosquitoes and if mosquitoes are reduced then so are spiders. What eats spiders? Birds. If you take down one thing, they all go down. It’s like a webbing. Second question is how much is Oxitec making from doing this? They are either only doing this for money or they actually care about the diseases. What is at stake here is billions of animals dying. Third, how many GM mosquitoes will be released?
    Key words: GM, Oxitec, mosquitoes
    Summarize: British company Oxitec has a new idea to send GM mosquitoes out into the wild. That way the mosquitoes could mate with the non-genetically modified mosquitoes and not make any babies. They want to do this to help cure diseases such as Dengue- an uncomfortable disease. Thousands of people have signed a petition on to object to this plan.

  11. purplegiraffe47

    #1. Will they even work?
    #2. Do the GMO mosquitoes bite?
    #3. If the mosquitos work will scientists make other GMO creatures?

    Key Words
    Mosquitos, Florida Keys, British Biotech Firm Oxitec, Cure disease, GMO, Scientists

    Scientists in Florida Keys would like to release GMO mosquitos created by the British Biotech Firm Oxitec. If they get released their purpose would be to mate with the female mosquitos and then the females can’t have children. If this project comes through and works there will be less of a chance that people will get one of these two diseases: Dengue or Chikungunya 😉 ❤ ❤

  12. PointyHedgeHog11

    – Will the new mosquitos eradicate the Mosquitos all together ?
    – Could the genetically modified mosquitoes create new diseases?
    – Will the G.M.O mosquito reduce bat population?
    Key words : mosquito , Florida, genetically modified, reduce population

    Dengue and chickungunya are deadly diseases transmitted by mosquitos ,but these diseases may be stopped thanks to a genetic modified race of mosquitoes. These new mosquitoes are created by a British biotech lab called Oxitec .When these mosquitoes mate they stop their mate from producing offspring slowing the progress of these diseases. Many people are against the idea of genetically modified mosquitoes set free into the environment .There’s a petition on that 3000 people have signed. Do you support genetically modified mosquitoes in the environment?

  13. petrinied4000

    My three questions are:
    – What would happen if the diseased mosquitoes kill the modified ones?
    – For how long will the mosquitoes pass on the GMOs.
    – What will happen if the GMO mosquitoes bite.
    My key words are:
    genetically modified mosquitoes, cure disease Florida keys, millions and British Biotech Firm Oxitec.
    The British Biotech Firm Oxitec made millions of genetically modified mosquitoes and scientists at Florida Keys intend to release them into the air.
    The mosquitoes are supposed to mate with mosquitoes that have diseases and that would stop their mate from laying eggs. That way, the disease spreads slower.
    Many people don’t like this at all and three thousand of them have signed a petition against it.

  14. balloongirl123

    my 3 questions are
    will the GMO mosquito effect the environment
    can the GMO mosquito’s mate
    are these chemicals guaranteed to work
    Key words: Florida, Mosquito, GMO, Diseases

    scientist could release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida keys in an attempt to kill off insects that spread the diseases dengue and chikuncunya if their proposal wins regulatory approval

  15. Ginger

    I’m wondering what scientific experiments were carried out on the mosquitoes, why are some people wary about letting out the GMM’s (genetically modified mosquitoes), and where did they get all of the mosquitoes to do the testing?
    Some keywords are: genetically modified, Florida Keys, dengue and Oxitec.
    Scientists are contemplating whether they should set free millions of GMM’s into the wild to decrease the population of the everyday mosquito, which would help prevent diseases such as dengue and chikungunya. The males are genetically programmed not to reproduce and the numbers of mosquitoes carrying diseases would decrease significantly if enough wild mosquitoes were to mate with GMM’s. Some people are concerned about the risks of letting millions of genetically modified organisms into the environment. More than 130,000 people have signed a petition that argues against releasing the GMM’s.


    Here are my three questions
    Why don’t they test the genetically modified Mosquitos?
    What dose the dengue chikungunya do?
    Will the dengue chikungunya spread to other places?
    Key words: Modified, Genetically, Dengue and chikungunya

    Scientist are trying to send millions of genetically modified Mosquitos to stop dengue and chikungunya from spreading in Florida.

  17. Mario2

    My three questions are:
    #1 Are the Genetically modified mosquitos Harm to the environment?
    #2 Would a new disease be created with the release of the genetically modified mosquitos?\
    #3 Will it make an impact to the World/ Nation?
    Key words: Modified,Mosquitos,Harm

    Scientists in Florida Are trying to release genetically modified Mosquitos to cure the diseases coming from Insects that are spreading diseases to the Enviroment In Florida.

  18. Cheeseman ABC 123

    these are my questions
    #1 will the wild mosquitoes become almost extinct
    #2 will the mosquitoes spread new diseases
    #3 how do they know if it will work
    #4 is there a size difference between the wild ones and the GMM’s if there is they may not mate as easily as they thought they would
    #5 how many places will they release them in
    scientists are contemplating whether to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida keys to get rid of the diseases Dengue and Chikungunya

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