Assignment #1 Week of June 15

Dear Division 16,

For your blog assignment this week, please answer the following questions (answer all questions and explain your answers for each)

If you had a time machine for a week…

1. Would you go to the past or the future? What year would you go to? Explain your choice.

2. Would you bring someone back?  If yes, who, and if no, why not?

3. If you could leave a part of you there and bring back a virtue, which would you leave and which would you bring back and why?

For example…

I would go to the past because I feel like it would be too tempting to try to change the future if I didn’t like it.  I think I would go to the year 1977.  I think it would be weird to go back to a time when I was alive.

I would bring someone back from the past.  I would bring back Robin Williams because I think he is a really good actor and I like all of his movies and because I think that anyone who commits suicide should have another chance to really think about what they’re doing.

Sometimes I worry too much about what other people think about me.  I’d leave that in the past.  I’d like to return to our time being able to be more calm.

I look forward to your responses,

by 3:07MAMc


  1. Mario02

    I would go to the past so I can go to my family’s past. I would bring back my grandpa Because I loved him a lot and me and him had a very strong relationship we used to go verywhere together even when I was just born or 1 year old. I would leave my sorrows of my grandpa when he passed away and other sorrows of more hurtful things in my mind from my family’s Past. I would like to start a new life with my grandpa andmy family I would like to make new memory’s with my grandpa and know that the past doesnt matter anymore Because I have brought back my grandpa and we have started a new life.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Mario02, I love how you made your post very personal, what would be the first thing that you would show your Grandpa from our time?

  2. coolschoolscout

    If I had a choice I would go to the future to see what would happen, probably year 4015, because if something bad was to happen, I can warn people about the decisions that they make, and how they affect the future. If I could, I would bring back a relative in the future generations to show them what the past was like. If I would leave something behind and get a virtue, I would leave behind my anxiety, because I am a worrier. I would bring back courage and knowledge, not only of what I saw, but to give hope and inspiration to all explorers out there.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Good thinking coolschoolscout, I wonder what the world would be like in the future? Do you think you would bring back an object or leave everything to be discovered by the future people?

  3. Scarletcat

    If I could go back in time I would go to the year 1970 so I could see my parents as kids and experience the lifestyle that they lived. I would bring back my great aunt Sophia so I could meet the person that my mom always tells stories about. She was a really creative, interesting person that I have always wanted to meet, but I never got to because she died way before I was born.Also I would probably leave my over self conscious part of me behind and bring back a more patient version of me.

  4. cooperraine

    1. I would go to the past because I’d like to bring back Nikola Tesla, because he built things back then that we’re still figuring out today. I would go to 1890 so that he would be old enough to have good ideas that would help us in the future, but not so old that he was bitter and crazy.
    2. I would bring back Nikola Tesla because he is a genius inventor who could help us produce free energy for everyone.
    3. I would leave the self-conscious part of myself behind and take courage. I would need courage because I would be able to do what I want with my life and not just shy away.

  5. Ginger

    If I could go back in time I would go to the year 1949. I would like to see my Grandma when she was younger and I would also enjoy getting to live in a different time era. I think it would be quite interesting to bring back Norma Jeane Mortenson, also known as, Marilyn Monroe. I think that Marilyn is a very good actress and there is speculation on how she died, so I would like to know the truth. If I could leave any part of me in 1949, I would leave forgetfulness, I don’t forget that much but when I do I feel bad. I would bring back gentleness, sometimes I am quick to react or a bit surprising, so this could help me be a better person.

    • 3:07MAMc

      I like how honest you are Ginger, good job. How do you think Marilyn Monroe past away?
      What would you do with your Grandma?


    I would go to the past to the year 2003 I would go there because then I would be able to spend time with my grandma who past away when I was 3 weeks old and i could also tell her to go to the doctor more often and make sure she that she new that would be very important. I would bring back my dead grandmother because I think that my grandpa would be happier and i think that my dad and uncle would also be happier and then my grandpa would not be so alone and then i would get to meat her and spend a lot of time with her. I would leave my grudge holding ability and bring back the ability to be more patience with people because sometimes not being able to be patience with people can really effect the way you act around your friends or family.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Good job The_Most_Awesome_Person3710,
      well done going into all that detail. I’m curious about
      your Grandma, what kind of person was she?

  7. cheese curds

    i would go back to 1959 so i could talk to albeart EINSTIEN becaus he is one of my heroes . i would aso like to go a thousand years in the future to see my great great grandkids. i would also go to 1934 to meet my great grandperents because i here thay were great people.

    • cheese curds

      oh i forgot to say that i would go to 1949 and bring back gerry seigull and joe shoester the creators of superman so i could let them know that thay shaped pop culthure

      • 3:07MAMc

        Nice job Cheese curds, If you could leave a part of you there and bring back a virtue,
        which would you leave and which would you bring back and why?

  8. Subway2go

    If I had a time machine for a week, I would go to the future and watch the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Qatar (relocation is under discussion) because I would like to see what players now, would look in 3 years. I would also like to go to all the games in that World Cup because that has always been a hope of mine. If I could bring someone with me,I would bring my brother because I know he wants to go to a World Cup too. If I could leave a virtue there I would leaving worrying because sometimes I’m worry. I would bring back easy going which is basically the opposite of worrying.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Very thoughtful Subway2go, I’m sure your brother would be very pleased to go to the world cup.
      Would you bring someone back? If yes, who, and if no, why not?

  9. dickensdiv16

    Thank you for this question, 3:07MAMc, I see you’ve already had some amazing responses here. I think if I could use a time machine, I would probably go back in time, like many of you. I would go back to the early 1960s because that was a time of great social change and significant activism. It was a time when the civil rights, feminist, trade union, LGBT liberation, anti-war and environmental movements were active in society in new and challenging ways. I would also love to see how artists of that era were creating their art and how artists and activists inspired and encouraged one another to take risks and fight for what they thought was right and for a better world.
    I don’t think I would bring anyone to 2015 with me, unless I could take them back after a short while. If that was possible, I might try to meet Paulo Freire or bell hooks, both very inspirational educators for me, to see how a glimpse of the future of education might change their theories and their writing.
    If I could leave one thing in the past, it would be some of my worrying. Even though worrying is part of what makes me who I am, just a little bit less would be nice. I would like to bring back more courage and conviction, and I think the folks I would meet in the 1960s could certainly help me with that.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Very interesting Dickensdiv16, good job being really detailed. How do you think Paulo Freire and Bell Hooks would react to the strike?

  10. vid3o g@m3r

    I would go to the year 2055 because I would want to see the new up-graded city and I would also want to find my future self and talk to him. I would take my brother R*** because I know that he would want to see the city’s technology. I would leave my worry and bring back truthfulness because sometimes my friends think that things that I say are not true, and I would want to show them that I am honest.

  11. Cool Sketcher

    I would go to to the past because I’m going to experience the future anyway. I would go to the year 1971 because then I could experience my mom as a kid and that would be cool. I wouldn’t bring anyone back with me because I wouldn’t want to create a time paradox and also I would them to experience the future for themselves. Sometimes I get too crazy and people get annoyed so I would leave that there and the virtue I would take with me would be focus because I’m not very good at focusing and I would like to get better.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Very well done Cool Sketcher, you are the first person so far to not bring someone back, interesting. Do you think that time machines will ever be invented in real life?

  12. Jr.fruitcake

    If I had a time machine for a week I would go to the past. I would go to the 60s I would not bring anyone back I like to think they would be happier in their own time. I would go to the 60s because every one says that my great grandpa was an amazing person and I want to see what he like before he got older and I was born.
    I am sometimes to critical If I could leave part of me there I would leave behind that feature and take back a less judging attitude.

    • 3:07MAMc

      Interesting Jr.fruitcake, you are one of the only posts who wouldn’t bring someone back. I’m curious, What did your grandpa do to make you interested in meeting him young?

  13. PointyHedgeHog11

    If I had a time machine , I would go back in time to 1859. This was when Charles Darwin’s book “Origin of Species” was published. I would not bring anyone back because i feel like if I did so thing bad would happen.
    I sometimes worry about things that aren’t important. I would leave that in the past. I would come back with a more curious attitude.

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