Assignment #1 Week of June 8

Dear Division 16,

For this week’s blog assignment, I would like you to imagine that you had a grant of $25,000 (this is money that was given to you) to start a company.

If this happened to you, for your response, answer the following questions:

1. What kind of company would you start?  What product or services would you make / sell / offer? Give your company a name. It can be a non-profit organization if you choose.

2. When, in your life, would you begin this company?  Give the age you would be when it started and the reasons for your answer.

3. If you could start this company with anyone, who would you start it with? (Remember to just use first initial and ***)

4.  Where (which city or country) would you start your business?  Why?

For example, I would start a company that sold different types of exotic plants.  This would help people build rainforests in their backyards without any of the cost or risks of traveling to the rainforest.  I would research which plants could survive and keep them in a greenhouse.   I would grow my own plants and store them using the grant money, and customers could pick them out and transplant them.  My company would be called Thony plants (a pun because it looks like Thorny).

I would start this when I was 22 because since I would have started in life, my Dad could give me advice because his family has a history of growing things.  I would start my company with my Dad and run it with my family.  My company would be started in Alberta because in Alberta it gets pretty cold and you don’t see very much tropical life.

I look forward to your responses!




  1. coolschoolscout

    If I could start a company, it would be a company that would properly sell medicine, administrate vaccines, help with any kind of advice or question, at a lower price. The reason for this is because some doctors can only help in certain fields and charger too much, yet our company helps ALL people no matter what income or accessibility. I would probably use the money to buy medicines and place to get started, and I would do it with my mentor A*** W*** , who knows a lot about the topic and I think I could rely on him as a business companion. I would start this company when I am 30, because I have to get through schooling and raise money.

    • Subway2go

      Wow what a grat idea coolschoolscout. I’m glad that you feel so passionate about this topic I would love to see what your store would look like.

  2. vid3o g@m3r

    I would start a company that helps people with computers(viruses,lags,etc.) Instead of trying to get rid of the virus yourself, making it worse, give us a call and we will quickly get your computer in working order. I would start it at the age of 13, because sometimes kids can be more comfortable with technology than adults. I would start the company with my friend M***** because he is very skilled in technology and will be willing to get rid of viruses.

    • Subway2go

      What a brilliant idea, a world without computer viruses. In what city or country would you start this company.
      Great job vid3o g@m3r.

  3. Scarletcat

    If I could start a company, it would be a business that can “retro over” your home. My workers would come to your home or work space and add furniture and decorations to make it look funky and retro. They would add cool wallpaper or put in a jukebox in the corner, there would be endless options and ideas to retro your home. My company would be called “Modern Retro”. I think I would start my company at age 25 so I could work on the company for a long time. I would also hire people of all ages so our company can meet the criteria of modern and retro. I would probably start this company with my cousin A*** W***** because she loves retro things. I would start this company in Portland Oregon because lots of people who live there are creative and open to new ideas like retro homes.

    • Subway2go

      What a great idea, like it, getting back in style. Amazing response Scarletcat. Would your store be “Retroized?”


    I would start a dance company that would sell dance wear, shoes, costumes etc. My name would be Anaïs vêtements de danse (Anaïs dance wear). I would start when I would be 25 so that I could get any extra schooling if I needed and by they age i would have been dancing for a long time and get a feel for all the certain kinds of dance things that you would need. My partner would be my friend C***C*** because she loves to dance and has been dancing about as long as I have and I think that we have a lot in common and would be a great team together. Here in Vancouver because it is our home and because our dance teacher lives here and we could get some advice when just started off.

    • Subway2go

      Cool company idea. I could totally see you doing that THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710. I can visualize this company in my minds eye.

  5. reader

    if I could start my own company I would start a pet store and I would sell all sorts of different thing like pet food, treats for your pet, toys and more. my age for starting this would be 27 because it’s good to start at a young age and build your way up from there. I would stat my company with H*** because she is a dog lover like me. my company would be in Banff, Alberta because it’s mostly always nice out and there are quite a lot of dogs there.

    • Subway2go

      Nice choice of place reader, and what a great age to start your own company. What would you call your company. I very curious…

  6. who gets money

    I would start an Architecture firm. I would design buildings for people, and I would call it Designare Architects. I would call it this because Designare is Latin for “mark out, devise, choose, designate, appoint.” My projects would probably include summer homes and interesting projects like libraries or museums, or schools. I would begin this company the second I got out of university. I would be 25 years old, because architecture school requires seven years of post-secondary education. I would start this company with my Uncle Kent, because he knows the business. I would build houses in America because Canada has many regulations that make architecture not as fun.

    • Subway2go

      What what a life you have planned ahead. Great response, lots of detail. I definitely agree Canada’s regulations are not as fun.

  7. Ginger

    If I got a grant of 25,000, I would start a coffee shop. I think that coffee shops bring together community and work as great social and business meeting places. East Van has many coffee shops, such as Matchstick, Sweet Salt and Room for Cream. My coffee shop would be different because there would be tables set up in the back of the shop with jewellery and other handmade things that people could buy. All the money from the back tables would go towards schools in Africa. I would want my coffee shop to be in Amsterdam because I really enjoyed visiting Amsterdam and I think it would be a great experience to live there. I would name the shop “Kàva” which means coffee in Czech. I would open the shop when I am 30 because I will have finished university and because I might not want to open a coffee shop when I am older. I would like to work with my friend S*** R******** because I met her while visiting Amsterdam and I think that she would be a good work partner as she makes everything fun.

  8. 3:07MAM

    If I got 25,000 to start a company, I would start a daycare because, now, I think that childcare is unaffordable for almost anyone and fix this problem the parents or guardians of the child attending the daycare could pay an optional price, so they choose what they pay with a minimum of 3 dollars per hour. I would start this company in 5 years when I think more people would trust me with there kids last year I went to an after school care so I have a lot of ideas to make an daycare that’s fun and safe. I would call the daycare Little Lounge (name by L***) little Lounge with my friend, C**** because I think little kids really like her. It would also be in Vancouver so I wouldn’t have to travel to visit everyone. 🙂

  9. Subway2go

    What a great idea, and reasonable price too. I agree to that most daycares prices are crazy. Great company choice 3:07MAM.

  10. Cool Sketcher

    my company would sell school supplies because if you think about it there aren’t very many stores that just sell school supplies. I would start the business with my friend A**** because he’s really into school and would probably like to run a business like this probably when I’m like 19 because if I’m too young they might not trust me and it would probably not be enough pay to be a full time job. I would have my business located in Vancouver because then people would know it’s a city friendly business and would buy at my business rather than like staples. I would call my store “the wooden pencil case” so if people were looking around for back to school stuff and they read my store name they would instantly know that my store was a school supplies store and it would attract people.

  11. Carl

    Hmm, what an interesting question Subway2go. The parameters you gave made me think hard to try and be realistic. In the end, I thought I would use the grant to start a bakery/dessert shop. If popular enough, I would have it serve as a baking school on the side as well. Perhaps I’m a bit picky, but I have found it increasingly difficult to find good pastries that are not over-hyped and over-priced in Vancouver. Perhaps it has to do with the rising cost of real estate, the higher prices of dairy products in Canada, or the amount of work to make quality products to sell to a larger population, but I would probably start the business outside of Vancouver, maybe even across the border near Seattle (although I’m not sure how difficult that would be). I would need to take some baking classes myself and some management courses, unless I started the business with someone already knowledgeable in those things, so I would probably start this later in my 30s (hypothetically speaking). Look for Delices Rares (rare delights).

  12. dickensdiv16

    Subway2go, nice question! I agree with Carl that you made good choices in your question that show how hard you thought about the different aspects of an initiative like this.
    I think if I were to start a non-profit organization, I would use my grant money to create a wilderness activity and wildlife sanctuary site for people to explore in the British Columbia forests. I think that having a place where people could hike, camp and explore the beauty of BC in safety with volunteer biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and historians available to teach about the natural world would be amazing.
    This wilderness area would be free to visit, dog friendly and would be energy neutral, using solar power and composting to ensure a small human footprint. I think that this kind of facility would be great because it would support people to learn about BC and take responsibility for protecting our natural environment while interacting with nature in a safe and respectful way.
    I think I would start this right away, because we don’t have any time to waste in teaching people about the importance of protecting our environment but I would have a lot to learn before this plan was realized.
    I think I would start this organization with my friend H****** because she cares deeply about the earth and also believes that people can make a difference. As for a name, I think that it would make the most sense to name the facility after the land where it was located.
    That was fun!

  13. petrinied4000

    When I grow up I want to start a guitar company called ________ Guitars. (_________ = my last name) I will be making and selling guitars, bass guitars and 7,8 and 9 string guitars. I want to start my company when I’m 20 with my brother. (It will not be a non profit organization.

  14. PointyHedgehog11

    If i was given a grant of 25,000 dollars , i would open a llama themed store . My store would sell things such as llama wool coats, llama felt hats and even actual llamas !.all of the products would be fair trade and made by local people. my company would be called ” Alpaca My Bags ” . I would probably start my company when i’m around 25. I would have to take classes in business and llama care before i could start my company. I would start my company in Peru because it is one of the only places you can legally own a llama unless it is on a farm . Llamas are also very often used as transport in Peru . I LOVE LLAMAS !!!!!!!!

  15. Jr.fruitcake

    If I was given a grant of 25,000 dollars I would start a company that would help design the soccer balls used in large competitions like the world cup and the Euro. I would start it with E** because we are both creative and would love to part of something like that. I would set up HQ in brazil and I would start it when I was about thirty six, Ideally after I stop playing pro soccer.

  16. Mario02

    I I had 25,000 I would make a company that would sell sporting goods for cheaper prices than Other stores lilke sportchek so if people do not have much money, they can come to my store and get stuff they need for what they can afford. My Stores name would be Sporting goods for U, The slogan for my shop would be “Need Sporting goods? Cheaper Prices? Well then Come on in!”. I would start my company when I am about 25-30 years old. Because I need to still finish school and take buisness classes and decide if I am sure that I want to do this for my career. If I could start this company with someone I would make my company a Joint Family Buisness so we can work together. I would start my company right here, Where I am standing. I would not want to go away from my family.

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