Assignment #2 Week of March 2

Dear Division 16

This week we added on to our discussions about the applications of technology by thinking about problems technology has not yet solved.

For your blog post this time, please consider either a problem we discussed in class or a new problem you’ve thought of.

Use a few sentences to describe the problem in detail. Please try to be specific. For example, “communications” would be too broad, and has been partially solved by technology like telephones, email, newspapers and television, but “communication between different languages” might not have been suitably addressed.

After you have described the problem, use a few more sentences to describe what existing solutions we use and how effective they are. Using the example above, we may describe the ability to use subtitles to watch movies that use a language other than our own, or try google translate to help us with individual sentences, or apps like duolingo that help us learn common phrases, but these do not help in situations where the Internet is not available and may not cover all possible languages.  Each of these examples may help us plan or learn, but will not be much help if we need to communicate with someone in real time in the real world.

Here are the problems we generated in class this week:


I look forward to your responses!

Have a great Spring Break!



  1. Scarletcat

    One of the problems that technology hasn’t fixed yet is that in some parts of the world people are unable to get a good education or any education at all. Like in Pakistan girls aren’t allowed to have an education and in some other parts of the world there isn’t any education for anyone at all. We have some existing solutions like having apps or websites that can teach you math, writing, and different languages. However to be able to access those recources you have to have internet and some device that has internet on it (phones,laptops ext) , but the education problem mostly happens in poorer countries. So it would be tricky to afford those devices, and those websites might be banned depending where you live.

    • dickensdiv16

      Well put, Scarletcat. I know that equitable access to education is very important. I’m at a forum right now about education for adults and I’m hearing some similar things. It seems it’s an issue here in Vancouver too.

  2. balloongirl123

    People can go missing any day or any where so to fix this problem technology like watches should have a GPS installed into the watch so that if people go missing you can track them down with the GPS that is installed into the watch.

  3. The awesomest

    One of the problems is global warming. The problem with this is that places that are supposed to be cold and have species that are supposed to live in cold places in them are getting too warm and ice is melting and it is ruining some animals habitat. I don’t know what technology people use to fix this problem but I think that there should be some kind of really big fan to keep everything warm in the artic and other cold places that are suffering from global warming.

  4. PointyHedgeHog11

    a problem technology hasn’t solved is the prevention of staple food famines .GMOs partly solve this problem but they have a lot of side affects . I think technology could help isolate the diseased crops so they don’t spread to all the crops. This would be extremely useful in developing countries because they may have problems growing their own food and if there were a disease that affects their crops they wouldn’t have enough food to feed themselves. This may also affect countries economies because they won’t have product to export . In developed countries this may not be as much of a problem because they can grow multiple kinds of crops and export while still have enough to feed themselves. I think fans are really serious problem that needs to be solved.

  5. coolschoolscout

    I think that a major problem that hasn’t been solved by technology is more terrorism and criminal activity. I think the main issue is people being killed or tortured just because of their differences, i.e. the innocent Islamic people who are executed because of completely unfair reasons. We have more technology to record and sense these people like alarms and surveillance cameras, but hearing on the news about organizations such as ISIS, a technology that could be created to prevent these occurrences would be something like an earthquake sensor, except they would have these machines in public places in all countries, which could sense criminal or dangerous activity, and could save many people’s lives. They could also create a similar sensor for natural disasters, which could save loss, death, and destruction.

  6. firebolt seer 21345

    I think a problem that hasn’t been solved is cyber bullying and just bullying of any kind. :(cyber bullying is a huge problem, cyber bullying is saying mean things or threats or sometimes just sharing private information on the internet usually sending mean emails to someones computer, phone or other kind of technology. Cyber bullying is a big issue specifically in young people. 25% of young adults and teens have been repeatedly bullied online or on their phones, people who are victims of bullying are 7 / 9% more likely to consider suicide. Information from a study by ABC News says that over 30,000 children stay home a day because of fear of being bullied. I think that parents or guardians are always going to want to help but a lot of the time it’s hard for people to tell others that they are being bullied so sometimes people will be able to help and sometimes they won’t even know what’s going on. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Subway2go

    One of the problems technology hasn’t fixed yet is natural disaster prediction. This is a problem because lots of homes and buildings are torn to peice by earthquakes, tornados, tsunami and other natural disasters. I know that we have some existing technology to predict upcoming earthquakes, but I have found that it is not effective. I know that it is hard to predict the movement of earth’s plates. However, if there was a technology developed that could foresee where and when a natural disaster would take place, that would save thousands and thousands of lives. I hope that someone will develop this technology soon because who knows how many natural disasters there will be in the future.

  8. Doctor pineapple

    The problem that I think requires more attention is sort of a two part issue, the first issue is the extreme un-awarness of when, where, or how natural disasters are happening. The second part has to do with the actual protection we have against these dangers when they happen. Every year thousands of lives are claimed by natural disasters the most deadly being tropical cyclones, when serious weather hits there is often lots of warnings from things like news satellites that regularly monitor the weather in certain areas which can help people prepare for things like tsunamis and cyclones. But what needs to be done is more in the way of being able to get the information to people who might not regularly catch up with news, media and those types of things, A regular house hold item should be a sort of system that automatically alerts you when there is important things going on that could put you in potential danger. The other side of this issue is being dealt with a little bit better currently, as there is different places and defences people now have when catastrophes hit. But people need to have more things like fast and safe transport to earthquake bunkers and high ground flood shelters, even just to have emergency rations and equipment ready for when emergencies happen would help to prevent high death tolls during catastrophes…

  9. cheese curds

    Technology hasn’t solved people who are blind. If they had some cool seeing goggles or contact lenses that would help them see, that would be good. Technology hasn’t solved pollution either.


    I think that one of the problems that technoly has not solved is a spray that can help plants grow and not hurt the bees. The big problem is that some bees are endangered. If farmers are spraying plants with a spray that could possibly bring disease to there hive. With all the bees brining it back to the hive bees could be gone in a blink of an eye. The solution to the problem right now would be to not use any spray at all. Then it creates another problem. The crops are not as big as the farmers want them to be then they will have to there crops sell at a higher price.

  11. reader

    I think one of the problems that technology hasn’t fixed yet is pollution, we have electric cars but still there is a lot of gas powered cars being made. it’s a problems for people to be breathing in all the chemicals it’s bad for your lungs and it’s also bad for the ozone lair, from all the pollution it’s getting thinner. pollution isn’t caused by vehicles it’s also caused by factory’s.

  12. Ginger

    Technology has not yet fixed the outcome of spinal cord injury. Medical Researchers would like to develop a technology that repairs broken or injured spinal cords but have not succeeded yet. At this point in time, if you severely break your back or neck you will likely end up in a wheel chair for the rest of you life. Your spinal cord is connected to your brain, so if you break your spinal cord it will impair your brains ability to feel or move and paralyze parts of your body like you legs or arms. There are many different types of technology to help people with paralyzed limbs become more functional , like wheelchairs and sit-skis. Sit skis are a way for people without legs, or with paralyzed legs, to ski with everyone else and participate. Wheelchairs help people move around the city or country. There are different kinds, like electric with joystick or mouth control . All of these technologies help make being paralyzed easier but do not repair the spinal cord injury.

  13. petrinied4000

    I like subway2go’s idea about natural disasters and I also think there is space to improve the natural disaster warning technology but my idea would be about the actual safety of the buildings. I know that many of them ate earthquake safe but I’ve never heard of buildings that can survive a flood or a huge fire. Also, the technology we do have is pretty expensive and most homes don’t have it. We have to make sure that everyone is safe and that people with less money get treated the same way.

  14. Cheeseman ABC123

    I think one if the problems that technology hasn’t fixed yet is pollution we have fixed some of it like electric cars but a lot still are run by gas .I agree with reader about the affect of pollution.

  15. Joe

    Div 16, thank you all for your thoughtful and considered entries on the topic of technology.
    It is exciting for me to read your views on so many issues from global warming and pollution, to cyber bullying and terrorism. While I might need a GPS implant to help me find my way home one day, it gives me great comfort that the knowledgeable students from Dickens div 16 are already considering and predicting the technolgical needs of our common future; famine, disaster prevention, spinal chord injury recovery, assisting thenblind…. wow.
    Our technological future looks bright!
    Thank you, Dickens div 16.
    Mr. O.J. Ogmundson

  16. monster meatball

    I am going to be writing about search and rescue and my problem is people not being found soon enough.Honestly, I didn’t know myself whether they sent out a search party after 24 hours of being reported missing or if they sent a party right away but I went online to and I found out that they judge how big the problem is before sending a party out.If it ranks really high on the list they will send out a party right away but if it does not need to be addressed that second it probably won’t be.My solution for that problem is to have small drones that will search the area around the area they were staying at (like a couple blocks) just to see if they were mistaken if not then the search and rescue could judge it on a scale of 1 to10 1 being not important and 10 being super important.Overall I would say that this makes it more efficient to find someone who is missing.

  17. Aldwyn 2000

    Well I think that security for phones and computers is very important because random people can appear in chat rooms, they can also comment in plenty of places and they can scan pictures that may seem fine to an adult but seem totally inappropriate for a kid. So I think there should be more safety around what other people can post and how they can find friends.
    We can enforce stronger conduct rules, show no ones identity like real names images and other personal information, for friends online have to know something about that person like say you are on Pottermore you would need to know what that persons username was and their password. Those are my solutions and my problem.

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