Assignment #1 Week of March 2

Dear Division 16,

Through our discussion and investigation of a Moment in Canadian History, we have heard a great deal about the lives of Canadians all across the country.

Please read the article found at the link below and then answer ONE of the questions.

Make sure you look at the pictures in each of the galleries, that you watch the video, and, if you have time, look at the images on Jennifer Brock’s Facebook page (

1.  Do you think that it is important to save BC’s ghost towns?  If yes, what is the most important part of these towns to protect?  If no, how can we make sure we remember the towns and their importance to history?

2.  How does it make you feel when you look at the pictures of these ghost towns?  Write a paragraph describing your emotional reaction to the pictures, or your thoughts about the towns.  Feel free to be creative: try a poem or a short story!

3.  Do you agree with Jennifer Brock who says “When we lose our history, I think we lose our identities”?  Why or why not?




  1. coolschoolscout

    #3 I agree with Jennifer Brock’s statement about losing our history means losing our identities. The first reason is because some countries in the world have become famous because of it’s history, which in turn affects the citizens in the way they think. People know and learn good and bad things about certain countries, and other people look at those citizens in a good or mean way, like the Canadian people disrespecting the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. To summarize, if there was no history, there would be no real mark on who did what.

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re making some interesting points here, coolschoolscout, I wonder if you could say more about how the history affects citizens? I really like your point about the reputation of a country being based on their history.

      • coolschoolscout

        History can affect people in the way that they live, for example, the population of people ( and animals) living in Hiroshima at the time of the bombing were grievously decreased, so many people living there had a grudge against the Canadians. In time, they learned to respect us.

  2. who gets money

    I think that we should save B.C.’s ghost towns because they have a lot of historical importance in Canada and the rest of the world. We need to protect our history since we have so little, we do protect some of our history but it is not as important as these ghost towns. I think that we should protect the historical buildings and make museums of the artifacts that we find. The electricity generator has been running in Sandon since 1897, and is still running in 2015. This could preserve old ways of technology. I hope if they do keep the towns alive it should be for history, specifically, not to make an amusement park. If we preserve our past, it might help us in the future.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice point about the old technology, who gets money. Can you say more about why you think these ghost towns are more important than some other parts of history?

  3. lightningboy123

    1. I think it is important to rebuild a part of the town I think they should fix a few hotels so people can come from other countrys to live in there for a few days to see what vancouvers ghost towns look like. 2. I think the ghost towns make me feel like im alone with no one with me it makes me feel a little creeped out and I think the only things that live there are rats and bugs

    • dickensdiv16

      Oh, lightningboy123, I think you might be right, the ghost towns might be great for tourism. It could give a whole other life to those ghost towns. I’ve been to a couple of ghost towns in BC and they kind of creeped me out too.

  4. reader

    1. What I think that would need to be protected in a ghost town is the whole area, because every little bit and piece is history and if a town got rebuilt people would be taking away every little bit and piece from the town and putting it away for ever.

    • dickensdiv16

      reader, you have written something lovely here. I didn’t think about these ghost towns being built over before. It would certainly be hard to choose one piece of a town over another!

  5. Subway2go

    1. I think that we should save BC’s ghost towns because, they are a part of our history, just like us. I think the most important parts of these towns, that we should save, are the buildings where people met such as churches and the city halls. These towns are crucial because they are also homes to people right now. It is also vital to protect them to because by the year we are losing more historical sites in BC.

    • dickensdiv16

      Subway2go, your point about the community-based buildings being important is a good one. Those are the places that will likely be meaningful to a greater number of people. You’re right that we are losing historical sites all the time – do you think it’s safe for a small number of people to be living in these ghost towns?

  6. The awesomest

    #3 I agree with Jennifer Brock because I think that a vey big part of you is your history. Without our history we wouldnt know our ancestors or where our families were originally from and I think that those are things are very important to know.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, the awesomest. Can you say more about how these towns connect us with our family’s histories? Do you think our towns have things to teach those who have never lived in small town BC?

  7. Scarletcat

    #2 When I look at the pictures of the ghost town it makes me wonder about why everyone left so suddenly and didn’t take any of their cars or outdoor possessions with them. The pictures also sort of make me feel sad like how it was such a nice quaint town and then people either left or died out and it was only recently discovered as a ghost town. I’m glad someone restored the town so we can learn about our history and preserve the town to remember it. The houses and the buildings in the pictures look like they were in good shape when they were abandoned so the people living their must have been very resourceful considering there wasn’t much supplies or stores in that town.

    • dickensdiv16

      I wonder the same thing, Scarletcat. I’ve been to ghost towns where the mine had closed one day and there were still tire swings and kids toys in the tall grass. It’s really eerie, especially in towns that were once large and vibrant. Do you think it is possible for all such towns to be restored?

  8. Ginger

    I think it is important to keep some of the ghost towns in BC. I think that when restoring the towns, it would be important to keep the iconic character that people used to visit the town for. An example is Sandon, where there was a very successful silver mine. The mine could be restored and advertised as the “Legendary Sandon Silver Mine”. The profits could then be used towards restoring the rest of the town. Having ghost towns makes us remember our past, and that people didn’t always have everything we have today, like microwaves and cellphones. We need to remember so we don’t take for granted what most of us have today.

  9. Jr.fruitcake

    I clomped slowly into the town, I was utterly exhausted and it was an effort to lift one foot in front of the other. I did not know exactly where I was but I was guessing some where like Sandon, BC. Most of the buildings were old if not run down. I headed for the nearest relatively intact house, I did not expect to meet people there but expectations are not something reliable- There were four people living in Sandon and the one I met was called Hal right- as I tromped inside hoping for warmth of any kind, I looked up and found myself face to face with a man, I was so startled I almost fell over backwards in fright. After I calmed down the man introduced himself and we talked about what Sandon was and what I should do. I ended up staying in Sandon and there I will stay till the end of my days. I am proud to be the 5th resident of Sandon.

  10. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that is important to save Canada’s ghost towns because some people are really interested in that sort of thing. They are just like museums except they need constant maintenance because they are outside. I think ghost towns are really cool because it is interesting to see how people did things back then and when I see a ghost town I always wonder what made them ghost towns. I think that more ghost towns should be restored with all the machinery and furniture so people can really see what was going on.

  11. balloongirl123

    1 I think that the people who works there should tear the BC’s ghost town building because this place was made a long long time ago and they probably should let the building go.To remember the building you can just take pictures or get some old pictures online.

  12. cheese curds

    The pictures reminded me of the book we are reading in class because the “Rusties” in the book, or us, there’s a part where they walk into this old abandoned city and the people that go to the abandoned city notice that there is almost like a presence. You can still sense the people trying to escape the earthquake or whatever was going on. Especially the big engine that controls the electricity there. I thought that was pretty interesting, and I sort of felt the presence of the people turning the knob and making the electricity work. There is a lot of history there.

    • dickensdiv16

      Really nice connection, cheese curds. Now that you say it, it does feel a lot like the Rustie towns in “uglies”, our read aloud. I agree that there is a real sense of history in these pictures and these places and I think you and petrinied4000 have some interesting questions about these towns and their demise!

  13. Doctor pineapple

    #3 I have a few thoughts on the matter of these ghost towns and I’m not really sure if I agree or not with miss Brock. I think that it is true that our history is a large part of our identity, but the thing is that keeping up an uninhabited town doesn’t necessarily mean that we keep our history. I mean it serves as a solid reminder of the things that happened in the past but we can still have memories and a history without having the actual thing still around. In the case of ghost towns there are hundreds of all across the country and for history to survive we don’t necessarily need every single one still here. So all the things that will happen in the future where those towns are all going to be important too. Because it’s not just about looking in the past and seeing what other people have done it’s what we do to keep those things going and to even create more of it…

  14. purplegiraffe47

    #3 ❤
    I don't agree with Jennifer, the way she said it sounded quite dramatic I think that it is really good to be preserving our history but I'm not so sure that the ghost towns are exactly an important part of Canada's history. Jennifer Brock said "When we loose our history I think we loose our identity" ; I think that the way she says it makes it sound like we physically loose our identity I don't know exactly what she meant but I think that she means that our history shapes who we are like I am a member of a club that helps save endangered animals and my great grandmother did the same thing, I might not have joined the group if she wasn't in it. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think important to save B.C’S ghost towns . Specifically, I think it’s important to save the documents and records from these towns. If we can’t physically go to the towns then at least we have record of what they would’ve looked like or what what is going on in the towns. Things like who lived there or businesses were in these towns. I think it’s a good idea to either tear down the ghost towns or let them be retaken by the natural world but if we keep these documents we won’t forget them. I have mixed feelings about whether we should keep the towns or tear them down .I think it depends on the kind of town . If it was something like a coal mining town we probably won’t want to turn down because it could pollute the environment by making the trees sick. But if it was a logging town ,we could let nature overtake because there wouldn’t be any harmful items. Personally I think ghost towns are pretty fascinating how people used to live there and then just got up and left.

    • dickensdiv16

      You make a good point, PointyHedgehog11, (ha ha, point? Pointy? Get it?) about the industry in the ghost towns. Some may have a larger toxic footprint than others and we perhaps have a greater responsibility than just watching them disappear into the grass. I wonder if anyone is considering this?


    #1 I think that the we should protect the gost towns because this would be what people from generations will think of us. So if we protect them they know that they have a chance. The most important part of the gost town would be all of it because without it we were nothing. We would be trees without roots we would have nothing that tells us where we come from and who’s in our past. These gost towns are very important to keep in the best shape.

  17. Cheeseman ABC 123

    #1 i think we should protect the ghost towns because this is 5 000 peoples child hood and grown up life . i also think we should protect them because it is history that if we take it away it we will only have photos of it and if you protect it if you go and visit Sandan in maybe 30 or less years you actually get the feeling of when it was the 1980 s . i think the most important part to protect is the whole thing because if you only protected a little the you don’t know as much about it as you would if you protected the whole thing .it reminds me of the Rusty Ruins in the book UGLIES how they protected it for field trips .

  18. Aldwyn 2000

    #3 I think that what she said is true. I mean for example I heard my parents discussing about the news and they said that one of the top stories was that some places in America wanted to not tell kids in school about Chinese railroad building and Japanese interment camps because it made America seem cruel. I really think that every one who lives in a country should be allowed and encouraged to know what the history of that place is. Like with our T.M.I.H projects, before we started having guest speakers come in and tell us about our history I did not know that we put first nations children in residential schools or that we had camps that we forced Japanese Canadians into. I think that although history can be cruel we have to know what already happened so that we do not make it happen all over again.

  19. monster meatball

    #1 I think it is important to save our ghost towns in B.C. because most of those towns have a story that goes with them. I feel like that is like saying that Fort Langley should be destroyed because its old and it could make a nice highway (by the way Fort Langley is the birth place of B.C. and if you haven’t gone you should go ’cause its AWESOME) What I’m trying to say is that this kind of ties in with what Jennifer Brock was saying because the past is what makes us who we are and if we delete the past we might not know how to face things in the future.

  20. TeeHee

    I too, agree with Jennifer brock, ” when we lose our history, I think we lose our identities”. I think this because history is what made the world today, history is everyone around us. Without our history, then who will we be? when I saw the pictures of the ghost towns, it made me see what it was like before, if we lost it, then all of our heritage would be lost too, kids in the future would be wondering what the old times were like, when Canada was first discovered, but those kids cant see what it was like because they cant visit the ghost towns, because they will be demolished. And knowing that people want to destroy what made the world today, it makes me feel sad, like a big chunk of me was about to be taken out. The most important parts to save in the ghost towns is everything, the ghost towns should stay the way it is and nothing should bother it, nothing should destroy it, and nothing should break it. Ghost towns are what made us, and our kind, made the ghost towns.

  21. Mario2

    I agree that it is important to keep our history but at the same time we should keep some as historic places but some that we do not need we could maybe build new things there. We should be preserving and taking care of our Past. the houses are very old and are some very important parts to our history. We should not be keeping them like that with no use we should make them historic places and people could come and visit some.

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