Assignment #1 Week of March 23

Dear Division 16,

Please read the article found at the link below about using the technology of animals for the benefit of humans.

For your blog post tonight, please think of an animal feature that you think would benefit humans if we could apply it to our lives.  You’ll need to describe the animal’s feature (in this case, tiny spines on the skin) and think about what way it would benefit humanity.  Please write this post as if you are trying to convince your reader of the benefits.

Have fun!


  1. who gets money

    Changing Skin –monitor animals, we could hide easily; make one pair of clothes that could be any pair you wanted.
    Military –could be used as camouflage. Spies, government agents would be interested.
    What problem would the octopus skin be solving: Hiding (Wild life observation and Military control), Fashion, Protection from Elements.

    The Mimic Octopus
    If humans could learn to make mimic octopus skin clothing, it would help with search and rescue, and protection and safety. Since the mimic octopus can change both its colour and its texture, it would be very helpful for a range of activates, like making a regular jacket rain proof. In a sandstorm or if you’re lost in the woods, changing your jacket to bright red would make you more easily seen. Maybe if you’re out in the woods rock climbing, the clothing could tighten onto you, and provide more protection from the wind. If you had a rock climbing shoe made of octopus skin, it could tighten to your feet and allow you to use smaller cracks as footholds, without damaging your feet with a regular climbing shoe. Octopus skin could also be used for covert operations as camouflage. Soldiers could hide in plain sight. Octopus skin would also be used in fashion (unless you’re vegetarian) as a specialty material. It would be best if we could copy the properties of the skin without killing the octopus, otherwise they might go EXTINCT.

  2. Scarletcat

    The animal feature I am using in my post is the fat underneath the Aldabra Giant Tortoises shell. If the tortoise is thirsty and is nowhere close to a water source it can convert some of the fat under its shell into water to keep hydrated. This feature would benefit humanity, because if we had this feature we would never get dehydrated which would prevent: head aches,tiredness and many other unpleasant medical concerns. Also if you were in place that had no access to safe drinking water (or bottled water) you would not get dehydrated or die from lack of water.

  3. balloongirl123

    I’m choosing bees because of their good sense of smell they can make good land mind locators and this won’t harm the bees since they fly instead of walking. So they are benefiting scientists.

  4. The awesomest

    I am writing about blubber. Blubber would benefit humans because we would never be cold. We could swim in cold water or if it was cold outside we could stay warm. This would benefit people in places that get a lot of snow the most because they would not have to bundle up all the time to stay warm.

  5. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I am choosing, polar bears because I think that blubber is really good idea. Blubber can take our fat from our body and keep us warm is we are cold, and I heard that blubber can feed u if u are hungry, and if u have no food that can happen. I would like blubber myself to keep me warm mostly so I don’t need a Jacket that often if I have a lot of fat. That can benefit for everyone to keep warm if u were cold like snow, hungry, and lot more that blubber can do.

  6. reader

    arctic fox’s- have thick layers of skin and fur to keep them from getting cold in the winter, this benefits people living in the arctic from getting cold in the winter even when they a multiple layers of clothing, if we used the skins of arctic fox’s you’d only need 1 layer of clothing underneath the skin.

  7. coolschoolscout

    For my blog post, I am writing about the fat under an armadillo’s shell. They can be made into life preservers or stitched into clothing in case someone is struggling in deep water. This is solving the issue of shipwrecks and in people who end up too far from the shore. This could also help people breathe under water because not only do armadillos use this fat to float, but they can get oxygen from it too. It could help explorers or even paramedics who are helping people in cardiovascular distress. This product would go under exploration and sustainability.

  8. PointyHedgeHog11

    An animal that I think has a feature that would be beneficial to humans ,is a mountain goat. Mountain goats have a hoove that is split down the middle so it has better grip on the rocky , uneven ground of its environment.
    I think we could adapt this to a special kind of shoe. The shoe would be a great thing for paramedics. A problem paramedics are facing is that people who live far away from hospitals are often accessible by ambulance. If they had this kind of shoe it will be easier for them to reach patients in hard-to-reach areas. This would also be a great thing for search and rescue teams because they sometimes have trouble reaching areas that are normally inaccessible. It could even become something that a person who spends a lot of time outside hiking and trecking, uses regularly.

  9. Subway2go

    The animal that I chose is the Cheetah. The Cheetah’s ability to run 75 miles/ 120 kms/hour would really help humans on the battle field because it would make them hard to to shoot. It would also help humans because if they had they had the speed to run that fast it would encourage them to be more physically active. The Cheetah’s ability to be nimble could really help us because everyday people fall over and get injured or simply drop their coffee cup. The agility of the Cheetah would really help humans to prevent injures and broken shards of glass on their feet [ due to broken coffee cups]. Cheetah’s have many other abiltiys too, like to see in the dark, many of their other abilitys would help us too.That is why I choose the Cheetah.

    • Doctor pineapple

      But If we had Cheetah like speed wouldn’t all humans have it? Therefore someone could dodge faster but the person firing would have equal speed. It would also make running races at the olympics quite interesting…

  10. Aldwyn2000

    My animal feature is a cats ability to see into the UV spectrum. I read that they can see the patterns on a birds wing and the chemicals used to brighten paper. If we could find a way to make contact lenses that allowed us to see like cats and dogs I think that we could make sure that we used the right amount of chemicals in a science experiment , in a nuclear bomb Ect. . But I would not suggest wearing them for to long because although they would allow you to see finer details up close they would make everything else seem fuzzy.

  11. cheese curds

    I recommend the chameleon, because they blend into the background. That ability would be really useful to humans because, if for example, they were Spies, they could blend into the background without the use of camouflage or anything like that. So maybe thy could also have the ability to grow a tail, say out of a gland when it’s needed – …then that would be like having an extra arm to hold things.


    i think that a duck would be a good choice for a featured animal.This is because we could take the special oil from their preen gland and we could use it like a sunscreen except that it would make it easier for you when you are swimming because you would be able to swim in colder temperatures.

  13. petrinied4000

    A chameleon is a really interesting animal. It survives by changing colour to blend in with it’s surroundings. I think that if we could harness the chameleon’s ability to change colour we could do some really neat things. For example, it could be used on a stealth bomber to blend in with the sky. It could also be used colour food in a healthy way.

  14. Ginger

    It would be very helpful if humankind could see at night like the two-toed sloth. It would benefit search and rescue teams, miners, fire fighters and night researchers to name a few. If scientists could formulate an eye drop that brightened the dark, it would allow these night time workers to do their jobs without bulky, heavy, night time goggles. The two-toed sloth sleeps 16-19 hours a day so they need to be able to see clearly whether they wake up during the day or night.

  15. Doctor pineapple

    I think an animal humankind could benefit and learn from is the Proboscis Monkey or Nasalis Larvatus. For one monkeys and other primates are one of the species of animal most alike humans but there’s also a few unique features that we could benefit from. These monkeys, like all monkeys have opposable toes as well as thumbs. So when you grab something with your hands you need your thumb to do it, but they can do this with their feet as well. Having this feature would be great for humans because it would make us much more able bodied, you could write, build, climb, eat and work with your feet! It would also take multi-tasking to a whole new level being able to do several things at once. As a bonus we would get really long and cool noses with an extremely enhanced sense of smell!

  16. lightningboy123

    my choice for animal feature is a turtle because it has a shell that is developed from there ribs that is used as shield to protect itself from predators and they could live for about 150 years

  17. Jr.fruitcake

    For my animal feature I will talk about marine animals propulsion systems.
    The tail is an amazing feat of nature, it combines speed, agility, etc.
    The humans have already attempted to copy this feature with flippers, there is nothing wrong with flippers but it is possible that we could go much farther in the mimicking of this. We could make skin tight swim suits that taper into a tip and then break out into a vertical/horizontal tail rather like a mermaid, for exploration around the marine life in question we could make some kind of full body version. (there could be a zipper in the back.) If the technology were to advance there could also be devices inside to communicate with the animals (once understood to that extent).

  18. monster meatball

    I think that it would be very usefull if sientests could create a formula that could (for a short period of time) give police officers a dog’s sense of smell so that they wouldn’t have to get dogs they could just drink a potion and follow the crimanal.I think that would give the law an upper hand over crooks

  19. fireboltseer21345

    there is a kind of frog that can freeze solid and then melt again and be completely unharmed from being frozen. I think that this would be helpful for humans because things like dieing of the cold wouldn’t be possible because like with the frog being super cold wouldn’t harm us. And this kind of frog not only can survive below 0 temperatures but afterwards is still just as functional and healthy as it was before ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. cool sketcher

    my idea is the spider. The spider is able to climb walls because on it’s feet are these special kid of hairs that react to solid matter and stick to it, the spider can climb walls and walk upside down so why doesent people make a onesie that has that same features as the spider feet.

  21. TeeHee

    I would choose the eagle because of its wings, if people had wings they could get around by flying instead of cars, cars waste money and cause pollution to the world. wings also gives us exercise as we fly, which is a very healthy way of living. wings could benefit people in many ways and I would enjoy having a pair of wings myself too!

  22. Cheeseman ABC123

    I think the flying squirrel, specifically the flaps between its front and back legs. It can help people travel and get around faster and more efficiently. They could understand the world more as they would be participating in nature with their new abilities – like hanging out in trees with birds. And they could get into areas that are difficult to get to currently with out it – this would help scientists document different species and locations. Healthier for the environment by using speed and air currents to go places instead of gas or oil or other resources. You can also save a lot of money by using this invention.

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