Assignment #1 Week of March 30

Dear Division 16,

I found this neat link to discoveries and research made at Ontario Universities over the years. It’s interesting that they represent categories that our class identified, such as medical, accessibility and food production, but also includes categories we did not identify, such as art and history.

Please look at the advances outlined on this page.

For your assignment today, please choose one of the research advancements on the page and describe, in your own words:

1.  The effect that this advancement would have on the world

2.  What help would be needed for this advancement to reach the people it will help

I look forward to your responses!




    1(creating new vaccines) This has a great advancement for the world it makes sure that cattle and any other animal dose not get shipping fever.

  2. Doctor pineapple

    #1 The advancement I’m interested in is fighting diabetes. This is such an important topic because back in the early 19-hundreds being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was a death sentence. But because of Banting and his colleagues diabetics can now live normal lives amongst society. From Banting’s discovery came more and more advanced treatment and research that helped against the disease like mass production, easier injection and strengthening the actual affects of the hormone. But if It weren’t for Doctor Banting and his team this world would be a lot harder for people with diabetes…

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s wonderful when diseases that used to be fatal become curable. Things like polio are just a distant memory in our history. And you’re right – advancements and treatments like those developed by Banting do bring about further advancements too!

  3. PointyHedgeHog11

    I chose DNA barcoding because it is a really important advancement in biological science .
    Before this advancement people used taxonomy ( deciding what species it was by how it looked ).
    Charles darwin was a famous taxonomist . This scientific advancement can be used in a variety of different ways. An interesting way it can be used is to prevent food fraud. They can take a sample of meat and test it on the database and verify if it is what it is sold as . For example , a few years ago there was a school that said they where feeding the students beef , but really the were giving them horse meat . I think the way we can use this advancement to its fullest is to try and log as many animals as possible . If we do this, it can help monitor endangered species, track migration patterns , even prevent extinction.

    • dickensdiv16

      Hm! This seems like a good example of a technology that we could study for our “Future Technology” project. Once again, PointyHedgeHog11, you’ve thought of an excellent example that makes your point clearly and with sufficient background for others to follow your logic!

  4. coolschoolscout

    I chose the advancement in fighting diabetes. Back when insulin wasn’t around, diabetes had no cure, so the unfortunate people who got diabetes had a very short lifetime. After insulin was discovered, everyone who had diabetes could live normal lives. The way that we could help doctors and scientists was to eat less sugary foods, because eating too much sugar is a way of getting diabetes.

  5. Scarletcat

    I chose the advancement in creating accessible transit. This is such an important issue and topic, because everyone in Vancouver should feel safe and able to use our public transit. Public transit is a good way to get around because its better for the environment and you save money for not paying for gas, and I think that everyone and especially people in wheelchairs should be able to use it. “Q’straint’ , is a retractable 4 point system used to keep passengers in wheelchairs safe during public transit. I think that this technology would affect the world in a good way, it would make passengers with wheelchairs feel safe and comfortable using public transit in a regular commute. This advancement already reaches people all over the world, but new wheelchair safety inventions are being invented every day, so we can always improve our transit.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great choice, Scarletcat! Accessible public transit makes a difference to so many in our community. There ought not be barriers to anyone using transit! I can’t help but connect your post to last week’s assignment where we talked about happiness, and the ability to move freely was such a large part of that happiness!

  6. Jr.fruitcake

    #1 delaying dementia
    I think if given the proper publicity this could seriously cut down the number of people that get early dementia. I mean it is a big commitment to speak two languages but if that is true then it would most definitely be worth it.
    My grandma has dementia as well so this is sort of important to me.
    After all four years is along time.

  7. Mario02

    I Choose Diabetes Because:
    1: My Grandma Has Diebetes and whenever She sometimes gets High blood pressure one time She got High BP like 5 in the morning she went to go get some water And My mom got up and she saw My grandma With a mark on her forehead and sitting on the floor. She hit the side of a Table and after that we called the EMS and she was in the hospital for 2 weeks.
    I think We Together should find a cure for diabetes Because I don’t want to see anybody have it im sure you don’t either.
    Diebetes Provokes people from eating Stuff they want example: cannot eat more than 2-3 cookies depends on how much sugar they have and other thing like some fruits Have tons of natural sugar and you cannot eat that much of it. My grandma has to cut it in half she has had Diebetes for like 2-3-4 years now.

  8. The awesomest

    1. I chose creating new vaccines I think this would benefit the world because we could cure more diseases.
    2. We would need planes or boats to carry the medicine to other parts of the world.

  9. ginger

    I’m interested in the advancement of using cow surfactant as a supplement for premature babies. Surfactant is a substance that keeps your lungs from sticking together and suffocating you. Premature babies who are born early don’t have enough surfactant in their lungs and develop terrible lung problems. In 1981, after Fred Possmayer discovered that cow lung surfactant could be used as an alternative, many more premature babies survived and gave more parents a better chance at a family. To give the baby the supplementary surfactant, a hospital would need to have specific tubes to insert the substance and a team of trained specialists to help with the procedure. This alternative has really benefited the human race and allowed many couples at different ages to have a family, and gives premature babies a better chance of surviving.

  10. coolschoolscout

    I would choose the disease fighting advancement because it could save many lives. By isolating a disease conjuring gene they have almost stopped the disease itself. It wont help if someone already has the disease but it can stop many people from getting it. I am not sure if isolating the gene stops the diseases in the whole world but if not, someone has to go to every country in the world and do it. That way, no matter where you live you will still be treated the same way as everyone else.

  11. balloongirl123

    I choose DNA barcoding because before DNA barcoding people would decide what species was what by it’s features. A way that DNA barcoding helps our community is from food fraud. This will help for food inspections and food safety. A way we can advance this technology is keeping track of rare animal species or tracking endangered animals and help keep them from becoming extinct.

  12. fireboltseer21345

    I’m interested in taking aspirin to prevent heart disease. Less people would die from heart disease but people like paramedics, surgeons and doctors may lose their jobs. People could debate whether or not taking aspirin would be a good idea or not in my opinion I think that it’s still is a good idea because “Live is more precious than money” – Amy Field. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Subway2go

    The advancement that I choose is Delaying Dementia
    Delaying demanita would effect eldery people because they would have more time to take care of themselves without anybody’s help. It would also help them avoid nursing homes. What we would need to do to make sure this advancement happens is to encourage everyone to become fluent in two languages; especially babies from birth.
    My grampa also has Dementia Jr. FruitCake. This is important to me, too.

  14. cool sketcher

    #1 (seeing in colour) When Herbert Kalumus invented the first colour motion picture it effected the world because in he was never born we would still be watching movies in black and white! also at the time people were probably amazed that thay could see a movie in colour and the word would probably spread quickly because man kind hadn’t advanced as much back then and also people were just inventing the tommy gun at the time so it was probably a big wow when Herbert Kalumus invented the first colour motion picture.

  15. Cheese curds

    My pick is the first technicolor movie this avent helpd to start pop culture and a brighter fuecher for the movie business. The help was colour tv wich was selling rapidly.

  16. who gets money

    battling polio #2
    A simple thing to do is more donating and advertisments ext. to help get the money to take down polio the (government could help more to but that won’t happen) so lets do it are selfs like the fundraisers we do at are school and other schools to.


    • cooperraine

      battling polio #2
      A simple thing to do is more donating and advertisements etc. to help get the money to take down polio. The government could help more too but that won’t happen. So lets do it ourselves like the fundraisers we do at are school and other schools too.

      THANK YOU…

  17. Cheeseman ABC123

    #1 I think that because they can make no cows get shipping fever it could maybe get used on other animals that get shipping fever it also probably makes a lot of people that eat cow feel a little safer ?

  18. petrinied4000

    I had no idea that grapefruits could change the affects of drugs. I think that this could save many lives but it could also do bad things. Some drug addicts may use this discovery to strengthen their drugs and that could make them do very bad things. If we strengthen or weaken drugs in the right way, we may even be able to cure bad diseases like cancer. Grapefruit doesn’t grow everywhere in the world so we would have to make sure that every country gets a good supply.

  19. monster meatball

    #1 The topic I chose is a clean water machine for places that don’t have clean water.The machine itself didn’t cost very much to build and it was revolutionary because if you had terrible water that no one could drink you could easily change it so that everyone could drink it.

  20. lightningboy123

    I would choose DNA barcoding because it could help people collect and analyze sequence data from plants, fungi, or animals or products made from them,use DNA sequence to identify species and Extract and purify DNA from tissue or processed material and explore relationships between species.

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