Assignment #1 Week of May the Fourth Be With You

Dear Division 16,

Here is your blog homework for the start of the week. This is from Naslishah and is related to last week’s lesson on Boundaries.  Remember that:

The purpose of setting clear boundaries is to
provide physical and emotional safety
communicate expectations
build healthy relationships based on respect
provide a structure to operate within

For your blog homework, think about what your boundaries are.  Name 3 that you need most using the language of virtues.
For example:
I would like to live in a PEACEFUL environment where we live in harmony.
I cherish RESPECTFUL relationships where we listen and understand each other with open hearts.
I believe in the importance of UNITY so that we are inclusive and make decisions as a group.


  1. coolschoolscout

    I believe that ACCEPTANCE is the key to everyone fitting in.
    I think that CHARITY is what we need so people can access what is necessary to them.
    Having FORGIVENESS is what truly makes us understand other’s mistakes without feeling hate and revenge.

  2. vid3o g@m3r

    I want to live in a world where acts of KINDNESS are always being seen.
    I think that RESPECTFULNESS will make people feel more welcome to a new place(school).
    Having COURAGE to stand up for yourself is a thing that a lot of people need.

  3. Doctor pineapple

    I support living in a SAFE environment were I feel comfortable, calm and healthy.
    I feel that living in a FAIR space is important so everyone has a right to there share their opinion
    I value TRUTHFULNESS in my relationships with friends and family because I can trust them to tell me what I need to know

  4. ginger

    I want to live in a place where everyone can LOVE and CARE for each other.
    I value seeing others’ inner BEAUTY.
    I believe in the importance of FORGIVENESS when we make mistakes.

  5. Subway2go

    Being HONEST can help my relationships function.
    I think TRUSTWORTHINESS is important beacuse if you talked behind someone’s back that wouldn’t being HONORing them.
    I think being RESPECTFUL is important because that is what keeps families together.

  6. Scarletcat

    I want to live in a CREATIVE and CARING environment where people are encouraging and supporting others ideas.
    I value people who can share FORGIVENESS with others, and move on from past problems.
    I support and believe in being POSITIVE and ENTHUSIASTIC to brighten things up in any situation.

  7. coolsketcher

    Being CARING can help my friendships.
    Being DETERMINED can help my school work.
    Being SHARING is good because then people won’t hate you for the wrong things you’ve done in the past.

  8. fireboltseer21345

    I want to have friends who have TACT and TRUST so we can have a healthy and fun relationship.
    I believe in being CARING, COMMITTED and ACCEPTANCE.
    Being TACTFUL and HONEST can make a positive difference in my relationships.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. balloongirl123

    I would love to live in a nice and a wonderful house with my family
    I would like to see people to be kind and caring to others
    being respectful to everyone who you will not know well

  10. PointyHedgeHog11

    I believe CREATIVITY makes us who we are.
    I want to live in a INCLUSIVE community.
    I strive to be a TACTFULL person in my life.

  11. The awesomest

    RESPECTFULNESS is very important in a relationship because you need to feel like you are being treated well.
    I need to be in a LOVING community to feel safe and sound.
    Being TRUSTWORHY is important so that people will let you do things


    I want to be apart of a UNDERSTANDING community.
    I would like to work in a CARING space of people.
    I believe that LOVE creates happiness and also can make happy and healthy environments.

  13. Jr.fruitcake

    I believe that FLEXIBILITY is important to a respectful compromising community
    I believe FORGIVENESS is important to a happy friendly relationship
    I think ASSERTIVENESS is important to keep everyone happy

  14. who gets money

    #1 i like a calming place to work.
    #2 i think peacefulness is key to a good community.
    #3 i believe that caring creates freindships that are stronger than most.


  15. reader

    I want to live in a CARING community
    I believe that a KINDNESS is the key to a healthy relationship
    FORGIVNESS is what makes a happy and friendly friendship

  16. cheese curds

    i like living in a city that has LOVING people. i think that HELPFULNESS is always good for a city and its people. i also think that its good to show your neighbour GRATITUDE.

  17. Cheeseman ABC 123

    i want to live in a CARING community.
    ACCEPTANCE is for everyone fitting in.
    FORGIVENESS is what makes a great happy community.

  18. Aldwyn 2000

    I believe in FLEXIBILITY in a group/project
    I believe it important to have CONFIDENCE in each other when you are participating in a presentation
    I think that in art projects I need CREATIVITY to influence me to do a good job.

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