Assignment #1 Week of November 17

Recall our presentation yesterday from Caulder and Lucas.  In that conversation, we discussed discrimination and bullying and the underlying “isms” such as sexism, racism, sizeism, ageism, ableism.

Think about our discussion, especially the parts where we talked about expectations that can be placed on people because of their gender, race, ability, size, religion, ability, age…

We also talked about different ways that we can each help to eliminate discrimination and bullying, in our beliefs and our actions.

For your assignment this week, please respond with a description of one thing you can do if you see someone being bullied or discriminated against?

Please make sure that your answer is in a full sentence and, if necessary for your answer, that you say which “ism” you are describing.


  1. doctor pineapple

    The isms I’m writing about are ageism and some sizeism (I don’t think there’s one for inclusion)
    -If you were to see a kid who was maybe 2 years younger then you and there was two kids about your age pushing him around and telling him “Your to little” or “Your to young to play soccer with the big kids”. There telling him to go away or play with his own fiends. But maybe that kid doesn’t have any friends and he’s trying to make some by playing with others and getting involved in games. So you could go over to him and maybe invite him o play with you for a little while and when the other kids see him playing with you they might think” Hey he’s playing with that boy and having a good time, maybe if we let him play with us we will have a good time too”. Or say the kids that were shoving him around are still there. Then you could step in and stand up for him and say something like “He has just as much of a right to play soccer as you do to play what he wants” or “Why don’t you let him play for a while because you never see him play so he could be just as good as you guys!” The point is that you should stick up for them or try to include them in your own activities.Because you never know if he might not have any where else to go…

    • Lucas

      Really great point! It can be really hard to make friends and in the end it doesn’t cost much to allow someone to participate in a game of soccer with you. It helps them feel included and adds an extra player to your game!

  2. Scarletcat

    The “ism” that I am writing about today is sexism.
    Like if a boy was wearing a pink princess shirt (or something) and people were teasing him about it ,saying that he was acting like a girl or was wearing a girls only shirt, I would stand up for him. I would tell the people that were teasing/bullying him that there is no such thing as a “girls thing” or a “boys thing” we can dress however we want,or do any activities we want (unless its dangerous).I think that sexism has a big impact on people and it narrows opportunities for us like: jobs , happiness , and things that we really enjoy doing. I think that if we live in a sexist world people are going to be upset and forced to pursue dreams that they might not have originally had. I think that our life should be different now than long ago , I mean its the 21st century , steriotypes like that shouldn’t exist!

    • Lucas

      Excellent response! I like how your identified that sexism effects girls AND boys. Making a change in society begins with speaking out against things you see that are wrong (like bullying of boys for being “girly” and gender sterotypes that limit what people can do and who they can be). Keep doing what you’re doing! Just as you said, everyone deserves to be themselves and pursue their dreams.

  3. coolschoolscout

    The “ism” that I am writing about is able-ism. Say one kid has a walking disability and is in a wheelchair. 2 kids are calling him names and physically hurting him like shoving and kicking. I would walk up to them and say “The only reason he’s in a wheelchair is because he is too injured to walk. You’re lucky you can move without injury as it could happen to you.” If they still don’t stop bullying that person, I would report them to the principal’s office. Just because someone can’t walk or their body can’t function properly is no excuse to pick on them because it’s usually not their fault. In the future, we could possibly invent a type of technology that could let extremely injured or disabled people to move without assistance.

    • Lucas

      Standing up to bullies directly and also reporting bullying to a trsuted adult is a great response to bullying. people with disabilities, whether they are physical or mental, have bodies and minds that may not work the way most people’s do. But this does not make them not normal or flawed in any way! These people can do what anyone else can, just often in different ways or at different speeds. Another thing you can do to fight ableism is to help make activities accessible for everyone. If you see people with disibilites being left out of activities ask how the activity can be changed to allow them to partake meaningfully. Great response!

  4. petrinied4000

    If I ever see someone getting bullied because of ageism and sizeism I would tell the bully to stop right away. Then I would make sure an adult or teacher is notified. I feel really strongly about that and when someone doesn’t let you do something with them because they have a gang of friends and they exclude you. That happened to me once and it was not fun.

    • Lucas

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experieced exclusion before, but I’m happy to know that you are using that feeling empathize with others and stand up for people who might be going through what you went through!

  5. cheese curds

    if you see someone getting bullied, the best thing to is to tell the bully hey that’s not cool! and if that doesn’t work I would go tell a grownup I trust. I would also say to the bully how would you feel if someone did/said that to you?

    • Lucas

      Great! Bullies do what they do in order to feel powerful, so if you take away that power by 1. not joining in the bullying and 2. standing up for the person being bullied, then you help take away the power that bullying provides.

  6. Subway2go

    The ism that I am writing about is age-ism. If I see someone getting bullied because of their age,to play a game for example, I would tell the bully to cut it out. Then I would tell the kid who was getting bullied if they would want to play the game with us. Finally, I would tell the bully that it is not cool to pick on someone younger then them and not to pick on anyone at all, because it hurts other people’s feelings.

    • Lucas

      Awesome! Inviting the kid to play a game with you instead is a great way of combatting bullying that may happen on the playground.

  7. The awesomest

    If I saw someone getting bullied I would stand up for them and tell them to stand up for themselves especially if the bully is older than them or if they are bullying because of race or religion or something that you believe in.

    • Lucas

      Sometimes standing up for yourself can be tough, and that’s why standing up to bullies alongside the person who is being bullied is so important! When you’re being bullied for something and you feel alone you might begin to feel like there is something wrong with you and that is why you are being bullied. Having someone there to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are awesome the way you are can mean the world. Great response!

  8. cooperraine

    today i am talking about sexism if someone is getting bullied for the pink shirt they are wearing i would ask the bully to tell me 5 good reasons that pink is a girls colour.

  9. ginger

    if you see someone getting bullied you should spend as much time as possible with the person because no one will bully someone if someone else was there. If the bully still did not stop even with you there you should stand up for them and ask them why they were bullying him\her.

  10. PointyHedgeHog11

    If I saw someone bullying someone else because of racism ,
    I would say” put yourself in his shoe’s , do you think that would feel good “and if that’d didn’t work then I would tell an adult ,such as a teacher.

    • Lucas

      Excellent! Racism, like all the other isms, is downright wrong. Don’t be afraid to call out isms as you see them. If someone is being racist, call it racism. If someone is being sexist, call it sexism and so on and so forth.

  11. balloongirl123

    if I see someone getting bullied I would tell an adult or try to stand up to them and tell the bully to stop it because people don’t like getting bullied because it’s not right.

    • Lucas

      Great response to bullying! You’re right, it’s not alright and part of eliminating bullying is not allowing it to happen around us. If everyone did that then schools would be much safer!

  12. purplegiraffe47

    I think if I saw someone being bullied for any of the ism’s I would talk to the person who was bullying, “Pretend that that person is you, pretend that you’re being bullied and think, if you were that person would you like to be in there situation?” and I think that if you give them time to think about it they’ll stop 🙂 ❤

    • Lucas

      Great! Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can really change a person’s perspective. Also seeing that others will not condone their bullying might encourge a bully to stop.


    if i saw someone being bullied by any of the ism’s i would go in and say you can’t treat people like that so stop it and then i would ask if they were okay and if they were feeling good about them selfs and if they were not i would its not true what ever that bully said is a lie so do not think that about yourself because your perfect and your the only you and only you can be you and no one can take that place from you so do not belaeve that bully

    • Lucas

      Awesome response! Being supportive to a person who is being bullied can definitly mean saying affirmative and supportive things to that person who might be doubting thesmelves and who they are after being bullied.

  14. cheeseman ABC 123

    I think if I saw someone getting bullied I would stand up for the person that was getting bullied and say to the bully that’s not very nice stop that if you don’t like to be treated that way than why are you doing that to someone else treat other people the way you want to be treated. If he kept on doing it I would go to the nearest adult and tell them what the bully is doing.I would check if the person was all right . I would also say that nothing he said was real it was all fake.

  15. reader

    if i saw someone being bullied for sizeism, i would tell an adult or go over and help that person. if they still got bullied the next day then i would tell the principal and let him/her deal with the problem.

    • Lucas

      Great! This is a good example of knowing your comfort level with confrontation. Standing up to a bully can be very hard and uncomfortable, but to help you can be an advocate and tell someone who can step in if you feel like it’s not safe for you to step in directly.

  16. NerdDurtle

    If I saw someone that wasn’t allowed to play because of their age, I would tell the person running the game to let the person try to play or i could play game with that person.

  17. jr.fruitcake

    One thin I would do if I saw some one being bullied is stand up for them and tell the Bully to stop. If that has no affect then I would stand up for them [physically if you need to] or go tell a trusted adult as soon as possible. That would be my response to all the isms. You should always stand for someone being bullied regardless of your past interactions.

    • Lucas

      Really awesome response! If bullying is physical remember to keep yourself safe as well, don’t put yourself in harms way. Tell a trusted adult as soon as possible!

  18. lightningboy123

    People can be bullied because of their size and age, I think it should stop because it is very bad and a lot of people get upset because of this.

  19. cool sketcher

    The ism I’m talking about is ageism. Say a little kid is wanting to play soccer with you and some older kids but the older kids say the little kid can’t play because there too young, I would do this, I would say “hey you should let this kid play, you should allow anyone who wants to play play because what if he wants to try and play against some older kids and what if he’s really good at soccer so maybe you should give him a try.” Thats what I would say.

    • Lucas

      Really good response! And hopefully by even just not staying silent about the ism and the bullying you see happening the bully will back off and the person being bullied will feel supported!

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