Assignment #1 Week of November 24

Please read the article found at this link:

This article includes video and stories.  When you have read the article and followed up with any of the related links that help you understand the story, answer ONE of the following questions:

1. Can you think of anything that is so important to you that you would risk arrest?  If so, what?  Do you think all laws are fair?

2.  What are your feelings about the Kinder Morgan pipeline?  Do Aboriginal Land claims support or challenge your position?



  1. doctor pineapple

    #2 I am opposed to Kinder-Morgan for several reasons. I think that they are trying to create more ways to use something (oil) that we are trying to eventually stop using. There damaging the environment to do it which is exactly why we’re trying not do do by not using oil. As for the land claims the Kinder Morgan company are building something mainly for the economy but they are damaging land that doesn’t even belong to them for there own purposes. I don’t think it’s fair to the first nations people, to the environment and the fact that there even cutting off a business from a large part of there customers and Kinder Morgan isn’t really doing anything. As for the two girls I think it was very brave and responsible for them to fight for something they believe in. Which is something more people should be doing…

    • dickensdiv16

      Doctor Pineapple, you’ve done a good job of articulating your concerns with the Kinder Moran pipeline. How do you think the law should be responding to this issue?

      • doctor pineapple

        I agree that it is fair that the law is enforcing the rule passed by the court but I think that is because that is there job. I’m sure that there could have been police or RCMP in that crowd that may be against Kinder Morgan.

  2. Scarletcat

    #2 I don’t want the Kinder Morgan pipeline to go in , I think that pipelines are bad for the enviorment and that we don’t need another one . Also my favourite hiking trail is up on Burnaby mountain and if they were to put in the pipeline the hiking trail would close . I think that the Aboriginal land claims support my position , because I believe that Burnaby mountain is first nations land. I think that its really brave of the 11 year old girl to go in the protest to get arrested , but I think if I were in that protest I would be quite scared to get arrested!

    • dickensdiv16

      Scarletcat, can you think of a better process to bring the supporters of the pipeline into discussions with the First Nations?

  3. The awesomest

    #2.I am against the pipeline because I think it is bad for the environment.I don’t think it is fair to aboriginal people because they dont want the pipeline and it is their land so Ithink they should be able to do what they want to do.

  4. cheese curds

    One thing that I would risk going to prison for would be voting. If we were in a society where we couldn’t vote and we didn’t have a say in anything, I would risk getting arrested. One law that used to be around that I think was dumb, was that in New Zealand in the 1970’s you could drive at 14. Most laws are fair. Now would be the best time for me to break the law because I am too young to go to juvie!!!

    • dickensdiv16

      What a good point, cheese curds, the right to democracy itself is an important part of the entire system of laws and would certainly be a serious issue for many citizens. I remember when we had Gwen Giesbrecht come to our class for Student Vote and she said that for her, the right to vote for the individual you choose is the most important aspect of society for her.

  5. balloongirl123

    I Think that we have already damaged our environment enough and that we don’t need any more pipelines. Plus these pipelines would be built in the first nations land so it wouldn’t be fair to them.

  6. cooperraine

    #2 I think that the pipeline is a horrible idea and i strongly support the protesters i would go up there if my mom would let me plus the Burnaby city didn’t like the pipeline either

  7. cool sketcher

    1. I can’t think of anything so important to me that I would risk arrest because I’d hate to go to jail but I would certainly protest against somethings like the Kinder Morgan pipeline. One of the laws that I don’t think are fair is that in casinos you can’t stop or sit down if your under 18 you have to walk right through.

  8. NerdDurtle

    #2 I think the pipeline is going to damage the area and it takes the homes of animals. Also it’s not fair for the aboriginal people because they respect us and we should respect them because they live in different environment than us so they need what they have to live. If we did make the pipeline it can affect what is around the people.

  9. Subway2go

    #2: I am opposed to the Kinder Morgan pipeline project because of the chance of environmental contamination if an oil spill happened. Also the pipeline project is planned to proceed through 15 Indian reserves. I feel like it is not fair to the aboriginals because it is their land and they have the right to say ” You can’t put this here, this is our land”. If they put the Kinder Morgan pipeline trhough the aboriginal’s land I feel they should have the right to find away to stop or block it. In general I feel really opposed to the Kinder Morgan pipeline projecy and I hope that it stops soon.

  10. coolschoolscout

    I am completely against this pipeline because it’s caused a ton of argument between the aboriginal and the builders of the pipeline. It could cause an extreme accident which could ruin a majority of aboriginal land. I think there will be more protesting even if there are laws. It isn’t right to keep building pollution-inducing mechanisms like this.

  11. purplegiraffe47

    #1 this weekend I might go up to protest but stay in the given area if something that had to do with my family or super close friends then it might be worth it to be arrested if i hold them very close 😉 🙂 ❤ ❤

  12. Cheeseman ABC123

    1 # I think that they were doing something that had an effect on how I do things.
    what I do . where I can go .or just something that I felt really strongly about or something that effected my family I would go protest

    • dickensdiv16

      So freedom is an important issue for you? Family is certainly something that gets emotions high – it seems like this is a consistent theme among our classmates!

  13. Ginger

    If I were older, I think the only reason I would risk arrest is if someone was taking away my child or other family member. I guess if you were under aged and the ministry was taking away your child they should at least watch you very carefully and see if you were responsible enough not just take them away

  14. petrinied4000

    #1 I think it is crazy that people are willing to get arrested just to protest. It most likely wouldent work anyway.If i felt that strongly about the pipeline I would write a letter to the government. I would only be willing to get arrested if someone I love a lot was taken and it would help to do something illegal. I don’t think all laws are fair but if people want to protest they should do ti in a civilized way.

  15. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    #1 Why I will risk arrest, because what if it leak and the oIL wil drop down in to the water or the ground and it will be super bad. The water or the ground would have to be close , like at a park and there is a water foundton and where the water come is like a little clean pool and then when the oil come in it will be dirty. AND NO I don’t there should a law…. Will maybe if it is a bad one like : when someone threaden
    you you can’t attack them olny if they are trying to kill you.I don’t think that is a good law.

  16. PointyHedgeHog11

    I would risk arrest for the problem of oil drilling in the arctic.
    The arctic has a lot of amazing and unique creatures not found anywhere else.
    If there was an oil spill I think the world would be devastated.
    I found a really inspirational video by Greenpeace.
    Here is the link

  17. jr.fruitcecke

    #1 I can think of lots of things so important that I would risk being arrested for. The environment is one of those things that is so important. You can’t ignore the fact that we may have a huge pipeline underneath our feet and that we are trusting metal tubes as the barrier for all our wildlife’s lives. It isn’t fair that we should decide on what holds their life together and if we are than I think it should at least be something more indestructible than a few layers of scrap metal [exaggeration]. One of the things I would risk getting arrested for other than the pipeline is protest deforestation also causing many animals to loose their habitats we have expanded and expanded so that we have eliminated many species. That is something worth getting arrested for.

  18. jr.fruitcecke

    I do not think all laws are fair. The government decides what the laws are and I don’t always agree with the government. Some laws are important to enforce but some laws are added in to the president/mayors personal specifications and or needs. To have laws be all fair it would require a perfectly selfless president/mayor who thought of only the people’s needs, While taking much less notice of his/hers.

    • doctor pineapple

      I agree that some laws are important to be enforced and some not so much. But if the Mayor/President is making decisions for his or her own needs then doesn’t that kind of make it a dictatorship?

  19. lightningboy123

    2# I would risk anything to stop a oil leak even if I get arrested the oil leak would get in to lakes or rivers or anything else close to oil.


    #2 i am against the pipeline going throw burnaby mountain it is the aboriginal land and what the government is doing is very wrong because it is the aboriginal land

  21. reader

    #2 I am really against the Kinder Morgan pipeline I am actually against all pipelines, because if something goes wrong with the pipeline or if the pipeline bursts it can affect all of the surrounding area. I don’t like how the company just went on to the aboriginal land and started to make a pipeline with out asking the people to do any of this. I do not like this

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