Assignment #2 for Week of November 12

This week for your assignment, please make a prediction about the results of the Municipal Election that will be held on Saturday, November 15.

The prediction could be as simple as who you think will win the mayoral race or as complicated as predicting change in the overall number of candidates elected from the parties.

I’m interested in hearing about your ideas about the results.  Try to think about what you’ve learned in the discussions in class and your conversations with friends and family.

All responses MUST be full sentences.



  1. coolschoolscout

    I predict that the Green Party will be more successful than last year and they will raise awareness about the environment and lead the city of Vancouver in a good way by listening to fellow citizens and taking their thoughts to heart.

  2. doctor pineapple

    This is my personal opinion on how the election is going to go in some of the different categories…
    Mayoral: I think that it is probably going to be one of the party supported candidates who wins because when you are part of a party you get financial support as well as other things like advertisement and campaigning being supported by your party. But my number 1 guess and choice would probably be current mayor Gregor Robertson because I’m not a huge fan of the NPA.
    School Board Trustees: I think there’s going to be some returning members to the board on Saturday but I do think that there will also be a few new members to join but mostly returning like Patti Bachus and maybe Gwen Giesbrecht.
    Park Board: I would think that with the green party being so big into the environment and saving Nature that they would have lots of park board candidates right? Well there’s just 2 of them Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe. But I think there both going to be elected…

    • Jody

      I think you’re right – the factors in an election are complicated and finances certainly play a big role in it. What do you think about the discussion currently being held about donations to political parties?

  3. Scarletcat

    I think that the vision Vancouver party, will be successful this year because that party went around and talked to lots of schools and went to lots of events. Also I think that the student vote election, and the real election will be quite similar because lots of students probably get influenced by adults in their life that vote.

    • Jody

      Interesting! So you think that how public candidates are during the campaign affects their electability? What do you think explains the difference between the student vote and the “real” election?

  4. balloongirl123

    i think the winner would be green party because they want to have a affordable houses and they want a clean green city they want a better environment.

  5. cheese curds

    Who do I think will ne Mayor? Well I think Gregor Robinson will be the again, because he’s been Mayor a long time and a lot of people like him. So, I think he will enforce the same laws.

    Things I think that could be improved. I think they should improve the traffic rules and I think Downtown should be a bit cleaner. Also I think they could homeless people in nicer hotel rooms or houses and make sure they have nice stoves and beds. Vancouver is very expensive so they should make it more affordable, especially houses.

  6. The awesomest

    I think the new mayor will be Meena Wong because i think people want a change and she wants to inforce good laws.I think the councillours David angus,Mellissa De Genova,heather Deal,Pete Fry,Geoff Meggs,Jennifer O’Keefe and four others because from what ive read they are the most popular.i think the school trustees will be patti Bacchus,JaneBouey,Janet Fraser,Gwen Geisbrecht,mischa Oak and four others because i think they are people that everyone has heard of and everyone knows that they will make the right decisions.I think that most people will vote for the green party because they want to help the earth.

    • Jody

      Wow, Awesomest, this is a very specific prediction. I like how you brought your research into your prediction. Were you surprised by the results? What do you think accounts for the differences?

  7. reader

    I think our new mayor will be Geregor robertson because he was mayor for a long time. For the Green Party I think michia oak will win becuase he is a teacher and I like how he know what the schools are dealing with. For the public education project I think patti Bacchus because she wants to make wifi reliable for students to learn.

    • Jody

      Reader, you mentioned two candidates who visited our classroom. Do you think that other voters had the same insight into these candidate’s platforms?

  8. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I think that the green team will be the winners , and why . I think that they made a lot of talking to us about and I really like the talk that they did so, I think that is how the green team will win

  9. NerdDurtle

    I think green party is most likely to win because they have a lot of ideas that will help schools a lot and they also have been speaking about what they are going to do when they get elected.

  10. cooperraine

    i think more people will vote green because the worlds pollution is getting worst every year and people want more money for EDUCATION…


    I think that green party will win because there all about the environment , education and helping people that are on the streets get in homes and get back on track.

  12. purplegiraffe47

    I think that the results will come out and that either the Green party will get lots of votes or Vision Vancouver, I think the Green party cause now a lot of people care a lot about the environment and and education. My reason for Vision is cause there’s a lot of people who feel very strongly that Mayor Gregor Robertson should stay Mayor and that means that Vision will get a lot of votes. 🙂

    • Jody

      Purplegiraffe47 I love how you made two predictions – elections are complicated and there is often more than one party or individual who represent the change. I also really appreciate that you gave thoughtful reasons for your predictions.

  13. Ginger

    I think that someone in a party, not an independent, will win the mayoral election.I feel that way because lots of people have a party they vote for and think will support them and their needs. I think there will be a mix of people for Parks Board, City Council and School Trustee. About 75% of it will be parties and the other 25% will be independents.

    • Jody

      Wow. I really liked that you went out on a limb with your prediction and said something no one else did. What do you think accounts for the low vote count for independents across the board?

  14. petrinied4000

    I think the mayor will probably not be an independent because people usually go for parties that have money and are more “in the community”. I think it is a pretty tight race for Gregor Robertson and Kirk Lapointe but Gregor will most likely win. For school trustees I think it will be pretty even between parties but there will be few independents that will be elected because they are less reachable.

    • Jody

      Petrinied4000, nice insight about the dynamics of independents and parties. I think you’re right about the financial impact for parties. Why did you predict Gregor winning the Mayoral race?

  15. PointyHedgeHog11

    I personally think that Gregor robertson will win , because not many people like Kirk La Pointe and the NPA team and the only whey to keep La Pointe out is to vote for someone else , which is likely Gregor Robertson.

    • Jody

      PointyHedgeHog11, do you think that people vote based on what they want, or do you think that they vote to avoid things that they don’t want more often?

  16. Mario2

    I predict that Gregor Robertson or Kirk Lapointe Will most likely win The Mayoral Elections. They are the only 2 bound to win i think. Everyone else (all other candidates for mayor) will be knocked out easily. I have seen lots of Gregor Robertson signs and Kirk Lapointe signs up all around Vancouver. So i predict Gregor Robertson is going to win Because most of Vancouver likes Gregor Robertson and his bike lanes!

    • Jody

      Mario2, do you think that the signs are a reliable predictor of success? Did the election results change your opinion on that?

  17. cheeseman ABC 123

    I think that for mayor it will either be Kirk Lapointe or Gregor Robertson because Gregor has been there for last seven years and I think a lot of people like him and it could be Kirk because I see a lot of signs for him, bit and small. I also think its been fun getting school trustees to come in to speak to us about what they are going to do or their party and I hope we do more projects like this during the year. I wish more school trustees had come to speak. I think there is going to be a lot of Vision and Green candidates in the council, school board and parks board.

    • Jody

      Cheeseman, this was a really thoughtful post. I wish more Trustee candidates had come too! Well, it looks like we will have a Federal election on our hands soon, and I can’t wait to have more discussion on this with you too!

  18. Subway2go

    I think Gregor Robertson will win because he has done a really good job at being mayor since he has been elected. I also think rthat he is going to win because: he has an organic approach to things, he wants to end street homelessness,he wants to have a clean media, he wants to crreate a green city, and create affordable housing. I also think he will win because not many people want Kirk Lapointe to win.

    • Jody

      Interesting! Subway2go, I think it’s great that you brought Gregor’s past experience into your prediction. I think a lot of people look for a candidate that reflects their values.

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