Assignment #2 for week of October 17

For this weekend, please review the webpage in the “Biography in Context” database on the Library Webcat.

You will need to enter the username and password to view the site (check your planner)

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in History.  She is 17 years old and was born in Pakistan.  Please read the information on this website and click the links on related stories to find out more information.

Once you have spent some time reading on the website, please answer ONE of the following questions.

Answers must be at least two full sentences long and answer all parts of the question.

1. Which of Malal’s actions do you think will bring about the most change in the world?  Why?

2.  Do you agree with the decision of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to award the prize to Malala?

3.  What personal traits do you believe should be recognized by the world?

4. What protections do you believe should be provided by world governments for individuals?

5.  What human rights do you hold most precious?  Which would you fight for?



  1. petrinied4000

    #4 I think that if anyone has an idea or wants to protest the government should take that into consideration. They should listen to that person and make an open decision about it, like a vote. That way more people can be happier about the decision and
    the protesting person can say what he or she wants to in a civilized way.

  2. cool sketcher

    2# I think the nobel peace prize committee made a good decision to award Malala because she stood up for her rights to go to school and ended up getting shot to do it. She also was an inspiration to millions of women around the world.

  3. Scarletcat

    #1 I think that in this world there is a lot of things we believe in or want to change.Malala is standing up for what she believes in,and is making a difference.I think her efforts to get girls all around the world to have a good education ,will for sure change things.I think it will give girls around the world freedom,and knowledge. Also I think it will get rid of comments like “you do that like a girl” because everyone will have an education,and an equal chance in life.

  4. doctor pineapple

    #5 I think all human rights are important but I think that a few are the most crucial. Education is definitely one of the most valuable, that’s why I think Malal believed in equal education for everyone, everywhere. It’s like what we talked about in class over these last few days,education in different in different parts of the world but Malal fought for education in a part of the world where it is getting better and better as more people like her try to make a difference.

  5. purplegiraffe47

    (#2) I agree that it was a good idea to give malala the award. She stood up for what she believed in and I
    think that’s really important. Malala must have been very brave to stand up for her rights because she got shot doing
    it, she must have felt really strong about her rights 🙂

  6. Subway2go

    #2 I think the Nobel Peace prize committee made a good choice for choosing Malala. I think they chose her because she stands up for humans rights, she shows determination by not quitting even when she was severely injured, and stands up for all girls and women. I hope I have the determination that Malala has.

  7. coolschoolscout

    #2 I think that the Nobel Prize committee chose well as Malala is an inspiration to people who have heard the
    story of her life and many people should stand up for their rights as no one can take them away.
    She got hurt so many times but that didn’t stop her because she had a dream and good perseverance.

  8. Ginger

    #2 I think that the Nobel peace prize committee chose a great person for the award. Some people might disagree with them and think that someone that has been doing their work for longer and that is older should’ve gotten it but I think that Noel it was a great choice for them.

  9. Aldwyn 2000

    5#… I would fight for education, universal health care, equal rights for women, an end to global bombing and wars and addressing and ending world poverty.These are the most precious human rights for me and I would fight for them.

  10. reader

    1.i think Malala is a brave person and she showed people that you can’t let other people tell you what to do and she is very lucky to win a nobel peace prize.

  11. Cheese Curds

    qestion 1 The action that will have the most impact in the world is that she stood up for what she believed in even though she was being threatened and shot at. Her behaviour will teach other girls in the world to stand up for themselves as well. She will be a good influence.

  12. who gets money

    i do agree with the prize they gave her because she made a difference in the world.
    with what she happens to her she got shoot and survived and still did what she believed in.

  13. The awesomest

    #1. I think her book “I am Malala”will make alot of change in the world because people who read it will be inspired and they will inspire other people.I hope to see a change in the world!

  14. NerdDurtle

    #2 I agree that she deserve the award because she stood against the taliban for education and human rights.She fought because the girls had the same right as mens.

  15. balloongirl123

    Malala deserved the prize because she worked hard in getting an education even though the militant Taliban did’t agree to this.She wanted to be equal like men so she was determined to receive an education even though she knew going to school was dangerous she still went which made her very brave. That’s why she deserves to win the prize because she fought for her rights and didn’t give up.

  16. PointyHedgehog

    I think Malala made the biggest difference through beeing awarded the nobel peace prize.
    Ithink it will make girls feel empowerd and progress towords equal rights for all.

  17. Hamsterlover

    1.the most change that malala did to the world is that girls can now go to school.
    she did the right thing to stand up for girls rights to go to school and to be educated.

  18. Cheeseman 123ABC

    I think that because she made a blog she gave other girls inspiration so that they could also fight for there rights so they will be able to go to school and get edication hopefully.I also think that because her dad left open a school for 9 months that atleast some girls got edication.

  19. jr.fruitcake

    I think that it was both interesting and very wise at the same time. The fact that they chose a 17 year old girl is completely the opposite of what the world expects. But when you look at her actions it would near impossible to find someone who affected the protesting people around the world. I agree entirely, It was an amazing act of bravery!


    #2 I agree with the nobel peace prize committee for giving Malala the award because she was trying to help all the girls in the world so they could be educated. Just like equals, it reminds of the second Harry Potter Book where Harry treats Dobby like an equal, because everyone should be treated like an equal.

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