Assignment #2 for week of October 20

For your assignment this time, please review the information on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website about how inductees are chosen.

Click on the link below and read about the criteria and process used to determine who is inducted to the Hall of Fame:

For your response this week, Answer the question: If you could change one part of the eligibility criteria, what would you change? Why?

Consider the following:

Is the criteria clear enough?

Does the criteria exclude anyone? Who?

Do you agree with the different categories?

Please write a response that is at least 3 sentences long. Please use full sentences and watch for capital letters, punctuation and spelling.



  1. Scarletcat

    If I could change one part of the eligibility criteria I would make it so you didn’t have to be a singer or in a band to be inducted . That way musicians who played rock and roll music could be inducted because rock and roll isn’t just about singing, it can be lots of other things like playing :drums, guitar, keyboards ext. I don’t really think that the criteria is really clear enough, because I still don’t get what “rock and roll music” actually is because it has such a wide range! I think that the criteria excludes solo musicians that play rock and roll music , I can’t really think of one off the top of my head though. I sort of agree with the categories but I think that there should be a category for the rock and roll legends like “little Richard ” or “Joan Jett”, the inductees for that could be from any time period.

  2. purplegiraffe47

    I think that if I could change one part of the eligibility it would be that you don’t have to good at it, there are a lot of people who
    have made a big difference in music but weren’t very popular. I think the criteria was mostly clear I just don’t get that
    there are so many people who are inducted but don’t sing or play rock and roll, so that sort of confused me:)

  3. ginger

    I think the eligibility criteria could be changed to include albums from 15 years ago. Waiting 25 years means that some older artists may die before their induction. #2. The criteria does exclude some people – it excludes the people who have put out a record 10 years ago and everyone liked it and thought they were a perfect nominee. It also excludes people who can’t afford to put out a record. #3. I do agree with the categories and I think they incorporate all different types of artists #1. I think the criteria is clear enough and I understand it.

  4. coolschoolscout

    I think that people that aren’t singers but are in the process of helping great singers as well as people that create and publish
    music should have some recognition in the hall of fame and could be inductees.#1 I agree that the criteria is clear and it is understandable.#2 Back when the induction process started, many people of a different race or people with different beliefs were excluded as they were supposedly “dangerous to the human race”. Only now people are realising that different beliefs don’t affect music, it depends on who listens. #3 I can agree with the categories but I think that people shouldn’t limit inductees to 5-7 musicians per year. They should induct anyone who created songs that are getting good responses from the world.

  5. Subway2go

    I think the criteria could be a little bit clearer because how can some one who sings rap develop rock n roll. I think the criteria excludes people who have not had an album out for 25 years. Off the top of my head I can think of a few artist who can be inducted but they didn’t have an album out for 25 years. I think there should be an category for the produces because the producers put a lot of time and effort in to help these artist produce their music.

  6. PointyHedgehog11

    I think it is important to have different categories for things like non singer category because some people were influential to the creation of rock and roll and i think a category for artists who made change needs to be added .

  7. doctor pineapple

    #1 I think the criteria is clear enough but they should make criteria for what exactly rock and roll is. I could think of several people in the hall of fame that sing reggae music or blues which are generally different types of music.
    #2 I think that 25 years is a little bit to long to wait to be inducted in because what if a band makes 3 or 4 really good albums in a span of 10 years and then stops playing? Then they haven’t played in 15 years and they’ve just been inducted in. I think it should be either a 15 year time period or 5 years after the band starts playing.
    #3 I think it’s good that they try to include an award for as many different people as possible but they should introduce an award for producers and backup singers and backup bands.

  8. The awesomest

    I think you should be allowed to be inducted even if your first album wasn’t 25 years ago because some people weren’t very popular when they released their first album so people dont know who they are.I think the criteria is fairly clear .I think the criteria excludes newer musicians.I think they have good categorys but they should add one for the producers because they profucers work hard to make sure that the music sounds good.

  9. Aldwyn 2000

    I think that the criteria could be easier to read because I don’t quite understand it.I believe that the criteria is excluding the people who could have become an influence for a new music that we will not notice until years to come.Lastly I think that the categories are good as they are.

  10. balloongirl123

    I think the criteria should be a bit more clear. The Rock n Roll hall of fame are excluding the newer musicians.To me 25 years is somewhat long to be inducted so i think they should change it to at least 15 years.

  11. cool sketcher

    I think the criteria was okay some of it I didn’t really get and some of it made sense. I think the criteria excludes newer bands and it only recognizes and nominates the older artists/bands so I think they should change the nominating process to around 15 to 18 years of being in a band. I think the categories are okay and if I were to choose I would have not changed anything just make it more clear.


    I think the eligibility criteria should be changed. I would change the time to 12 1/2 years! It is half of 25 years and it gives the artists a long enough period of time to become great and well known, but not too long to wait to be inducted into the hall of fame. As well, the people who love them don’t have to wait 25 years for their favourite artist or band to be inducted! Plus my dad is waiting forever for his favourite singer to be inducted!

  13. chees curds

    I think the criteria is very clear, but I’d make some changes.

    What I would change from how they pick people is, you would only have to have a single 10 year ago instead of 25 years ago, because all the people that are in the rock n roll hall of fame are 70s and older .

    So, I think a lot of young people are left out because rock and roll is quite different now.

  14. petrinied4000

    I would change the part about how artists can only be inducted into the hall of fame 25 years after their first album. I would change it because some people are really good and their songs could get worse over the years. Instead I would make a rule that artists can only get induced anytime after their second record.

  15. cheeseman ABC 123

    3# yes but I think that people in the musical excellence categorie should get more credit because without Elvis Presley’s drummer they might not have been able to make a band. 2# yes it does because people who are not excellent don’t get inducted and who say they are excellent or not.1# I don’t think that it is clear enough because it does not say why it has to be 25 years or who says its unquestionable .

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