Assignment #2 Week of December 1

Hello Division 16,

For this blog assignment, please take a look at the images on the blog found at

This is a collection of Yarn Bombing.  This is a unique kind of art that is done by people then made public in the world, kind of like a Photo Bomb or a Flash Mob.  You can read more about Yarn Bombing (or Yarnstorms) here:  There are instances of Yarnstorms around Vancouver.

Please answer BOTH of these questions:

1. What do you think the artists are trying to say with this artwork?  Do you think this is an appropriate or responsible way to create public art?

2. Imagine a way that you could take your art and make it public.  Do you dance? Cook? Write Poetry? Draw?  Act? How could you make your art public in a surprising and meaningful way?  What would your Art Bomb be, if you were supported by the city for such art?

Please edit your work before submitting.  Read it over.  Does it make sense?  Are you using punctuation and do you have capital letters for names and at the start of sentences? Does it answer both questions?



  1. doctor pineapple

    #1 I like the idea of spreading messages through art like this in a more subtle way. It’s not damaging or permanent so there’s technically nothing wrong with doing it either. I think with art like this there’s not really a specific message but that’s what makes it great, you can make whatever type of message that you want to spread. You could tell a story or you could use it to spread awareness about a cause like a charity or a fundraiser you are feeling strongly about.
    #2 My art bomb would be about spreading awareness and making contributions to homeless and poverty struck people in Vancouver. It wouldn’t necessarily be art but I would definitely do things like donate to food banks and charities. I would also like to maybe create something like humans of Vancouver and New York, but instead I would go around and talk to homeless people and listen to there stories. Then I would start putting those story on websites and maybe books to let more people know about them. It would be a way to really bring up the fact that they are just like us but less fortunate and that’s why we should help them…

    • dickensdiv16

      I like how you identified how much of the message of public art is in the eye of the beholder. There are some images in that collection that bring about strong emotions, though! I think it has a great capacity to tell stories. I like how you connected this post to the Humans of Vancouver idea.

  2. Scarletcat

    I think that the “yarn bomb artists” are trying to add colour to ordinary things people see every day . Also to start a cooperative ,community project in changing regular objects or sculptures into works of art . I think that yarn bombing is an interesting and creative idea ,but I don’t think that the artists should do it on meaningful statues that represent people that fought for us in the war ,or had a big impact in our society and lives, just to be respectful of those people. I really liked the art on the trees and I thought that was my favourite yarn bomb. I think that my art bomb would be community drawing ,like putting up giant chalkboards on the sides of buildings or abandoned houses for people to chalk draw on them. I would have a different theme every week for people to draw or write about.

    • dickensdiv16

      Scarletcat, I love your art bomb. Great idea with the giant chalkboards! Thank you for your observation about turning regular objects into works of art. The art on the trees was one of my favourites too!

    • doctor pineapple

      I agree that they should not be doing it on things like statues or memorials just to be respectful. also because there’s is a bazillion other places in the city where you could do yarn bombing.

  3. The awesomest

    1.I think the artists are just trying to be creative.I don’t think people should be doing this in public places because on statues and other forms of art I don’t think people should cover it up with other art.
    2.My art bombing would probably be dancing if I did do any form of art bombing.To make my art public I would probably get my whole dance company involved .

  4. purplegiraffe47

    #1. I think that the artists might be showing in there Yarn Bombing is to be compassionate about what you love. I think that its acceptable to do the art as long as if they want to do it that is someones property or on there property that they should have to ask first. #2. I ❤ to do all kinds of art but I really like making big paintings so I think I would like to paint meerles and I think I would paint paintings of nature like sunsets, forests, landscapes and animals to show how beautiful nature is and how humanity is destroying it with all of our pipelines and global worming 😉 ❤ ❤ 😉 😉

  5. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think that the artists did it to make there city POP!! It is a good way to create awareness for something becouse it is really easy to see and it draws you in. Some of those photos where really beautiful .
    My kind of art booming would be decorative garden beds . I would do it to help create more awareness about the important issue of climate change . This was a fun blog post .

    • doctor pineapple

      I like the idea of using natural material to spare your message especially if your message is to do with the environment. Would that possibly be something similar things like round-a-bout neighbourhood gardens?

    • dickensdiv16

      HedgeHog11, I also love the idea about the garden beds – and doctor pineapple, I like the comparison with the round-a-bout gardens. How would you connect the gardens to the issue of climate change?

  6. Subway2go

    I don’t think the artists are trying to vandalize properties and/or other objects. I think the artists are either trying to start a different way to do graffiti without permanent damage. I think that they still shouldn’t cover up private properties because it is not their own. My art bomb would be a sewing pants (because I had a pant business before) and I would go public by putting pants of the bronze statues near English Bay.

  7. coolschoolscout

    I think that the artists used yarn to express their feelings through this process because colour can be used to reflect moods, typically happy or sad moods. Bright colours reflect happiness while dark colours seem sad. The main colours where pink and rainbow colours, so I assume that the artists were expressing happiness. My kind of art would be a kind of community painting organization. We would head out and paint the different buildings once in a while and make the city seem more powerful and cheery.

  8. cheese curds

    what they’re trying to say is that they want to graffiti but in an appropriate manner that doesn’t involve spray paint. i wold say that this type of street art is appropriate .

  9. Ginger

    I think that the artists are trying to make whatever city they are working in unique. Also, they are trying to leave a mark that says “I did this, I was here”. I think it is a lot more appropriate than doing graffiti and it looks better, in my view, but you can go too far. For example, if you were to cover up a whole war memorial in yarn that would be very disrespectful. I love to cook so I think that if I were to art bomb anything it would be the hungry bellies of the less fortunate. I would throw a big BBQ party and would have tons of food and anyone who needed a good meal could come and eat until they had a full stomach.

    • Scarletcat

      I think that your big food party would be a really cool thing to do, especially for people that cant afford it.

    • dickensdiv16

      Ginger, I agree, the yarnbombing is like graffiti but less permanent. One always has to be thoughtful with art that it is respectful. Along with Scarletcat, I really love your big BBQ party for anyone who needed it. I wonder what it would take to make that happen?

  10. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that this is amazing. It looked like it took years to make just one.I really like the idea of making art using yarn but I think is is somewhat vandalism. The trees are probably okay but I wouldn’t put yarn on someones car.I think it is better than spray paint though because it is not permanent. For me it is really hard to tell what message they are trying to send. It is similar to graffiti but for some reason it doesn’t seem like that. I think they are trying to tell people to take care of their city better.
    #2 I think that music is art. I would like to play in a could play fundraising concert and then give the money I earned to charity. I also like to write. If I could get a book published I would send some money to countries that need it.

    • dickensdiv16

      petrinied, I love your interpretation of the art as a reminder to people to take good care of their city, and I truly love the idea of a fundraising concert! Where would you hold this concert?

  11. reader

    1. I think what the people are trying to say is” this is what the world should look like.” I also think this is an appropriate thing to do and it’s also an artistic way of showing art. 2. my art bomb would be making sculptures out of recyclables like containers, milk jugs, etc.

  12. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    #1 I think that what the artist are trying to say that you can cover the yarn with really thing. I saw one at the end and it was like webs and I think that what it was trying to say was that the that thing with the 6 leg, lives in trees.

  13. NerdDurtle

    #1 What I think the artist is trying to show is that can be done all around you and try new things. I think the yarn bombing is a unique, but it is not responsible because it can influence other to do crazy things still i think this is better than graffiti.#2 My art bomb would be showing what is happening all around the world and also it will be on high places like the big bulletin boards you see on streets. If I was supported by the city I would make it surprising so people will be shock what they done or what happens around them.

  14. who gets money

    #1. Personally, I think that any type of art on the street is cool. It’s better than just having blank pavement. I think most of them are appropriate, except when they knitted around someone’s car. That might really inconvenience someone, and be really annoying to remove.

    #2. Acting is my art, so I would create political raps that I would sing about things such as Harper, and I would perform them on the street. I feel that when you do anything public, some people will always support it, and others will be offended.

    • dickensdiv16

      who gets money, good point about the car – do you think it was done to someone’s car or to the artists’ car? Love the idea of political raps, and I think you’re right, art can look different to different people!

  15. Aldwyn 2000

    #1. I think that the artists are trying to show the public that every one can be and are creative and we just need to go out there and show it. Do I think this is appropriate … well I think that some of the ways they yarn bombed were cool and unique but some times I saw stuff like police boxes that are used for calling in the olden days and are sparse in the UK now were being covered in yarn in an impractical fashion. #2. my kind of art would be that at the holidays I would decorate lampposts and houses ( when I decorated the houses I would of course ask the people first ) I would also decorate for local stores for a small expense.That expense would be my support from the city.

  16. jr.fruitcake

    #1 I think what the artists are trying to say by making their art is that the world should or could be so colourful and energetic.
    I think it is an amazing idea to decorate public spaces. It is an inspiring form of graffiti. I respect what they are trying to say and I believe one day the world could be changed by it but maybe not in the ways that the yarn bombers think it will.
    #2 A kind of art I could make public would be playing the piano. It would not send the same kind of message as the yarn bombers but it would important non the less. It would hopefully send a message to be happy and to embrace the world for what it is and make the changes it needs for it to be even better. I think the city would support me on this because all I’m doing is playing music for the world to listen to. (assuming I was good enough for people to enjoy it).


    #1I think what the people who are yarn bombing are saying through there art is that art can be any where not just on a pice of paper or canvas it is for your emotion to spread through your art is for everywhere thats legal I do think this is an appropriate way of showing your art because its creative also the different colours in the yarn is cool as well. Yes I think this a responsible way of showing your art because they are putting it in appropriate public places #2 If I ever did a art bomb it would have to be dance to get it public i would get my dance teacher and the classes that i do involved first but my my dance teacher would probably get the whole company involved to

  18. Cheeseman ABC123

    1a#I think the artists are trying to say that art can be whatever you want it to be art is what you think of it can be wherever you want it to be and wherever you want it to be I also thin that they do it because they love to that sort of thing and they are compassionate about what they d .the thing with this art is that it is easy to do all you need is string ,yarn or some material like those1b# I think its an appropriate way of showing art because they might just want to brighten up there neighborhood, They think it looks cool, they think its unique way of showing art and they like it. I don’t think its a responsible way of showing it if you have to climb up a statue, you do it on some else’s yard, do it on something of some else’s property but if you ask the person who owns and they say yes then that would be a responsible way to show art 2# if I ever did a art bomb it would probably be drawing I would get everyone I know that likes drawing to draw anything they want then to cut it out and use it as a stencil you use either paint or yarn. you would go around the city, your property and other people’s property if they said you were aloud to

  19. balloongirl123

    I think that the people were trying to be creative and to express their feelings. It’s like the graffiti that we see in any city but instead they used yarn which makes them stand out from other artists

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