Assignment #2 Week of December 15

Division 16,

Thank you for your excellent work these past weeks on your blog assignments.  Just a reminder that over the break, you will be completing two blog homework assignments, one on December 22 and the second on December 29.

If you feel, over the break, that you have the energy to work on a blog post for our site, please don’t hesitate to work on one and email it to me.  I’ll be glad to give it a bit of an edit and post it over the break.  Posts can be on any topic including class work, the holidays, or try your hand and discussing a news article or current event!

For this Thursday’s assignment, check out this link:

This was an article done last year about our school neighbourhood.  There are a lot of short articles connected to this site.  Take a read through at least four of the short articles about the community for inspiration, then write your own short article (at least 3 paragraphs) about an aspect of your community.  It may be a feature of the neighbourhood, such as a park, a regular community event, a moment in history or a personal reflection on the community.

Please try to choose a unique topic.  Also edit for capitals, punctuation and to make sure your article makes sense and addresses the topic you meant to address.

Have fun!


  1. Scarletcat

    If you look across the street from “Saly limon” you will see McAuley park ,its smaller then our school field and if you were walking by it and sneezed you would miss it. It has a community garden filled with flowers and other plants waiting to bloom, it also has a couple benches and that’s about it. But its so much more than that ,it was named after an old couple who changed our community and the city of Vancouver forever. It all started quite a while ago when a young couple decided to start a Kensington neighbourhood cleanup, their goal was to pick up lots of recyclable and reusable materials to reduce waste, the idea became well known and it grew , other neighbourhoods started doing it and Vancouver became a greener , and cleaner enviorment. The couple continued doing it about once a month and big changes took place in our community and life , it made Vancouver such a better place and now people are still doing the big cleanup once a month. I think that those two people made such a difference and that it really shows that anyone can change our community.

  2. coolschoolscout

    My article is about the community libraries, including the school library. It represents one of the most important aspect of all, which is learning. Those who don’t use it haven’t seen what wonders are in reading. I have always loved books and going to the library with friends and family. The best part about libraries is that you can practically find books on anything from dictionaries, reference books, chapter and comic books. We put a lot of money into these magical places as tax payers and we get to decide to go there or not. It is a great research area, a calm and quiet place to interact with friends, as well as being full of people who can recommend you books or answer your questions. What’s unique about libraries is the immense inventory of information that they have. I hope that everyone uses libraries in the future, although many will change to technology instead. Thank you for reading my thoughts, and I hope that I have changed your view of reading!


    My article is about duplexes because I think it’s one of the best ways to make a Community. A duplex is a home where you share it with another family and you will live in the front half or back half and there is normally more then one there can be three and then you would have community of six families and you can do lots of things together like have dinner parties and have a cake offs and it gives also gives you lots of opportunities for babysitting, dog walking or house sitting jobs and things like that and you feel that even when a new family moves in you still feel like it’s a new start and you can do all the same things again and it will feel even better. So I hoped you learned that it is great to be in a community even if it’s small.

  4. Who gets money

    I am going to focus on the schools in the
    Neighbourhood Charels dickens annex can only let kids from the Neighbourhood
    In to there school because there are to many kids trying to get in to the school Because it is in a nice Neighbourhood
    And it is a good school because they have a nice garden good teachers a huge park and a big gym and Charels dickens elementary school as you know is over flowing with kids we even had to get rid of are “prep room” but it is still considered won of the best elementary schools in Vancouver because of the big field the big play ground and the good teachers pluse a roof top garden

  5. doctor pineapple

    For my short article I would like to talk about the amazing multi-cultural influences in our neighbourhood. If you look around in our community there is a lot of different people and families that live in the area, it’s really neat sometimes to go out and look around at all the different cultures and backgrounds that are really so close even though some of them are from so far away. Even in our school there’s lots of different backgrounds in the different students and staff, when all the residents in your community are able to share unique bits and pieces of there lifestyle and culture it makes for a more diverse and interesting community. But in a community where theres lots of different people you also have to be open to others thoughts and beliefs, because a community can be mixed but if they’re not open to other’s ways of living then it’s not a very nice community. Luckily in our neighbourhood everyone is welcoming and friendly which is why it’s such a nice place to live. Hope you’re all having a nice holiday!

  6. Ginger

    In the Kensington/Cedar Cottage area there are many community gardens. Community gardens are where an individual or family can sign up to look after a plot of land in a large fenced area. You can plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees, fruits, berries and many other things. These gardens are very helpful to people who live in apartments and duplexes and don’t have a garden. When you don’t have a garden you may feel like you have to buy everything from the store. It is also good to grow your own food because fruits and vegetables can be very expensive in stores and you might decide that you can’t afford them if you have a limited income.

    Community gardens also help you meet new friends and neighbours because you might be gardening and start talking to someone and have a really good time. Knowing your neighbours makes for a safer neighbourhood, too. For example, you might be very sick or injured and need some medicine but you can’t leave the house, so you call the friend you met while gardening and ask if they can pick up your prescription.

    Blooming boulevards are somewhat like a community garden. Blooming boulevards are areas like traffic circles, bike lanes, alleys and boulevards where neighbours work together to make the area look more beautiful by planting greenery and flowers. The owner of the property is responsible for the strip of land next to their home. Neighbours come out to take care of their gardens, and get to know each other.

    In general, getting people out and gardening is one of the most important things we can do, fresh air, socializing and growing food and flowers is one small step towards a greener and friendlier Vancouver.

  7. PointyHedgehog 11

    One of my favorite places in my community is Queen Elizabeth park . There is a lot of things to do there. One special place is the Bloedel Conservatory . It has a special meaning to me because a few years ago the city of Vancouver was going to tear it down, but people were against the idea . I created a petition and got almost 100 signatures, but I was not alone . Many other people were rallying and protesting and in the end Bloedel still keeps watch over the city from its perch .
    Another of my favorite places is the sunken garden . I love the sunken garden because it is beautiful at any time, in any season. In the spring everything is fully bloomed and the garden radiates with vibrant color. In the fall it is covered in a blanket of amber leaves and in the winter the air smells of crisp pine needles .
    Finally, there is the duck pond . The duck pond has many fond memory’s for me because we used to go there a lot when I was little .We came with bread to give to the ducks and I would hop on the rocks around the edge of the water . There is also a tree planted by Queen Elizabeth II nearby . The area around the duck pond is great fun because you can go sledding in the winter and have a picnic in the summer in the same place . I am grateful to have such an awesome place in my community .

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