Assignment #2 Week of December 8

Division 16,

Yesterday was Human Rights Day. You can learn about the history of Human Rights Day at this Wikipedia Page  There are many days during the year when we focus on particular rights, including December 6th last week when we focused on the Day of Remembrance and the Rights of Women to safe education and to equal rights.

You will find a poster about Human Rights at  the link below.  You can click on the image to make it big enough to read from.  These are human rights we hold dear and true in Canada.

Please choose one of the Human Rights represented on the poster that speaks to you and respond to ONE of the following questions:

1.  Do you think all Canadians have this right?  Who does and who doesn’t?  Explain your answer.

2.  What can Canadians do to ensure that this right is applied to everyone?  Name one action that individuals and groups of people can do to ensure it is?

3.  Are there any rights that you think are missing from this poster?  What is a right you believe all people should have that is not a part of this list?

Please remember to answer all parts of the question you choose and to use full sentences.  Edit your work before you press “post comment”.  This means reading your work over and checking for periods, capitals, and that your work makes sense.



  1. Cheeseman ABC123

    1# I think that all Canadians have this right which is everyone has the right for education because everyone should know something so it can help them later on in life. Some places in the world like 3rd world countries are poor and they probably don’t have as good education as we do.

  2. doctor pineapple

    #2 One of the rights I think is the most important is the right to speak and to voice your own thoughts and opinions. It’s extremely important that anyone, Canadian or not have the freedom to share there opinion when they feel the need to. Not only should you have the right to help make decisions (such as voting) that affect you and others in your life but also if you don’t (or can’t) voice your thoughts when decisions are being made then you don’t own the right to complain about the out come of those decisions . To ensure that everyone has their say in the overall choices and decisions that are being made you should always encourage everyone in a group or a community to have their say. That way if everyone helps decide then a majority of your group will always be happy with the decisions. Also you could help others with this by doing things as small as talking to you neighbours about there opinions to things as big as holding public events and gathering people to come and voice there thoughts (or maybe protest). But the number one thing that you can do is to never deny someone from talking, don’t cut people out of conversations or make a decision without consulting everyone in a group or city or even a country. Because if if you are making choices that aren’t in the best interest of your group then it’s not a group at all…

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice work, doctor pineapple! I agree with you that this is a really important right for everyone. What barriers do you think people might experience that prevent them from being able to express their opinions? I like how you talked about connecting with others being both small and large scale. I think both of these opportunities are so valuable!

      • doctor pineapple

        I think that this right is slowly becoming less of an issue around the world in the last couple of decades. Probably the biggest barrier although less and less in the past few years are your nationality and your skin colour. I don’t like saying it but I think it’s true, black people weren’t even aloud to vote until 1965 even though it is a human right!

      • doctor pineapple

        that could certainly be a possibility if you are in a country where you don’t speak the main language/languages.

  3. Scarletcat

    The human right I chose was “all adults have the right to marriage and to raise a family”.
    I’m not sure if every Canadian has this right, I know that in some parts of the US only opposite gender couples can get married, and hopefully it is not like that in Canada. I think that if this law is like it is in the US , gay people don’t have this right , which I don’t agree with at all. I think that if everyone is open to different tipes of marriages and different families this human right will apply to all Canadians . When I read the poster I was surprised to find that there was no human right about being allowed to be the person you want to be. Like not being forced to have your life revolving around something that your not passionate about, or if you want to be an author when you grow up but people in your life decide for you that your going to be a doctor or something.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good point, Scarletcat. Do you think that the other rights combined would help to facilitate that right, or do you think it should be included? I wonder what the process would be to have this list of rights changed…
      You’re right, in Canada we do have the right to gay marriage, and there are many states in the US that have legalized it. I think there are still many barriers for gay couples that wish to raise children though.

  4. The awesomest

    #1 I think everyone has the right to travel anywhere.I think that the only reason you wouldnt be aloud to travel somewhere would be if you were going to do something bad in the country that you went to.

  5. balloongirl123

    #1 I think that all Canadians have these rights that are presented on the poster. Countries that don’t have some of these rights are mostly in third world countries, for instance everyone has the right to be educated in Canada but for some other countries only specific people can have an education.

  6. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think everyone should have this right , but not all do , which is sad . I think people below the poverty line are the ones who are losing out on these rights. I think that people can advocate for these rights by protesting and voting . The right to free speech is very important because it lets you say what needs to be said. The right that is missing on that poster is the right to healthy clean food and water , which is needed to survive. Rights are important and you need to appreciate them .

  7. coolschoolscout

    #2 I think that it is everyone’s responsibility to respect every human being’s rights as there was no disagreement that everyone has their own personal rights. In some countries with a dictatorship type government, you had to go along with whatever the dictator said or else you and your family would be punished severely, possibly resulting in death. But what is ironic about a dictator in control is people in most cases vote for the dictator as they think that one person being in control is better. That isn’t the right type of place to grow up in especially to those who like to voice their own opinion. Can you imagine living in a country like China where you don’t get to decide where you live or who you marry? It is our opinion that makes our future, OUR decisions that decide our economy, that decide how our planet works, so remember that no one has the right to take your rights from you!

  8. lightningboy123

    1. Yes Canadians should have the power for human rights. Everyone should try to work hard. Because everyone should have the rights to gain equal human rights.

  9. Aldwyn 2000

    #1 I think that although canadians have many rights they do not have all of them, such as people who live on the street. I mean, they do not even have a place to stay while rich people sit on a grand couch in their mansion sipping a coke. It is just absolutely
    disgusting, and at some schools where they do not get as good education as our school,the kids bully each other on being gay or lesbian ( and this happens in canada still)! In other countries like Saudi Arabia women are treated very poorly especially women in religions where they have to wear a burka every where. In places like China where they tried to bring the population down by telling every one to have one kid, and you know what … THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE CHOSE TO HAVE ONLY BOYS! What a discrimination! Also in the states you have to pay extreme prices on the spot for medical attention! I mean do you think that many people will be able to pay for treatment for terrible diseases! ( NO)!

    • dickensdiv16

      Aldwyn2000, you’re right, there are many groups of people who experience the world very differently. Your passion for a better world is admirable. What can we do to help make sure that each person can experience equal human rights?

  10. Ginger

    I think that most adults should have the right to marriage and to raise a family. I say “most” because I do not think that people that are homeless or that can not give there child good food, water and a safe living space should be eligible to have a child. I do think that it is perfectly fine for a same-sex couple to have a child and I think that people that think it is wrong are being narrow minded. I think that there is still a lot of discrimination against LGBTQ couples and that their employers might not give them the same benefits or parental leave which anyone with a new born child should have.

  11. petrinied4000

    #1 I choose the workers rights. It said that every adult gets a fair pay and can join any trade union. I agree that every adult should be able to get a fair pay but I disagree about the part where it says anyone can get a job. I think that the owner of the company should decide. The owner should be reasonable but some people would want to get a job just to destroy the company and some people aren’t meant for the job. I think people with criminal records should be confined to certain jobs depending on how bad their crime was.

  12. Jr.fruitcacke

    #3 Everyone has the right to food and water. It does list that every one has the right for acceptable living conditions for themselves and their family but that does not quite touch on food and water. It is a right that every one should havebut does not it is amazing how much of those some people and how little others do. The United nations must change that. I think that some things are hard to change right away but we can work up to this.

  13. cheese curds

    i like the one that says EVRY ONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Unless some jerk is in charge i think every Canadian has this right .Everybody does have this right in canada. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the black man in court didn’t have a chance because nobody cared about this right. Only Atticus was willing to say the black man was innocent until proven guilty.

    • dickensdiv16

      Yes, you’re right, every person should have this right, but not all groups were considered “persons” – women, people of colour, Aboriginal people have been denied the right to access the justice system, voting, etc. No matter who is in charge, the courts should always be independent!

  14. NerdDurtle

    #3 What I think is that everyone should be included in a different way because she/he could be good at sports, but not in education. What I thought was that the poster talk about what children and adults can do with their freedom because you don’t need to do it if you want.. I thought the right that was missing was that every adult should be able to get hired for jobs because they should get a chance to earn things they need.


    #1 I think that all Canadians and anyone else have the right to not be a held in slavery and yes I do think they all have this right .no one has the right to hold anyone in slavery no one can not even one person at all

  16. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    #1. Think that all Canadians has the rights to do what really what ever they want, some people are different when they grow up. Sometimes when you do grow up you can save people lifes, help then much more. Some countries are poor not like us, for that they don’t really have the freedom they want. A lot of them has to work and get food for there kids and for themselves to. Some of the poor countries are like Africa .

  17. Subway2go

    #3 I think the right that is missing is that you have the the right to be whoever you want to be.If you can’t express who you are and what you believe in, you cannot be very happy in life. All people should have rights to food, water and shelter to help them survive.

  18. purplegiraffe47

    #3. I think that what’s missing is that everyone has the right to show who they are and have pride in themselves no matter there nationality and to express your culture in an appropriate way, people also have the right to a safe environment, again no matter there religion and/or nationality

  19. who gets money

    1. Do you think all Canadians have this right? Who does and who doesn’t? Explain your answer.

    I chose the right to travel any where you want. I do not think that Canadians have this right because you cannot travel to places like North Korea, and if you have contraband like drugs, or fruit that can get you banned from travel. This right is really expensive! Travelling requires shots, a passport, fuel to drive yourself to airport and the cost of tickets and lodging. I don`t think that all Canadians have this right, I think that rich people would be able to travel, but poor people would not be able to.

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