Assignment #2 Week of February 2

Please read this article found at the link below.  Try to think about a technology that has been used for more than one purpose.

In this article, the author describes a technology that was invented for one purpose and used for another – originally, it was to help someone with a speech disability, and now is used for many purposes including voice to text software like Siri.  It’s true that Siri and other voice-to-text software are still used as assistive technology, but has developed a much broader application including recording archival audiotapes, taking notes from a meeting and helping people to learn a new language.

For your post, try to think of a technology that was developed for one purpose and now has a broader application or that has changed its use over the years.

This is a challenging assignment.  You may need to do some research or talk to family members and friends.  This is totally OK, but make sure your post is in your own words.

Please use about 3 sentences to clearly identify the technology you are describing and clearly show the two uses of the technology. Please edit your work to check that it makes sense, that it meets the criteria, and that you’ve done your best with spelling.


  1. coolschoolscout

    Cell phones are my technology for today. cell phones, are like regular phones, but they are just cordless. Phones were designed to call, but they have changed over the years through all of these new phone apps. There are certain additions like GPS, on-phone banking, fitness apps, and so on. I predict that phones will be completely different in 15 years, with possible changes of hearing devices for people with disabilities and apps that could text just by thinking what you want to type.

  2. Doctor pineapple

    The evolving technology that interests me is the rapidly evolving research and technology of genetic-modification in plants and animals. In 1982 the FDA (food/drug administration) board of America issued the first GMO counter-bacteria designed with extreme precision tools to fight E.coli bacteria and other diseases. As of 2015 the more advanced tools and research they have done have advance this idea to the point were food, plants and animals are all being modified for various reasons (ex. longevity or disease fighting). Very recently scientists have used microscopic technologies and medicines to actually modify the embryo which would eventually change the DNA of human babies! With this modification technology we could eventually modify babies to be perfect in different aspects (remind anyone of a certain book?). But this I think would make life kind of boring if everyone was the same. But a potential benefit could be the prevention of many disabilities such as missing limbs or weak immune systems…

    • Aldwyn 2000

      I think that it would be awesome if we could really change people before they are born to prevent deformity. I mean if we could do that we could stop a lot of bullying between kids at school just because of their looks. I agree though that the world would be boring if everyone was the same.

      • dickensdiv16

        Aldwyn2000, I think this is a complicated issue. We have a lot of work to do in this regard teaching one another that difference is what makes our world beautiful and complex and such a great place to be.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow. Doctor pineapple, you’ve hit on a very complicated ethical issue. Human intervention in human DNA in the search for cures for diseases has benefited many people but you’re right, there is a darker side to this technology. Some of the worst atrocities in human history were undertaken with the aim of creating sameness among humans and reducing diversity. We have a great responsibility to use this kind of technology ethically and to take a long, hard look at our reasons for applying it.

  3. Scarletcat

    GPS’s are my technology today. Originally they were used in military camps to be able to know where everyone was, so it would be easier to keep track of the people in the camp. Then they were put in cars and smart phones so people could find their way around when traveling or going to a new place. GPS’s can either track people or help you find your way around places when: driving, cycling, or even walking. I think GPS’s in the future may be able to help you swim to places in the water or help you while your on a boat.

  4. dickensdiv16

    Scarletcat, what a great example of a technology having its application broadened from the use by a small segment of population, to being widely available with much broader uses! Well done.

  5. balloongirl123

    My technology is about cell phones and how they’ve changed through out the years. Cell phones today have many options, like texting, internet, gps, cameras and can be used for playing games while back then cell phones were only used for calling. But the old cell phones only lasted for an hour while cell phones today last about 9 hours or more.For the old phones you couldn’t save numbers so you had to use a phone book while today you can easily save numbers in your cell phone.

    • dickensdiv16

      OK, balloongirl123, you’re right, they’re much more advanced and complicated than cell phones when they first began. I like the examples you gave about the new features! I had kind of forgotten about phone books. It’s interesting that they’ve become video game consoles, cameras and so many things.

  6. reader

    my technology is speakers. speakers where originally jukebox, they have changed over the years from being big heavy metal boxes to little portable circles/ squares. speakers can be connected to a phone, iPod and an iPad.

  7. cool sketcher

    for my comment I’m gonna be doing Television. T.V was supposed to be for education,they were black and white and they used little satellites. Except now a days their used for fun. Well when it started out it was educating and then the cartoonists came and the T.V from then on out was for fun. They have colour and aren’t very wide because of the inventor of the flat screen T.V. They don’t use satellites because we have advanced so much that now T.V’s are digital.

  8. purplegiraffe47

    my technology is Jukebox to Ipod.
    in 1890 the Jukebox was invented, it was coin activated and played different types of music which you could choose from.
    The Ipod was released in 2001. Ipods are like a portable jukebox Designed and marketed by Apple Inc.
    Before (in 1890) the idea of an Ipod would have been like us having flying shoes and now they idea of not having portable music would be crazy, our generation has become almost expectant about getting some type of technology. It’s like it’s cruel for your parents to not get you a phone till High school.
    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • dickensdiv16

      Thanks for your comment, purple giraffe 47, I like how you showed that the changes required to make music portable was something no one could have imagined back in the days of the jukebox, and that our expectations have changed with the times.

  9. cheese curds

    My technology is typewriter to computer. Originally the typewriter was just for well……writing, but a computer you can do so much more. You can gmail, email, youtube, game – you name it! But back in the olden days, none of those things existed. The typewriter has gone from that old metal thing to a flat screened devise. Thank you technology!

    • dickensdiv16

      Very interesting, cheese curds! I really like that you focused on word processing and that how different machines came to do the same job. You’ve really understood the question I posed here. Well done!

  10. petrinied4000

    The Hero of Alexandria lived in Greece in the first century. He invented many things but his most popular creation was called the Aolipile. The Aolipile was the first steam turbine ever made. The name Aolipile means wind ball. The steam would shoot out of pipes on the ball and the pipes were positioned in such a way that when the steam came out, the ball would spin really fast. The Hero of Alexandria built it just as a toy but some other people didn’t listen to him and they tried to hook it up to a chariot without horses. The steam went everywhere but the chariot wouldn’t move an inch.
    Later on people realized that if you put steam in an enclosed space like a piston cylinder the steam will build up and sooner or later it will push the piston or blow up the whole thing. That is how the steam engine came about and that is why steam engines are so strong and heavy.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, petrinied4000, you really pushed yourself on this question. I love that you give so much context in your response so that even someone unfamiliar with steam engines can follow along and understand your point. I think it’s very cool that you used a current technology then went backwards to history to find its predecessor. Well done!

  11. Cheeseman ABC123

    The kind of technology I am going to talk about today is the robotic Canadarm and how it has changed in 34 years. It launched on November 13 1981 on the Space Shuttle Columbia. The Canadarm is also known as the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System and is used for repairs on satellites and space stations. The technology helped invent IGAR – Image Guided Autonomous Robot. They are used breast cancer and brain surgery as it’s so small that it can fit inside your brain with pinpoint accuracy for doing biopsies and is very precise.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great research, Cheeseman ABC123, it’s nice to see you use important information in your response! I had no idea that the same technology was applied to medical interventions. This is very cool. Do you know if the medical application was also a result of Canadian research?


    The pong system was originally an arcade game in 1972. In 1975 pong became the first home console. Now game consoles can play multupile games. In 1975 the pong system could only play one game pong.

    • dickensdiv16

      Oh, interesting. So you’re talking about the increase in games and how one plays them. If video games had stayed one game consoles, do you think they would have achieved the same popularity?

  13. The awesomest

    My technology is cell phones. Cell phones were made for calling and receiving calls but now they are used for social media,apps and games. Now we can use cell phones anywhere we are because of the way they have evolved and been made better.

    • dickensdiv16

      The awesomest, this is an interesting concept. You’re right, cell phones have changed a lot over time. Do you think the technology of cell phones has changed fundamentally, or do you think it is mostly the way we have used it has changed?

  14. PointyHedgeHog11

    Drones were originally used for military purposes. Now their uses are so broad that they are used for wildlife conservation,oil rig management, fire,search and rescue, infrastructure inspections ,aerial photography ,real estate, oil and gas, pipeline monitoring, precision agriculture and border patrol. Drones are also very easy to get your hands on , but that might not be the best thing . Drones are now being used to breach people’s privacy and they can come dangerously to planes . Mavs ( micro air vehicles ) are being tested for scouting in the military and police . These tiny drones could look like anything from a bird to fly there used for surveillance in war zones and in rough terrain that humans have trouble in. They are able to carry things like volatile chemicals and bombs. They can also be used to detect biological,radioactive or chemical weaponry used warfare .In the future you can expect to have your pizzas and packages delivered straight to your door by drones .

    • dickensdiv16

      PointyHedgeHog11, you’ve made an interesting choice of topic here. I really how much detail you put into explaining how drones used to be used and how both the technology and the uses have changed over time. You’ve really understood the spirit of the assignment and done an excellent job of explaining the change. Oooh! This is making me so excited for your projects!

  15. Aldwyn 2000

    Origanally, the micro chip was used to relay information via specific electrical characteristics.It’s other origanal purpose was being the heart of : computers, cellphones and micro waves/ ovens.It was created in 1958 but was not shown comercially until 1961.The micro chips uses have evolved and are used commonly for things like : tracking living creatures and saving people/ helping the heart work in a more efficent way.

    • dickensdiv16

      Very interesting choice, Aldwyn2000. I really like how you detailed the modern uses of the microchip. You’re right, there are many uses for the microchip, and it’s very cool to think not only about how the use of the technology has changed beyond what would have been imagined at the time, but how microchips inside people and animals would have seemed like science fiction!

  16. monster meatball

    My technology is shipping containers and how they are used as cabins somtimes. Shipping containers are normally used to put items in and ship them around the world and I am very sure that the creator of shipping containers did not think they would be used as cabins. They are very ideal for people who want a sturdy living space and if you want to put an add on to your house/cabin but dont want it taking forever it is quick and simple to do. Thank you for reading my blog post.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great thinking, monster meatball! You’re really thinking outside the box on technology. It’s neat how something for transportation works just as well staying still. I’m very excited about our ability to re-purpose things and think environmentally at the same time. Great work!

  17. who gets money

    I will be talking about ships.

    I will compare the boat SS GREAT EASTERN to the every day cargo ships you see in Vancouver harbour. The the SS GREAT EASTERN took 4 years to build and was built and launched in the 1850s. Now a days it would take 2 or 3 months to build a cargo ship. Also, 10 people died building the SS GREAT EASTERN, now no one dies. Plus it took 90 days to get the SS GREAT EASTERN from the land to the sea now it takes hours. The big difference in ships now and ships back in the 1850s was they used rivets now they are welded.

    THANK YOU. . .

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re right, who gets money, technology has helped the shipping industry both develop new kinds of ships and has improved its efficiency. The fatalities are a serious concern and it’s great that we’ve made improvements in that area as well. You’ve talked about the industry, but what about the efficiency of the ships themselves?

  18. Jr.fruitcake

    I will talk about right brothers to fighter planes and jumbo jets. The Wright brothers contraptions were built to allow the human race to fly and explore above ground, Since
    1907 the world of planes and their purposes has changed dramatically. Now planes are used a lot in war, luxury, acrobatics, and most commonly for travel. The world progresses lots in roughly a century and here we are now with planes that have theaters on them. Yet another there certainly wasn’t public theaters back then the way there are now.

  19. Doctor pineapple

    I agree, it’s very interesting to look back over the years and see how much planes and their purposes have evolved over the years. But I’m wondering how planes are used in acrobatics, I think it would be quite an interesting topic…

  20. NerdDurtle

    My technology is the book to eBooks. There are many books out in the world that are old and new they are used for reading,but some people may have disabilities. Some use burial,but some don’t so that’s why they made eBooks.eBooks can speak out the words for children to follow,but books didn’t.The good thing for books it can last for a long time.What I think the eBook is good for is helping children speak more fluently.How I think it evolve is that books were made out of paper and changed into eBooks that are electronic.eBooks is used for reading,but it evolve more to help kid learn more words and proper grammer.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great thinking, NerdDurtle! The example you’ve chosen shows different technology (the printing press or printers) for bound books to computers for eBooks, but your point is an excellent one about how we have used technology to make reading more accessible and relevant for our changing world!

  21. Mario2

    My Technology is Tv’s. Tv’s were Only Used to watch News and BasicTv Shows. But over the Years There has been New Tv Developing such as: Apple Tv, , LED Screen, Satellite Tv, Cable Tv and Best of all SMART TV!. Tvs were only used to watch Tv Shows back in the olden days and They were Very Expencive aswell. Not very many people had them. Only people who had a bit more money Bought them. And now… There is Smart TV Youtube, Netflix, HuluPlus, Apple TV and ETC. and if you can notice all this is very High Tech and Basically all of it Uses Internet Broadband Service. They Did not intend to Make Such a Cool technology. It has been Changed over the years (A LOT!)


  22. HamsterLover

    i think that cameras have changed over the years,before when they were invented the only thing they could do was take pictures,and of corse they were black and white people can take colour pictures AND take videos,cameras also have been put onto devices such as phones,tablets etc. but the biggest difference that i found about cameras is that you can take makes a big difference because videos can be funny,sad,something to cheer you up,or the best of all,memoreys with your loved ones!!!

  23. Ginger

    In 1965, a radar scientist developed touch screen technology as a way to community with computers. Although it was initially used in air traffic control systems it was not available to the public until many years later. The first touch screen technology only let you make simple decisions such as yes, no, on and off. Now touch screen technology is used everywhere. It is commonly used in cell phones, on airplanes, in cars, at ATM machines and on kitchen appliances. It can also be used to help people with communication disabilities such as autism and aphasia. It can still be used for radar and air traffic control systems, but now it can be used for many more things to benefit human kind.

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