Assignment #2 – Week of February 23

Dear Division 16,

As you know, February is Black History Month.  In the library with Cheiree, we practiced our note-taking skills while reading about the history of Black Canadians. Here is the chance to learn more about Black Canadian history and the experiences of Black Canadian communities.

Please follow the link below.

You will find a selection of short films on Black History.  Please choose one of the films based on the short description on the webpage and watch it.  (Feel free to watch more than one!)

After you have watched the video, please work on a short summary of the content.  Your summary will need to include the name of the film, a description of the story that is told in the film and any historical information needed for a reader to understand your summary.  Please also include any conclusions or inferences you drew from your viewing and at least one description of an emotional response you had to the film.

Thank you!

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