Assignment #2 Week of February 9

Dear Division 16,

Please watch the video at the link below about how Pink Day got started

February 25, 2015 marks the Day of Pink in British Columbia. It is a day where communities across the province, across the country and across the world can unite to celebrate diversity and raise awareness to stop bullying in all its forms.

The International Day of Pink got its start in Nova Scotia when two high school students saw a gay student wearing a pink shirt being bullied. The two students intervened, but wanted to do more to prevent bullying. They decided to purchase pink shirts, and a few days later got everyone at school to stand together by showing up in pink. The result was that an entire school came together to stop homophobic and transphobic bullying.

People wear pink on these days to remember that positive actions make a difference, and each one of us can make positive change to end bullying.

In some schools, all students wear pink on February 25 or watch videos to help us understand how we can stop discrimination and bullying.

For your blog post, think of an original thing that students in our class or our school could do to raise awareness of the “isms” we talked about when Qmunity visited in the fall, or to stop bullying.

This post doesn’t need to be long, but your idea does need to be clear.  Who would participate?  What would it look like? When would it happen?  Why do you think it would be effective or fun?





  1. Doctor pineapple

    The way that I would help spread awareness about isms in support of random acts of kindness week. “Friendliness day” it would be a casual thing but people would be encouraged to get out and just do little things like help someone out who is having a hard time ,or too go meet someone who you notice hanging around by themselves sometimes and play with them for a while. Basically it is point is to make people feel good about themselves if they face discrimination or are even just lonely sometimes. Anyone who is regularly left out will get a chance to be part of the group and who knows of people see the friendly side of the new people they meet they may even include them regularly…

  2. Scarletcat

    I think in our school or across Canada we could raise more awareness about cyber-bullying. For one day people in our school could text,email, or tweet nice things about people or send nice messages to others about stopping cyber-bullying. I think anyone could participate as long as their messages or tweets are respectful and motivating. People in our school at recess and lunch could send the messages to others in the school or outside of school to raise awareness. I think people would enjoy this activity, because I know lots of people in our school use social media so I think they would be happy to use it for a good cause.

  3. purplegiraffe47

    I think we could make really detailed posters not just something you do at recess but like we work on them for a week or so and put them up in schools, community centers and other places also to make a website (blog) were people who get bullied can talk with others who understand more than others what it feels like also there would be something that blocks any inappropriate language and if there was any cyber bullying the person would be kicked of the website (blog) ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉 😉 😉

  4. balloongirl123

    Even though that a guy is wearing pink it is fine because why dose bullies care that some random dude wearing pink they just bully them even though they are wearing pink but it is ok to wear pink but if you get bullied you just tell your parents teachers or any kind of adult

  5. coolschoolscout

    I think that if every person in the world had to do a nice thing out of their own kindness, there would be no bullying.
    In or on every public place they should hang up a banner saying something like “For every person who helps someone else, they get helped too.” I think that those bullies had nothing else better to do so they made fun of someone who was different.
    I hope that bullying stops in the near future.

  6. monster meatball

    I think that it would be a cool idea to have a big project on people who the isms are are talking about and what great things that they have done the criteria would include that they would have to be in a poster form so we could put all around the school and
    it would still raise more awareness.

  7. Subway2go

    An original way that students’ can raise awareness about sexism is creating viedos that teach students it is okay for people to be gay or lesbian, and it is not good to bully other people and that it sould stop. Many of the students from our class could be actors in the video. I think that a video would be more effective and not as fun because the video would be very serious and to the point. Hopefully this video will be presented at schools every Pink day to remind students about that it is okay to be who you are.

  8. cool sketcher

    Our school students could make a bullying program and the teachers could put the school bullies in the program and the students could teach the bullies to be nice, it would happen once a week, it would look like this the students would be on one chair and the bullies would be on another and the students would be teaching them different things,telling them good anti-bullying stuff and playing games with them. It would be effective because the bullies would get stronger relationships with the bullies.

  9. who gets money

    I think the kids in the school should paint the fence pink to show they care and to make bullies see that other kids care and will ‘fight’ back and help the kids that get bullied.

    THANK YOU. . .

  10. Aldwyn 2000

    I think that if the staff could select a day like sports day where every one could participate in games like volley ball, soccer, basket ball and sports that tend to be known for one gender playing more than the other. But unlike sports day each gender would wear the stereotyped colour of the other gender. Finally for the rest of the week the school would do murals of that day around the school grounds to represent that we can wear any colour we want…

  11. Cheeseman ABC 123

    everyone in our school would get into groups and make posters that would raise awareness that bullying does n”t have to be something really obvious it could be something like getting pushed off something after we are done doing the posters we would go around the neighborhood and hang them everywhere we can we would also put them up around school . i think we should make videos about bullying and make our own site to put them on and that would be a province wide thing.

  12. The awesomest

    I think we should have a day to acknowledge that everyone is equal and should be treated equally. We would get the whole school to particapate in an assembly and every class could do a brainstorm about why they think that everyone is equal. In the assembely each class could present their ideas. I think this could happen anytime in the school year. This would be effective because hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas about this could make everyone more aware about this subject. It would be fun for everyone to brainstorm!

  13. Jr.fruitcake

    If I were to raise awareness about bullying in a new way it might be to have a regular (maybe weekly) speaker come to a school or community and talk about kinds of bullying and how to stop it. It would also help to – in a specific reported case – make everyone do what the bully teased the victim about just like they did in the pink day video the reason I repeat this is because it could be done for smaller maters to that don’t involve homosexual and transgender based bullying.


    I think that all the students and teachers could make all sorts of kinds of art to show that everyone is different and that we can come togeather. This could happen every 3 months. I think that it would be really fun because we’re all making things to stop the bullying. I now from experience that helping to stop bulling is fun.

  15. petrinied4000

    I think that pink shirt day is a great way to rally against bullying but it probably needs to be done more often.
    I think that there needs to be a special day every month so that people do not forget that it is not only pink shirt day that you can stop bullying. An example would be Kindness Resolution Day and on that day we would have to make a resolution to do things like help someone or clean something up. But of course we would have something like this for every month.

  16. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think we could do a school wide game of something like tag or capture the flag . This would be a way to show that you have something in common with the bully(‘s) by liking the same game . It would almost be like sports day . You would yell encouraging comments to the people on the field to make them feel encouraged .
    We would all wear the same colour to feel united against bullying.

  17. Ginger

    Bullying lowers people’s confidence, so my idea is to raise people’s confidence by writing positive messages. On one wall in the classroom there would be a giant chalkboard and some multi-coloured chalk. People could write positive messages to help raise other’s self esteem and confidence, you would be able to write messages to the group such as” have a great day” or one person in particular such as” Mary, have a great day”. Anyone in our class could write messages at recess or lunch, and every Friday afternoon someone could read out some of the messages to the class. It would be fun for the students to write the positive messages and know they might be helping someone have a better day, and it might be effective for someone being bullied or having a bad day to think “someone wants to make my day better”. It might even give the reader enough self confidence to stand up to the bully and tell them that what their doing is wrong.

  18. reader

    my idea is” lights out candles on.” this would improve the waste of electricity in the environment, in every school you would turn off the lights for the whole day and use battery powered candle to do all thee work you would usually do.

  19. NerdDurtle

    What I think is that we should have more school events that you make groups from different ages and compete in activities like sports day,but you will to more challenging activities like races and building.If a bully was in my group I would ask him to participate more because some bullies bully people because they are bad at something.What I also is that after the event there will be celebration for the winning team to feel proud of them self.

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