Assignment #2 Week of January 19


What does this image mean to you?  What is its’ message?


How does it make you feel?  Why?


  1. Doctor pineapple

    I think this message has to do with what happened in Paris a few weeks ago. The pencil is symbolic and it represents freedom of speech but it was snapped when the attacks occurred, but now they are taking what’s left of the pencil and continuing on with their writing. It has also been a symbol used commonly by supporters during the healing process.

    • dickensdiv16

      Really nice connection, Doctor Pineapple. You’re right, the pencil was a symbol used for free speech in Paris through the events last week. I think it’s a great interpretation to think of the pencil as resilience

  2. Scarletcat

    I think that this pictures meaning to me is that things will be better tomorrow. Like we will have more food to go around in the world and that more people will be being born than dying, because right now our population is decreasing instead of increasing. The picture also shows using what we have [in this case a pencil] and sharing it and being creative to have more than one to pass around. To me this picture shows me :sharing, thoughtfulness , and people really having a heart. I think that other people probably will lots of different answers than me, but this is what I think.

  3. Subway2go

    I think this image means that yesterday could have been perfect. Today life catches up to you and everything falls apart. Then tomorrow you get back your courage and you start fixing everthing. An example for this is : Yesterday a happy family was having a normal Monday getting the kids to school and doing the chores, working like a well oiled machine. Then today, everthing goes wrong, the goverment takes away their house and everything that they cared about. Then tomorrow they start saying ” We can get through this as a family ” and they succeed a little bit like the small pencil. Then they get half way there like the pencil that was broken in half.

    • dickensdiv16

      Subway2go, you’ve given a great example of how life can sometimes feel like the image – things can change quickly and often, we are able to pick up the pieces and move on together.


    This picture reminds me of the decorative ornament in my house that says this “learn from yesterday
    live for today hope for tomorrow” – Anonymous. What it means to me is that yesterday was good but today was not such a good day and tomorrow will be better. The measge that this image is saying that there will be great days but then there will be terrible days and then it will soon be come great again.

  5. Aldwyn 2000

    #1 The picture for me means that when we lose some one we love we break apart, but when we realize that the world is not going to stop for us we move on with life and try our hardest to not mourn for that person but to cherish the life they left you as well as the one they left behind. That Is what I think the pencil image means for me.

  6. purplegiraffe47

    It makes me feel kind of depressed. when I first look at it I think of a relationship gone wrong; yesterday, everything was fine and the thought that things were about to go wrong was crazy
    today, the couple fought and things went downhill from there
    tomorrow, they try and fix it and they forgave each other but they didn’t keep in touch and the two of them didn’t hear from each other again
    ya, I definitely feel depressed feel depressed 😉 😉 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • dickensdiv16

      I’m sorry it is making you feel depressed, purplegiraffe47, but I really do think you’ve done a nice job of explaining how things can change and how people move on.


    i think that it means on yesterday you had a great time and everything was ok,nothing bad happened.on today something bad did happen and you broke,as if you felt broken on the inside and that efected you on the outside,but you knew that tomorrow that everything would change and on tomorrow you healed because you were fine,everything was ok again and you felt better,with that you healed back.

  8. monster meatball

    it makes me feel like if things are horrible today that were not here yesterday like global warming and things seem like they cant get better you have to make them better

  9. coolschoolscout

    I interpret the pencil as world peace. It’s all fine until a country gets angry at another and the pencil breaks between the two countries. It doesn’t fix by itself and it only really gets better when the countries make amends but each time that war occurs, the world pencil gets a little weaker. The only time the world will be entirely peaceful is when everyone respects each other for their differences and doesn’t start arguing at the drop of a hat.

  10. The awesomest

    I think this image shows that even if your having a bad day today that doesnt mean that you cant make tomorrow better. I think that this is a really good message because I think that some people think that if they have a bad day they can’t fix it but I think that this image shows that you dont have to hold on to those bad memories and that you should just move on and enjoy the good times.

  11. lightningboy123

    the pencil from yesterday made me feel it was a very lucky day the pencil from today that had been broken made me feel like we did a test at school I got a lot of them wrong and want to improve more the pencil from tommarow had 2 sharpend pencils it made me feel that we did another test at school and I improved a lot on it

  12. petrinied4000

    I think that the pencil photo is a symbol that the human race is forever working and forever innovating. I also think it means that good things can come out of bad things. First the pencil was made and sharpened. Suddenly something bad happens and the pencil is broken. Then people put their heads together and sharpen the broken end. Now they have two pencils ready for use.

  13. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think it means that yesterday may have been great but you need to live in the moment and not be the concerned about what will happen next .I think in the past many things were better than they are now ,but the were still problems like women’s right to vote and non sustainable energy ,symbolizing the broken pencil of today. But the last pencil shows that we will always be making things better no matter how hard ,which is shown in the sharpened pencil. It is a very powerfull peace of art .

  14. Cheeseman ABC123

    I think it means that yesterday you got something like a pencil , today it brakes , tomorrow you make it into something new . what I am trying to say is that when it brakes its not really broken if you look at it a different way

  15. Ginger

    When I looked at this picture , I was reminded of the issue of bullying because pink shirt day is coming up. Yesterday, no one hassled or bullied you, no one told you what you could and couldn’t do. Today, when you came to school, people told you that you were a nothing and tried to make you feel like you were lower class and that you didn’t deserve what you have. On the way home, someone tried to beat you up because of the colour shirt you were wearing. Tomorrow, someone will stand up for you and tell the bully that they have no right picking on someone that has not done anything wrong. Hopefully, the bully will listen and stop hassling you and life will be even better than before because you have a new friend.

  16. cool sketcher

    2 it makes me feel weird because on the today it shows a broken pencil but I don’t know why it would be broken. also on tomorrow it shows one end of the pencil grown back again so it makes me feel like there referring to a worm not a pencil. also you can’t predict the future. so thats why it makes me feel weird.

  17. jr.fruitcacke

    I think it shows that things happen and they are not always good things but you can always start over. Life can be hard but you can push through it and be better on the other side. The message to me is that you can never stop improving no mater what happens to you. It could be anything a relationship, a sports mishap (injury), hurt feelings, It works with anything.
    It makes feel warm inside and happy that I think of it that way.

  18. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I think that the picture mean to me is, that today is like you last day for being alive and it is like it Monday, the next day is Tuesday, Tuesday is like you half time being alive, the Wednesday is your last day alive.
    To me if I was like, (which I will be soon) that is you life too soon 😈💨

  19. balloongirl123

    this pictures mean to me that when yesterday we were all together but today we broke apart and then tomorrow we got a little bit of our family back because the other pencil was broke in but then the other one got sharpen agian

  20. cheese curds

    i think this picture is saying yesterday we were strong and unbreakubl today we fall tomorow we thrive on what didint fall.

  21. NerdDurtle

    What does this picture mean to me is that it is egg because yesterday it is perfectly fine then it hatches on today and then it learns new things on tomorrow. What I think the message is that save the planet and reuse as many supply you can.

  22. Mario2

    This Picture means to me that What Bad things happened a few weeks ago in Paris was Yesterday but Our Today and Tomorrow Will Be Bright and We shall remember what happened in Paris and make sure that does not happen again. ~Mario2

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