Assignment #2 – Week of January 26

Division 16,

This week and last week we began thinking about technology, and our new project will help us imagine a current technology 20 years into the future, its implications and effects on humankind and the planet.

For this Thursday’s blog assignment, please read the following article and answer BOTH questions below.

1. Is this learning? Would you consider drawings created by this technology to be art?

2. Write 3 sentences trying to persuade your classmates that this technology is either a Benefit or a Concern

I look forward to your thoughts.


  1. Doctor pineapple

    I personally do not agree with the concept of this prototype, it’s a perfect example of people losing their abilities to machines. If the machine is doing all the work then it’s not really art it’s just something the machines have been programmed to do.
    I woud say this technology is a concern! This type of technology is destroying one of the few things humans have that machines don’t, creativity! that’s why art is so special ,because it’s unique and creative, but this art won’t even be different anymore everything will be the same. Then if they incorporate it into music and writing and all the fine arts then there won’t even be need for those people anymore. They might as well not even put it on humans but use robots themselves, they will take away all the things that are special about humans and their talents and toss them in the trash, and then what will we do when we get bored of generic robot-art because all are talent will be gone?

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting. I like how you considered the long term effects of this technology on our perception of art and the effect of art on our society. Do you think it is our creativity and art that makes us unique

  2. Scarletcat

    I think that this teacher machine could help people draw. But I think art is when you have an picture or idea in your head and you make it into a reality like a drawing or a sculpture. I think this machine could maybe help people with dissibilities to move their hands or fingers to draw. But otherwise I don’t think the machine is a good idea, people should draw what they want to and how they want to, that machine takes peoples imagination and creativity away. I think that this technology is a concern because it doesn’t allow you to be unique in your drawings, if everyone had the exact same drawings art would be boring. Also the article said that the machine or device force controls your fingers to do what its programmed to do which could result in broken or sprained finger injuries! That’s the conclusion to my opinion…

    • dickensdiv16

      Great connection to our discussions about accessibility, Scarletcat! Having the choice to express your art in the way you choose is an important part of our freedom of expression rights. Interesting point about the safety risks.

  3. coolschoolscout

    I disagree with this invention, because if all humans use this device, there will be no amount of people who actually know how to play the piano. I think there would be benefits, like people with hand issues learning how to draw, but I think this would go under concern. This would definitely NOT be art, because the real point of art is to represent the maker’s creativity. Besides, these devices are probably really fragile, and chances are, cost a lot of money. I would never buy these things, but if I might recommend it to people with physical disabilities.

    • Doctor pineapple

      I agree that this could be helpful for people with disabilities, but the fact that this device moves your hands to it’s own program, if you resist in the slightest or try to move differently it could do damage to your arm.

    • dickensdiv16

      If the user could control the device by choosing how the drawing would be represented, would it then be art? I think you make a really interesting point about passing on skills human to human, like playing the piano. That’s a compelling argument, coolschoolscout!

  4. balloongirl123

    I disagree because art is not a technology.I think that art is concern because the real type of art is drawing crafting and more.

  5. Mario2

    I Disagree Because If the Machine is doing all the work for you then there will be no creativity and imagination involved from you. It Is just Simply a machine drawing things and taking away your Unique touch of your Drawing. I think it is important to do your own work so you can train your mind and slowly you will become to get better at it!

  6. PointyHedgeHog11

    I disagree becouse it is not you doing the drawing . If we use technology like this it will affect society negatively
    becouse nobody will be able to take full credit for there art and art won’t have any character.
    I think this is a benifit and a concern . It would be a very good thing for people with diseases that prevent them from using the fingers or hands ,because the technology would control there fingers and they could communicate through writing . The concern is that people will become lazy and rely so much on this technology that they don’t actually do the art but take credit for it . There are pros and cons to all technology but some are more beneficial all than others.

    • dickensdiv16

      You’ve made an interesting point about who should take credit for the art created by technology. Would the inventor technically be the artist for any work that was created?

  7. Subway2go

    I don’t think that this is proper learning because in proper learning, you have fun, enjoy, and let your imagination go wild. Now companies like Datta are forcing the body to learn things that you might not feel comfortable with quite yet, I think is wrong. If I saw this piece of so called “art” on the wall I would look at it in disgust, and it might have been one of the most beautiful paintings in the world but I would say, “This ain’t art.” I think that this type of technology is a concern for our time now and in the future. Maybe humans might become super reliant on these devices and will become less fit and not as bright as they were before. If these companies continue making theses devices and eventually start selling them publicly the human race might fall apart… “DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!”

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re very funny, Subway2go. I do think we need to guard against becoming reliant on technology and are pushing the boundaries of what we are comfortable with. Do you think we might lose the ability to create art all together?

  8. who gets money

    i don’t think this is learning it is more teaching like who would need a piano teacher if the machines did it for you we would lose a lot of jobs in the world which is already a problem who want to say lets learn some really hard piano piece in 0 minutes thats just simply no fun at all you could duplicate mona Lisa in like 20 minutes no problem this is not how humans should live no questions asked
    thank you…

    • dickensdiv16

      who gets money, you and subway2go were the only two who mentioned fun in the process of learning. I think it’s really interesting to think of the process rather than just the finished product.

  9. cheese curds

    1. is this learning? yes its physical learning for your hand. is technology drawing an art? well i guess so but if a robot draws a picture its not human .2 i think this is a concern because people should be doing, this not a robot and because like siri if you make it angry it will burn your hand. and if this is wear technology is right now then in about 20 years or, so robots could be musicians and how freaky is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ginger

    I would consider this type of technological drawing to be art because the article said that it moves your hand in the same formation many times until you can do it by yourself. It’s like tying your shoes-at first someone shoes you and helps, then you eventually learn to do it on your own, so I do think it’s learning.
    I think this drawing teacher is a benefit because it can help anyone, with or without a disability. There are many people in the world who would love to be able to draw and do other types of art but who haven’t had a personal trainer to help. I think that this is a great piece of technology which could help many people. When you’re able to do more things in life you feel more accomplished. Drawing is really fun and I think as many people as possible should be able to draw at whatever skill level they would like.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting. I like your connection to the support of individuals with disabilities, and your example of tying a shoe is very compelling. Thanks for taking a unique approach.

  11. jr.fruitcacke

    #1 I do not think that this is learning. It is forced there for the only way to use it properly would be to give up and let the machine do the work, this might build muscle memory in a very small category but on the whole I think that it would mean you loose touch for objects the way you would have without this device. I would have to think hard about weather or not I consider this technology’s work as art I certainly would not if it was made with the machine being used, now if they used muscle memo to draw it I think it could be.
    #2 I am going to argue for the concerned part of the class. I think these machines could be harmful to the human race because it could eventually prevent us from being at all original. Thinking far (or not so far) into the future we could be watching concerts of musicians who’s only talent was that they more adept at using the machines than others.
    I am completely against this machine being opened to the public, I could see some people with special conditions using this machine but other than that I don’t see a purpose for it in a culture full of talented people with wishes that they can only accomplish through hard work.

    • dickensdiv16

      Ah! jr.fruitcake, thanks for bringing up the issue of participation. You’re right that using this technology means letting the technology take over. How active or passive do we need to be in our use of technology for something to still be considered “our” work? I also really like your point about how competence using a machine may one day become what we call talent.


    I do not like how they are teaching people. This not a great thing I do not think this is learning. I do not think that this is really art even if it is just helping someone so over all I do not think this is art.
    I believe that this not a good thing to have. It will cause some people to lose there jobs, like art teachers. Because in the future people will be buying these “teachers” and then they will stop lots of art programs and that is why I think this is a big concern.

  13. petrinied4000

    I think that this machine is kind of like a calculator. It could progress art in the future but I dont think it is a very good teacher. It draws things for you so even though you may understand what to draw you wont be very acurit. I also think that with this machine you wont ge able to make your art just the way you want it to be. Like the article said, it controls you more than you control it.
    If this goes on I think there will be less and less unique and skilled people. Sooner or later there will be machines like this for almost everything that requiers a skill. I also think it will get harder and harder to migrate to different countrys because people just won’t have the skilles they used to have.

    • dickensdiv16

      Oh, petrinied4000 your connection to human movement is really interesting. Does your last comment mean that you think humans would have less ability to advocate for themselves for all areas where they are evaluated, like immigration?

  14. theawesomest

    I think this might be learning because you would get used to having your hand move like that. I think this is art because you are still making music or drawing. I think this is a concern because people will rely on it too much and no one will be creative anymore. I think this would be a concern for teachers because they might lose thier jobs because people will not need to learn anymore because they will have this to do it for them. I dont think there is really a purpose for this unless you are lazy and you dont want to do anything for yourself.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, theawesomest. I also feel concerned about over-reliance on this kind of technology. I’d like to know more about your statement about people still being the ones making the music or drawing. What about a person who programmed a robot to draw something by itself?

  15. Hamsterlover

    this to me is not art,the arm controls you,you may be drawing but your not actually doing art,the arm is.when you think about it,having something do the art part for you seems nice and easy,but it takes away the fun and creativety thathumans have,and technolgy me its a concern,it takes over your hand so you cant control it anymore,it stops you from letting creativity out and to let your imagination go,and last and worst,your not you.once you put the hand on,then it takes over,your not you anymore,the hand is.

    • dickensdiv16

      Hamsterlover, you really have a way with words. I feel excited about your suggestion that the arm, not the person is doing the art, because we aren’t used to thinking of our body parts as different from ourselves. It’s interesting as well that you suggest that it stops you from letting your creativity out.

  16. NerdDurtle

    I don’t think this learning because it said it forces to move your hands and it helps your memory muscle, but not your physical muscle. I don’t think it is art because your not moving it, it is moving you to draw the picture.
    The benefits I think are that it could help people to remember how to draw by following the technology. What I think that this technology would turn into is that it will draw what you think. The concerns I think are will it affect the environment and how does it control you to make art. I also think that it does not have creativity because it helps you draw and you can’t change the picture at all because it moves you.

  17. monster meatball

    #1 I think that using the robot to learn how to draw a circle or to learn how to play the piano is learning because like it said the robot buids muscule memory so you are technically you are learning how to do stuff just with the help of a robot.
    #2 The robot could be a benifit because it could help people with disabilitys learn how to wright.
    It could later be more developed so that it could different tasks other than drawing and playing the piano.
    If it is later developed so that it can teach so that it can teach all fingers at once it teach everyone sign language.

  18. reader

    Q1.I don’t think that machines should contorling humans to create art. It’s like telling the machine to help you recreate a painting that looks exactully like it.
    Q2. technology is a benifit and a concern. benifit: It helps humans find informaitioin/ vidoes. helping humans get around to diffrent places, ect. concern: it can sometimes break down, glitch if it’s used to much, overheat also if it’s used to much, and it’s not good for the enviroment.

  19. cool sketcher

    This is on one side learning because its teaching you to draw and on the other side of were this isn’t learning is because it’s only teaching you to draw the way it was programmed. I think this is a concern because humans are becoming more and more reliant on technology. Maybe in the future we could depend on technology with our lives. We could also have technology do everything for us, for example: in the future we could have remote control robots playing soccer for us instead of humans. That’s why this is a concern.

  20. purplegiraffe47

    I don’t think that it is learning because for me learning also means making mistakes and this machine is programmed to be perfect and no I don’t think this is art because it’s not you doing the drawing or whatever you’re doing it’s the machine. I think that this is a concern because people might start to lose their creativity and they wouldn’t get a chance to figure it out for themselves like some of the best pianists never even had a human teacher and finally there are no wrongs in art but this machine is basically saying that there are 😉 😉 ❤ ❤

  21. Cheeseman ABC 123

    i don’t think that is learning because learning is about not doing it right the first time .it also said that it forces you to do something and i don’t think learning is forcing someone to do anything in any circumstance . i don’t think it is art because you yourself is not doing it the machine is doing it for you . i think it is a concern because if everyone is using them and you are drawing simple stuff you will eventually loose all your creativity you have to figure things out by yourself because you could be the most famous cartoonist or painter ever and all you used is a robotic arm.

  22. Mario2

    I Think that Machine is Total Garbage and Nonsense! We are given a beautiful ability to be able to draw and Our drawing that we have done ourselfs with our hands is one of a Kind and Unique. It cannot be changed. It is our Creativity That is given to us we shouldnt use a Garbage Machine that Draws and give it all the Credit!. It is Wrong we should use our Wonderful creativeness and Draw like there is no tomorrow! and show that You are no match to a Drawing machine thingy mabob. ~Mario2

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