Assignment #2 Week of January 12

Good afternoon, Division 16

In preparation for our new project, please consider our discussion this afternoon.  We talked about definitions, and what kinds of things they include.  The definition of definition is: “A statement of the exact meaning of the word”.  Generally, definitions don’t use examples, and they don’t use the word that they are defining.

Today you came up with the following ways of defining “Technology”:

  • advanced machines that use energy
  • can be different in different places or times
  • a device or machine designed to make something in life easier
  • a human creation made to make life easier or more fun
  • human-made creation that serve a purpose
  • a human creation that hasn’t been invented before or has been improved on

For your homework, develop and post a definition of “Technology”

Keep in mind it should be brief and concise.  Remember, you can look up the definition in a dictionary to guide you, but your definition must be unique.

Please remember your homework:  Before Tuesday, discuss the question from class today with your family and come prepared to discuss on Tuesday.

The question is: “What role will technology play in our future”?


  1. doctor pineapple

    If I were an alien that had just come to earth via-super cool spaceship and I needed to learn about technology I would want something like…”Technology is different types of machines and contraptions that are designed to help us make advancements in our lives and to help us do things faster and more efficiently” (although if i’m in a super cool alien spaceship I probably know a little about technology don’t I!”

  2. Scarletcat

    The definition of technology for me is: a device or machine that helps us in our modern everyday lives, its abilities can range from: giving you a way to stay connected with your friends and family to 3D printing.

  3. PointyHedgehog11

    My definition of technology is ; a tool or item to assist or eliminate a human function . Stone tools assisted in a human function but robots will eliminate a function .

  4. cool sketcher

    To me the definition of technology is to at first help man kind but later on we will end up having robots do everything so my definition is:to help and destroy man kind as we know it.

  5. purplegiraffe47

    sorry did that by accident 😦
    my definition of technology is: a device/object/machine that assists man kind with our everyday lives like homework, research and entertainment

  6. Ginger

    My definition of technology is: “an electronic device made by humans, intentionally made for practical purposes but can be used for fun.

  7. jr.fruitcecke

    My definition of technology is a human creation made with multiple materials. Usually with a purpose but not always.


    my definition of technology is a human made creation that helps most people around the world to do there every day things.

  9. balloongirl123

    The sum of the ways in which social group provide themselves with the material objects of the civilization.

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