Assignment #2 Week of June 1

Hi Division 16, I hope you’re having a good week so far.

If you got the chance to go to any country in the world, what country would it be?                           

For this week’s blog post I would like you to think about what country you would like to go to. Name two reasons you would like to go there. If you could take on person with you, who would it be, and why? What is something you can do right now, to get closer to your goal of traveling to this place?                    

Here is my example

If I got the chance to go anywhere in the world, I would go to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to visit Virunga National Park. I would like to go to Virunga because I would like to see gorillas in the wild. I would also like to meet the native people that live in around the national park, and share in their traditions of life.  If I were going to Congo, I would like to take my cousin Isabelle, because she would love the experience almost as much as I. I think that I am going to donate money to saving gorillas so that if I ever get the chance to go, there will still be gorillas.

I look forward to your responses, Ginger   


  1. Scarletcat

    I think that if I could go to any country I would go to Thailand (Bangkok specifically.) I would like to go to Thailand so I could teach English there and also so I could learn more about the people’s culture and life style. I would probably take my friend Isabelle with me because we both have always wanted to go to Thailand and I think that it would be a great experience for us to both get our dream trip and to do it together. To reach my goal of traveling there and getting that experience I will train and take courses on teaching English so I am ready to teach when I get there.

    • Ginger

      Scarletcat, I love how you want to go somewhere to help others. This is a great goal to work towards.

  2. coolschoolscout

    If I had a place I could go to I would go to Nagoya, Japan to study more about karate, and to enjoy the beautiful seas, scenery, and explore the island itself. I heard it is very peaceful, and that it would be a great place to go for a vacation. I would take my friend petrinied4000 with me, because I think that he would be a great travelling companion, and he has wanted to go to Japan for many years, ever since he has been my friend. He could learn lots about Japanese culture, and I would be pleased to teach him myself, for I think he would enjoy the treasures and experiences that we could have together. I could start saving up my money, and I hope I can go there before too long.

    • Ginger

      coolschoolscout, going to Okinawa sounds like a very fun and relaxing trip. It is great that you want to enjoy this experience with your friend, Marcus, so that he can learn more about the culture and you can spend quality time together.

  3. Mario02

    I think that if i could go to any country in the world i would choose to go to Italy Because I want to try different kinds of foods that they have to offer and I would like to go on different tours and exploring in Italy.. I would like to go try Italy’s pizza and lots of other food. Eating different kinds of foods are one of my favourite things to do Like going to beaches might be your favourite things to do. If I had to take someone along with me I would take my cousin Harman he really enjoys to eat food as much as I do and have fun. We would eat lots of different foods and go to different tours of Italy and explore different city’s. I am choosing him because me and him have gone many places together before like India, Disney land, Universal studios and many more and we have both enjoyed about the same things which I think tells me that he enjoys the same things. What we would do right now is save up and try to earn money from our parents too for chores and other things. When we get old enough we would start working and saving even more money for the trip. Saving up is the most important thing to go because if you do not have enough money you cannot go on the trip 2nd of all if you dont have enough money you cannot spend much there and enjoy as much.

    • Ginger

      This sounds like a very fun trip, Mario02. I think your goal of doing chores and getting a job when you’re older will be a very effective way to get to Italy. Are there any specific places you would like to go in Italy?

  4. reader

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Seattle because I want to go and see the space needle and also I want to go see the gum wall. the gum wall is three big walls with chewed up gum on them, it sounds gross but it’s cool, that’s what my older sister told me and if I were going to bring someone with me i would want to bring my older sister with me because iI would probably get lost.

    • Ginger

      reader, this sound like a very fun and interesting trip you’ve planned. I think that your sister would also have fun in Seattle.

  5. Jr.fruitcake

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Brazil. I would go there both because I would love to go to the place where so many famous soccer players grew up and because I would like to play there with the kids and on the beach. I know someone for example, that went to the beach in Brazil and ended up playing with a Brazilian super star named Kaka. I would go with my friend K*** because he loves soccer as much as I do and we would both love to go to a place like that.

    • Ginger

      Jr.fruitcake, this sounds like a very fun and interesting trip. Is there anything that you could do to help you reach your goal of traveling to Brazil?

  6. petrinied4000

    If I could go anywhere in the world, It would be England. The steam train was invented there and the largest and most powerful steam engine is in a museum close by. I would like to go to the spot where the first wrought iron rails were laid and see the steam train factory in person. I would also like to ride in the very first steam carriage and drive a Land Rover. I would like to go with my whole family but if it has to be one person, it would be my dad. ( I would also like to ride in the front of a steam train but I could probably do that in almost any country).

    • Ginger

      Petrinied4000, you are obviously very interested in steam trains and their history. This also shows that you are passionate and determined in your travels.

  7. vid3o g@m3r

    I would go to Japan, Hiroshima because the scenery there is beautiful, and I love to go there in the winter when there is lots of snow. I would take M*****’s brother A******** because I know that he would enjoy the food and the days playing in the snow.

    • Ginger

      vi3eo g@m3r, this is very well thought out and descriptive. What could you do to reach your goal of traveling to Hiroshima?

  8. Carl

    I would love to travel the world, but one of my goals would be to travel to Egypt and see the Pyramids (surprised?). I have never visited the Middle-East, and I’m sure the experience would be quite different to anywhere else that I’ve been to. It’s a hard choice, but if I could only take one person, I would take my dad because he would really like to see the Pyramids too. Saving money for the trip would be a great start in reaching my goal. Tanzania and Kilimanjaro has really piqued my interest after yesterday’s presentation, and New Zealand would be a third choice because of all the beautiful pictures I’ve seen of it.

    • Ginger

      Carl, I am not at all surprised that you chose Egypt and the Pyramids of Giza, given our recent project! I agree, Egypt sounds like a very interesting country. I am sure that Egypt would be very different than many other countries. I bet you and your dad would have fun on this trip.

  9. Theawesomest

    I would like to go to japan because I think it would be cool to see the different cities and how diverse they are. If I could bring someone with me it would be Ginger because I know that she wants to go there too. To get closer to my goal I will beg my parents to go.

    • Ginger

      Theawesomest, that sounds like a very fun trip! I would love to go on this trip with you. Your explanation of why you want to go to Japan is very interesting and well planned.

  10. PointyHedgeHog11

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to the Serengeti national Park. I have wanted to go to Africa for a very long time because I am an avid naturalist. I also want to go to Africa because I feel that some of the animals there are in danger of extinction and there a lot of organizations that I wish I could volunteer with. If I went to Africa I would take my friend M***** because she is also very passionate about natural world. I could save enough money to go to Africa, buy saving things like birthday money, I would be very happy . I LOVE AFRICA !!!!!!

    • Ginger

      PointyHedgeHog11, I agree that a trip like this could help you, and others, help save endangered animals. It is great that you are interested in animals and you want to help them by traveling into their natural habitat.

  11. dickensdiv16

    Ginger, I love this question. Thank you for taking a risk and creating our first student-written Reflections question!
    I had to think about this question for a while because there are many places I would like to visit, quite a few right inside BC and Canada! However, if think truly about the spirit of your question, the idea about going somewhere else to experience new things, I would have to answer Finland.
    I think there are three main reasons for this choice. First, Finland is world renowned for having an excellent educational system that is based on many of the same ideas we practice at Dickens, but where equality and student choice is important, and where the schools are very well funded. I think I could learn a lot by visiting their schools and talking to teachers about their practices, beliefs and values. I would love to find new ways of connecting with students here at Dickens, and it would be great to share ideas with people who value and support learning.
    Second, like the education system, Finland is well known for having excellent social programs including daycare, open immigration and support for new parents. They have a very interesting history and I would love to learn more about how they developed as a society. Third, over the past few years, I have read many books that take place in Scandanavian countries, and I think I would enjoy the landscape, the scenery and the culture.
    If I could take anyone with me, I would take my friend T***, because it turns out we have very similar ideas about travelling, we always have fun together and she shares my passion for education.

    • Ginger

      dickensdiv16, this sounds like a very educational trip! Your three reasons for wanting to visit Finland are interesting, and show that you have learned a lot about Finland. This also shows that you are very engaged in improving your teaching skills and you also enjoy spending time in nature and learning about new cultures.

  12. Subway2go

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Tahiti. I would go to Tahiti because the places you stay in are called Bungalows, and they basically stand/float above the water. If you lived there, when you woke up in the morning you can just jump off your porch in to the light blue water. I would also like to go to Tahiti because you can swim with stingrays and sharks (but remember to feed the sharks first before you head in.) My last reason to go to Tahiti is because not just the water is beutiful but on land it is too. All the exotic flowers and plants make it look amazing. If I could take anyone with me I would take my friend L*** F***** because when I told him about Tahiti he said “Let’s go NOW” and I agreed.

    • Ginger

      Subway2go, going to Tahiti would be a very exotic trip. You described everything so well I could see it all in my mind. This sounds like an amazing trip, I’m sure that L*** F***** would enjoy it too.

  13. Cheeseman123ABC

    if i could go any where in the world i would go to Madrid because theres alot of soccer there and i really ove to play soccer .i would never want to leave .for my last reason i would try to speak spanish. if there was one person i could take with it would be my d** G**** becease he loves to play soccer with me and im sure that he would love to go get closer to my goal iwould keep playing soccer very hard getting better and better .

    • Ginger

      Cheeseman123ABC, I liked how you intertwined your travels with your passion. Madrid sounds like a very fun trip and I’m sure that your d** G**** would enjoy it too.


    I would like to go to San Francisco because I would love to vist japan town and see the something bridge. I would take my brother he really want to because I think that he would love to go and see all the touristy things. I could save all my money that i get from brithday’s and chritmas and from my job that I will get as soon as I can.

  15. Ginger

    This sound like a very fun and interesting trip, THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710. Saving birthday and Christmas money would be a very effective way to get to San Francisco!

  16. 3:07MAM

    I would like to go to Greece because it has so many things to see and great food (plus, I really like Greek mythology.) I would take my friend A*** because I think that the two of us would not only have the time of our lives but learn a lot about Mythology and even each other. I think that me and A*** could get to Greece by making models of some of the big attractions in Greece and selling them so that we could see the attractions in person. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • ginger

      This sounds like a very fun and effective way to go to Greece, 3:07MAM. You described everything so well; it made me want to go. I know personally that A*** would love this trip too.

  17. Cool Sketcher

    if I were to go to any place in the world it would be Australia because it’s a nice tropical country and it also is the home of the salt water crocodile which is 9 feet long! I would bring my mom because like me she also wants to go to Australia. To get closer to my goal of going to Australia would be to find my mom a job because
    she was recently laid off and is looking for a job so I’ll try and help her find a job.

    • ginger

      Cool Sketcher, I love that you want to help your mom find a new job; it shows that you really care about her. I had never heard of the saltwater crocodile, so I went online and looked it up and I am very thankful that I have not run into one of them! I think that going to Australia is a great goal.

  18. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I would like to go to Vietnam because, I want to see my dad’s mom. And also I want to see my family’s, I would choose my dad to take me there to see his mommy!!!

    Keep asking your parents. …………

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