Assignment #2 Week of June 15

Dear Division 16,

This is a question about Malala, who was shot in the head for being interviewed about women’s rights and for blogging about life under the Taliban.  Originally, 10 Taliban men were charged with the armed assault on Malala.

Please read the following article.  As you read the article, you will learn that 8 of them have been released.

For your homework, please answer this blog question: Do you agree that these 8 men should have been released?  Why or why not?  Your answer should be 3-5 sentences long.

by Aldwyn2000


  1. Scarletcat

    I don’t agree that the 8 men should be released because it states in the article that the men were involved but there was a lack of evidence. The 8 men may have not been involved in the actual physical shooting but they probably were involved in the plan to kill her. I think that since they were let out of jail they should be closely watched and not allowed to travel to any other countries or England especially so they cannot harm Malala.


    Do not think that they should have been released what they did was wrong and even if they were not the ones who shot her in the head they still went along with shooting her. Just because someone told them what do dose not mean they should go along and do it. Now what if the 8 men go back to the Taliban and then they go and try to kill Malala so they should change there lifetime to there actual lifetime instead of 25 years.

  3. vid3o g@m3r

    As everybody else said, I believe that those 8 men should NOT be released. If they were seen responsible for Malala’s wound, that should be enough. Plus, there are many problems that could occur if they release the men. They could “possibly” (note the possibly) could try to assassinate Malala again that is very unlikely, but for Malala’s safety, maybe they should not be released. If there is evidence that they were not responsible for the attempted killing of Malala, then maybe they should be released. But then again, it said in the article that the men were linked to the shooting of Malala, so maybe they should leave the men as they are.

  4. 3:07MAMc

    I don’t believe those 8 men should have been released because even if they didn’t shoot Malala they were most likely to be part of the shooting in some way. I think that they should be put back in prison until people find out who is really responsible and if this doesn’t happen then I think that like Scarletcat said, they shouldn’t be able to leave the country. ❤ 🙂 ;D

  5. coolschoolscout

    I think that these 8 men don’t deserve to be released. Even though there was no evidence that they shot Malala, they were still responsible for joining a group that committed a crime of attempted murder on somebody that just wanted to have an education. Like what Malala said, it is not a crime to get educated. I think that anybody who tries to harm somebody who is standing up for a right should not be sympathized.

  6. PointyHedgeHog11

    I don’t think these men should have been released because they were a part of a terrorist organization.
    If they helped plot Malalas assassination then they deserve a jail sentence oven if they didn’t shoot her.
    They tried to destroy Malalas voice, but it only coursed more people to advocate for educational rights.

  7. Subway2go

    I do not think that these 8 men should have been released, because what they did is unforgivable and is completely wrong. If they were ever to be released I believe that they should be under constant supervision so they could never do anything like that again. Just joining an association like the Taliban should be a crime. I hope something like that would never happen again.

  8. Jr.fruitcake

    I Do not think that those 8 men should have been released. I think that the lack of evidence is improbable I feel that there could be a corruption in the government where the 8 men were released. I also feel that regardless of the involvement in the actual shooting and attempted assassination they were probably involved in the general scheme, for all we know the 2 men that were not released were only working for the 8 and the 8 actually just didn’t want to get there hands dirty. We don’t know much, that’s why I don’t think that the old concept “innocent until proven guilty” applies here.

  9. Cool Sketcher

    I don’t think those eight men should’ve been released because they tried to kill Malala and that is an attempted homicide and that is a penalty for prison for life and they got released.

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