Assignment #2 Week of June 8

Dear Division 16,

For your blog homework this week, I’d like you to read this article on  the recent report from the school board about excess space in Vancouver schools.

After you’ve read the article please answer this question:

Do you agree that closing schools is the best way for the School Board to save money? Why or why not?

What do you think would be another way to save money for the school board?

I look forward to your responses!

Dr. Pineapple


  1. 3:07MAM

    I don’t think that it’s the best way to get money because if they close a lot down the other schools won’t have enough space to take all of the kids from the schools that closed and then the school board will have to expand the schools which will be like throwing away all the money hat the got from closing the schools. I’m not sure how they could raise money in a different way but I don’t think closing the schools is a good choice. 🙂 ❤

  2. coolschoolscout

    I disagree that taking down schools is a good way to save money because the population is steadily increasing, so if they take down schools, they will be forced to build more, costing more money than keeping it as it is. Instead of using our money on things we don’t need, we can save it to build more schools.

  3. vid3o g@m3r

    I don’t think that taking down schools is the brightest idea. If they did, then the number of schools would drop and kids would be without a school to go to and nobody wants that. A way to raise money is do a event that a lot of people enjoy like the Spring Fling. If we are talking about 27 million, I don’t think that a Spring Fling would help. But taking down schools is not necessary!

  4. Scarletcat

    I don’t think that closing schools is a good way to get money because if schools get closed the kids from those schools start going to other schools, and then all the schools remaining will be overcrowded with all the new students. I know that at our school we have a lot of kids already attending at Dickens and loads of kindergartens and grade fours from the Annex are supposed to come in next year so we really don’t need more students and I assume other schools don’t either. As an alternative
    to closing schools I think that the school board could enforce a rule that every school has to have a fundraiser once a month to raise money. The students could all get together with teachers and plan the fundraiser once a week. The fundraiser could be a bake sale, car wash or anything the students can think of.

    • Doctor Pineapple

      Wow a bold proposition Scarletcat. I agree that there is more and more kids coming to schools in Vancouver. Would it have to be just one individual fundraiser or a whole school wide?

  5. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think closing schools is a horrible way to “save” money. I think are provincial government is spending money on things that aren’t nessesaery and could be spending tax-payer money on things that are actually important to the people of B.C . It would be devastating for me if they closed Dickens or Tupper because it would likely separate me and my friends. I think the way to fix this problem is for the government to be more frugal and spend money on things the people need .

    • Doctor Pineapple

      A very strong position PointyHedgeHog11 and a good one, do you think that the government should consider putting more money in to schools considering the estimated 1 million more people that are going to live in Vancouver in the next few decades?

  6. lightningboy123

    I think that closing schools are is good way to save money because the kids that go to the schools cant learn about math, English and other things. I think the schools should have some kind of sale so the schools wont get closed down


    I don’t think that closing schools is a good way to save there money. Well there are possible taking some children’s education even though it is free. It could take them longer to get to school if they didnt have a car and not everyone can pay for all there children for the bus because there school could be two bus zones away from here and there school used to only be two blocks away. What that should do is have a event to savethe schools and every school would have at there school fair and if every school did that I’m sure they would raise enough money for all the schools.

    • Doctor Pineapple

      I think that school fairs are a great way to save money MOST_AWESOME_PERSON and their fun, after all our fair was pretty successful!

  8. Subway2go

    I don’t think that closing down schools is a good way to save money. Imagine all those kids in those schools who may become great doctors or excellent restaurant owners but may not be able to succeed their goal because they may have to be home schooled because their transfer school is so far away. The report talked about having “younger families” move in, for example what if a “young family” with a 4 year old child moved into a new duplex right in front of the annex, and two weeks later the annex closed down. Considering the prices of duplexs these days that family would have lost $875,000-$950,000. You could say that wouldn’t be a great position for the parents could you?

    • Doctor Pineapple

      I agree Subway2go, it may be a difficult process for families that move places expecting to get into a school. What do you think would be a way to ensure those schools aren’t closed?

  9. Ginger

    I think that closing 19 schools in Vancouver would be a very unwise choice. These schools are not 100% full, but when schools are over-full it’s hard for teachers to teach because there are so many students for them to teach. If the government stopped subsidizing private schools, they would have much more money. The exact definition of subsidize is “to support (an organization or activity) financially” meaning that for every child in private school they give the school money. Because the private schools have no threat of being torn down or used for other purposes, I think that this money would be better used to keep public schools open so that everyone has the opportunity for a great education.

  10. Jr.fruitcake

    I don’t think that closing the schools is a good way for the government to raise money, I mean closing school could lose jobs education and all sorts of things people want. It also shows off that the government holds people with the ability to go to other schools or who are in private schools in higher priority. I feel that the government could use a variety of different ways of raising money, one that comes to mind for me is closing buildings that actually need it POT shops for example, come on which are important the 53( or so ) POT shops in Van or 19 schools think on that, government.

  11. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    I think that closing a school is a bad way to Clos a school. Because us “kids” pay money for the school for our learning and why not because, I SAID SO………….I don’t really think that there is other way to save money with the school to keep going, but I do think that there is a other way. ( gigatool2 Whispers) ” turn off the power”.

  12. Mario02

    Do I agree closin schools is a good idea? NO WAY!!!! Is the minstry not fulfilling their job properly these days? If we close schools where are the kids of Vancouver supposed to go? Huh? Well we would be not smart at all. And what would the future be? Us taking drugs because we are not educated and we could not get good jobs? We need to be educated and we need schools because we are Vancouvers Future and will be the ones who will run Vancouver when we are older. If we are no educated Vancouver can turn into a dump if we want. And who is doing these things? I hate to be rude but its obvious the women who’s own children go to a Private school and she wants us all to end up in a dump. Christy Clark. Another way to save money would be Hmm… Maybe Making more Foundations and more Charitys. If we all help out and get donations it can be better. Another way is too not close bridges for weird reasons like doing Yoga on Burrard bridge. Like how stupid can you get? That will cost a lot of tax payers money. Maybe we could create more jobs so more people can move to vancouve and we can have a bigger population and if we have a bigger population we will make more money even from jobs.

  13. cheese curds

    I think closing schools down in Vancouver to make money is a terrible idea because when you take away kids’ education you make them more vulnerable. They might not be able to go to college or get a good job. Basically school teaches you life skills, and when you don’t go to school you don’t learn those life skills. Also, the school board can easily make money in other ways, like go on less expensive field trips. It would be better if the government provided all that the schools needed, but they won’t and they never will because I think they don’t really care about the school system.

  14. Cool Sketcher

    I don’t think this is a good way to save money because your making a ton of kids school less and that’s not a good (and nice) way to save money. I think a better way for the school board to save money is to not go overboard with the high tech stuff and the classroom supplies and that’s why I think that was a bad choice made.

  15. Theawesomest

    I don’t think that closing schools is a good way to save money because there will not be as many schools for children to go to so they might have to renovate schools to make room and that would cost money. Another way that the school board could save money is to not buy a lot of smart boards and things like that.

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