Assignment #2 – Week of March 30

Dear Division 16,

Thank you for your amazing participation in the “Me on the Map” activity this Tuesday past, which built on your incredible ideas about community planning from the week before.

We will discuss the activity in greater detail in a blog post in the near future, but for the purposes of your blog homework, remember that there were essentially three stages or versions of a map you worked with. They were:

Your Individual map (One designed by each person)

The Democratic majority map (the first map built by our facilitators based on the most popular features on each of your maps)

The Consensus map (the map built by our facilitators that would make the greatest number of people happy based on the features on each of your maps)

For your blog homework, please consider the first three options.

Please answer ONE of the following questions:

1. Choose either individual, democratic or consensus process and describe one situation where you think it would be the fairest way to solve a problem.  Include enough detail that your readers will understand the situation as well as explaining why you chose the process you did.

2. Reflect on the “Me on the Map” activity and think about the maps that were produced by each process.  Your individual map, the democratic map and the consensus map each looked different.  Thinking about community planning, which model do you think should be used to make decisions about public space?  Why?  Include reasons for your choice and any ways you would modify the processes to make them more inclusive.

3.  Think back to our work on the Student Vote project.  Parks and Recreation is a municipal issue, as is housing and many other aspects of our city life.  How do you think the Mayor, City Council, School Board and Parks Board should get input and information from citizens?  Please include a description of how you would ensure participation from the largest number of people.





  1. Scarletcat

    1. My situation is that were at school and we are deciding which sports day activities we are going to do this year. We could go with an individual students ideas, the majority of what the students want or what the consensus wants which is what they think will make the students happy. Only 5 out of 10 sports day activities can be chosen. I think that the democratic process should be used in this situation, because if these decisions affect the students (in this case our sports day) we should be able to decide what we want. Sports day is for us and we know what is fun for us and what we like to do that makes us happy. We are capable of choosing out of 10 options what we want for sports day activities.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great example, Scarletcat! Do you mean that there are 10 activities and the students can choose 5, or do you mean that there would only be 5 activities and the students would choose all of them from a list of 10 possibilities? Let’s talk more about this possibility. It is a great example and you make a good argument about the qualification of the students in the school to make those choices. Can you say more about why you think the consensus model wouldn’t work as well?

  2. coolschoolscout

    #1. The scenario that I’m thinking of is classroom debates. A democratic way is much better than other ways in this situation. What we normally have is people suggesting ideas and people agreeing, instead of having no body agreeing with each other and having their own ideas. Since we are good at this, deciding what to do is very easy in our class, having multiple choices leading to a possible game in gym or what to do in a spare block of time. I think that democratically making decisions is a good way to find solutions to problems, and makes every one feeling that they helped come to the solution. You might ot be happy, but that’s how it is sometimes.

    • dickensdiv16

      coolschoolscout, you’re right that none of the processes will ensure that everybody is happy. What do you think are the downsides of a consensus model? Why wouldn’t be the best way to solve classroom decisions?


    #1 the one that comes most clearly was when my class was thinking of a cheer for sports day. The best and most convent way would be the democratic proses because there very few choices and we did not have a lot of time to make our choice.

  4. who gets money

    #2 i think that the Democratic majority map is the best because it is built by more then one person’s unlike the Individual map and is also built by us (the kids) because we will live in it not the adults that did the presentation.


    • dickensdiv16

      Well, who gets money, all three maps were created by the kids, not just the Democratic majority map. The consensus map was also built on your input, through the software, and the consensus map was also built on more than one person’s point of view. Can you try to give an example?

  5. Subway2go

    #1 The situation that I chose was what we would sell in our soap n salts stand and how much it would cost. A democratic process is much better for this situation because as a class we can vote on each item we want to put up for sale. If there is enough votes for an item it is chosen to be sold at our stand. This process can work when you are choosing what scent your soap should be. If your idea doesn’t get enough votes you can always contribute other ideas.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, Subway2go, I think this is a great example of a situation where we can express a preference among a number of choices. Also, I like your point of view that you can always contribute in other ways in classes and communities.

  6. Ginger

    I think that the democratic majority is the process that city planners should use. Before the people from New World Theatre came to talk with us, I would have said that city planners should use the consensus model that is meant to make the most people happy. The consensus map we designed made me very unhappy! I think the democratic model should be used because it is the model of what we think will make us happy, not the model of what other people think will make us happy, like the consensus map did. The democratic model is also better than the individual model, because the planner might include ideas that are only significant to his or her life yet may not take into consideration others like children, seniors or people with disabilities. We live in a democratic country, so it is best to let the community, along with other designers and planners, help choose where and what facilities go in any given space.

    • dickensdiv16

      Ginger, thank you for the detail you put into this post – Your last comment about how the community, along with designers and planners deciding is interesting – do you think that experts should have a say in what the choices are for community planning?

  7. PointyHedgehog11

    I think the consensus model should be used when deciding how to use public space.
    Even though it takes longer and is more expensive , more people will be happy.
    It is better than the democratic process because you have more individual opinion in the solution.
    Even if not everyone gets exactly what they want ,they feel they have contributed there opinion .

  8. reader

    3. one way the city council could get some people of Vancouver to participate is holding an outdoor city meeting for all of Vancouver to come and participate on housing issues, like less luxury high rises and more green ways, community gardens and co-op get encourage people to come to a meeting like this I would put up flyers, billboards, people handing out flyers at stores and sky writers.

  9. petrinied4000

    1. I think that consensus is the best way to choose who gets what and what goes where. Consensus means that the choice is based on the people’s happiness. For example, If a company wants to build a sawmill in the middle of a suburban block, the town will have easier access to lumber but most people won’t be happy because of all the noise. Then the company won’t be able to build the sawmill and most people will be satisfied.

  10. Mario02

    #1 I think the Democratic process of choosing what to put in the lot we have is more fair. if 1 person just chose whats going to happen (individual) would be dictatorship And that is not fair. If we all vote then everyone has a say and people would be more happy. If we would do consensus Some people would be happy and people would get what they feel happy for its about the same thing as democratic since people get what they feel happy for. But Democracy is still 1st because people have a but more of a say in the deicision.

  11. The awesomest

    #1. I think that the fairest way to make decisions is with a vote. I chose voting because most people get what they want and I think that is the best way for people to express their feelings about the topic. For example if 43% wanted to build a luxury high rise and 57% didnt there were more people who didn’t so it wont get built.

  12. cool sketcher

    #3 I think the city council should get inputs on ideas from the people because the city council is only so big and people live all across vancouver and probably have great ideas. I would insure participation from other people because who wouldn’t want one of there ideas in the city and also maybe they could make it free so they have nothing to lose.

  13. Jr.fruitcake

    My situation is when we debate on the topic of criteria, we usually use a democratic system but perhaps it could be better to use the consensus. It would take longer but it may/should leave more people happy. If everybody made their own criteria and then we used the program that the “Me On the Map” people used then we could find a set of criteria that left more people happy afterward. I also think this is an important example because we debate criteria a lot in this class (though I do not think that this would be a good system for it would be far to time consuming).

  14. balloongirl123

    1 I think that the fairest way to solve a problem is to vote because some people would disagree with different things and others would agree so that’s why I think that voting is a fair choices to fix problem because it gives people the majority of what they want. .

  15. Aldwyn 2000

    #3 I think that the Mayor and city council probably except the cities input about these things and tell the public of each Idea and then get the public’s input. This is using the democratic version of the map and I think that this version would allow more people to participate and have a say about what idea is chosen.This is the option that the government usually takes and I think that it seems to work.

  16. cheese curds

    #1: Me and my friends Kevin and Cohen are making a movie on my Ipad, but then my Ipad breaks down. We need to use either one’s Ipad to film it, but we can’t decide which one. We all want to use our own Ipads. What we can do us use consensus and decide that each of us can film a little bit. This would be best because if we tried democracy, then one person would be left out of the filming part and he wouldn’t be happy. With consensus, everybody is happy.

  17. monster meatball

    #1 I think that the democratic way is better than any of the other ways because everyone gets a say in what goes down and overall I think at the end of the day everyone is much more happy with all of the decisions that were made.

  18. fireboltseer21345

    Fun lunch is happening, there are 12 choices for the meals but there will only be 5 lunches. I think that in this situation the democratic majority, that way most people would get what they want :):):):):):):):):):):):)

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