Assignment #2 Week of May 25

Dear Division 16

My apologies that this wasn’t on the blog yesterday – with all of the excitement about the Spring Fling, it was too late!

Please read the article found here:

For your blog homework this week, please develop a slogan that might be used to describe the content of the article.  You can think of it as the punchline of an informational video or a hook to get someone to read an article, but think brief, powerful and informational.

It might be something simple like: “Get outside! It’s good for your brain!” or a longer, more detailed slogan that conveys greater information.

Have fun, I look forward to your responses!


  1. Heather

    Sounds like fun homework. There are lots of good reasons to muck about in the soil! Enjoy the weekend everyone.

  2. Cool Sketcher

    don’t be afraid of the dirt what has it ever done to you? well… except help your body in fascinating ways!


    Get out there in to the nature take a walk or garden get those hands dirty and have fun.

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