Assignment #2 Week of May the Fourth be With You

Dear Division 16,

I’ve just come across this really interesting article titled: “Top 10 endangered heritage sites in Vancouver”.  You can read it here:

What I find interesting about this article is the way that the author connects the heritage buildings with the importance of their use in the history of Vancouver.  For example, one of the examples is a very old school, Point Grey Secondary School.  This building connects us to the past and reminds us of the importance of structures for education.  For your homework tonight, please choose one of the buildings featured in the article.

Once you have chosen one of the buildings, think about what it tells you about Vancouver’s history.  What does the way the building look, its location and its purpose mean?  For example: is it fancy or plain? In the centre of the city or in a neighbourhood? is it public or private? who used it? What was it for?

Remember from our discussions last week that an inference is a logical conclusion that you can assume are true.  Inferences are often drawn from looking closely at the details of a picture or a written description and thinking about what might be true.

For your homework tonight, please tell what inferences you made about the history of Vancouver from the pictures you looked at.  Please tell what information you used to make your inferences.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. coolschoolscout

    I think that St Paul’s hospital is a very important historic place for doctors and healthcare workers, and for Burrard St. I’ve looked at images at the present hospital, and there is no real difference in the building. I think it was fancy and expensive in it’s time, it was built out of bricks and looks amazing. I am so sad that this beautiful building will be moved away, because I think that it is a very special place. It is a public place as it is a hospital, and I don’t think it is nearby a neighbourhood, the current Burrard St is a very busy and interesting place.

  2. vid3o g@m3r

    Commercial Drive is full of memories for everyone. I go there almost every week, and it is a great place to go. With almost every shop imaginable, it is a shoppers dream. Because there are so many hard-working shops there, it will be a very big loss to some people (me included). It will be hard to replace the Drive.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thanks for your personal connections to the neighbourhood, vid3o g@m3r, it’s true that each neighbourhood holds memories for its residents and visitors. I appreciate that you considered the folks who work there as part of the community!

  3. Jr.fruitcake

    I chose Point Gray Secondary School.
    I think that it is important to the history of Vancouver because it shows what some of the schools and buildings looked like back then. It is in a place in North Van called Kerrisdale. I think it was a private school but it resembles some public history and it is still in use now. I think it is important to keep Point Grey standing because it is part the community and also I can’t think of a better use of an area like that than a school.
    Not only is it a school it’s field is used frequently for soccer teams and track teams.
    I think it must be some thing that all the people in the community respect and cherish and I wonder if they know it in danger of being torn down.

  4. Scarletcat

    East Hastings street is a cultural and creative heritage place that is full of fond memories. It has an old run down hotel on the corner that looks well used and probably was very fancy and new at the time. The hotel has a big light up sign that was very popular and expensive back then so it must have been a fairly nice hotel. That street was a public place which means many people will miss it myself included. That street had lots of stores that many people visited, that street brought friends, family, and communities together to celebrate, laugh, shop, and have fun! As we learned in me on the map if a high rise gets put in, those community activities will be scarce.

    • dickensdiv16

      Scarletcat, you’ve done a great job with your inferences. You pointed out details and explained what you think they told about that building’s importance and purpose in the community. Thank you for making connections to our discussions today about inclusive spaces and community factors that help residents feel happiness and connectedness.

  5. who gets money

    St Paul’s Hospital interests me because it is what we need our school to like like big, sturdy and plain. I think it was built to fit as many people as possible.

    Think about the history of that building its a hospital and maybe some of you family died there. I know this isn’t a nice thought but if your brother/sister/mom/dad died there would you just forget the building? Well maybe you would but i wouldn’t. would you want it to be knocked down even if some of your family didn’t die there? Its a hospital we always need more hospitals. They save LIVES.


  6. Subway2go

    Commercial Drive is like it’s own neighbourhood now. It has grown to be so popular to everybody in Vancouver. I think that it hasn’t changed so much over the years, l like that they have tried to keep pretty much the same as before, two storeys nothing more. Now it’s like walk through different cultures, foods and sometimes music. I think it is in pretty good spot right now because there are schools surrounding it, many grocery store such Santa Barbaras. Also, it has a big park for kids to play in. It’s right near the Britannia High School, which is also used on the weekends for Micro Footie, then to top it off the Britannia highschool has a public library, a hockey rink and many more things. I think that many people in Vancouver would be against vertically expanding Commercial Drive.

  7. reader

    St Paul’s Hospital is a very big and can fit a lot of people in it. the people that live near St Paul’s won’t have the near by access to when they move the hospital. my mom said that there are separate buildings at St Paul’s and its confusing to get around, also the elevators there are really slow and they break a lot.

  8. ginger

    I think that Gastown is a very special and unique place in Vancouver. It stretches between Main St., Richards St. and the Downtown eastside is on the east. Originally developed by Gassy Jack, Gastown was one of the original developments in Vancouver. When Gastown was first built it must have been very inspiring for the inhabitants to think that they were starting a new future. Many buildings in Gastown are very fancy and would have been expensive to build, but now many of them are run down or destroyed. Most of the buildings appear to have living spaces above stores which would have made this a very busy neighbourhood. I think that Gastown’s founders most likely built it next to Vancouver Harbour and the railway so that they could get shipments in and out of Vancouver as quickly as possible. Currently, Gastown is a place where anyone can go to a cafe, eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, do some shopping at a boutique, buy souvenirs for their family or walk down the cobblestone streets and admire all the historical sites.

  9. coolsketcher

    I think Gastown is a special and unique place in Vancouver because it was one of the first big building cites in Vancouver before downtown granville island ECT it wasn’t fancy it was also the centre of town back then. Lots of people used it and Gassy jack created Gastown, theres also a big statue of him in the middle of Gastown. It’s filled with shops, markets and stores and all the sidewalks are made of cobblestone.

  10. cheese curds

    I chose the picture of Gastown. It looks very old and I can tell by the looks of it that it’s been through a lot. The bottom of the buildings have shops in them, and I am guessing they have been a few different things over the years. On the top of the shops are little apartments. I don’t think they should tear these buildings down because gastown is part of our heritage. Every building there tells a story. If you tear these buildings down you tear down tons of artifacts.

  11. The awesomest

    I think that St Pauls hospital is very important to some people because it is where some people in our class were born includng myself. It is also very important that it stays standing because people who live around there need a hospital that is close so that they will have somewhere to go if they ever need to go to the hospital. I also think that it is important to keep it because it is very big so it can fit a lot of people.

  12. PointyHedgeHog11

    I would be sad to see gastown become a place full of luxury high rises. Back in its prime it would have been a very busy place. Most of Vancouver probably looked like gastown ,when it was being built. It is also a very historic place becouse it was not burned down by the big fire in 1886 . There are lots of unique shops and restaurants in the area and many popular tourist attractions . If this area is over-developed it could become a place that only tourists want to visit .

  13. balloongirl123

    I think that point grey secondary school is really interesting because it is a really old school and i love old stuff so that’s cool but i’am thinking that when was it made because I to know about it more.For my prediction i think it was made probable in the 1970s or 1980s


    I think that point grey secondary is a very interesting thing to look at since it was built in 1929 and still looks amazing. This amazing site must have a great deal of history in bedded in it and it has a couple of sports event there like track and feild so it is also apart of other community’s as well.

  15. fireboltseer21345

    St. Paul Hospital is an acute care hospital in downtown Vancouver. It was founded in 1894, 121 years ago. I think that St Paul hospital should stay (unless they just move it) because there aren’t very many hospitals in that area and if they closed it, a lot of people would lose their jobs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. fireboltseer21345

    I just noticed that basically everyone wants the places to stay. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  17. Cheeseman ABC 123

    i think Gas town is a very special place in Vancouver. it would be really sad if Gas town got knocked down because when it was the starting of Vancouver every neighborhood looked like that with all the cobble stone streets the same kind of look the houses grade 3 i went on a field trip to gas town in divition 10 it was really fun and cool because we got to see some of what the great fire did to it and it was almost destroyed then.

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