Assignment #2 Week of November 17

Hi Division 16,

Please read the article at the link below and watch the video.  There are many links to additional videos and articles within the webpage that will help you out if you need more background information.

Please respond to the article in your comment to ONE of the following questions:

1. Do you think that the voters in Vancouver chose NPA candidates for the Parks Board in response to the ban on breeding whales and dolphins in captivity?  Why or why not?

2.  Do you feel whales should be bred and kept in captivity?  Please give reasons why and why not.  You may wish to think about the pros and cons to help you make a good argument.

Please respond thoughtfully and in full sentences.  Make sure you give reasons for your point of view.


  1. NerdDurtle

    #2 I think that whales should be bred and kept in captivity because in the sea their could be pollution or oils spills might happen and kill the whales. Also there is noise pollution that could kill whales by making the whales go to shore and die without oxygen. It happens because of large boats and submarines that interferes whales

  2. The awesomest

    1.Ithink people chose the NPA candidates because of the ban on breeding whales and dolphins because people think it is important for whales and dolphins to be in their natural habitat.
    2.I dont think whales should be kept in captivity because Ithink they need to be in their natural habitat.It might be good for them to be in captivity if they are injured or they dont know how to look after themselves so they need peoples help.

  3. Subway2go

    I think dolphins and whales should not be kept and bred in captivity just for citizens’ pleasure. Imagine yourself as a dolphin in the Vancouver Aquarium doing the same show over and over again. It must be so boring to be that dolphin and in on top of being held in captivity. If you have been to the Vancouver Aquarium and you have seen the dolphin show, at first, it seems cool then that thought creeps on to you ” Is this what they do all their lives?” I see no pros to keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, yet I see tons and tons of cons such as animal cruelty, not being released set to the wild, and a very very small habitat. My broad opinion is dolphins and whales and most animals should not be bred and held in captivity.

  4. doctor pineapple

    #2 I think I’m in the middle on this one because there is lots of good reasons behind each side.
    Pros: A large part of the Vancouver aquarium’s business and time is devoted to keeping the whales in a good and safe environment for along time and they have done a good job of it. It’s also quite a large tourist attraction (tourism is the 3rd largest employer in the Vancouver economy). Also as the aquarium manager said “There in a safe natural environment and anything they do by themselves is natural. So taking that away from them is unnatural).
    Cons: A lot of people think that keeping them in such small space and having them breed should be considered Unnatural since it’s not there natural habitat.Some people have even said that the aquarium shouldn’t keep Cetaceans at all because being in the open in the environment is part of the eco system.

    • dickensdiv16

      Economic variables certainly play a role in decisions the city must make. I guess the issue that those who run for elected positions must face is how to balance those responsibilities with other ethical decisions. What would you choose?

  5. coolschoolscout

    #2 I have mixed feelings to this entire operation of business because if we prevent whales from interacting because it isn’t natural to keep them apart. Yet another argument could be that there have been some problems with aquatic creatures in captivity such as killer whales who have grievously injured people and have killed some. I can’t quite make a decision yet but I think both sides have a good argument.

    • dickensdiv16

      I think you’ve hit on an interesting aspect – whether the city should be responsible for preventing breeding rather than just stopping the active breeding. That was a consideration I hadnt thought of before I read this article.

  6. Cheeseman ABC123

    1# I can’t make up my mind on this one because there are lots of good things and bad things like. Pros whales and dolphins are one of the biggest attractions in the aquarium . they just want to keep them safe so if they were in the wild they would have a harder time breeding because they might get killed .Cons the people there might think that they might not have a big enough space.
    They might feel strange in a new place where they don’t know where anything is around there.
    They might be put alone in a tank.
    The whales and dolphins are a big part in the environment because Krill eat Phyto Plankton the whale eats Krill and the whales poo helps the Phyto Plankton grow/.
    That is just a little bit of what the whales do.

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re right, this is a complicated issue, Cheeseman! Thank you for bringing up the point about the role of whales in the ecosystem. I know the aquarium is a source of enjoyment for many, and yet there are considerations about the welfare and happiness of the whales.

  7. Ginger

    I think that the Park Board should keep the no breeding ban on because there will be too many cetaceans in one tank and then they will have to expand the aquarium and that will just take up more money. I think that the Aquarium should expand the rescuing side of things and cut down on the breeding. If they do expand rescuing they might get some more interesting animals in the Aquarium if they are not eligible to go back to the wild or they could help animals who need rehabilitation and then return them to the wild.

  8. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    #2 I think that they should not let breeding going on because if they keep saving the dolphins and whales or else they wou ld have to expand the tank and then they would possidle have no ROOM.

  9. petrinied4000

    #2 I think that its okay to breed dolphins and whales as long as its habitat is good. I always liked to go to the aquarium and I think it would be sad if there were no whales. I think the tank is too small so instead of banning whale breeding they should build a new tank. To me, breeding is better than capturing because then they don’t have anything to miss and they won’t feel stuck, especially if the habitat is good. It would be best if we knew what the whales and dolphins think though.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thats an interesting point about the previous experiences of the whales, petrineid, and I wonder if the city considered changing the tanks before enacting the ban. Perhaps we could invite a member of the Parks Board to come and talk to us about their decision-making.

  10. Scarletcat

    #2 I think in reality whales and dolphins should not be bred in captivity or kept prisoners in small tanks. If you were a whale born into an aquarium , you would not have the survival skills to live, and you would depend on humans . If you were to be let out into the wild you would die , because there would be no humans to give you food and protection . But I think that if a whale in the wild was critically hurt or sick someone like a trained marine animal vet should help , they could bring it to the aquarium , and they would let it go right after it gets better. I watched a documentary about how whales in seaworld go crazy because they have been in a small tank for so long , I don’t think that should happen in Vancouver. So my final statement is that I don’t think any more whales should be added to the Vancouver aquarium , because they only have limited room for whales!

  11. PointyHedgeHog11

    #1 I think the majority of NPA members in the parks board is becouse people may not have liked the ban and because it was part of they platform the voted NPA . I think you need to be careful about who you vote for .
    #2 I think there are pros and cons to breeding whales in captivity . One of the pros is , that the aquarium is a big tourist spot in vancouver becouse it is situated in Stanly park . One of the cons is , whales that are born I captivity don’t have the survival skills that wild whales would meaning they would probably die in the wild.
    I think this is a very important topic becouse it will change how the aquariam runs there cetaceans program.

  12. jr.fruitcake

    #1 I think the citizens of Vancouver [ or a group or aquarium lovers ] on a minor front voted for the NPA majority because of the suggested reversal aquarium ban. I wish more of our population voted because as a supporter of vision and green parties NPA is not my favorite party. and if more of our population voted I think the majorities would change with the homeless voting along with other things, because then the people who could not afford to visit the aquarium. would have a chance to share their opinions on priorities. I think those who voted for the NPA majority [if they were did on the aquarium front] did in part out of rebellion to the other parties vote to ban breeding in the aquarium rather than out of pure support for the NPA. Which I consider strategic voting in a different way.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting theory. I agree with you that if the voter turnout was higher, we would probably be able to make better predictions about voter motivation. I wonder how many voters were are of the NPA plan to reverse the breeding ban.

  13. purplegiraffe47

    I chose #2 cause the environment and animals has always been really important to me. I think that whales shouldn’t have to grow up in a cement CAGE!!! that’s the size of our class and the girls washroom put together, they should grow up in the wild and if they’re hurt or they’re a calf with no mother they should be they’re UNTIL!!! they’re better. The reason I believe this is well would you like this to be your daily schedule
    morning: Eat (breakfast)
    later: do show
    later: Eat (Lunch)
    afternoon: SWIM IN tiny HABITAT
    later: do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    later: do show
    night: Eat(dinner)
    later: sleep
    doesn’t that seem like SOOOOO!!!!!! much fun 🙂 ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 😉

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s always helpful to empathize with the animals – It is certainly a factor to consider what lifestyle is possible for the animals in the aquarium. You’re obviously very passionate about this issue.

  14. cool sketcher

    I think voters chose NPA for parks board to stop the ban of breeding whales and dolphins in captivity because the voters probably thought it was wrong because the dolphins and whales might become endangered because not as many of them will be bred. Thats my answer.

  15. lightningboy123

    I think that the whales should be kept in capitity because they are safer and they get taken care of where in the ocean anything can happen.

  16. cheese curds

    i think that whales should only be bred in the wiled becaus just letting them die is in humane.and i al so thingk that using fake dna to to breed them is crud’and its not good for the whale

  17. balloongirl123

    2. I think that they should not be bred in captivity. I want the dolphins and whales to be free because I want them to swim in the ocean instead of staying in a really small habitat. They should not be kept in small tanks just for our entertainment they should be able to live freely in the wild where they belong.


    #2 I think that they should be breed in captivity because they will not get hurt by people and they will be safe and this way when they have calf they can make sure that it does not get hurt by anty other animal and they will be with people witch will show them that we are nice and kind and they might have a bond with some of the people that work from when they were a calf.

  19. reader

    i think that the parks board shouldn’t lift the ban for breeding animals in the aquarium, it is mean and just not right. they also die there and they think” oh this is how all of my kind ends up.” if you think of a whales perspective the pool is too small. it’s small because they have a bunch of big pieces of ice sticking out everywhere.

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