Assignment #2 – Week of November 24

Division 16,

Today we read the book “Knock Knock” with Cheiree.  After that, we watched the video of the Author, Daniel Beaty, doing a poetry jam of a version of the story in the book.

You had a lot to say and there wasn’t enough time for everyone to share their ideas and responses.

You can find the video to the spoken word at the link below:

and use your comment to talk about one any observations, questions or thoughts you had about the content of the book, the video or the differences between the two, or to make connections to your experiences, other historical events or other books, movies, poetry or art you’ve seen. Please remember to use complete sentences, to re-read your writing before pressing “post” and to use appropriate punctuation.

I’m looking forward to your responses!  Have a great long weekend.



  1. Cheeseman ABC123

    In the book he didn’t talk about going to jail . Racism or Poverty. I think he did that because he might not want everyone in the place to hear about it . when his dad left him at the age of 3 I was really surprised because in the book he looked much older than that. that was a little like when I was littler when my mom told me at the last moment she was going out and I got all surprised? and sometimes I started to cry.I really liked the book it was wonderful.

    • ST Carl

      Good observation on the differences between the book and the poetry jam. I agree that Daniel Beaty might have wanted to change the story slightly for different audiences, but at the same time have the story tell the same message.

  2. The awesomest

    When we were watching the video I wondered if Daniel Beaty was the kid in the book because the way that he talked about it made it sound like he was talking about his own experiences.I think that in the book there should have been something about why the father was away.

    • ST Carl

      You raise an interesting point, The awesomest. Why do you think Daniel Beaty, or the publishers, decided not to tell the readers why the father was away? Do you think adding that information would change the meaning of the story?

  3. balloongirl123

    when we watched the video it was different because Daniel Beaty said 25 years but when we read the story about the letter at first i thought Daniel’s dad wrote the letter but really Daniel wrote that so he will remember his dad but I thought his dad got a divorce but really he went to jail but when I did not know where the dad was people was calling out he was in jail and I was shocked.

  4. coolschoolscout

    I experienced many different emotions when I was listening to the story and watching the video. The main one was shock, because that story seemed so sad because it makes me feel that we are imprisoning people that are standing up for their rights, because it looked like the main character’s father was put in jail for protesting, at the time was devastating for you because you would end up in trouble with the police and authority. I think the main differences between the book and the video was probably the language used because there were 2 different audiences, one of which was older and more educated, the other being children who shouldn’t be exposed to such things such as discrimination for people of other races and violent protesting. The book brought back a lot of memories when I used to worry when my parents went out and didn’t come back until I went to bed.

  5. doctor pineapple

    I thought that the poem that he recited was more intense and a little bit more sophisticated because he might have intended for the book to be for a younger audience. But when he was speaking instead and to a much older and mature audience he could be a bit more open. Also in the book Daniel didn’t find out what happened to his dad, all he knew was that his dad was gone and that he wouldn’t see him again. But when he actually told his story he talked about how he went to the prison and met his father but he was never able to talk to him. It also brought up the fact that the black movement was going on at that time ( which was bought up in the poem) and it was probably a very hard life for Daniel’s family. It was overall a book about family and being the best you can be…

  6. lightningboy123

    I think difference between Daniel’s video and his book is that he did not include anything about his father being in jail.

  7. purplegiraffe47

    I’m gonna talk about why his father was put in jail and how we know that. We know from the poem that his father was sent to jail because it said in the poem “These prison bars cannot contain my soul” and it said that “Our sons and our daughters are not our choices” so I think that that means he was put in prison. Maybe one of the reasons he was, was that he was mentally unstable or he had done something bad in the past. I wonder if Daniel knows why his father went to prison???;) ❤ ❤ 🙂 😉 😉

  8. Subway2go

    I think the main difference between the book and the oral poem was Daniel didn’t write about his father going to jail in the book. I think he might have done that because he might have wanted it to be a children’s book or an easier read. I have never experienced that much sorrow before but it made me feel like I could have helped Daniel or a least made him feel a little bit better. The oral version really made me think what would I do if I lost my dad or mom [a dad in this case] I wouldn’t have learned half of the things I know now and how scared I would be. The oral presentation reminded me about Shane Koyzcan’s poem at the Dalai Lama event…

  9. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    The book didn’t really tell about the father going to jail, but the video did. When he talk in the video about the iron bar and the window can tell thr father I’d in jail 😔.

  10. petrinied4000

    I really like the book “Knock Knock”. The way its written is great and the illustrations are wonderful. The video and the book are definitely different. In the video the author was talking so I could hear the emotion. Also he spoke in a lot more detail and even added some parts that I think are important. But the author didn’t say in the book or the video, how his father got into jail and I am still wondering about that. He didn’t seem like a bad guy so I think he was a protester for the fairness of black skinned people.


    i think the book was very well done and also thought that the poem was very interesting to watch as well to listen to the book did not say where the dad went but the poem did and the first time I listen to it i was not sure but second time i listen to it then it became very clear to me that his father went to jail. one of my questions was why did his father go to jail? as well as if it was something wrong what was it?

  12. reader

    in the book he did not include how he was carried in to a building and saw his dad and how he ran to meet him but was blocked by glass.

  13. Ginger

    I thought it was a very emotional poem and book. It must have been very hard for Daniel Beaty to write a book and then recite a poem about probably the hardest part of his life. One of the things I noticed in the poem was that he said that he thought up a father who wrote him a note, a father he never had. I think he wished that his father had written him a note in real life.

    • ST Carl

      Yes, perhaps Daniel wished his father had written, or given him advise or closure to what had happened. I find it helpful to write out my own thoughts when I have a lot going on in my head, so I can make an understanding of it.

  14. PointyHedgeHog11

    I thought that “knock knock” was a very touching book. I think that he kept some facts out of the book becouse they where to personal for the whole world to read. I agree with what everyone else is saying ,that Daniel Beaty
    Reminded me of Shane koyzcan. I really enjoyed the book and poetry jam.

  15. cheese curds

    its interesting this sort of gets you asking qestions about your one parents one of the things I notests is that he semnd more comphidit when he was reading the poetry then he did in the book.

  16. NerdDurtle

    What I thought was that the book was different from many kinds of books because it was emotional and it had thoughtful words. The difference for the book was that the boy was based off of Danial himself because near the end the boy continued and tried new things and became a constructor. What else was different that the poem was more about him and how tough it was for him.

    • ST Carl

      NerdDurtle, you raise a good point how the boy in the book became something different than Daniel did in real life. I wonder if the reason he had the boy become a constructor was to represent building a future for oneself.

  17. Scarletcat

    I noticed that when I was watching the part of the video where he talks about the letter his father gave him , he mentioned “knocking down walls of racism and poverty that I could not” , which sort of gave me an idea of why he was arrested , like maybe he was protesting against racism or something like that.I think that in the book , the story of his father was a bit more hopeful , like he will return someday and be alive.But I think in the video it sounded like the son was moving on and learning from his fathers mistakes.I think that around the time his father got put in jail, it was the time period when black people didn’t have rights.But I still wonder why the father didn’t say goodbye or tell his son?

  18. who gets money

    I really liked the video version of this story. The speaker was very passionate, and was almost rapping his story. I found it much more enjoyable than someone just talking, or speaking about racism. I feel like it really got the message across, because of the repetition (“Knock Knock”, “I shared a game”) and starts with a nice story, and fluently turns into something about racism. He was almost yelling by the end, and I felt really engaged. The second you got tired, or overwhelmed by the words, he would slow it down and say “knock, knock.”

  19. jr.fruitcake

    I think the differences between Knock Knock the book and Knock Knock the video are the amount of content in each of them. The video had a lot more content and you could a better picture as to what was happening in the boy’s life. he talked a lot more about going to the jail where his father was being kept. He described the “never ending highway” on the way there as well. He also put more content into the letter his father wrote to him. And included the fact that he dreamed up the father who said the words that his real father did not. It is a sad story but lessons can be learned about the life he led.

  20. cool sketcher

    When i listened to the video I wondered if Daniel Beaty was that little kid from the book but when I think about it he most likely is the little kid from the Knock Knock book. Also I think the dad went to a prison because it said “old rusty gates and brown faces” Also I think the dad was in the like talking place were the prisoners talk through glass walls with a little slot were people drop stuff off for them.

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