Assignment Week of November 2

Division 16

Think back to our discussion today about the different levels of government.  Remember that we discussed the responsibilities of local (Vancouver) government.  The local ballots include electing

Parks Board

School Board

City Council

and includes

  • animal control
  • business licensing
  • building permits and inspections
  • community and social services
  • cultural services and programs
  • economic development
  • fire protection and flood control
  • heritage preservation
  • land use planning and zoning
  • libraries
  • local utilities
  • parking lots and structures
  • police
  • public health inspections
  • public housing
  • waste management
  • transportation
  • water and sewer

Do some internet research and find an article related to Vancouver government (one of the items above, city council, school board or parks board).  Paste a link to the article in your response and answer the following questions about the article.

  1. What is this news article about?
  2. What are the arguments or supporting points being made?
  3. Who is the story most important to?
  4. How will the citizens of Vancouver be affected by this issue?

Some websites to try:

Remember to write in full sentences and answer each of the questions above.




  1. coolschoolscout
    Parks Board
    Land use planning and zoning
    My topic was the article about the off leash part of Trout Lake.
    The main part was complaints about the off leash area reduced from 29,000 to 6,000 square metres.
    #2 The main argument was about citizens unhappy with the planned change as there are an estimated between 100,000 to 145,000 dogs in the city. It was a very popular place as there are not a lot of off leash parks in Vancouver. It is one of the only off leash parks in the East Side of Vancouver. Another argument was about enclosing the area and putting up signs and fences around the off leash area. 72 percent of 700 respondents to a survey agreed that natural dividers should be used instead.
    #3 I think that this article is most important to dog owners in Vancouver because there might be a big change soon.
    #4 I think that some people in Vancouver will be affected because I think that there could possibly be protesting in the future about off leash parks.

    • ST Carl

      A very fascinating topic as it affects those with dogs or without. I’m interested in whether a a ruling has been, or will be made to keep or change the zoning of the off leash dog park. Could there be a election candidate who is advocating to keep the large off leash area? I also find it intriguing that there was no mention of why they want to change the zoning, only stating that it was part of some master plan.

    • dickensdiv16

      Coolschoolscout, you’ve chosen an interesting topic. Have you heard that there is a new discussion happening about dogs being allowed on city buses? What is your opinion on that topic?

  2. Ginger
    This news article is about the council agreeing to keep the Waldorf hotel as a heritage building.
    There are not really any arguments in this article but I can see what the first argument would have been about -it is too expensive to keep the hotel open and the other side of it is the Waldorf hotel a special building and it shows history in Vancouver .
    The story is most important to the people that live near the hotel and feel very strongly about heritage preservation.
    There is not really an issue in my article it is more of a conclusion of a issue but there is an issue about heritage buildings.The issue is that Vancouver will be seen as a city with no history and no culture.

    • dickensdiv16

      Ginger, the issue you raise about heritage buildings having a connection to our city’s culture is an important one. I know travel is important to you, how do you think we should ensure travelers to Vancouver are able to see our history?

  3. petrinied4000

    #1 This article is about how the government deals with the disposal of dog and cat poop.
    #2 The government’s policy currently forbids dog and cat poo in the garbage bins and compost bins, but they don’t state where you can dispose it. So people dispose it in the bins anyway because they have no alternative, especially in the parks.
    #3 This story is most important to the people in Vancouver who own a pet and don’t want to do anything illegal.
    #4This issue makes pet owners in Vancouver feel upset because they are forced to do something illegal every time their pet poos.

  4. Scarletcat
    City council
    #1 This news article is about how people get food cart permits and rent them out to other people ten times more than the city charges to get a permit.
    #2 Food cart permits are not that expensive ,but they are hard to get,so people rent out their food cart spaces for up to 10,000 dollars a year,considering that the permits are not that expensive to start with, that is a lot of money!Also the people that obtain the licenses don’t want to start a food cart business, they just want to take advantage of renting it out to people who don’t have a license, that are desperate to have a food cart license and space.
    #3 I think that this news story is most important to people that are currently renting a food cart space , or plan to rent one.Because they should be aware that they can be taken advantage of.
    #4 I think that the citizens of Vancouver will be affected by this issue ,because they will be aware that some people in the food cart business can be sneaky , manipulative ,and are unfair to renters!

    • dickensdiv16

      What an interesting article choice, Scarletcat! What solutions can you think of to solve this problem? Do you ever eat at food carts and do you think they are an important part of our city?

    • ST Carl

      One side of the view may be sneaky, manipulative and unfair of the permit holders charging that much for rent, but on the other side could be seen as smart and aware business/economic opportunity to make some money. This situation tends to happen in cases of supply and demand, and without control could continue to happen. Again, I wonder if any change has occurred since the article was written.

  5. PointyHedgeHog11

    # 1 This article is about political candidates making promises they can’t keep in their platforms during an election.
    # 2 In the article they list some promises such as ending homelessness in 2015 and go on to create absurd promises using humour to get their facts across which is appealing to all audiences.
    #3 The article is important to all citizens in Vancouver because it is encouraging them to be informed voters during the election. The main point is to get out and vote on November 15.
    #4 I hope that people will read the link so they will be more interested and find out more before they vote on November 15.

  6. ST Carl

    I think the exaggerations used by the author were quite effective in raising how far-fetched some of the promises made may seem. I agree with your point that what can be taken from the article is to be informed, as well as doing what you can and maybe even setting goals for yourself, but maybe not to the point of exaggeration to make buzz worthy headlines.

  7. cheese curds

    1. this article is about Gregor Robertson getting in trouble because he has plans to put high rise buildings where the Safeway is at Commercial Drive and Broadway. People didn’t know about this. If people had known, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Now most people aren’t going to vote for him. This story is important to Gregor Robertson and the people of Vancouver. The people of Vancouver will be affected by this because people in the neighbourhood may not have a good view if the big buildings are there. Citizens of Vancouver will also be affected because they will get angry and anxious and not elect Gregor Robertson.

  8. Subway2go

    Vancouver Sun, Judge raps police for using casino cameras to read suspect’s texts.{ The website didn’t have hyper link. #1 The article was about police using the EgdeWater Casinos cameras to read a gangster’s text while gambling. #2 Some arguments being made were: The gangster saying it was against his rights for the police to be looking at his personal texts in secret. #3 The article was most important to the gangster because the police violated his rights and because he got in trouble for keeping firearms. It will affect the citizens of Vancouver because the will think they have no privacy.

  9. cheeseman ABC 123

    Civic bodies elected Saturday get an extra year in power –
    #1 The news article is about the change from three to four years in power and also Vancouver is now in line with other big Canadian cities and if you don’t vote now, you don’t get to vote until 2018.
    #2 The arguments and supporting points being made are: Vancouver will be inline with other big cities, the four year term matches provincial elections, would give municipalities more time to consult, plan and achieve community goals and reduce election costs. The Lower Mainland Local Government Association 2010 report says that a four year term would boost citizens recognition of local governments and reduce voter fatigue.
    #3 The story is most important to the citizens who will vote in four days.
    #4 If you don’t vote now, you won’t be able to make a change in local government for four years and the people who are voted in will be in power for that long whether you like it or not.

  10. doctor pineapple


    #1 This news article is about the Vancouver aquarium trying to file a legal challenge trying to overturn the whale/dolphin breeding ban set by the park board last summer. The ban allowed them to keep Cetaceans in captivity but not to breed them.
    #2 The aquarium has argued that the ban serves real legitimate purpose. They also argued that the part of the ban affecting animals outside of canada are out of the board’s jurisdiction therefor should not be affected.
    #3 I think it would affect the people who run the aquarium the most because a large part of there aquarium is devoted to
    whales and dolphins and it’s an area they’ve put a lot of effort into. Because if they prevent breeding and eventually they aren’t
    allowed to take in new animals anymore than that’s a large part of there company gone.
    #4 I don’t think it will affect the citizens a lot but in away less animals could draw less tourism and could weaken the economy around that area. Tourism is the third largest employer in the Vancouver economy as of last year.

  11. theawesomest

    #1The article is about how transgender students should be aloud to use the washroom or changeroom that is the gender that they identify to and they should feel comfortable.
    #2The arguments are that transgender students should feel comfortable at school.
    #3I think this is most important to transgender children and students because i think that transgender people should be treated the same as everybody else.
    #4I think parents and students will be effected the most because they will all be more comfortable and more happy.

  12. Mario2
    1. My Assignment is on Vancouver housing. Vancouver is a very expencive city Some familys Cannot Afford Vancouver it has gone out of reach for familys to Afford. I think Vancouver needs change and we need a new mayor i think vancouver needs to give a chance to Mayor Canditate Kirk Lapointe. We do not need Gregor robertson from vision once again for the next 4 years
    he has shown to much of what he can do (not good things) for example he kicked homeless people out of Parks and recreation centers is that a way to tell people to leave? you tell me i feel sad for the homeless people they keep getting kicked around from place to place unwillingly. And all Robertson wants to do is make vancouver more expencive and put more homeless people on the streets and if people keep moving to surrey and richmon becuase they cannot afford vancouver ETC..
    we will not have much of a community here. Middle class citizens cannot afford vancouver as it keeps going farther and farther away in price range. The government keeps using Tax payers money on STUPID THINGS that we do not need to spend on we need to spend money on Homeless housing Vancouvers Homeless People Population is growing. And as far as i know the governnment is fine with that!.. I think Kirk can bring change to vancouver and make Vancouver affordable Like it once was..


  13. Hamsterlover

    My topic is about the off leash area at the trout lake dog park.
    1.In the article there were many complaints about the area of the off leash area being reduced from29,000 square meters to 6,000 square meters.
    2. The argument was about the people being unhappy with the change of the area cause in Vancouver there is said to be around 100,000 to 145,000 dogs in the city and trout lake dog park was one of the most popular ones in th city.there was also a 2nd argument about fencing up the perimeter of the off leash area.
    3.the people. Who are most affected by this are dog owners because the new space and environment put into the off leash area at trout lake affects them and their dogs cause of the smaller space and fencing,the space should be opened to everyone and everything.
    4.the Citizens will be affected by this and possibly try and protest about dog parks for new space as well.

  14. reader
    vancouver in one of the most beautiful and livable cities, diverse in nature, demographics, and potential.
    for good reason, more that 600,000 people call it home, even more enjoy and rely on the services our City provides. a great city doesn’t happen automaticlly it happens of what is built in side of it. like: protecting and enhacing our climate, ecgoly, and natural.( a bright green future.) building vibarant, creative, safe, and caring communities.( heathy city strategy.) etc.

  15. balloongirl123

    #1 This news article is about the issue of Bill Tieleman not taking up the cause of homelessness and how the government is spending their taxes.
    #2 Mr Corrigan is concerned about the homeless issue and saying that it’s Mr Tielemans job to deal with it. He’s also saying that Mr Tieleman thinks that overnight shelters can solve the problem.
    #3 This story is most important to the people who are homeless.
    #4 This will affect the homeless because after the 100 bed mental health and addiction centre shuts down it’ll be harder for them to find shelter. If the governments stop avoiding this issue then the homeless people will be able to have a place to stay and an opportunity to integrate in our community.

  16. purplegiraffe47

    #1. patti bacchus and her life and her opinions
    #2. how Patti got in to politics, it was sort of like biography
    #3. I think that the article is most important to Patti herself because it’s setting a reputation like in the article it said she was very feisty so now I think of her as feisty
    #4.If Patti Bacchus is elected for school board trustee I think it will affect our citizens because we will have safer schools 🙂


    #1this article is about Gregor Robertson’s apology to the voter’s of Vancouver.
    #2 the argument is Gregor Robertson is apologizing to the voter’s because they might vote for Kirk Lapointe
    #3 this article most important to the voter’s of Vancouver
    #4 if i were a voter that made a difference I would not vote for Gregor Robertson because he is sort of acting childish, snotty and rude to Kirk Lapointe and his voters

  18. NerdDurtle
    #1 This article is about making more bike lanes and lobby for more buses and with doing this it will reduce traffic jams. #2 The arguments are that it going to be rely on heavy investments and Kirk LePointe is arguing how Gregor Robertson have not invested anything on the subways in Vancouver #3 The story is most important to the citizens because some people don’t drive and it is some people have disability for walking #4 It will affect people because some people won’t have to wait a long time before the buses come

    • dickensdiv16

      Great article choice, NerdDurtle! I think this will be an important issue for Vancouver residents when they cast their votes. What do you think is the best solution to traffic and transit issues?

  19. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    So my topic is “park board”
    1.this new is about a woman how stole the dog and them in a car for hours and die because it was way to hot in the car.
    2.why this is BAD because for the six owner and the dogs it is really hard for the owner because they lost there a love one too.the person who pit the dog in the car when to court on November 12 2014, everyone new that she lie for the dogs!!!
    4.why this is important to me because when I saw the news and the website I was really mad. Because I go to church and we can not LIE or me have SIN. By the news she lie to the court and by living I hate it.

    5.I want to tell you more but there is way way way to much to tell .bye 😂

    • dickensdiv16

      Gigatool2, I think you’ve found a really challenging article here. You’re obviously very passionate about this topic. What do you think should be done to better protect dogs in this situation for the future?

    • dickensdiv16

      Lightningboy123, this is an interesting topic, but not a local one. I would have liked to see more about your opinions and ideas here. Please remember to always respond using full sentences.

  20. cool sketcher
    1. The vision vancouver’s ‘defamation of character’ lawsuit against the NPA. The NPA called Vision Vancouver ‘corrupt’.
    2. Each statement made was reported as ‘fact’, not just an honest opinion.
    3. It’s most important to Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Councillor Geoff Meggs.
    4. some of the citizens that aren’t following the election process closely and aren’t sure who to vote for may be swayed to not vote for vision vancouver. because of the slanderous comments.

  21. jr.fruitcake
    #1 The news article I chose to read was about the Vancouver Aquarium and the whales in it. The Parks Board recently passed a motion that the Aquarium can no longer breed whales or dolphins in captivity.
    #2 The Parks Board argues that it is not possible for cetaceans to have an acceptable quality of life in the cetaceans habitats provided at the Vancouver Aquarium, there for the Vancouver Aquarium should not be allowed to breed more animals into these conditions. However the head of the Vancouver Aquarium argues that the Aquarium does not have a breeding program which suggests that they have some kind of artificial reproduction system, he argues that the animals do breed just as they would in the wild because they keep them in natural groups.
    #3 The story is most important to the Vancouver Aquarium because this will result in a long term decrease of cetaceans in their habitats although they may still keep rescued cetaceans that are deemed not able to be released.
    #4 Some of our citizens will be distraught because they may have enjoyed viewing these animals greatly. Others like me are happy that they have finally ended this potential animal cruelty.

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