Assignment Week of October 17

Please read the following article:

Remember that sometimes it is helpful to read a text more than once when you are trying to draw conclusions.

For your reflection this week, please choose ONE of these questions below and answer it in a comment.

Your answer should be 3-4 full sentences and give reasons for your thinking.

1. What other information do you need to decide whether or not you agree with the conclusions of the UBC scientists?

2. Which information in the article was most convincing and why?

3. What inferences can you draw from this article?

4. From what point of view was this article written?  Was there a point of view missing in the article?

5. How do you think this research will affect people who live in the North?  The tropics?  Government?



  1. petrinied4000

    #5 I think that the southern countries will get less population and less money. They will have to find new things to eat and might need more imported food. The north could get more money and a higher population and it would be more important for food sources. I also think that if it goes on like this global warming will get to the north and the fish species will die out.

  2. doctor pineapple

    5- The fish steadily moving north and south to the poles could have a major affect on the people living in the tropics because with fishing being such a large part of those countries it could seriously affect there economies. Lots of those places also don’t have the strongest economy in the first place. It would also benefit the fishing up in the more northern parts of Europe and North America because with a larger variety of fish there will be more choice so most likely more sales. The different climates could also have an interesting affect on the fish too and could maybe even lead to new or slightly evolved species of fish! I don’t think it would have a major affect on governments but we will have to wait and see…

  3. Scarletcat

    #5 I think that it will be hard especially on the people who live in the tropics ,because lots of people there have fishing jobs or jobs that involve fish.The fishermen there will probably have to find new jobs to support their families ,and families who mainly eat fish will have to find an alternative meal.I think that in the north and south pole fish will become overpopulated which can lead to crowded waters,and the fish running out of food for themselves!I think that the government must be worried,so I hope that they will make major changes to decrease global warming!

  4. PointyHedgehog11

    I think i will drastically affect the tropics, because it is the main food source for the tropics and people visit the the tropics to see fish and other marine animals. i think it will also affect the arctic because it will cause an over population of fish. it may also become a topic of interest to debate about in the governments ,because a certain countries fish stocks will move to a different countries fishing zone and become an invasive species to that countries oceans. climate change needs to be stopped and we are the only ones who can do any thing about it!!!

  5. Subway2go

    4 I think the point missing was the point of the people living in the tropics and poles and what they think about the fish migrating. I think when some of the fish end up in the poles there might be some diseases being passed on to resident fish. The people of the tropics will notice the fish leaving over time and will try to find new species of fish to eat. These new fish food sources may be smaller, more difficult or dangerous to catch, or harder to eat. I think the point of view that the article was written in was the opinion of the researcher and what they thought about this upcoming crisis.

  6. Who gets money

    #5. I think it will affect people in the north because there will be more food to eat and governments will pay more attention to what is happening up north

    • who gets money

      I think it will affect the government because people can’t really fish if all the fish go up there… that means they will have to make new laws to deal with the resources. The tropics will experience more poverty, as their resources swim away.

  7. The awesomest

    #5. I think it will be hard on the people who have fishing jobs because they will have to find new jobs and people who eat fish cant eat as much of it. Water in the north is now going to be full of fish.I think the government definetely needs to try to stop this.

  8. cheeseman ABC 123

    The people living in the north will get a lot more food and some new fish that might be tastier than the ones they already have.The people in the Tropics will have less food less population and less money so the people in the Tropics might move to the North.The Government will pay a lot of attention to the North and they might catch fish there and breed them in the Tropic then let them go there or they might just keep them there.

  9. jr.fruitcake

    I think the thing that convinced me most was that some fisheries were already reacting and negotiating how they will deal with the imminent problem of fish shifting to colder and more comfortable environments it is also quite scary to think about the fact that eventually the arctic will not be cold enough for the fish to be comfortable in. Then if the UBC scientists are correct every species will die out except the tropical warm water dwelling fish and eventually those will as well from over heating.

  10. NerdDurtle

    2.The most convincing part is that the fish are slowly moving to the north and south because the water is getting warmer in the area

  11. Ginger

    3# This article was written from the point of view of Mr. Chung , and the students at UBC who wrote the article .
    I think that if possible (which it is not) a point of view from the fish would be helpful , especially from a BC fish that has left our waters.A fish could tell us why it was leaving, if it knew. Maybe it would tell us that it was just a migration cycle.

  12. purplegiraffe47

    (#4) I think that the article was mostly from the scientists point of view,it was always him when there was talking though.
    Also I think that they should have a child like us share their opinion. I think it would be interesting to here what someone like
    us thinks about it 🙂

  13. Aldwyn 2000

    5# I believe that this will cause a major change for the food resources in the tropics because the people whose main food source is fish, their food will now have to be brought in from overseas. I believe that this will cause conflict between governments and countries as well as communities within countries.I think that governments will try to persuade the northern residents to allow them to fish in that area,so I believe that there will be conflict up there to.


    #4 i like the one where he imagined it then looked the old stuff and it was the same as the one he imagined that was the most convincing to me and why well when i was reading it the 2nd time was way more interesting then the others

  15. cool sketcher

    2# I think the most convincing part of the article is that the fish are moving very slowly in around 15 to 26 km per decade. I think this is interesting because i wonder why their traveling so slow but they probably not going to make it north or south because there traveling at such slow speeds.

  16. reader

    5.this will affect people in the world because there will be less fish in our oceans and rivers, that means at least 25% less food around the north.

  17. who gets money

    #5. I think it will affect people in the north because there will be more food to eat. and governments will pay more attention to what is happening up north. also there will be less animals like whales here because they
    will move up north.

  18. Hamsterlover

    4.the point of view missing from the article is that what will happen to the fish and what will the countries do with out as much fish.
    the article has included the fact that the fish are moving to the south and northpole and how long its gonna take to get there.The article has also included to try and save fish from aruond the place cause we have to conserve fish.
    but the one thing that they didnt include is what will fish markets do without fish to sell and what will happen to the fish.

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