Assignment Week of October 20 #1

Tomorrow we will be watching the Dalai Lama by livestream, who will be speaking at John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver.

In preparation, please watch both videos found on youtube at the links below:

Please reflect on the idea of compassion and non-violence.

For your homework assignment this Monday, please write at least 4 sentences about the role that compassion has played in your life.  Consider the following and make sure you address each question in your answer.  You can be specific about your personal experiences if you like.

1. Think of a time when someone showed you compassion.  How did it feel?

2. When you show compassion to others, how does it affect your life or your community?

3. What part of the Dalai Lama’s discussion made the most sense to you?  Make a personal connection to one of his ideas

4. What question would you like to ask the Dalai Lama?

Remember, you need to include answers to EACH of the four questions above in your answer, and your answer needs to be at least 4 full sentences long.  Before posting, check your response for spelling, capital letters and punctuation.

I look forward, as always, to your responses.



  1. coolschoolscout

    #1 I think that when someone showed me around a school in Japan for the first time, that was compassion especially since it was my first time.
    #2 When you show compassion to others, it affects your life because it makes you feel heroic and like you can do no wrong.
    #3 I think the part when he said that respecting others tend to lead to people respecting you made the most sense.
    #4 I would like to ask the Dalai Lama if anyone shows him respect and compassion as much as he does to others.

  2. Aldwyn 2000

    1# When some one shows you compassion it feels good because that person is showing you respect and respect is important.2# when you respect other people they start to respect you back , this could make communities work to respect others in a different way.3# in the first discussion He talked about politics and welfare, in the second he talked about respecting those in our society and also about our future.I believe that what he said about our future is true and that we need to work for our future just as many before us have. 4# have you ever asked yourself if you think life is frightening?

  3. Scarletcat

    When someone showed me compassion it felt really good, because compassion is respecting others opinions or ideas no matter what your opinion is. It felt nice that someone cared and respected my idea. I think when you show compassion it affects you because it gives you an open mind to other opinions and lets other people know that your going to respect their ideas. Also when you show compassion to someone they will do the same for you. I think listening to those interviews made me realize that the Dalai lama is a very calm and peaceful person who wants to find an alternative for violence. That alternative is compassion ,I think compassion is a better way to agree on a settlement or an answer than fighting. If I could ask the Dalai lama a question I would ask him if anyone in his life has ever showed him compassion?

  4. Ginger

    When someone shows you compassion it makes you feel really good especially if someone has been not respectful to you, it really just lifts you up and makes you feel much better.When you are compassionate to someone else it makes you feel like a friend and a leader.I really connected to the part when the Dalai Lama said if you respect others others will respect you.If I were to ask the Dalai Lama something it would be “where is you favourite place to travel and why.

  5. Cheese Curds

    1. one time i got frustrated at baseball practice and my friend said its okay you were so close it felt warm and fuzzy

  6. balloongirl123

    #1 when someone showed me compassion i felt great because they respect me and cared for me.
    #2 compassion effects my life because when i respect others they respect me back.
    #3 He talked about respecting others in our society and our future. The Dalai lama wants to settle things with compassion instead of fighting.
    #4 would you like to show everybody in the world compassion?

  7. doctor pineapple

    #1 It felt like they were saying that they really cared about me because they were listening to me and were really thinking and caring about my concerns and problems and trying to help.
    #2 When I show compassion for somebody I like to try to make it feel as good for them as it does when someone shows compassion for me. It will always have a positive affect on community because when one person shows compassion for some one else they feel compelled to show it for more people and a community with compassion is a strong one.
    #3 The part that makes the most sense to me the most is where he talks about how you achieve nothing through fighting or “confrontation” talking and more importantly listening is the best way to sort out problems. Showing compassion can also help reach agreements because your showing the other people you care about there ideas.
    #4 What advice would you have for kids around the world who face smaller everyday conflicts like bullying and fighting?

  8. cheeseman ABC 123

    1# When my sister got stitches it felt like I got stitches and I was sad. I felt the same pain as my sister.
    2#when I showed the new people around Paula and Susan’s class. I think that it made them feel more comfortable about there surroundings and it made them feel like they were part of the class
    3#the part that made the most sense to me is when Dalia Lama said you can’t change things by force you can only change things with compassion and dialog. I have seen that if you don’t do this how it works out. The problem still continues
    4# How long did it take till he became a monk.

  9. PointyHedgehog11

    #1 My karate sensei Harry showed me compassion because I was nervous before my karate test . It felt empowering and gave me the strength to keep going.
    #2 Giving compassion feels good because you feel like you can really make change for a person in their time of need.
    #3 I think the part about accepting others ideas is really important because the we can collaborate to make things better.
    #4 I would ask the Dali Lama if he believes in karma.

  10. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that when I first went to preschool I was really intimidated but everyone showed lots of compassion and that made me
    feel welcome.
    #2 When I show compassion to others it makes me feel good about myself because I helped someone and made them feel good to.
    #3 I think the part that I noticed the most was the part where he said no one can get anywhere by fighting and war and coming together and compromising is the best way to sort something out.
    #4 I would ask him if he thinks there are more scary things in the world than not scary things.

  11. The awesomest

    #1. Compassion feels like you are welcome and you are wanted.
    #2. When you show compassion i think people feel more comfortable around you.
    #3. I think it made the most sense that if you show respect people will show you respect.
    #4. I would ask him if he why he decided to take on the responsibility of being the dalai lama

  12. purplegiraffe47

    (#2)I think that when I show compassion to others it doesn’t only make me feel good but it puts me in a better mood than I was before (#3)I think the part when his holiness the Dali Lama answered the question of whether or not he’d ever thought about being normal and he answered yes, I thought that that was interesting because there are some people that aren’t happy with who there are. (#4)if I got a chance to ask the Dali Lama one question it would be if he’d ever turned down a question and not answered and why. (#1)when I was 6 I was in a new class and really nervous I had no friends and i didn’t even know the teachers name and before I could snap, two girls came up to me and I had friends, them showing me compassion made me feel like I was wanted and I no longer felt like I had to change to fit in 🙂

  13. Subway2go

    #1 A time someone had showed compassion to me, was when my family was playing Monopoly and I had no money left and my brother gave me $400. I was very touched by this because my brother had to overcome the greed to win the game and have the right to say I won.
    #2 When I show compassion for other I do because, first thing it is a nice thing to do. Second I do it because I hope they show compassion to the others in the community.
    #3 I think the thing that most sense to me that Dalai Lama talked about was about being a regular person. If I was the Dalai Lama I would think about being a regular person because so many people want to see you every second. Sooner or later you will be dead and you would’ve spent more time with for fans\followers than by yourself.
    #4 I would ask the Dalai Lama, how has being the Dalai Lama change your way of living?

  14. reader

    1. compassion is when someone is telling you that your not alone and your okay and that make us people feel happy.
    2. showing compassion to others is making them feel safe and making them feel good.
    3. the most part that made sense to me is when he said that ‘ he’s not special just because he did something that someone else didn’t he’s just like every one of us in the world.
    4. one of the questions I would like to ask him are what is the most exciting and interesting experiences of your life?

  15. lightningboy123

    it was very intresting I want to ask him if what is it like to be the dalai lama and what even changes his life and some other intresting questions of his life

  16. cool sketcher

    1# When I was at my friends birthday party they were doing a lot of stuff that I thought was boring so while the other kids at the birthday party were playing around downstairs I sat on his bed being bored and my friend came and asked me to come downstairs and play.I felt nice when he showed some compassion. 2# During the district meet instead of going for a good place I stayed back to help my friend finish the race and encourage him to push past some kids. I felt happy to show compassion to him and I felt strong. 3# When they asked the Dalai Lama do you ever feel angry or even outraged he said “yes I feel angry I am a human being” I thought that made a lot of sense it showed that he is a human being just like all of us are. 4# I would ask the Dalai Lama if he had ever gotten bullied in his childhood and if he did what did he do about it. Thats all my answers (and questions.) 🙂

  17. NerdDurtle

    1.It was when I was at the playground playing and people started let me play games with them and I felt happy because I had a lot of fun 2.Showing compassion to others is that they feel included and they are happy and affected my life because it is nice that you help other people 3.The part I most understood was when they asked if the Dalai Lama ever outrages is because that everybody should had a time when they felt angry at some person or at something 4.If I could ask him a question it will be “Was it your decision that you continued to learn and study to become what you are now”


    1. My friend understood how I felt when someone else hurt my feelings. It made me feel warm and better, like 100 little hugs all over!
    2. When I show compassion to others it feels good. When I help my friends in dance class, it feels like someone is sprinkling warm hugs on me.
    3. The Dalai Lama said it is important to talk things out. My Mom does this when I fight with my brother. Then you are not arguing or hurting each other and you are smoothly talking it out!
    4.How does it feel to escape from somewhere and do you like to wear pants?

  19. who gets money

    A time when someone showed me compassion was my mom bought me a toque. I didn’t really need it, but I really wanted it. My mom indulged me, and bought it for me because she knew it would make me happy. It made me really excited to use it because I knew that it was something that she had got just for me. When I show compassion to others, it creates strong bonds. If I help someone out, they might help me out, or at least feel better. The part of the Dalai Lama’s discussion that made the most sense to me was about respect, and how you have to give that first. Just recently, I was allowed to stay at home by myself because I had proved that I would respect everything in the house and not do anything bad, which earned me respect from my parents. I would like to ask him what his childhood was like.

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