Assignment Week of October 6, 2014 – Crayon Colours

This chart shows how many Crayon colours were available in 1903 when they were invented, up to 2010.

Take a look at how colours have changed and grown over the years.

Reply on this page (by commenting) and make sure to answer the questions with at least one sentence for each question.  Use full sentences.

1. Why do you think the number of colours have changed over the years?

2. How do you think this affected children, artists and students when new colours were invented?

3. What colours do you think are still missing?

4. Imagine a new colour, describe it and give it a name.

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  1. Cheese Curds

    #2. Not having many colours made it harder to draw pictures when you wanted the colours to be specific.
    #3. I don’t think there are any colours missing.
    #4. A new colour is pink, yellow and green and it’s called Unicorn.
    #1. Only artists took time to be interested in colour back then. Ordinary people did not.

  2. Scarletcat

    #1. I think that they invented more colours so peoples artwork and drawings could be unique and stand out with vibrant new colours.
    #2.I think that the new colours affected and persuaded people to take a new path through artwork and creativity.
    #3.I think that a light,pale pink colour is missing
    #4.A new colour for me is a mix of teal and purple,with orange polka dots ,I would call it “ocean sunset polooza”!

  3. Subway2go

    1 I think why they changed the numbers of colours is because the more colours they can sell the more money they could make.
    2 I don’t think the children and students cared that much about the “new” colours but I think the artist were happy because they was more shades of colours.
    3 A regular green
    4 My new colour would be a mix of purple, red and gold. I would be called Royalty

    • dickensdiv16

      True, I imagine the company benefited from more crayons in larger packages. Good thinking. I love the idea of a colour called “royalty”. Please remember to write your responses in full sentences.

  4. cheeseman 123 ABC

    1# because they had better machinery and getting more and more developed so they were able to make more and better colours 2# I don’t think that kids then were able to because they didn’t have any time but if they did they probably didn’t have very much 3# swamp green 4# red blue green pink rainbow stripes with brown polka dots it’s called’ something you will never see but sounds interesting’

  5. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that the crayon company was making more money so they made more crayon colours.
    #2 I think that the more colours there are the more creative and detailed people draw.
    #3 I think there could be a darker blue and a brighter pink.
    #4 My new colour would be called cluumpo and it would be a mix of green purple and blue.

  6. doctor pineapple

    #1 Up until the mid nineteen thirties there was lots of requests and letters asking for more colours so they could make more detailed and colourful art.
    #2 I would think it could definitely change things for a lot of kids and students because they could suddenly draw all different types of pictures and art and they could be a lot more detailed.
    #3 I think they could use a periwinkle, an indigo and a beef jerky coloured crayon.
    #4 My made up colour would be beef jerky which is like a dark red-ish brown with a slight hint of orange…

  7. ginger

    1. I think the colours have changed over the years because we have more technology and more resources
    2. I think that it gives artists more opportunity and children more imagination and inspire them to draw and colour.
    3. I think a salmon-peachy coral colour is missing.
    4. The new colour I can imagine is a mixture of green and brown and it’s called Randal’s Mint Jelly.

  8. PointyHedgehog11

    #1 The colours changed because people needed more colours to have at there disposal to put more detail in there art.
    #2 Their creativity must have gone through the roof when the new colours came out’
    #3 Mahogany! It is a colour!
    #4 Periwurmple a combination of periwinkle and lavender
    P.s I love crayons

  9. coolschoolscout

    1. New colours made people have more options to express themselves then in the olden days.
    2. explosions and new combinations of colours make art into a new era.
    3.I think it is missing a hazel or a darker turquoise colour.
    4. I would blend a light green and a light brown and call it “grassy green”.

  10. Aldwyn2000

    1. I think that the artists complained that the colours they used were too plain and they wished to have something truly inspiring.

    2.I think some children liked the changes while others barely noticed, teachers probably felt that there was a new means of art activities and the artists were delighted with the change.

    3.I think that the colour chart missed out silver.

    4. If I could make a new colour for every one to use I would chose a sparkling red which I would call diamond scaled scarlet.

  11. cool sketcher

    1. I think we’re getting more tecnologically advanced.
    2. I think some of them were happy to have more colours to sketch with but some of them were probably sad to not have the same colour as they had thirty two years ago.
    3. Darkish hazel.
    4. Baltiminer: mixture of brown a bit of black yellow sparkly blue and gold 🙂 plus it sounds cool!

  12. NerdDurtle

    1.I think colours represent emotions so they want more ways to show emotions
    2.I think they were overjoyed that they could use many more coulors in many different ways
    3.I think there should be a very bright yellow that stands out
    4.My colour would be a combination of yellow and pink and a tiny bit of green and be called “Wink of Pixie”

  13. jr.fruitcake

    #1 I think that the number of colours have increased because of the increase in materials they could use to make colours and dyes.
    #2 I think it would have made them excited and curious as to weather it would work or be useful.
    #3 I think a deep purple is missing.
    #4 marbled yellow brown and light green, I would call it cadswallop

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, that’s a really thoughtful response to question #1 – seems likely to be a factor. Also, I’m not sure about the way cadswallop would look but I sure like the name.

  14. armadillo king

    #1 Because we needed more colours.
    #2 We became less creative once making drawings.
    #3 I think we are missing a deep burgandy.
    #4 A really vibrant gold it would be called fools gold

  15. who gets money

    #1 i think because the artist have needed more colour so there can be more colourful work.

    #2 it made it funner for kids because there could be more colour in their work.

    #3 dark brown.

    #4 blurple blue and purple


    #1 I think that the colours changed over the years because when you make art pace you want more then just plain old pink you bright pink so you want all the colours to be different like instead of regular pruople you want pinky prouple but all the colours from 1903 are all the same darkness
    #2 I think that it changed the children in a great way because when you more of a choice the art is always better and way more awesome
    #3 The colour I think is mising is a frajilel trourqurise not to dark not lite just right
    #4 Hot pink with blue and fant red and its called the christmas glazes

  17. The awesomest

    #1 I think people are more creative now so we want the colour that we are thinking of.
    #2 I think now people can be creative because they have more shades of each colour.
    #3 I dont think any colours are missing
    #4 There should be a glow in the dark crayon called radioactive!

  18. purplegiraffe47

    #1 I think they didn’t think that people would need so many colors, but eventually realised the more colors the more money
    #2 I think it would really affect artists but I also think that artists wouldn’t be using crayons, but children on the other hand I don’t think it matters to young children but as you get older it becomes more important
    #3 I think mahogany is missing
    #4 my new color would be a mix between winter blue and spring pink(purpleish) and I would call it “Thunder in heaven”

  19. Gigatool2_is_a_girl

    1.Not many color are made this year but i wish that there was more color in life
    2.If new color were made we kid’s will have more color to draw with and the new color should be bright
    3.I think that we need more color are dark one’s
    4.I say that my new color will be is is black mix with a really kinda red and a tiny white to make it a cool color what i will call is…
    Name: blackie or redblack it

  20. reader

    1.i think the numbers of colors have changed over the years are because people across the world have mixed the colors and back then they never had the color plum or violet before.
    2.i think that people where into the new colors because it was interesting and nice to have a different shade of that color.
    3.i don’t think that there is any colors missing. made up color is alpaca it is brown, orange and a hint yellow.

  21. hamsterlover

    1.because once the people had what they needed they could start experimenting with all the different shades of color. probrably made artist and kids very happy but mostly artist cause they could do more paintings and drawings.
    3.mostly to me there are pretty much no more colors left in the color chart because most of all the differenty shades of color are on the chart.
    4.sunset,a mix of pink,yellow and blue cause the colors are calm like the mood of a sunset.

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