Summer Assignment #1

Dear Division 16,

I hope you have all had an amazing summer so far!  I have just returned from camping in the Okanagan for three weeks and while I was there I witnessed the start and rapid growth of a very large forest fire and the efforts of the firefighters to contain and fight that fire. It was a very scary and also interesting experience.

So for your (optional) homework, please read this article about the Martin Mars bombers.  There are links to related articles and audio clips of radio interviews, which are also very interesting.

For this assignment, please answer one (or both, if you are looking for the chance to do some writing) of the following options:

1. Make a connection to the issues surrounding the forest fires in BC.  This could be a personal experience, a connection to another article you’ve read (please feel free to include a link to that article), issues related to funding of firefighters, possible reasons for the increase in forest fires, inferences you’ve made about the fires or any other thoughts or ideas you have about the current state of BC forest fires.  Remember to answer in full sentences and to make sure your thoughts are well explained.

2. The article gives an example of a technology that was invented for one purpose and is now used for another.  In this case, the bomber was originally invented as a weapon, was then used for transportation and now is used to assist fire fighters in British Columbia.  Can you think of another technology that is currently used for a purpose other than for what it was invented?  Be specific and include at least  one example.

I look forward to your responses!  I miss you guys.



  1. Aldwyn2000

    well I heard on the CBC radio that there was a wildfire in Osoyos and then it aired on the global tv channel that it had grown so large that people had to be evacuated from camp sites leaving their trailers and cars had to stay at the burning campsites.

  2. Aldwyn2000

    by the way jody its weird that for once I am the first to respond to a post how long has the post been out and when are you posting number 2.

    • dickensdiv16

      Hi Aldwyn, thank you for being the first to respond to this question! I was also surprised that no one responded but I suppose that’s a sign that everyone is ha by a busy and full summer. I decided not to post the second question because it seemed people weren’t that interested. I will post one in the first week of school. Have a great first day at French Immersion! We will miss you!

  3. coolschoolscout

    It was quite serious when Vancouver was filled with smoke. Hopefully on no more occasions will that happen again, because I couldn’t go outside to exercise for a while. I imagine that the smoke is also really bad for your lungs and for most of Vancouver’s habitats and animals.

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