Assignment #2 Week of April 20

Dear Division 16,

Following our discussion today with Naslishah, today’s assignment is to think about Teachable Moments.  Please read the information below and give an example like the one below.

Recognizing Teachable Moments

We need to practice using the language of virtues when facing daily challenges. This helps us rise above the situation and recognize the gift offers, the opportunity to hone our virtues and  become lifelong learners.
We can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, by taking personal responsibility to clear up mistakes, by being open to learning from challenges and replacing shaming with naming virtues.

Let’s rename and reframe:

1. Think of a person you know whose behaviour challenges you.

2. Rename their basic character trait as a virtue:
e.g. stubbornness = determination
talking back = honesty

3. Identify the virtue you want to encourage them to practice.

4. Put in a positive sentence.
“Bart Simpson, that was very honest when you shared your opinion. How can you say that in a more respectful way?”
or “Cinderalla, I see your peacefulness and obedience. What will give you the confidence you need to attend the Prince’s ball?”

Please give your example.

Also, remember that it is important to acknowledge the person later when you see them practicing the virtue you called them to.


  1. coolschoolscout

    Guidance “Dad, you were very quick and loud when you replied. What can you do to understand that we aren’t criticizing and trying to hurt your feelings?”
    “Thank you for recognizing our guidance and understanding our words.”

  2. Scarletcat

    Guidance: (person),”you don’t need to get defensive and yell, it was just a suggestion”. “What can you do to listen to others opinions and suggestions in a respectful way without interrupting”. Acknowledgment: “thank you for listening to us and sharing your ideas with us in a kind tone of voice.

  3. Ginger

    Guidance “stranger, it is not very respectful to leave your dogs business in my garden, it makes my vegetables inedible . What will help you remember to pick it up next time?”. Acknowledge “It is very generous that you take your dog on walks, but no one else wants to clean up after you and your dog. It was kind of you to listen to what I have to say”.

    • naslithony

      Ginger, I appreciate your purposefulness and tact when you addressed the problem of cleaning up the “dog business” in the yard with the stranger. You were also very kind and polite when you acknowledged the improvement in their behaviour.

  4. The awesomest

    Guidance: “Neighbour, you dont need to yell. Can you peacefully state your opinion? ” Acknoweledgement: ” It was very respectful the way that you said that.”

    • naslithony

      The awesomest, I see that you use assertiveness when you make your request and then you give a friendly encouragement for the improved behaviour.

  5. Subway2go

    My brother is sometimes very committed to reading his book and doesn’t want to play with me. So I said will you please be detached from your book and be joyful and come outside and play with me?

  6. petrinied4000

    The person I am thinking of is my brother. i some times think he is stubborn but than can also be determination. I think may brother needs to be more patient sometimes. If i was going to tell him that, I would say: __________, you are an exelent brother and I enjoy your kindness but I would like it if you could be more patient sometimes.


    Guidance “cousin, it is not very kind to not eat what is given to you that’s homemade and then eat something that’s storebuoght. What could you have done to perfent hurting the other persons feelings. Acknowledgement thank you for being truthful about what you were eating and how could you have exspressed that in a kinder way.

    • naslithony

      I see that you encourage eating healthy and pure foods, purity is a virtue. You are also thoughtful about other people’s feelings. You are also being kind in the manner you acknowledge the person.

  8. PointyHedgeHog11

    Guidance ” excuse me sir but could you give more respect to others and take more control of your dog. People don’t enjoy untangling dog leashes. ”
    Acknowledgement “thank you for being more responsible for your dog and letting others enjoy there walk. “

    • naslithony

      I appreciate your assertiveness and respectfulness in the way you asked the person to take control of their dog.
      I also saw tactfulness in your acknowledgement.

  9. Jr.fruitcake

    X “please be respectful and think through your words before you say them this could make more people respect you”.
    “Thank you for stating that in a respectful and thinking through it before you said it”.

  10. balloongirl123

    1 Sometime’s when I ask my brother if he want’s to play outside with me and he would always say no because he just wants to play on his ipad. But then when he does not have his ipad with him and then I would ask him do you want to play outside and he would say sure. For some reason he is so in to his ipad. The other day when I called his name he wouldn’t answer me I had to yell his name louder so he would answer me.He has to be more caring because when i say something to him he would just yell at me so be kind.

    • naslithony

      I appreciate your love and loyalty for your brother. It sounds like you are very patient with him and you show your perseverance by continuing to ask him to play with you. I think your patience will pay off.

  11. vid3o g@m3r

    Guidance: Excuse me, can you please stop yelling, I am trying to tell everybody something important.Acknowledgement: Thank you for letting me speak.

    • naslithony

      You were kind and assertive at the same time when you made the request and acknowledgement. It takes a lot of tact practice those two virtues at the same time.

  12. fireboltseer21345

    Guidance: “Please be respectful and think of what you are going to say before you say it. That comment hurt my feelings. Acknowledgment: “That was very kind of you to give your opinion” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • naslithony

      I see that you maintained your dignity and self-respect by asking the person to think about before they speak. You were also very honest about the effects of their words. Thank you for showing enthusiasm with your acknowledgement.

  13. Doctor pineapple

    Guidance: (although I didn’t actually talk to him) You should be more considerate of others and let other people know that you are riding through instead of yelling right before you get there. It’s a public forest were lots of people go.

  14. Aldwyn 2000

    my brother Alex,
    instead of asking questions about the project I’m doing and have not finished please wait until I am finished and more of your questions will be answered.

  15. Cheeseman ABC123

    Two classmates were trying to bribe me into giving them Some of my cookie.I would like them to practice flexability and that it is all right if I don’t give them some of my cookie.

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